Floofy Friday

Whew!! Mom just had the flop sweats, cause she couldn't remember the password to get into the blog account for like a couple of hours.

It was a real claw biter Friday!

So instead of a fresh new picture of two very cute cats.... you get recycled photos of darling cats.

Really? Did you try it with an asterisk?

I wasn't worried at all! I knew she'd remember, she's just a little tired Friday. We've been looking forward to seeing you all week Friday!


Floofy Friday

Why hello Friday...
Yes, I do look rather noble here at the window.

It's so thoughtful of you to say. 

We are all really happy to see you this week. Mom says you couldn't come soon enough for her. 

We noticed the fact that this is the 1302 post here at the H.C. Mom can't believe it! We're so grateful for our friends who make all the effort worth it!!


Sippy Time

Hello friends, we have something today that is uncommon here at the H.C. A product review of the TORUS™ water bowl by Heyrex™.

The nice people at Torus approached us about giving it a try, and because Mom is obsessed with our drinking lots of water she was on board. First of all it doesn't tip over (this is an issue here at the H.C. with klutzy paws). She "claims" we are "weird" about our watering habits. 

For years both Quill and I refused to drink out of water bowl in the kitchen. Fancy fountains, multiple styles and still nothing. We'd only drink out of one particular water bowl in the bathroom, despite multiple options. Then one day, Quill started only drinking in the kitchen - I stand firm in my decision.

Mom asked for the 1 liter bowl (even though I drink like a pony). She thought we might go for it because it's silent without plug ins (some cat's a cord chewer) or batteries. The water is stored in a reservoir and only comes out when we drink it down.  

It came in packaging that Mom opened easily (a rarity). Mom got pink because she likes it, even though grey would look better with our furs. She managed to get it open (just one twist).

We both inspected it carefully. 

Mom filled it up, and victory! First customer!

So far, so good!

For more information about the TORUS™ water bowl visit the Heyrex™ website by clicking HERE.


Floofy Friday

Well Friday, it's been a real week or two here at the H.C. Mom is tired and "stressed" and Quill and I are tag teaming to make her obligations a reality.

Tonight, we had to jump on the desk repeatedly to get her attention. Friday, we hadn't be fed in hours!

You can see how focused we are on our meal! Mom was trying to get us to look up by making little noises. As you can see, we are unwilling to cooperate.

We were starving, I mean of course we'd look over for you Friday! We can only hope this weekend makes her more focused.


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Quill Come on Friday is almost here!

Quill: Sigh. Mom isn't home yet....

Greyson: Well she'll be home soon buddy. Maybe if you make yourself look really irresistible she and Friday will get here faster....

Quill: Great idea! Look a new puzzle is waiting for you and Aunt Jenny!

 I'll get things started! 

Greyson: And I'll just nibble on some pieces. Boy it's gonna be great to have Mom home!! We aren't leaving her side all weekend!!


The Abandonment

Lil G: Our Mom is abandoning us for weeks!

Mom: It's days, not weeks son.

Lil G: We'll be all alone!

Mom: Your Dad will be here the whole time.

Lil G: Who will feed us? Clean our box?

Mom: Your Dad has very detailed instructions.

Quill: Why would you leave us? I know I've been a little extra naughty, but I'll be a very good boy if you stay home!

Mom: Ah boys, it's for work. You could never be naughty enough to send me off. If I could take you, I would.  Okay, well, maybe not. Cause you would freak out...

Quill: Who'll cuddle with us? Can Aunt Jenny come over and help out? She's wicked good with a neck rubbins.

Mom: I'll make the call. I'll be back before we know it and then it'll be a weekend cuddle fest!