Meme Monday

One of my friends Kelly Jeanette sent me a Meme (she's an arty human). I'm supposed to list 7 things all of you may not know about me. So here it goes:

  1. I ate dry food all my life till Mom thought it would be cute to give me some wet food for the blog and I've never looked back. I love gravy! I will eat my dry when no one is looking though.
  2. I love my water straight out of the faucet, I get wet and shake it off on the mirror. Oops.
  3. Sometimes the TV startles me. When I walk by it, it looks and sounds like something is coming after me and I run for the closet. I do like to watch a nice cheesy reality show with Mom or The History Channel with Dad.
  4. I hate the fax machine and I try to kill anything it spits out of its' evil mouth. I must protect my parents.
  5. I've had two dogs, but I don't have one now. Daddy wants one again.
  6. I've always been an only cat, and I'm fine with that.
  7. My meow was broken when I was fixed (technically I was broken when I was fixed, hey that's ironic). I can still meow of course, but it doesn't sound the same anymore (raspier and more flat sounding). The Vet thought the thing they put down my throat might have hurt my vocal cords, but it didn't hurt me and I was unwilling to try to have him try to fix it since he said it might make it worse. So I have many vocal variations and my parents are very capable of understanding them all.
So did I surprise you friends? Yep I still have lots of secrets I share in my book too.

So I'm supposed to nominate 7 of my friends for this meme. