Floofy Flashback Friday

Hey Friday! I sure am happy to see you! Since my second birthday is the 20th Mom said I could have Flashback Friday all to myself! I was sure you wouldn't mind...

I'm about nine months old here... and below.

This may have been my first allowable belly rubbins. I like em. 

 Hey Dad, why'd you stop?

Sure Friday, you can rub my floofy belly!


Taxing Question

Meg here. So... can I write off my cats if I have a blog about them?

If I talk about them eating, then surely food is a write off right?

If I take pictures of them playing with toys, it's covered right?

So if this logic follows - expect to see a lot more posts regarding the litter box... Just saying.



Greyson here. I'm excited to tell you about two changes here at the H.C.

First up - The very talented GG at GLOGIRLY DESIGN has designed a new blog header for us!

 Look how handsome we both look! Mom loves how it captures our personalities... me all front and center, demanding attention while Quill looks on intently.

Mom has been a total slacker in changing the header. I was not even on the header! I mean it still had Quill as a kitten on it!

This brings up change two - Mom and Quill decided to change the day we celebrate his birthday. Mom had randomly selected April 15th because it is tax day and she knew she'd never forget it. Then she looked at the Astrological signs and realized that Quill is clearly a Taurus. Well, based on what Mom's read...

He is shy and stubborn. He is very bonded to Mom but likes others after he has a chance to get to know them. He enjoys the finer things in life like food and cuddles. So after they talked it out they decided to move his birthday officially to the 20th. We hope you'll come by for his party - he'll be two! I hope there'll be toys and treats!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Hey Quill, whatcha doing?

Quill: I'm waiting for Friday. I'm afraid Friday will be confused... like someone else was this week...

Greyson: I can't believe you're bringing that up! It was Mom's fault... All that talk about Wednesday being "Her Friday" this week. So I scared Wednesday a little with all my floof. Overall I think Wednesday was pleased with the reception. I'm sure Friday will feel welcome and be understanding... There's plenty of floof to go around!


Who Dat? A Screenplay

Fade In
The night is dark as the human MOM sleeps. She snores at an alarming decibel.

A darling and handsome mancat perches on the nightstand, his tummy rumbling with hunger.

Meom? Meom!

Nothing. Mom snores on as the kitty grows desperate. He looks around for something to waken her. He notices her glasses and begins to nudge them noisily off the night stand. 

(Noticing it is Greyson)
Oh it's you Greyson. I thought it was Finny...

Mom rolls over and returns to sleep - without getting up to feed the kitty. Greyson is weak from hunger when he decides to take a sip of water from the cup Mom has tried to hide. 

The cup teeters on the edge as Greyson presses his head deeper. Suddenly gravity takes over and water splashes onto the bed and sleeping Mom. 

Mom leaps from the bed is shock. She realizes what happened and instead of yelling she snuggles the hungry cat. 

Oh Greyson, Finny used to do that too! Has she been telling you what to do? Let's get you some food buddy...

A seed is planted in young Greyson as he wolfs down his early morning meal. Already he plots his next move...

Fade Out


Trouble Starts with Telephone

So this afternoon Mom was on another annoying conference call during our snack time. She also seemed stressed so naturally I decided to help.

I took up position behind her monitor and started to chew at her power cord - this is always a real attention-getter. All of a sudden I noticed this vile bitter taste on my tasty power cord. I took a little lick at the narrow, but very desirable iPhone charger and it tasted bad too!

I'd have sworn Mom looked - smug and satisfied. Surely I misjudged her.

She did nothing to end her conference call and dole out our snacks. Greyson and I were getting hungry! So as I wandered through Dad's office on the way to my empty dish I spotted the Mother Lode of cords under his desk!

I am generally forbidden to go under his desk and suddenly I knew why. It was like a buffet!

Meanwhile in the office... Mom noticed our house line suddenly go off the hook. After she got off her call, and tended to our needs, she began to search for the off the hook phone.

Heh, heh. Who knew if you chewed through the modem cord it would cause such a fuss? Best part is there is a tasty NEW cord under Dad's desk with my name on it. Thanks Mom, you shouldn't have!

Mom here: I did not get the cord for you Quill! It has already been fumigated with bitter spray and another trip to the hardware store for counter measures is planned. He is such a good boy, but little cords and strings bring out the troublemaker in Mr. Quillbert J. Naughtyman. We have all variety of plastic sheaths cord covers, but Quill is a cord hunter and finds our vulnerabilities in the tiny back area you can't even imagine he can get into. He is big - but his ways are small and crafty. I so worry he is going to shock himself!

The bitter spray is new in the war and it does seem to be helping. He had not chewed in awhile. Then he was not feeling well a couple weeks ago and he got back to trying. I've been giving them treats with grass because I wonder if he is trying to eat grass-like items.


Floofy Friday


Friday is that you? Yippee! What about this pretty box Mom added to her desk to wrangle her mess? Well yes, I fit on it just fine, and I agree, it does looks good on me.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, boy are we ever happy to see you this week! Mom especially, she keeps saying she's having a "rough week" at the job. Seems pretty much the same as the other weeks to me, she's still talking and typing... but I have tried to be extra helpful.

