Quill: ::Yawn:: We'll we're pretty tired over here. Spent a lot of time guarding under the bed this weekend with all the loud boomers outside. America is a rowdy party-er. And the party just keeps on going!

Greyson: You said it! We're over it! We've been napping all day to get caught up on our sleep.

Quill: Yep. We'll have lots of energy stored up for tonight!

Mom: Huh? Tonight? Let's get up boys!!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: I know it looks like I'm sleeping Friday, but it simply isn't true. See Mom's been working so hard to "Finish Her First Draft" that she sometimes forgets the important things - like cat petting. 

So I like to take over the desk so she has to stop typing. 

This spot is where her silly old keyboard goes, and I think you can see I make a much better addition to the desk. 

Friday: Oh yes this is much better Lil'G! Who needs a keyboard? I think we'll all be glad when she's done!


Floofy Friday

Oh hey Friday. 
What? A sour face? I suppose I have been a bit sour. Plus I get the squint eye whenever mom breaks out the camera. She's still "working hard" on getting her first draft done. Yawn. 

Meanwhile I have to lay across her desk and let her pet my furs to keep her motivated. The keyboard gets in the way but eventually she moves it.

 Yes her desk is messy. It's not easy to find a good spot. Imagine how hard it is for the big guy to find his spot. Mom's promised fresh Quill pictures next week. Whatever - I think it's fine that I just take over the blog.

Heck no Greyson!! And there's always room for me on the desk, mom moves stuff for me too.


Floofy Friday

Oh. My. Cod! Mom forgot Quill's Gotcha Day!!

That's right friends, it was MAY 22nd and she totally forgot to even mention it. Sure she'd just broken her laptop and she's been "busy" trying to get her book's first draft done by July 4th, but seriously? His Gotcha Day!? Her Quilly-Bear (I know)?

Of course Quill was all "It's fine" but I think if you look at the photographic evidence below Friday you'll see a trend....

 Way to refuse to submit big bro. 
Teach the lady a lesson.


Floofy Friday

Oh hey Friday! Greyson here! I was just about to teach this toy a lesson. 

Chew, chew into submission wand toy!

Whew! What? Oh you're welcome for this gratuitous belly shot. It's been so warm, even I have to air out the floof after a good game. 

Where's Quill? He's been very quiet this week, lots of naps under the bed, and that has Mom all aflutter. He says he's "fine" but I suspect Summer Shed season has him down. Of course Mom didn't help when she bought us food the expired A YEAR AGO! Luckily we were smart enough to refuse to eat it, but still! Hopefully he feels better soon - so I have something real to chase.


Floofy Friday - We're Back!

Hello Friends and Friday - We're back!

Two weeks after Mom's laptop meltdown the ole girl's back, with all her stuff still on it. The computer people said it was Windows update that took her down.

Anyway, Mom's been super stressed about work and what not. Me and Quill have been doing the usual. Snoopervising, demanding cuddle breaks, and snack distributions.

But the best news? 
Look at this great crate that I've made my new bed!

Look it even has paw holes! And it's too small for Quillbert - so it's mine Friday, Mine! Course you can snuggle up in here with me if you want Friday.

Oh and we missed our own Seven Year Blogoversary in the laptop takedown! Seven years! Mom can't believe it's been that long. We want a big shout out to all of you - cause if it wasn't for you, Mom would have slacked off six years ago. Love to you all and it's nice to be back!


Dead Mouse?

Well although she's calling it a blessing... I struggle to see it that way. Saturday Mom went to get on her laptop only to discover the mouse was frozen - I saw no mouse. Then her keyboard froze (seemed kinda hot to me).

After that there was nothing left to do - wouldn't start up cause she couldn't get anything to move. She called the tech people who made an appointment for Sunday morning - making no promises of safety. She went to a sleepless night with visions of lost pictures and data. And since it was software the warranty due to expire June 1st wasn't going to apply.

Divine intervention jumped in made it hardware related - covered under her warranty. So her laptop is in for repair for two weeks! So no surfing for us or posting. So during this forced blogcation Happy Birthday, Happy Gotcha Day, Happy Blogoversary (or Anniversary) - Welcome to new friends - Please don't get sick and if you're feeling unwell, please know we are sending our healing purrs and hugs your way.

Now gotta go cause this old laptop has no virus protection and without a working fan is buring a hole in Mom's leg.

Love to you!! See you soon we hope!!