Flooflet Friday

Please weekend, start now!

It's been a hard week at our home office. Mom and I have been putting in the long hours. This morning I had to put an end to a conference call, that I thought had gone on too long, by pulling the receiver off the speaker phone. While Mom works on P&Ps (Policies and Procedures) I work on my own P&Ps (Pets & Purrs).
Last night I decided to moonlight in Dad's office. He was a little cross at me for knocking all his papers off the desk. Of course I made up for the naughtiness by playing peek-a-boo from behind the monitor. I am looking forward to a nice quiet weekend. 

How about you friends? What do you have planned?



Quill: Mom, can you have a seat?

Mom: So serious Squeaks! What? Are you lettin me go? Ha, ha!

Quill: Have a seat Mom. ::Gestures to chair with paw::

Mom: Wait, you're not really letting me go are you?

Quill: I've just been reviewing your work and Trish's work. Let's take a look shall we?

Your handiwork. Notice how out of focus I am? I believe I was just nibbling paper.
Trish's handiwork.
Guess who took this?
Mom: But Quill I don't think I can fully be blamed for this. You are in motion at all times! Plus Trish at the Katnip Lounge (also available on Kindle) has 13 cute cats she can practice her photo taking skills on.

Quill: Look, you're not fired exactly. Let's call it demoted. I have an opening for you in Fur and Make-up.


Son Day

Quill: Mom get up! It's Son Day.

Mom: I know Squeaks, er, Quill, that's why we're gonna sleep in. We don't have to go to the office on Sunday.

Quill: Sunday? I thought it was Son Day.

Mom: Oh I see. What were your plans for Son Day then?

Quill: I thought there could be lots of playing, and killing. Lots of nibbling on cankles and fingers. Followed up with some cuddles on demand. Then when I'm tired you could lay still so I can use you as a bed.

Mom: It sounds a lot like all the other days, but count me in.

Quill: I know what else, we can pick out all the great pictures from my photo shoot Thursday with the Katnip Lounge Mom. Then you could get started working on something for Cat-A-Lympics, or on a blog makeover, or maybe get started setting up the Quill the Super Kitten multimedia empire.

Mom: Huh? ::Blinks in stupor:: Multimedia Empire?

Quill: Let's save all that for another day Mom. For now, just a cute picture and more snuggles.

Notice how Mr Tail lurks just out of view?
One more for good measure.


Flooflet Friday

Behold the sleepy kitten boy...

Do you see how Mr Tail lays across my kitteny paws?

He stares at me with such sass, but don't worry friends I woke up and gave him a full thrashing. Gotta keep those tails in line friends. 

Guess what? I had a visitor today. She had a big flashy thing in her hands, and I hissed at her twice for good measure. After awhile though, I did let her play with me. I even let her feed me kitten biscuits out of her hand. She was very generous with the biscuits. I'll tell you all about it next week, but for now I need a nap. 

Weekend, you can go ahead and start now.


Way Close Wednesday


So close, and still I refuse to look the flashy thing in the eye!

Mom told me we are going to have a visitor on Thursday. She thinks I'll like them, something about catnip and lounging. I guess someone wants to try to take my picture. Good luck, I'm pretty darned fast.

Mom bought a new camera too. It hasn't come yet but she's convinced it will allow her to capture Quill Kill Speed. We'll see Mom. Gotta go, I need to get some snuggle time in!


A Tail

Friends I have a little confession to make. I'm a tail-chaser.

Every time I turn around, there it is. I go one way and it always seems to go the other. It's mocking me and it's out of control.

::Whispers:: It's like it has a mind all its own. Any tail that pesky needs to be taught a lesson.

So I chase it. A lot. It tries to hide from me, but it's no match for my hunting skills. Mom even noticed it's even resistant to being photographed... look.

Tail? What tail?
You can try to hide in the shadows, but I see you!
I find the best tail hunting happens in the middle of the night. We're all enjoying a nice snooze when Mr Tail makes his presence known. I find a nice paw thrashing softens him up - Mom calls this Crazy Paws. Mr Tail stands out easily on the white sheets, and he's still kinda drowsy, so I go all in.

For reasons I can't understand Mom seems to side with Mr Tail. Just as I am doing a  series of full-twisting bounces over her - I am placed on the floor! Repeatedly.

She has no idea the danger a rogue tail can cause.


Flooflet Friday

I can't believe how fast Quill is growing. I think he grows between blinks. He is still working on the two speeds - Kill and Chill. He is also sleeping through the night - well he's sleeping through most of the day too.

He really enjoys working with me all day. I have to say he is a full-on Momma's Boy. He likes to take a lot of snuggle breaks. He gets a little crabby when he doesn't get them too. Do I mind? What do you think?

Wanna snuggle?

Floof is still a work in progress.

Quill has spied his arch nemesis in this pic. Can you tell what it is?

Okay weekend, let's get started.



Angel Fin: Psst. Hey Squeaks, wake up.

Quill: Huh? (wipes sleep from eyes) Oh, hi Finny.

Angel Fin: You're doing great kid. You hid your set, and you've made them love you. I think you have em wrapped around your paw, but it's time to move onto phase two.

Quill: Phase 2? What's phase 2?

