Floofy Friday

Quill: So Friday, one day a couple weeks ago my beloved table just disappeared! MY table, the one I napped under every night. In it's place came this fancy new carpet.

As you can see, it was chosen because it looks so nice with my furs. Greyson started using it as a scratching station almost immediately. I was a good boy - plus I prefer a vertical scratch - with a real opportunity to stretch way up! 

Friday, it was like my parents heard my wishes cause look what showed up!

Look at the amazing scratching height of those new chairs!! They are awesome Friday!! My claws have never looked better. Mom bought this stuff called sticky paws which is like a double-stick tape to discourage scratching. 

It'd work too, except that Greyson likes to tug it off with his teeth, and then I can get back to business. It's a group effort. Yep, it's pretty great. It's got plenty of room for Mom and Aunt Jenny to puzzle with cat assistance.


  1. Are you sure those are chairs and not new scratching posts for you??

  2. That's better than a new cat tree! Well, almost.

  3. I love the way you got everything worked out!

  4. Wonderful scratching posts ! Purrs

  5. Those are some special, fancy scratching posts! Pawsome!