Floofy Friday and 400 Posts!

Wow! 400 posts! What fun we've had in creating them. We hope you've had fun too. So much of what makes all this fun is, well, you! Knowing you're there is what makes it all worth while. So thanks to all of you!

We promise not to rest too much on our laurels, and will continue to try our best to amuse and entertain you. Now, on to the floof!

  Finny, let em see your tum!


Have an awesome weekend friends, and thanks again for coming by!


Thankful Thursday

 I want to first give all my thanks and gratitude too all my great friends who helped with Cat-O-Lympics! ::Blows Kisses With Paws:: It was really fun for us and I hope for all of you.

Guess what? Tomorrow is my 400th post!

We realized that next weekend is the real Academy Awards and realized it's too soon to get it together for the Acatemy Awards, so I think we will do it the week after. It will be a No Rule activity with no winners or losers, just a celebration of anything movie related. So write a screenplay, make a movie, make a movie poster, anything you can think of and post it during that week... more details to follow.

So the other night I was napping on my bed while Mom slept, when suddenly I heard her talking to me...

"Hey sweetie, wanna snuggle? Come here, I'll give you scritches..."

I was just considering the offer, when I noticed she wasn't really speaking to me at all. She's been bringing a square tissue box to bed with her, cause of her cold, and I guess to a sleepy, nearly-blind human, a tissue box with the tissue tamped down in the middle resembles a cat body with ears.

"Finny come on!" She begged.

Kleenex Cat remained unimpressed, and refused to submit. I could hardly keep from snickering out loud as Mom went back to sleep, rebuffed. So last night, when it happened again, I couldn't help myself.

"Hey Finny, are you here for pets? Come here."

"Mew?" I said in my sweetest, you wanna touch my soft fur voice as I hid behind the pillow. "Mew (come and get it then)" I offered.

She reached out, way out, to try to pet Kleenex Cat. I was laughing so hard by now that she spotted me behind the pillow. You should have seen the double-take she did. We had a good laugh over the whole thing and I got my chin scritches after all.



Anyone else feeling a little bored?

Is there no one to swing my feather toys, and no one to push my Hot Wheels down the track for me to whap? I can't nap all the time... well okay I could, but I need a little fun too.
Mom is finally getting over her cold, so hopefully she'll be available to amuse me soon. 


Cat-O-Lympics - Closing Time

Bob: I understand we have one last event Jim!

Jim: That's right Bob! This is one for The Mom, and it's called Extreme Procrastination Bob. Our Human Hostess is a real champion in this event!

Bob: I understand that on some nights this last week she was still putting together posts at the last minute, even when she thought of the events weeks ago!

Jim: That's right Bob. She likes to live on the edge! Do you remember on the first night of competition when the Mr Linky didn't work?

Bob::Chuckles:: If there was an event on swearing, our hostess might have taken home the gold! Let's not forget night two, when she thought she had deleted night one in a frenzied last minute posting debacle! And clearly tonight is no different. It's almost nine!

Jim: Good times Bob! Let's call it the exhibition sport of the games!

Bob: Well Jim it's been great fun for all of us here at Fin-Land. I hope all the pets and their humans had fun.

Jim: We were going to offer a highlight reel with all the excitement, but the events and the posts have been coming so fast Bob, we don't think it would be possible to get everyone mentioned, and we'd hate to miss anyone. Frankly it's been like herding cats!

Bob: What Jim, you mean there isn't going to be an award ceremony?

Jim: Some of the other hosts are calling winners Bob, but here at the H.C. we feel like we're all winners! We've had fun, and having the opportunity to see all the skills and creativity that our friends have displayed has been it's own reward.

Bob: So what's going to happen to us now Jim?

Jim: Well Bob, our contract has been picked up and I understand we may make future appearances here. So all ends as it should. Our hostesses are going to take a couple of days off as the human as caught a cold and Finny is worn out from all the competing, then it'll be 400 posts soon, and they have something planned for the Acatemy Awards.

Bob: Well Jim that all sounds exciting, and of course our champion procrastinator will be waiting to till the bitter end to write those posts too! We're signing off!


Cat-O-Lympics - Double Events

Bob: Well Jim it's been quite a week so far, but I understand our hostess has been "going nocturnal" to enter our first event of the day.

Jim: That's right Bob, Finny has pulled out all the stops to win in Mr Tuck's Late Night Human Wake Up Event. Fin's expertise in this event is really going to pay off.

Bob: Jim, let's get right to the video!

Jim: Um, Bob, we don't have any video... seems our host nation of Fin-Land didn't shell out for the Night Vision. We weren't "allowed in the room" for the live play by play, as it might have altered the outcome. Only the cat can be the waker-upper in order to medal in this classic event.

Bob: We're told by "The Mom" that the competitor began the event at 12:30am! Now that's taking it to the Mat-tress Jim!

Jim: The Mom fought back with a classic Ignoring You Fake Out, but Fin is a champion and she began an aria of meows that no human could ignore. The Mom struck back with a "Shut it Little Cat!" yell, but again Fin struck back.

Bob: I understand she brought out the big guns, and knocked over a glass of water on the nightstand right into the pillow!

Jim: That's right Bob, and it was OVER! Our champion was rewarded with a late night snack. Speaking of snacks let's get right into our second event, Competitive Eating.

Bob: She goes right in for the win! Look at that determination! That Chick-Hen doesn't stand a chance! She may need to change position to get those last bites.... NO!! She does it!!

Jim: Wait Bob! There seems there's a doping scandal! One of the other teams has photo evidence of performance enhancing additives!! What an upset!!

Bob: Oh My COD! I'm shocked! But wait, Fin looks truly shocked too!

Finny: I had no idea they were adding anything to my food! Mom says it's a phosphate binder so my kidney's stay well! What a shock! I never tasted anything!

Jim: Well the judges have decided to allow this Bob, citing health reasons. So there will be no disqualifications for the grannycat!


Cat-O-Lympics - Napping

Bob: Looks like Fin is trying to medal in Competitive Napping at the Nation of Huffle Mawson, Jim!


Jim: Hey Bob, let's keep it down, she's napping for gold. 

Bob::whispers:: Sorry Jim. Look at this form. A side sprawl, and with a paw hide.

Jim: Look at the back paw toe digging in for napping traction! She's bringing it home! Wait! She's pulling a full belly exposure move! What a pro!

Bob: I thought you said to keep it down Jim.

Jim: Oh sorry. I got a little excited. Our Finny deserves the rest. She has been hard at work and very busy hiding from the Pawparrazzi between events.

Bob: So Jim, are we ready to sign off here at the H.C?

Jim: No Bob, we've been picked up through the weekend. Our last Cat-O-Lympics post will be on Sunday. I believe we will have Competitive Eating Saturday and Sunday may be an exhibition sport. 

Finny: Hey can you keep it down? I hope all my friends have a great weekend and that you enjoyed this special Floofy Friday Olympic Edition.


Cat-O-Lympics - Ice Hockey

Bob: Well Jim what's in the action line-up today in Fin-Land?

Jim: We have an Ice Hockey event with none other than our Hostess Fin. She has agreed to come out of retirement for this event, believing that Hockey is a young cat event. Joining her on the ice is Cory Cat the young cat in question!

Bob: It's true Jim, Cory has youth and speed on her side, and she trains in the off-season with asparagus. While Fin has years of experience and those snowshoe paws with toe fur! It promises to be quite a match, let's get right to the action Bob!


Bob: Look at that steely determination on the face of Finny. She's ready to play! But here's the competitor. She looks a little timid Jim, as she looks at the cube... cuteness is only going to go so far here.

Jim: Wait a minute Bob! It looks to me like that may be domestic ice...

 Bob: Cory's coaches are inspecting the ice, and it looks like they are clearing their player to go forward... but Jim look at Fin...

Jim: Our hostess seems very displeased with this turn of events. She likes the foreign ice from the market. Oh My COD Bob, it looks like she is refusing to play! She is laying down and refusing to participate!

Fin: What kind of shame is this?! Domestic Ice! I'm not a kitten! I came out of retirement for this! I'm Outta here!

Jim: This is a complete debacle Bob! Wait, our guest competitor is still ready to play! What a scandal!


