Floofy Friday

Well hello Friday... 
Yes I do look dreamy here on the big bed.
Sure I'll cuddle with you!

Another little shot for you Friday!

It sure is nice to see you Friday! Mom has had a really busy couple of weeks, but Quill and I decided we liked vacation... ::Whispers:: Quill more than me...

Mom had that week off and did not set foot in the office, so we did not set our paws in there either. Then she went back to work and there was the incident when we were shunned into the hallway during a critical conference call. So we decided to take an extended vacation. 

Mom has been almost unsnoopervised all week. We just check on her at break time. We've been putting in our time in other locations. I've been on the window perch in the kitchen and Quill has been holding down the fort under the big bed. It's been nice. 

Mom says she misses us and hopes we go back to our regular workdays soon. We'll see... maybe she could lure us back with snacks?


Momma's Boys

Quill basks in the love of his adoring Mom...

Greyson: Get over it!

Quill: You're just jealous cause I'm "Momma's Good, Good Boy!"

Greyson: I believe if you really listen you'll notice you're really "Momma's Goo, Goo Boy!" No Ds.

Quill: Goo, Goo Boy! What's that mean?

Greyson: I don't know, but I think it's clear I'm "Mom's Little Bunny Boy."

Quill: Wait! I'm also "Mr. Sweet Buns" and "Quilbert Von Silly Pants!"

Greyson: But none of that trumps "Spazzymoto!"

Quill: That one you can keep. I'll keep being a "Momma's Good, Good Boy."


Floofy Friday

Quill: What Friday? No I wasn't thinking of being naughty... just rubbing my chin on this little shelf thingy.
And maybe a little stretch would help...
No! I'm not clawing at the box! Just showing off my floofy belly to the fans...
What? No Friday my clawr isn't caught, just doing a little work out... 

Okay, Mom can you help a kitty out here?


The Assistant

Mom: Greyson. I have an important conference call, can you please settle on your shelf?

Greyson: Don't worry Mom, I'm here to help!

Greyson runs across the keyboard and sends a decoded message to meeting organizer (HJlkkkkkkk aaaa).

Mom: Ahhhh! Greyson!

Greyson grabs hold of phone cord and begins to tug it with paws and jaws.

Greyson: I got it Mom! Let me test the strength of your phone connection!

Mom: Get down!!

Mom drops squirming cat outside office and slams shuts door in cat's face.

Greyson: ::Loudly yowling::  Mom! I have info I need to share with the attendees!!!

A few minutes later Quill joins the commotion.

Quill: :: Squeaking:: Mom? Do you need help?

Greyson: Our dish is empty!!!


Floofy Friday

"Used" Photo!

Greyson: No Friday, don't be fooled! Yes this is me, handsome as ever, but it's a "used" photo! Mom has been a complete slacker this week. Even Quill has to admit it.

Quill: She's been sleeping in, but I like it.

Greyson: You're no help. We've had visitors (friends and Grandparents) and it was even Dad's Birthday yesterday and still she has no new photos or posts to show for it. We were darling all week, plenty of photo snapping opportunities.

Quill: That's true Friday, we have been darling.

Greyson: Meanwhile she has not picked up her camera or used those blogging muscles at all. Says she's on "vacation" and is enjoying herself. Whatever!

Quill: We couldn't risk you not coming Friday, everyone looks forward to you...

Greyson: ::Whispers:: Mom doesn't even seem that excited about you this week cause it means that Monday is right around the corner.

Quill: I talked her into it...

Greyson: No! I demanded it! Someone was not gonna get cuddles tonight if she didn't! Thank goodness you came Friday!

Accurate representation of how Quill's spent the week!


Floofy Friday

Quill: Look August Cat I'm getting ready to have my Friday photo shoot and I don't want you hogging the frame.

Oh hey Friday, this innocent look is all for you buddy. What? He's photo bombing me again isn't he? I can't wait for August to end!


Afternoon Delight?

Quill: It all started about two weeks ago...

Greyson: When Mom started to flail about every afternoon.

Quill: She calls it her "Afternoon Dance Party" to "take it up a notch" on her workout routine.

Greyson: And it was hard to watch. Lots of movement that did not seem to match to any musical beat whatsoever. And don't get me started on her music choices. ::Cough:: ::Pop and Disco:: ::Cough::

Quill: Of course, I would stay with her for support as long as I could, but even I had to abandon the area after awhile.

Greyson: Then the horror really started when this little number arrived...

Seen here modeled by Betsy

Greyson: She ties it around her hips and starts shaking things that probably aren't designed to shake. The sights!

Quill: The sounds!

Greyson: It's the Jingle Skirt of Terror!!