Floofy Friday

You're not gonna believe this friends!

The other day a big ole thunderstorm rolled in and Mom realized if she let us both out on the porch we wouldn't run off it cause it was, ya know pouring rain. 

 So here we are two brofurs on the porch, at the same time!! Enjoying a good sniff together.

Outdoors smells good!!

 ::Thunder Roars:: Greyson runs into the house scared. 

Greyson: I was not scared!! I thought I heard Friday in the house, and I was right! It was just conveniently timed with the thunder. Right Quill?

Quill: ::Rolls in leaves:: Huh? Oh right Friday, he's here!!


  1. How cool, a thunderstorm! My human loves them... as long as she doesn't have to be out in them.

  2. Pfffffft! Who'd be scared of a little old thunderstorm!!!!

  3. Of course you weren't scared Greyson. I know you didn't want to keep Friday waiting.

  4. smart mom - you get an adventure but safely. she is gonna have to talk to the Katnip Lounge mom about a catio for you guys

  5. Greyson, we know you weren't really scared, you were just worried that Friday was all right. That was a good boy. It is fun to be outside though. You all have a great week end.

  6. Friday sure came in with a roar! Enjoy your weekend, Quill and Greyson (and Mom)! :)

  7. Of course, you weren't scared, Friday was just a little bit noisy and you wondered why. Purrs

  8. oh my your Mom is lucky you didn't get spooked!

  9. Did someone say thunder!?
    OK, I'm under the bed let me know when it's all over...

    Noodle and crew