Cory: I just really wanted to show my skills. I'm so disappointed. I usually play hockey with vegetables or fruit from the garden, maybe Fin will come back out of retirement for Cherry Hockey?


Cat-O-Lympics - An Upset

Jim: Well Bob it's been an exciting week so far and it's only Wednesday! I wanted to mention the upset that happened here at the Host Nation of Fin-Land yesterday. Seems the "No Rules" rule of Cat-O-Lympics was breached by the judges, causing a mistaken disqualification of Finny in the Balance Beam.

Bob: I understand that our hostess has been award her medal. Let's listen in to her acceptance speech Jim.

Finny: Well a cat, especially a grannycat, should have any route she chooses to get on and off the apparatus. I totally stuck the landing, and the style points were off the charts... I had a dangling back paw for balance and a three paw landing. Plus there are no rules so anything should be allowed. I'm glad this wrong has been righted. We're cats, we rarely follow rules... that's how we stroll.

Bob: Now that's a class act! So Jim, I heard rumors that cats can add new events to the line-up at anytime by using the Mr Linky here, but Jim, that can't be right can it?

Jim: Yes Bob. As I've said before, there are no rules. Events are being created and posted at a breakneck pace. Cats can feel free to take the commemorative award shown on Monday's post for participation.

Bob: Wait Jim! I'm hearing from the booth that we have breaking new footage coming in from the field. 


What are we looking at here Jim? I think I'm confused... 

Jim: Bob, it seems our Hostess has a different take on the Boxing competition.That's a senior kitizen for you, they know how to work the competition to advantage. It's a tight fit too, but she has done it! Tomorrow she will be competing in an Ice Hockey match. It promises to be quite a competition! Play safe out there competitors!


Cat-O-Lympics - Balance Beam

Jim: Well it's the first day of competition here at Fin-Land, and events don't get more exciting than the balance beam Bob.

Bob: That's right Jim. This event is going to take skill and agility. Let's take a look closer look at the course.

Jim: Let me walk our viewer's through the action we've come to expect here at the Balance Beam. The Cathlete is going to jump on the edge of the tub from the far right, it's critical she sticks the landing. Then she'll need to walk across the narrow ledge to the counter on the left, at that point there will be a quick but difficult jump from the narrow ledge to the counter. The prize will be a cool sip of water right from the tap.

Bob: What's that on the floor Jim? Is that some kind of... water feature?

Jim: Yes Bob, it's a bowl filled with water. It makes this course extremely challenging! Oh look Bob, here comes our competitor... ::a hush falls over the audience as the cathlete surveys the field::

Jim: Whispering:: Look at that tail switch Bob, she is focused! Looks like she's inspecting the apparatus up close and personal, getting a feel for the conditions. This is a slick course...


Bob: She seems very focused on the left side of the course. She.... Oh My COD!

Jim: What an upset Bob!! She caught the Pawparrazzi totally off guard! She completely bypasses the beam and goes straight for the left corner!

Bob: Is it over Jim?! Will this be a disqualification?

Jim: We'll have to wait for the call Bob. It's such a shame, because if you look at the style points, look at the dangling paw, she could be in the running for gold! She seems to be awaiting her award on the podium.


Bob: I hear from the judges that she has been disqualified for that maneuver! What an upset!

Jim: Looks like our cathlete is drowning her sorrows in a cool drink Bob. Maybe she'll do better in tomorrow's competition.


Opening Ceremonies - Cat-O-Lympics

Jim: Well Bob it's finally arrived, Cat-O-Lympics. We even have a commemorative header made by Zoolatry! Can't you smell the excitement in the air Bob?

Bob: Oh, I, uh, thought that was tuna Jim. Either way the excitement has been building here at the Host Nation of Fin-Land for weeks now.We have some exciting events planned here at the H.C. Ice Hockey, Balance Beam, Eating, and course Fin will be taking part in Napping events, and maybe even showing off some Bunny-Kicking in a exhibition sport.

Jim: Before we discuss the events Bob, I think we need to clear up any questions about the games. First the name Cat-O-Lympics is a bit of a misnomer, as any species can play.