How Friday? Well I've been very diligent during tense conference calls to chew on her laptop's power cord. Way in the corner behind her monitor - where she can't reach me and stop me from my task. Even after she put bitter spray on it - I still give it a big effort. You can help if you want, plenty of bitter cords to choose from back there. Greyson is totally uninterested in helping me. He claims napping on the shelf is help enough - babies.

How's this helping?


The Bug-A-Boo Show

Greyson here.

Pretty much everyday (at least once) I entertain the family with The Bug-A-Boo show.

Everyone gets really excited. My parents yell out things like "OMG, he's at it again!" and "Take cover Quill!" as I perform the warm up. I usually start by wandering around the house calling out "Brrrrrr-Ra-Uo" to announce the show is about to begin.

I knock pieces of kibble out of my dish and onto the floor. I bat and chase them all over the tile - there is no escape - unless I knock out a few. I often walk on two paws (the back ones) so I can pounce. Sometimes I dig furiously at the tiles, this makes Mom laugh. The biggest laughs come when I start to run! Sometimes my back paws spin out of control for a few minutes till I get traction.

Then I shoot out of the kitchen and tear through the house at warp speed. I send tufts of carpet flying through the air. This gets the family really excited.

Dad yells out encouragements like "Knock that chit off!" or "Stop ripping up my carpet!" While Mom is more like to yell out "Gird your loins, he's coming!" or "Stop leaving your food everywhere!"

I make the full loop, racing over and under furniture and then head back to the kitchen to start all over.

Everyone loves The Bug-A-Boo Show. Even Quill likes to watch (from a safe distance). Anyone want to buy some tickets to the show?


Woobie War Wednesday

Sunday Night

Greyson sprawls on the wobbie blanket, trying to take up as much room as possible. Quill hops on the bed and sighs audibly.

Greyson stretches from tail to tip to take up even more space - even unfurling his paw toes to a full stretch.

Greyson: Oh Quill, hope you don't mind sleeping by the feets tonight... I'm already stretched out here...

Quill: The feets? (sighs again) Okay.

Quill settles by Mom's feet, as he stares longingly at his woobie.

Tuesday Night

Quill jumps on the bed with Greyson right behind. Quill heads straight for the feets.

Greyson: What are you doing down there? You can have the corner...

Quill: No that's okay. Turns out the feets are awesome!

Greyson: Really?

Quill: Yep. You know how Mom likes to reach out in the middle of the night for pets? (Greyson nods) Well that can't happen down here. I mean I don't mind it, if you wanted to avoid those sleepy mitts, I'd be willing to trade...

Greyson: Okay!

Quill settles in at the Arms and accepts his Mom's cuddles, a little smile on his face. Greyson's eyes narrow in suspicion.


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Friday, is that you? We are sure happy to see you this week!

Poor Quill was literally minutes from being hauled off to the V.E.T. yesterday. Mom was stalling and Quilbert had a normal trip to the litter box in the meantime so it was postponed. Mom was freaking out over the big guy when she realized I was off my game too. She had thought we had hairball issues, but since we were both off she thinks it might have been a bug or the new bag of food (she returned it and got a different flavor). We're both doing better today (both of us have been naughty!) so she's hopeful we are getting over it.

We are looking forward to feeling better and racing around like wild cats again. I think Mom and Dad both are too. Hope you all stay healthy and well, feeling sick is no fun!


Woobie War Wednesday

Greyson sprawls on the woobie blanket that lays alongside Mom in the big bed. Quill jumps on to the bed and sees Greyson has taken over most of his beloved woobie. Quill sighs deeply and starts down to the knee area.

Greyson, sensing his brother isn't feeling his best, gets up and settles instead on the nightstand. Quill stands stunned and confused. Greyson nods his head as Quill realizes he has the woobie all to himself.

Quill settles in next to Mom. He nudges Mom's hand and gets his late night pets.

Seems that even little brothers know that sometimes a kitty just needs his Mom... for tonight there is a truce in the Woobie War. 


Shed-Free - Ha!

Well as so many of you imagined, my dream for a shed-free weekend with these two boys was foolish. There are times when I remember why I always had only one cat in the past. Double the cat, and double the output issues.

End of last week, Greyson was the one. Pretty close to one am (for three nights in a row) there was a hairball incident. Naturally he left the offending item right in the path from the bed to the light. Why is it ALWAYS right in your path in the dark?

Just as things were settling down with Greyson, things heated up with Quill. Poor kitty is still not feeling his best. I think he's okay, just trying to work it out of his system.

Of course neither of them likes any of the hairball remedies. Sigh. Fin loved them, treated it like it was candy. I've tried all the flavors and different brands too. I tried a bit of mayo, pumpkin and coconut oil to no avail. Last night in desperation, I smeared a little on each of their paws. Greyson licked it right off (score!). Quill acted like I had smeared a vile substance and ran from me for almost fifteen minutes (during which time he rubbed it off). He didn't even come to bed until he was sure I was asleep.

Both of them are growing suspicious of my actions. On the plus side they both enjoy the extra grooming. Quill loves the ZoomGroom! He purrs and sprawls out like a champ. Thank Cod for that because that boy is furry! So if you could spare a couple small purrs we would all appreciate it.