After the Credits

Fade In

Interior Bedroom mid-morning.

In the distance we hear the shower, and then the low drone of the Evil Alien Eye (EAE).

Mom and Fin enter from the hall. They are unaware of the danger that still lurks on the dresser.

EAE (evil-like and quiet... hoping to lull Mom back into its evil spell): Bbbbbbuuuuzzzz

Mom (confused): What? I thought I turned this thing off? Maybe your Dad turned it back on... maybe it's defective?

Mom reaches out and chokes it by the neck again. Slowly the light from its horrible orange eye fades. Mom grabs its tail which has attached itself to a hole in the wall. She tugs it hard, but the EAE isn't going down easy. Our heroine Fin sees that its tail has wrapped itself around Mom's cankle, trying to trip her up.

Fin (loudly in warning): MEW! Mom watch out! It's coming for you!

Mom (pulling its tail out of the wall): Take that!

Mom wraps its tail around its own neck. Fin races towards the box it came in, so Mom can see the evil box lurking on the floor. Mom grabs the EAE and carries it to the box. Mom wrestles the EAE, trying to force it back into its box lair.

Mom (angrily): I still have the receipt! [Mom shoves harder to little avail] You're going back to where you came from!

EAE (menicingly): SQUEAK!

EAE fights back by refusing to twist back into the box lair. Mom is ready to give up, when she sees the brave Fin holding the box lair with her paws (despite the danger). They must save the family from the EAE. With renewed determination, Mom shoves and Fin pushes and finally the EAE is forced into the box.

Mom (victorious): Yes! Thank Cod the heater is fixed. This thing was starting to creep me out. Now we can snuggle again sweetie!

Mom picks up sweet Fin and walks towards the door with the brave kitty in her arms. Mom turns quickly, and gives the box a little kick... just in case.

Fade Out


  1. Sorry Mom hasn't been commenting much the last couple of days. We are trying to read everybody at least. Love Ya!

  2. LOL! We were on the edge of our Boogie Mats, Fin. That could have gone either way! You know what? Our Mom and your Mom have a lot in common. Like cankles. And the fear of grasshoppers. And a good case of silliness. And...

  3. Thank goodness that thing is back contained in its box! And you have your good heater back. We kitties need to stay toasty warm, but not via alien forces.

  4. Great story, had Spider, Smudge and me on the edge of our seats.

  5. Your mom is brilliant! Wrapping the alien tail around it's neck. Just brilliant.

  6. OMC... Glogirly is crying she's laughing so hard and I am cheering you on, oh victorious kitty Fin! To come that close to the EAE...and not falter one bit. You are my brave and furry hero.

    That was the best story we've read in a long time!
    (Glogirly's cat)

  7. With the two of you working together the EAE never really had a chance, really.

  8. What a victory! You two girls showed the evil alien!

  9. I sure do hope one of those things never shows up here...scary fur sure!

  10. Whew! We're happy that the EAE has finally been defeated! We were sure it was gonna take over!!

    pee ess. we gave you an award today, Fin! Stop by sometime to pick it up!

  11. Great Fin! I'm proud to be your furriend!

  12. You and your Mom make a great team! So happy you're all safe and that nasty EAE is back where it came from.

  13. Congrats to Mom for defeating the EAE. Good job and Fin, you were a huge help. What a cute story.

  14. Whew! We're really glad that the EAE was wrestled into submission and will be removed from the house forever! That was a scary story, we may have nightmares now. :shudder:

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  15. ::shivers:: Those EAEs sound very nefarious!

  16. What a harrowing tale - full of excitement! So glad your Mom was able to put that evil thing back in it's box!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay :)

  17. Hurray! You got rid of EAE. Good job, Fin! You've got a brave Mom.

  18. What would you do without each other ...

  19. Wow what a dramatic ending! I am glad I have a nice electric heater when I need it, not some weird alien one!

  20. Your Mom is crazy heroic ACTUALLY TOUCHING THE EAE! We hope she gets not only a refund but HUGE compensation for being in such dreadful danger.

    Stay warm

    Warmest Wuudler

  21. Fin! You overcame! With a tiny bit of Mom help.

  22. Wow....that was a little scary!! I'm glad you and your mom won in the end!!

  23. My employer..Maximus Spittimus...would like to advise you that he would never 'squeak' under any circumstances.


    Best Regards

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp to

  24. We haven't been online for a while and wanted to wish you and your Mom a belated Happy Birthday. And we're glad to see you defeated the EAE.

  25. Fin, you are such a brave lady kitty. So glad you and your Mom showed that evil alien who was boss.

    Barney and Niko via our Mom.

  26. We are glad we roam the CB so we learn about all the things to watch out for that we never knew about before!