Angel Fin: Well kid you need to start getting them used to your running things over there. Humans can't run things themselves you know. They're gonna need you to lay down the rules.

Quill: I thought they were the ones laying down the rules.

Angel Fin: I know kid, and it's all wrong. You make the rules. Except maybe don't chew on cords... their rules are only guidelines. Here are some tips to get you started little fella... You gotta beef up that meow son, no one's gonna take your demands seriously with that squeak. Meow from the gut... Mom's water cups need to be tasted each time. Don't hesitate. She moves fast, but you're faster!... Gravy! Don't let them fool you with those dry kitten biscuits - there's gravy out there, and you're gonna want it.

Quill: Gravy? Got it. What about that box with all the yummy smells? Where Mom hangs out?

Angel Fin: Ah the The Great White Ham Safe. Yes, that is the key sonny boy.

Quill: Ham? What's ham?

Angel Fin: All in good time Quillster. Now, it's five am, and you need to wake Mom up. A quick whappy paw to the hiney will do it. Get in there!

Quill: I'm on it!


Quill Speaks

Quill: Squeeeeeeak! ::Clears throat:: Squeee ::Voices raises to decibels no longer heard by humans::

Mom: Quill I think the title of the post is Quill Speaks not Quill Squeaks.

Quill (Whaps at screen): Is this thing on?

Mom: Yes sweetie. All our friends are very excited to meet you.

Quill: What should I write about Mom?

Mom: Well, you can talk about whatever you like really.

Quill: Qu5i240510ll3.gggggggggggggggggggggggggggg 900o000000000000000000000000000dxfs

Mom: Um, I think it would be easier if you just told me what to write. rather than just run across the keys like that! And don't bite the cord! And stop gnawing on my fingers!

Quill: There's lots of rules about this blogging thing.

Mom: Well sure there's a few, but... Quill are you sleeping?

Quill: Squeakzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Mom: Okay we'll try again soon.


Flooflet Friday

Quill snoopervising.

 Whew! That took a lot out of our boy.

Couldn't you just squeal yourself hoarse?

Weekend, you may now begin, again.

Guess what? I think next week our boy may start his blogging duties!


Settling In

So Tuesday is three weeks with our new kitten boy. He is growing so fast! He is a little over eight weeks old now, and is busy settling in here at the H.C. We are still restricting his access to rooms we are in for the most part. It seems to be the only room he wants to be in anyway.

Quill is becoming quite the Momma's Boy. I don't mind. Since I am working from home now he pretty much follows me around all day and night. I don't mind that either. He sleeps through the night (for the most part) beside my pillow now. The midnight sessions of Crazy Kitten seem to have died down.

I'm still trying to hear his "Voice" for the blog. His actual voice is the sweetest little set of squeaks. It's his nickname too - Squeaks. He is getting fluffier by the day. I'm excited to see how all this floof is gonna turn out. Behold the tiny toe floofs in process!

Behold the floofy boy!


The Story - Part 3

Quill began pawing at the carrier gate the moment the car moved. I thought he was going to try to push his entire body through a one inch square of mesh. He even left a red mark on his little nose trying. He was also happy to show off his full vocal repertoire. Quill has a high-pitched meow which varies between a squeak and a yowl. 

We arrived at the house and let him out. We were sure he would casually sniff about for a few minutes - instead he bolted for under the fridge. After a quick move, he instead darted for under/inside the recliner instead.

"Holy Cod he's fast!" Hubby exclaimed as Quill bolted for under the sofa.

Quill was so scared with two giants yelling "No!" and chasing after him. Desperate, we stuck him, his carrier, food, water and a litter box in the bathroom and excused ourselves.

"Wow!" I said. I think the realization of a new kitten was hitting me. "We got ourselves a cave kitten!" 

We covered every hidey hole we could think of. We found Fin's baby swing toy for luring him out of any other hidey holes he might find. We realized he might be too tiny to roam freely. (Quill's actual commentary - Ww6*/8.000000000000000000000000000002. - I guess he disagreed and decided I should get to the best part).

I had been so worried about telling the first rescue group about Fin's blog. I was afraid they might read it and come to collect the kitten should it report cruel treatment like being denied roast chicken. When we went to go meet Quill I decided not to say anything to Kacie either. You just never know what people will think when you report you speak as a cat on a blog.

I emailed Kacie to ask a question a few days after Quill's arrival. I knew she loved him, and had wanted to keep him, even after their short time to bond. I couldn't decide if I should mention the blog or not. Would it make her sad to see the one that got away or make her happy I wondered. I decided to tell her and let her decide for herself.

She wrote back the best email ever. She told me about losing her own sweet cat Charlie, and about how this little kitten eased her own pain. She couldn't keep him, but she wanted to make sure he found a great home. She had googled my email address as soon as I sent the email asking about Quill. (She's so smart!)

She found my blog and book right away. When we went to meet Quill, she already knew about Fin. She saw all the love that all of you had given us over losing her. She knew how much I was grieving Fin's loss. She already knew how much  this little kitten would be loved in the world. She said she felt like she had won the lottery because she would get to watch him grow up, be loved, and be famous.

She wasn't losing him - she was sharing him. Yep, we think she's pretty awesome too!

Hard at work!

Chew this cord? Me? Never!