Floofy Friday

Friday:Wow! That is some floof!

Quill: Thanks Friday! I work pretty hard on it. Lots of naps and I sleep in most mornings. I avail myself of lots of petting - helps coax out the floof. 

Friday: What about... you know... shedding?

Quill: Well you know, it happens. I don't mind a nice brushing as long as I get to chew on the brush at the end of the session - oh and a few treats. Gotta keep my floof-growing strength up.


So Wrong

Greyson here to report a Parental Violation.

So Quill and I have two litter boxes, but we both prefer the one closest to Mom. We are big fans of the clumping sand litter. We prefer Mom run a pretty tight ship and scoop two to three times daily. She's like a Litter Ninja - swooping in to scoop almost immediately.

All of a sudden she had this hair-brained idea to try a crystal litter. Dad was rightfully against the idea - why mess with a good thing. Mom was all "I'd like to scoop less" - can you imagine!

Finally she got her way to try a bag. Dad just emptied our box (luckily not our favorite) and put in the new litter. No mixing of litters to warm us up to the idea. Finally Mom went and stood by the scary box and let us sniff the litter, but we both have refused to use it.

Naturally we've doubled up in the box closest to Mom.


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Zzzzzzzz

Friday: Greyson?

Greyson: Oh hey Friday! Just napping with Nippy.

We're spent over here. Aunt Jenny came to visit this week and the house was alive with activity. I like Aunt Jenny, she's an excellent petter! She can even pet with a high degree of difficulty by performing an "Against the Grain" maneuver - which Mom tried to copy unsuccessfully.
Too bad you missed her Friday - I know she's a huge fan of your work. 
Friday: Well that's so nice to hear! I do have a lot of fans out there... maybe not as many as Saturday. 
Greyson: Well you're tops in our books. 


Friday Fail

Greyson here... Some of you might have thought Mom was playing a highly clever April Fools joke by posting her Friday post on Wednesday..... If only!

Sometime yesterday she became convinced it was Thursday - despite all evidence to the contrary (Dad taking out trash for trash day (Thursday), Wednesday night programming, etc.). This morning she was still so convinced it was Friday she turned off her alarm clock and gave a delighted shout that Friday had arrived. 

She continued her delusion until about an hour into work this morning when reality hit - and hit hard. Looking at her calendar and noticing her Thursday meeting had moved to Friday. WTH?

Friday was a real prankster this week and had Mom totally fooled. Awesome!


Floofy Friday

Friday: Greyson? Are you sleeping on your Mom's shoe?

Greyson: Huh? Oh yeah I was just bunny-kicking it and I got so sleepy... It's been a busy week here Friday! We're sure glad you're here - you've been missed!

Friday: Well thanks Greyson! It's nice to be loved... Hey did you go back to sleep?

Friday: Okay buddy you rest up. Look at that smile!



Sometimes even a big kitty likes to have some time to enjoy some solitary snuggles with his person. Yet every time I am getting some petting and lovins from Mom a certain little pest has to come and ruin my cuddle time!

He gets right in the middle of things - he'll even lay on her petting arm! He's all... "Are you getting some kind of snack?" or "Hey can I get some petting too?" every time. He can be anywhere in the house and as soon as he thinks I'm getting some love he shows up uninvited.

So today I pretended to see a bug go under the fish tank stand - the only thing he likes better than stealing my alone time is stealing my bugs. So he camped out to wait for the bug to come out.

Then I strolled casual-like down the hall to Mom. I was so excited, I rubbed all over her calves while she put away the laundry. Finally she climbed into bed for an extended cuddle. We kept waiting for Greyson to show up, but he never did! It was awesome!

Quillbert the Cuddle Bug


Floofy Friday

Oh hey, hi Friday!
Friday: What are you looking at?

I'm looking up. Mom said she was ready for things to start looking up, so I thought I'd get things rolling.

What do you say Friends, you ready to starting looking up with me?

Mom Note: First it is impossible not to smooch this sweet face of my Quillbert - I'd dare you to try. Second he looked so much like Fin during this photo shoot it felt like she was right there with me. He also drank out of the bathroom sink (Fin's favorite thing) the same day. 

Sweet Angel Fin.