Mom on Monday

Hello friends!

Maybe you haven't noticed, but we have been blogging less lately. I'll admit losing my precious Finny took a lot of the blogging wind out of my sails. I adore the boys, but a blog doesn't feel as right for them. Greyson seems more of a youtube kitty and Quill, maybe an instagrammer...

 I still plan on blogging from time to time, but for now I need a blog break. We're all fine, nothing to worry about, I just need to take some time out of the standard routine. We'll still celebrate the big milestones here or the little ones when the mood strikes us.

I do have a Facebook page for the boys under Housecat Confidential that I'll still do short posts and may set up another social media feed and of course I'll report it here.

I heard from Amazon that they are discontinuing the blog program so I just wanted to let my kindle readers that you can view the blog directly at www.housecatconfidential.com.

Till we talk again, we hope everyone remains happy, healthy and well!!  


Floofy Friday

Friday: Hi Quill! Look at that wooly ruff!

Quill: What this old thing?

Friday: All that floof! It's a thing of beauty!

Quill: It takes a lot of extra kibble and treats to grow floof this long and soft. Mom can't get enough! It's not easy, but I do my best.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Well friends and Friday the year is almost wrapped up. We're all hopeful that 2017 will be an awesome one!

Friday: Maybe if you show a cornucopia of cat belly, it will lure 2017 to be terrific?

Quill: I'm game!

 Greyson: Me too!

 Friday: Well you boys did your part! 

We hope everyone has a safe and happy new year celebration!!


Floofy Friday

Hello friends!! Did you wonder where we've been? We've been right here, but Mom has been "busy" and "uninspired." Luckily Friday is very forgiving and has come without any trouble.

I've been very generous in applying special big boy cuddles. 

Today I had to put my paw down and demand a photo shoot.... we may be a little out of practice....

Lucky I still can work the angles.

Happy Holidays to you friends!!

P.S. If there are any kindle users out there who want to read Mom's book Pain by Proxy, it's on sale starting the 23rd at midnight till the 30th. Please enjoy.


Floofy Friday

Well, we are still here friends!! Things are hopefully slowing down here at Casa De Housecat. My hurty paw is still improving.

Aunt Jenny is living in OUR office at the moment with our cousin cat Nessa. They will be traveling about the country in a tiny house soon.

Nessa is highly secretive (like a cat ninja) and resistant to all of the family charms.

She and Quill sniffed at each other from across the room, but she didn't seem interested in meeting me at all! And was a little short when I tried to sample her food. Mom was beside herself when today, after a week of "working" together she finally was allowed to pet Nessa!! She's hoping tomorrow she might get one of these...

Forget it ninja cat, our Mom is OURS!! And so is Friday!!!


The Super Moon

Everyone on the news and here at Casa De Housecat were all aflutter over the impending celestial body.

So last night, when Mom turned on her side and exposed the "super moon" (complete with craters), I placed my paws on her hiney and yodeled like a little coyote. 

Lil G


Floofy Friday - Greyson's Birthday

It's my Birthday!!! 

I'm the big four today!!

Here's me a Quill's first cuddle together.

Look at how cute I was! I was about four months old when I came to live with my family, so you'll just have to imagine how darling I was when I was even smaller!

Please enjoy some e-treats and e-cakes!

I still love me some nip bird!

Oh and my back paw is still hurt but it's getting better every day.