Bob: What Jim? Any species? Dogs and Cats competing together? It's a world gone mad.

Jim: Yes Bob, it's a unique feature of these games, but you know cats are fierce competitors and they welcome all comers. Another difference in these games is that any participant can take away one of these medals designed by none other than Katie's Human Glogirly.


Bob: That's some award Jim! But that's not all, I understand that some cats are organizing their own events and competitors can even win other awards, is that right?

Jim: That's right. Hopeful competitors should contact these cats or check out their blogs if they want to participate in these exciting events, Huffle Mawson will be hosting Competitive Napping and The Island Cats will have Synchronized Snoozing. 

Bob: I know those almost sound alike friends, but synchronized napping is a team sport. Milo and Alfie will be holding Bare Paw Fighting through the week and Sparkle the Designer Cat will have a Boxing competition on Thursday the 18th. For the tidy cats out there One Cat's Nip will be hosting the Mile Long Kleening Machine this week. 

Jim: Talk about an Exhibition Sport Bob! But nothing is more exhibitionist than Sumac Stories hosting Outdoor Water Sports (or Snow Peeing) on Wednesday. There's also an event for the non-exhibitionist too, Jennifer Lorton will be hosting a Hiding event. 

Bob: Cats In Maryland will be holding a High Jump Event, Mr Tuck will be hosting Late Night Human Wake Up, and Amy and the House of Cats will host Extreme Climbing on the 17th and at her Naughty Kitty Club they will be hosting a StrongCat Competition on the 16th. 

Jim: The Furry Bambinos will be hosting a Squirrel and Bird Watching event on Thursday.

Bob: I've heard that competitors can even make up their own events on the fly and just link the event here as they think of things, but surely that's a rumor Jim!

Jim: No Bob, that's totally true. We are hoping the staff of our host nation has figured out how to Mr Linky and that it continues to show up each day... or they can just come back to this post each day they compete.  In fact they don't even have to link here... there are no rules! That's right! No Rules! 

Bob: You mean they can even use old posts and just slap a Cat-O-Lympic spin on the thing and that counts?

Jim: Yes Bob! Like I said no rules! Just a celebration of the Cathlete. Let the games begin Bob!


Floofy Friday

Sunshine on my shoulder, makes me happy...

Sorry my cool cats, it's going to be almost 70 degrees this coming week. Course when it's a 1000 degrees in the summer, well sunshine on my shoulder won't be making me smile as much. I better rest up this weekend, cause Opening Ceremonies for Cat-O-Lympics starts on Monday. We've contracted with "Jim and Bob" to be commentators here (Who are Jim and Bob? Apparently the sports commentators Mom hears in her head... I know scary right?).

Lots of our friends are lining up events at their blogs and there'll be plenty of fun here. Official announcements of events will be done at the "Host Nations Blogs" with mentions in the Opening Ceremony on Monday. If you have an idea for a post but don't want to hold a competition, that's great too, you can just Mr Linky here and/or the Cat Blogosphere on the day you post. If you're not much of an "action cat" you can rest assured there will be plenty of napping, whapping, and grooming too.


Update Cat-O-Lympics

Initially Mom had thought we could do Cat-O-Lympics for two straight weeks, but upon reflection she's not that clever. So we're scaling back a bit and beginning on Feb 15th, and probably go for the week. So how can you play along? It's easy.

If you have an event you want to host at your place just let us know and we will mention it in the Opening Ceremonies post on the 15th (competitive napping, and ice hockey have been spoken for with more details to follow). You can run the event with whatever rules you like at your place. If you just have an idea for a simple post at your place, we plan on getting Mr Linky so you can add your post link here whenever you've posted it.

Naturally the rules are nearly non-existent, so you can be of another species and pretty much any event goes... So anything from Mice Dancing to Thundering Herds of Elephants to more traditional sports like Wrestling or Jumping are all welcome. 


Tattle Tail Tuesday

Initially I thought this post might make it to be a Thankful Thursday post, where my slacker Mom would post all my recent awards that my awesome friends gave to me. Well instead I have to rat her out on a Tuesday.

