Floofy Friday

I'm still hoping for some porch time this weekend.

I'm hoping Mom is powerless to resist this face, or this one.

Maybe I'll get her all nipped up and she will be putty in my paws. 
Hope you all have an awesome weekend planned friends.

Psst... Mom is trying to wait to announce everything all at once, but I know you can keep a secret... a certain something that rhymes with My Look, is now available on something that rhymes with Zamazon!!


Pollen Hater

All you hear on the news here is about what an awful Spring it is for pollen counts. I can imagine what you're thinking, it's the desert at Casa De Housecat, how much pollen can there possibly be?

Well, it's been a very wet Spring here. In desert talk that means that out of 365 days of the year it has rained for approximately 2 hours which is just enough to get the meager foliage here to pollinate like its an Olympic sport (do I hear Jim and Bob?).

Now normally I could care less about stupid pollen, and neither could my parents. Suddenly allergies have kicked in for both of them and they're a sniffling, wheezing, and rubbing mess. Cue cat-lifting winds and it's a recipe for trouble.

I wait by my back door for the joy that is My Porch and I'm told that the family is staying in. I offer to go it alone, and I'm turned down. Not only don't they want to spend time on the porch, they claim I might get pollen crusted as I loll about.

I am a Pollen Hater not a Pollinator.


Stress Relief

Here Mom, like this...

Use the Nip Nanna as a head rest. It really mellows me right out. 
Please don't bunny-kick it though. Oh, and don't bite or lick it either, that would be unseemly.

Guess what we have been very excited about.

It's a proof copy of my book! 

Mom's approved the proof of the paperback and is working an the e-book now. It takes some time for all the distribution channels (Amazon.com, Personally Pawtographed, etc.) to kick in. So as soon as things become available we will let you all know more.


Toy Tuesday

Hey what's this? Looks like a Nanna.

It smells like great nip. 

Yeah that's good stuff...

Wait... ::Sniffs:: Is that tuxie floof? 

I think this is finally my special toy from Sweet Samson. It came all the way from Canada and US Customs tried to keep it, I can see why. Thanks so much Samson!

Here is my best come hither look just for you. 

Mom has been really stressed this week, so I'm gonna let her use Nipper to mellow her out.


Floofy Friday

What Mom?

 No it's not appropriate to rename it Full Figured Friday... 
I blame the photographer, clearly it was an unflattering angle in the first shot.

I think we should have a nice Spring Weekend here and I plan on enjoying the heck out of it! What do you have planned? Whatever you do, we hope you have a great one.


Feather The First

First, I'd like to thank all of my friends for dropping by yesterday and leaving such kind words during this tragic time as I mourn the loss of Feather the Second. Sadly he can't be saved. Mom tried to just tie him back on his swing pole, but it was too much damage ::Sniffs and holds back tears::

I will be ready for another Feather some day, after a proper period of respect (Mom's next trip to Petsmart). It's just that Feather the Second was so special. It looked just like my SIFs tails and it was brought home to replace Feather the First. Feather the First was also cut down in his prime. Luckily he was rescued from death's door (he was just a string on a pole with a couple of brown feathers at the end). He was sent to live on the Feather Toy Farm.

Mom was worried I was eating the plumage as it fell off, but I don't know why she thought that.

 I was going to spit it out...
I know Feather The First is in the country being chased by farm cats, but still I miss him too. 
I hope Feather The Third will be pink, and sturdy.


Beloved Feather

I have tragic news to report friends. My beloved feather toy has met an untimely demise. ::Sniffs::

I was napping quietly in the big bed when I heard the roar of the Evil Dyson vacuum. I was ready to make a break for the closet when I heard the horrifying tinkle of a small bell. My first thought was for my beloved, My Mousey, but I could see him safely at the mouth of the closet door.

I heard Mom yell out a curse word. I had visions of the Evil Dyson having caught Mom by the nightie as it drew her in to it's gaping mouth (it's happened). I ran to save Mom, despite the danger to me. I rounded the corner just as Mom managed to quiet the Evil Dyson into submission.

Suddenly I saw the tail of my beloved feather toy hanging from its jaw. Mom tried her best to feather from the jaws of the Dyson, but ::sobs:: it was too late. It was ripped right from its swing pole. It lay there like two slugs. I couldn't even rouse it with my paw.

Please join me in a moment of silence. 

 In happier times. 

Feather the Second - 2009-2010


Floofiest Friday

I have visitors!! My Sisters in Floof (SIFs) MoMo and Siena have come from far far away to visit me. We haven't been together since our trip to our Norwegian homeland more than a year ago.

Yesterday was Siena's second birthday and I asked MoMo to scoop her up and bring her to Vegas Baby! I had a whole night of gambling, meowgaritas, and catnipping on the Las Vegas strip planned for us when I realized Siena isn't 21 yet. So instead we hung out at Casa De Housecat.

Mom had to be pried off of both the ladies, there was so much squealing and forced cuddling we couldn't get to any of the fun. I had to have Mom lock herself up in the bedroom. She managed to get a few pics from the window of us at play. 

I was checking the fountain for water, so I had to have Dad fill it up post haste. 


My Sisfurs were thirsty, so I showed them the best way to enjoy fountain water. We all had a drink. It wasn't a niptini but it's delicious! I showed them all the birds in the yard and we all zoomed around the porch.

Then we laid out on my Hot Stone Loungers. It was an awesome time. I only wish I could see them more often.I wish all my friends could teleport over for a visit. Have a great weekend friends!! I think next week will be a great time!


Getting Ready

Well friends I have some exciting news, I have some special visitors coming to visit me tomorrow. They are coming from far away on a magic carpet to spend time with me. I have to make sure everything is just so.

