Updates on Monday

I thought I would take today to catch-up on everything going on at the H.C.
  1. Some of you have asked about how Daddy is doing with his Trigeminal Neuralgia. I'm happy to report he is doing okay. It's still there, and he still has pain, but with drugs and treatments he is managing it. Thanks so much for all the purrs I know they are helping.
  2. I won my round of Kitty Fight Club so I will move on to the next round. I can't believe I beat Alexi! She is so darling!
  3. Mommy has purchased PhotoShop Elements so it can't be long before photos of a certain feline are manipulated (well that's assuming she can figure it - so maybe not heh heh).
  4. My yard is almost back in shape so I will be all over that - literally.
  5. I'm missing some of my friends and I hope they get back to blogging business soon. We've met a bunch of new friends recently which has been great, but we miss all of our friends.
  6. Twice in the last couple of days, when we went to visit a friend's site, Internet Explorer opened up window after window and wouldn't stop even after we disconnected the Internet... anyone else getting this? Mommy is scared!
  7. The month of May will have two big milestones in it... our 200th post (at the beginning of the month) and our one year blogoversary (at the end of the month)! Mommy and I wanted to do something really exciting to celebrate and I think we know what IT is, but IT's gonna require a lot of Mommy's time to get IT ready. I've decided IT's worth it though because Mommy works well with a deadline. So after much negotiations, we compromised with keeping our regular post schedule and our visiting, but we need to comment less. It will be hard, but sometimes our comments are kinda lackluster anyway. We may not be able to resist a comment, but I may have to put my paw down. Any cat want to guess what "It" is?


  1. I have no idea what it is, but if I come up with a guess I'll let you know. I love a surprise and IT sounds like fun...whatever it is!!!

  2. That Internet thing happen a couple of days ago to mom. When she was blogging on a human blog it happened that it kept opening up many windows! It scared her too! She couldn't get the computer to turn off the normal way!

    I can't think of what "It" could be... but it sounds exciting!

  3. I hope all is eventually resolved and that all beings in your house will soon be happy and well!

  4. Happy Easter Fin...We are so happy to hear your Dad is doing OK, we hope he even gets better...hmmmm, are you re-styling your blog?=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  5. The Internet problem happened when I was on a Goggle Blogspot. I had clicked on the profile and it brought up a whole bunch of windows in just a few seconds.

    Cheyenne's mom, Leslie

  6. I can't even begin to guess what IT is but I hope I can join in!

    Huffle Mawson

  7. We can't begin to imagine what "it" is - but it sounds exciting.

    Mom said she's had that windows thing happen - it's weird but no harm was done. She had to re-boot the computer to stop them opening.

    It's had keeping up wiv comments isn't it? What we sometimes do is visit our friends less regularly but then while we're there we catch up on all the posts we've missed and do all our comments for them in one go. That takes less time. We know what you mean about sometimes not knowing what to say too ...

  8. We don't know what IT can be but IT sounds exciting.
    Concats on winning your round of KFC.
    We use Firefox so we don't know about the problem with IE. We often used to get various problems with IE and that is why we changed about a year ago. We find Firefox is faster too.

  9. That same thing has happened to my mom lately! It's only on the blogger sites she has noticed.

  10. We had the same thing happen to us with internet explorer! It has happened out of the blue on many different blogs. We were unable to wish most of our friends a Happy Easter yesterday because it kept happening. Wonder what it could be?

    Glad your daddy is doing well!!

  11. We don't know what IT is...but we can't wait to see!

    Thanks for those updates!!

  12. IT sounds really interesting, can't wait to find out! We sure miss being around the blogs as much as we used to.


  13. I like surpises so I don't want to guess what IT is. But I'm sure it will be great; I can't wait.

  14. Have a nice day Fin! The internets sometimes going crazy!


  15. I like the sound of it even though I don't know what it is!

  16. You are such an "it girl", Fin! ; )
    We are extra curious!

  17. We use Firefox instead of IE. I think it is a little bit better.

    I hope your mom has fun with PhotoShop Elements! At first it seems real hard, but it gets a lot easier with practice. Maybe it seemed hard at first because my Mommie never reads the manual.

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  19. We're glad your Dad is doing better!!

    Ms. P and Cinza

  20. Trigeminal neuralgia sucks, I have it. Glad your dad is doing better with the meds.

    PE is ok but there are things you can only do with PSP unless they have upgraded PE to use PSP's tubes since I got it and for that one needs a PC. I don't use my PC much and have popup blocking in my browsers. Try Safari or Firefox, both good.

    I am clueless as to what IT is but I am curious as are the kitties. Understand completely about the comments.

    Miz Mog, Meowza and Cece

  21. Mum has been working in the yard too, but I won't be able to roam around once she is done.

    We don't use IE so can't say what the issue might be.

  22. We had the same problem with many windows too! I wonder if it is a problem with blogger - it is only happening to us there.

    We are all glad to hear your dad is doing better - always nice to hear good news!

  23. Dear Fin. Glad to hear your dad is doing better. We haven't got a clue what IT is, but it sounds exciting.
    P.s. Our humans said that the thing about the windows sounds nasty. They suggest maybe you could try using Firefox, it's a bit safer than IE ;-)