See we read all of our friends blogs in our Google Reader, and when someone is kind enough to bestow an award, she keeps the post unread so she can go back and post them later. Well in some lack of sleep induced stupor she hit the "Mark all as read" button in error.::Glares at Mom and shakes head:: Staff! Sorry my friends, we really did feel very grateful when you gave them to us, and feel grateful every day for your friendship.

Oh and let me report this other item while I'm at it, she had also misplaced the camera for the last week Now this worked to my benefit, but still. I can't tell you how many adorable things I did last week.

Sigh. I sure hope she doesn't mess up Cat-O-Lympics.


Hiding Out

Psst, over here...

Careful of my laser eyes. I'm hiding out from the Pawparazzi under the table. I overheard them saying that I have "Gone Nocturnal" and I'm way too active while they are trying to sleep. Whatever. I've got important night business to take care of. I better get a long nap while they are at work.


Floofy Friday

After the week I've had here, I could hardly agree to a photo shoot, could I?


I was going to go for the full back view, but I didn't want to completely disappoint my public. Sorry for the Flank Of Disrespect friends, but I'm sure you understand. 
I hope my parent's sore backs improve this weekend so they can clear up all these leaves on my porch... Hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy weekend. If I can find someplace suitable to nap, that's where you'll find me.



Imagine if you will, you're enjoying a nice pleasant nap and you wake up to find that the chair that has lived in one spot your whole life has been moved! Not just a little tweak to one side or another mind you, actually moved to another room altogether.

This chair, that is your faithful launching pad to the bedside table and your bed beyond, is now two rooms away - in the den. A giant gaping hole is left in it's place, complete with lingering dust bunnies. Now there are bedroom smells in the den. How am I expected to jump without my jumping chair?

No one consulted me at all... and it gets worse.

In order to make room for my chair in the den, they moved my couch to the activity wasteland known as the living room. My napping couch, the one I lay on and snoopervise Mom's computer activies. Up and moved without a consult - while I was napping.

I was so freaked out that I stood in the hallway and cried mewed till Mom came to check on me. I then raced back and forth down the hall and finally grabbed Mom's cankle like it was a life preserver. She tried to explain the re-arrangement and let it slip that one of the den chairs was going to be moved to replace My Jumping Chair. A den chair in my bedroom! It's a world gone mad friends and it's unacceptable!


Wake Up Sleepy Head

Well here we are in week two without the Hated Noisy Box, that used to live on the bedside table and startle us at random intervals. I had been welcomed with open arms by my family as I alone, took on the task of waking them up, until this morning.

Sure it was only 4am, but I was peckish and I needed to have my breakfast a bit early. Mom was a bit put out for some unknown reason, and actually ignored my request. The nerve. We argued till 4:30 when she said something about being spoiled, and some other words I wont use here in this family-friendly blog. I tuned them out as I rammed her chins with my feline for to encourage her. I was still polite and respectful

I didn't hold a grudge. I stayed on-duty till 5:30 when I woke her again. I could have easily settled in for a post-meal nap, but I didn't.

I did get an extra enjoyable chat and snuggle when she came home this afternoon so I guess she realized she was wrong. I forgive you.


An Idea

So Mom and I were talking about having a fun activity tied into the games about to take place in Vancouver. Mom loves the games and the way the whole world seems to come together. It's the only sports she watches and she loves to watch all the obscure sports best (go curling and white-water rafting!).

We love Friday Night Fights at Cat Of Nine Tails when they do a play-by-play of all the kitty fight action. It made us think that Cat-O-Lympics (or Pet-O-Lympics) might be really fun.Shaggy mentioned that there was something similar in the cat blogosphere a couple of years ago. We're not sure who did it originally or how, and you know Mom and I are pretty loose in our interpretations on a theme so it will likely be different, but fun to enjoy again.

Mom and I had some ideas about posts during the games for the H.C. where we could add a play-by-play to things like jumping, wrestling, and ice hockey (I love chasing those cubes). Maybe some less traditional sports like napping, whapping, and pouncing. We know you'll think of great things too... videos, action pics, flag design, or insert your cool idea here.

Maybe different bloggers could host specific events and report on who was participating? Mom is a horrible organizer so we welcome anyone who wants to join in with ideas.