Mom you need to get these leaves swept up!

Mom, look at the mess on this table! I'm not pleased. 
I don't want to hear any excuses either, get busy.



Some of you marveled yesterday at how well I have Mom trained. It's true she is well trained. It wasn't always this way, it's been many years of hard work on my part.

As a kitten my late night requests were all for attention and playtime, these early requests were ignored or quickly silenced with a pet. In my middle years my late night requests centered on snugs and calling attention to any empty bowls. I was a bit more insistent by then.

I have found that being a senior kitizen has its rewards. Now when I cry in the middle of the night, I have Mom's attention. In part because she's always concerned for my health and well being, and in part because I have found the perfect mew that cuts through her sleep. When this mew is issued in five minute or less intervals... she is putty in in my paws.

Now you have to be careful kitties, human parents can worry, and you might find yourself at the VET, just to be sure everything is okay. This is not OKAY. So this morning I was the picture of politeness. Not a mew till 5:30am and then I even waited till Mom used the bathroom before I lead her to my bowl. Rule with a velvet paw I say.


Crossing It

I ask, how do you know where the line is if you don't try to cross it?

I admit waking Mom up at 3:30am on a Saturday night might be pushing it, but I've gone there plenty of times. I was hungry after all, my late night snack had been missed somehow. Sure I always have my kibble available but I likes me gravy.

I think the line came around 4:30am to about 5:30am when I meowed every five minutes as I perched on Mom's nightstand like a cat gargoyle. I really thought she should be up and out of the bed already. She had work to do and second breakfast sounded good to me.

I must say Mom is far more spry than I thought when she flails out of bed peeved. Luckily this grannycat has the ability to ignore any crabby human words. She did get a lot done this weekend, so I say it was all worth it in the end.


Floofy Friday

Ah Friday, and it's time for fresh floof.

Ah Spring! It can only mean one thing, yard time!

I do love my Hot Stone Lounger.

 Is that a bird? Nope. 

Everything smells so good out here. 

Mmm, Yard Paw. Delish.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I plan on lots of porch time and Mom is back to work on My Book! She says it's so close, we'll see. I've got moves, and I'm not afraid to use them Mom. What are you up to this weekend friends? I hope you enjoy your Spring weekend.


Do Over

Mom is still on the mend and we so appreciate all the healing energy, and she should be back to normal soon. Unfortunately she is now tragically behind on all her blog duties. I made the suggestion that she re-post an item, and after some initial uncertainty, she went right along. I dug back in the archive and found this gem that still holds true today. I still have the same struggles, it's like she didn't even read this the first time.

Lap Rules

I thought this might be a good time to lay down some rules on lap etiquette that I'd like obeyed.

  1. When I mewl at your feet, there's no need for you to ask "What do you want?" I want your lap of course. No I'm not going to jump right up there, I have things to take into consideration first.
  2. Entering the lap is not as easy as you seem to think Mom, there are shifty parts and lumpy parts and I often have to negotiate space with your laptop. If I claw some tender parts in the process, I'm sorry, no need to yelp about it, you big drama queen.
  3. When something startles me I will leap off, possibly taking small bits of your flesh with me, again I'm sorry.
  4. Don't squeeze the kitty, even though you enjoy the small noises I make when you do it. I'm not a squeak toy you know.
  5. I have to be in the mood for you to hold my front paws (never the back paws), don't assume I'm in that mood when you are.
  6. The scratches and pets are great, but once I decide those are over, and I'm moving on to the business portion, I no longer want the distraction. If you persist I'll have to nibble you.
  7. The business portion can include napping or bathing, and yes you do make a nice bath tub (all those soft angles that I can use to prop myself up on make bathing quite enjoyable).
  8. When you're "In the mood for a cat" don't assume I'm "In the mood" to be said cat. All your pleading will not make your lap more appealing. I'm a cat - if I came when I was called - I'd be a dog. So if I was on the fence about the snuggle, your begging has ruined it.
Thank you for your cooperation,

Finny Da Floof


Nurse Cat Finny

Mom is not feeling her best this week, so I'm playing nurse cat to get her back in fine form quickly. I am getting on her tummy whenever possible, nothing says "healthy" like a loving paw to the gut.

I also hear cat spit has healing powers...

So I am doing my part to heal her. Mom tends to be a bit skittish about this healthy sharing, so I try to help when she isn't looking. Of course I don't want any Mom kooties, so naturally I get my licks in early. I love Mom, and I know she will be better very soon.


Floofy Friday

No Mom! One move towards that tock knot and I'm gonna bite you.. HARD.


Sorry friends. She is totally obsessed. So I will be spending the weekend on the run. I hope you have a Happy Easter, Passover, Spring Weekend! 


Perfect Plan

As I reported the other day I'm in full shed mode. Mom is on a single-minded mission to keep any knots down to a minimum, and therein lies the struggle. I want no part of de-knotting or grooming of any kind. My snuggle time with Mom is ruined right now, she can't seem to stop herself. Dad is filling in nicely, but this grannycat needs her Mom too.

Last night I discovered a perfect plan to get my Mom Pets without any handsy fur-pulling business. I've found 2:30am is just about perfect. Of course Mom is usually asleep (slacker) and I typically go with a light pet on her face to wake her up. Now usually this tends to jolt her awake and can cause grouchiness in her.

Last night I thought I'd try something new, and went with a light paw pet on her petting hand. I found it was just enough to get the automated petting response started, but not enough to fully wake her groom-brain. It was perfect. Paw, pet, paw paw, pet, and hold for a moment so as not to wake her fully, paw, paw, and pet.

Yes, that's nice Mom. I'll catch you at 4:30 for my breakfast.