Floofy Friday

Mom: Quill pose nice now...

Quill: Is this good?
What did you say Mr. Foo dog?

Friday's here!
Hey Friday! So nice to see you! We sure have missed you!

Friday: You wanna play chase?

You're it Friday!!



Greyson and Quill sit at the end of the bed staring anxiously at their human Mom. Waiting. It's past breakfast time on a Sunday morning.

Greyson: When is she gonna get up, I'm starving!

Quill: Me too! Let me see what I can do.

Moving to mid-bed, Quill issues an urgent squeak. Mom's hand automatically comes up for a pet. Quill rubs her hand to begin an impromptu petting session before returning to Greyson.

Greyson: What was that?

Quill: A little cuddle time. Oh right I was supposed to get her up... but she seems really sleepy.

Greyson: Ridiculous! I'm going in! Should I walk across her shoulder, hip or head? ::Tummy Growls:: Right! Pace across all three!

Jumping on at mid-thigh, Greyson stumps across Mom. She wiggles and groans until he falls off.

Greyson: That's it! I'm bringing out the big guns!

Quill: Not the litter box?

Greyson: Yes.

Quill holds Greyson back with paw to whisper: Don't bury.

Greyson looks at Quill with newfound respect: Now that's the kind of evil genius thinking I'd like to see more of around here brother!


Floofy Friday

Quill: Oh yes, that's the spot. So glad you moved that silly old keyboard off the desk Mom. I mean look at all the room I have to spread out and get some cuddles. 

Mom: I am going to need to work here soon....

Quill: Oh. Hey Friday! Just getting another neck rubbin. I do love them. Doesn't everyone?

Friday: Sorry, I'm distracted by the size of those massive paws!

Quill: Oh these? That's Mom's average lady hand as a comparison....

Friday: Wow! You know what they say about big paws...

Quill: Big hearts? That's what Mom always says. That I'm a sweet, sweet boy. 

Friday: Um, I don't think that's what they say... ::Whispers::

Quill: What? Who'd say that? Whatever. Let's go play Friday! Time for some house zoomies. Greyson can't resist a good game of chase!



I was hanging out in the den when Mom got up and rooted around in the kitchen for a little snack. Now, 9 out of 10 times she gets nothing good. We're not huge fans of human food for the most part.

I noticed she brought back a little sack, and I have to say that peaked my interest. Treats always come in plastic sacks - so of course I needed to inspect.

When she opened up the package the most heady aroma came wafting across the distance. Beef Jerky - how you vex me. Naturally I had to request a bite - and be pretty firm about it. 

Dad was all "Greyson! Get off your Mom's head!" But who can have manners when there is jerked beef right at your paws and jaws?

Tonight, when everyone is asleep, I'm coming for you friend. No cabinet doors can keep me and Quill out...


Floofy Friday

Quill: Friday? Is that you buddy?
Friday: I'm here pal!

Quill: Thank Cod! Mom has been super excited to see you! She's been busy, but luckily she still has time for a nice neck massage. Yes Mom, a deep tissue massage, a little to the left. Friday, you want in on this neck rub action?

Mom: If you'll stick around Friday, I'm in!



Greyson: Mom?

Mom: What? Huh?

Greyson: Have you noticed how much you've abandoned the blog recently? I mean really - Floofless Friday?

Mom: Well, I have been kinda busy... new book almost finished, blah, blah, new job, stressful, blah, Aunt Jenny moving here, and blah, blah, blah.

Greyson: Whatevs. I'd like to see some action here at the H.C. on a more regular basis. I mean Quill and I are darling 24/7 - so there shouldn't be any reason why you're lacking in the material department. Cod knows there's plenty of cat-deprecating humor to go around - just look at yourself.

Mom: What do you mean?

Greyson: Just your tabby striped hair should be enough for a post... And don't even get me started on where our new book should be in the line-up! Let's get back to work lady!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Noooooooooooooooo!

It's not okay Mom came home smelling of our Cousin Cat Klaus. And she had ginger cat furs on her lap!! That's OUR Mom Friday!

Friday: Look Lil' G you need to show her what she's missing. 

Greyson: Great idea! Look at this tummy!

Friday: Oh yes Lil' G, that'll keep her home at your beck and call!