Not Happy

Quill: Sniff, sniff. ::wrinkles nose:: Mom, what's that smell? Is it you?

Mom: No! It's pumpkin guts.

Quill: Yuck.

Doorbell sound effect.

Quill: ::Running to doorbell ringer in hallway:: What's that!?

Dad: ::Skipping (In a manly way):: It's trick or treaters!!

Screaming Horde:: Trick or Treat!!

Quill: Holy Cod! Make it stop!!

Mom: I think I'll put you in quarantine.

Quill: I don't care for Halloween...


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

It's my first one! 
I have no idea what it all means, but Dad is super excited so I am too!

I decided to go as Mittens. Maybe he'll like me better if I look like him - 

Did I mention I hear there are treats? I LOVE treats! 
This is gonna be great! A quiet holiday with my parents and TREATS!


Mr Tail Tuesday

Well Hello.

I finally talked our Mom into giving me own post. Of course I wanted my own Twitter feed, but a weekly post is a nice start. 

You can see Quill is trying to photo bomb my shot. I don't know what his issue is with me. Since we were little he has chased me. I have to admit I kinda enjoy teasing him. Sometimes I flick unexpectedly and startle him, then I just stay just outta reach and eventually he tires out.

I know our Mom loves me, she pets me too.


Flooflet Friday

Why hello.

I've had another official photo shoot. That Lady from the Katnip Lounge came over with her flashy box. It's nice to work with a real purrfessional.

She was trying to get a Tock Shot and you know who had to horn in...

Mr. Tail Photo Bomb.

That Lady was shocked at the size of Mr Tail. Imagine if I hadn't started trying to keep him line at such a young age! I heard him telling Mom he needed his own Twitter feed. Luckily Mom decided hashtag Mr Tail might get the wrong kind of followers.

Happy Tocktober!


Pulled Over

Quill: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Quill runs full speed into Mom legs rounding the corner, and continues on at full speed.

Mom: Quill!

Quill: What?

Mom: I'm going have to pull you over sir. License and registration...

Quill: What? I don't need a license...

Mom: Never mind. Insurance?

Quill: What? I need Zoomie Insurance?

Mom: Yeah, you're gonna need collision. I'm gonna be putting in a claim. You clipped me back there...



After a couple of weeks at my new post by the window, I decided I needed to change things up today.  I felt things on the porch were pretty well under control.

Hey! Little hummingbird! Come closer so I can eat you...
You! Blackbird! Please come closer and eat Mittens left-overs!!

I realized today that Mom was not being properly snoopervised. Who knows how much work she has accomplished without me?

I could tell she really missed me too. She spent the whole day yelling out my name - it was nice. Truth be told I was missing her too, but don't tell her that. I mean what fun is it to be naughty when no one is there to irritate appreciate it?


Flooflet Friday

Thank Cod It's Friday!

Mom, I look out of focus.

You were sitting still Quill, so I think you're in focus. I think your hind furs just look out of focus on film.

You're blaming this on my furs? I think this botched Tock-Tober shot shows the real culprit...

Quill, it was a perfect shot - till you moved.

Maybe we need to have the Katnip Lounge back for another photo shoot. Good pawparrazzi is so hard to find. 

Have a great weekend friends!



Quill: Zzzzzzz

Angel Fin: Psst. Hey, kit.

Quill: Huh? What? Oh hey Fin.

Angel Fin: You've been doing a great job kit. You have Mom and Dad wrapped around your paw.

Quill: I've been reading your posts and book for advice. Plus I get a lot of help from our friends.

Angel Fin: Good boy. I notice your meow is missing the M and the Ow. I like the singing you've started, but you're never gonna really rule the night until you can put some muscle in that meow.

Quill: squeak...

Angel Fin: Kay, keep working on it. Now that you're six months, you may start to notice some... new thoughts...

Quill: (Whispers) Do you mean puberty?

Angel Fin: No kit, I mean sarcasm.

Quill: Huh.

Angel Fin: When you feel it coming up, just go with it.


Happy Halfer

Mom here. I realized the 15th of October is Quill's half-year Birthday. Well as near as I can guess. He came to us when he was such a little kitty. The first night we met, he sat in my hand and tucked his head under my chin. I was smitten. He had me at squeak.

You may remember we had thought Quill was a girl at the start. We were pretty open to who our new kitten would be, but we were sure we wanted a girl.

I wanted a lap kitty, maybe on the smallish side, and well mannered.

Instead we got a boy (figured that out three weeks later when the Vet surprised us) who's independent, huge, and is wee bit naughty in the best possible ways.

He is nothing we thought we wanted, but everything we needed. Quill is such a joy for us. He has helped to heal our hearts and fill them with a totally new kitty energy.

This morning I got a wave of the sads, missing my sweet Finny. A moment later Quill sauntered in with his rat toy proudly in his mouth. He's not shy about his love for a rodent like my girl was, but he's every bit as loved.

Happy Halfer Baby Boy. 


Flooflet Friday

Mom: Quill?
Quill: Yes?

Mom: I see you've knocked down the curtain...

Quill: Yeah. It was kinda in the way, this is much better now... Mom?

Mom: Yes son?

Quill: Do you think you can close the window now? I'm pretty tired, and I really can't leave my post with the window open...

Mom: Sure, you've put in a hard shift. Maybe you could spend the afternoon snoopervising me in our office. I've missed you.

Quill: Kay Mom. Zzzzzzz


My New Post

I made Mom read all your comments about how an ample-sized kitten needs to have free window access.

It worked! I have a new post. 

 Don't worry I am not in jail.

Mom set up an arrangement for my comfort by moving a chair over to an open window in the kitchen. I LOVE my new post... although a soft cushion would be a nice touch.

Is that my treat jar opening? It is! I even get special guard-kitten snacks delivered... I need to keep up my strength.

I better get back to work, I think a butterfly is getting out of line.


Trouble Tuesday

I have to admit I am in a little bit of trouble friends. I noticed something the other day...

There's another world behind the window treatments!

I can see Mittens, birds, bugs, lizards and all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately those pesky shades, blinds and curtains are right in my way, so I gently push them aside to have a look.

Okay I might not be that gentle, but the shades are old... can anyone really prove I am responsible for damaging them? Sure I've been heard in the general area of the windows, and maybe they see some movement while I am around them... but surely an attorney at claw could dismiss this evidence.

Sure there was the photograph of me scaling the screen door, but it was clearly entrapment. Why else was Mom right there with the camera?


Flooflet Friday

Still refusing to look right into the camera, but I thought you'd enjoy this shot.

Wanna a little more floof?

Yes, I am very long, and not quite six months yet either!

Have a great weekend Friends.