Floofy Friday

Friday: Boys? Um, I'm here, been here for a bit...

Quill: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday: Greyson?

Greyson: Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday: Well, I guess everyone's a little conked out this week. They must be having fun with the mom off on a long weekend....



Floofy Friday

Yes! Yes! 
That's the spot!!

Harder! With the nails!

Oh hey Friday! 
You wanna get in on this neck rubbin?

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes yesterday!!


Happy Birthday to Quill

They say it's your birthday!

Wait... better limber up your squee muscles...



Four-ish years ago this sweet little kitten boy came into the world. Born to a feral mom he might have had a very different life if he hadn't been rescued by Kasey. 

 Such a sweet gentle giant, I can't imagine him have to survive in the wilds of Las Vegas.

We adore our big Quilly-Bear!

Happy Fourth Birthday to you my love!!

Thanks friends for dropping by and watching our boy grow up.


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Hey Mom whatcha doing?

Mom: I was trying to take a picture of the paperback of my book. Could you stay out of the shot for a minute?

Greyson: Just sniffing, smells like a book.

Quill: Hey whatcha doing?

Mom: I give up. Have at it boys. It's going up for sale in e-format on Saturday, but the paperback will be coming along on Amazon within a week. I sure hope people like it.

Quill: I hope Friday comes soon too! It's my birthday next week!


Floofy Friday

Careful Friday...

I'm in training for a four paw and tail curl maneuver.

I nailed the tail! Look at that full twist!

Only got two out of four full paw curls though Friday. 

Better luck next time.


Floofy Friday

Quill: So Friday, one day a couple weeks ago my beloved table just disappeared! MY table, the one I napped under every night. In it's place came this fancy new carpet.

As you can see, it was chosen because it looks so nice with my furs. Greyson started using it as a scratching station almost immediately. I was a good boy - plus I prefer a vertical scratch - with a real opportunity to stretch way up! 

Friday, it was like my parents heard my wishes cause look what showed up!

Look at the amazing scratching height of those new chairs!! They are awesome Friday!! My claws have never looked better. Mom bought this stuff called sticky paws which is like a double-stick tape to discourage scratching. 

It'd work too, except that Greyson likes to tug it off with his teeth, and then I can get back to business. It's a group effort. Yep, it's pretty great. It's got plenty of room for Mom and Aunt Jenny to puzzle with cat assistance.


Floofy Friday

Mom: Greyson! Greyson!

Greyson: Huh? Friday

Mom: No, it's Mom! Guess what I just uploaded my book files to Amazon! Won't be long now!!

Greyson: Thank Cod! I thought this book would never get done! When are you starting the next one? Cat toys don't buy themselves...

Mom: Boy, you're a real task master! Look at the pretty cover Aunt Jenny made!

Greyson: Where's the cats?

Mom: Well, this book is cat-free... It's about a woman who absorbs the pain of the people around her... and the antagonist absorbs other people's pleasure.

Greyson: Really? Hm. 

Mom: Oh, okay. Maybe we can talk more about it next week?

Greyson: Sure. Wake me when Friday arrives.
Mom: Are you still upset about the ::whispers:: bunny ears?
Greyson: It was inappropriate - and that's all I want to say about it. And there better not be photos!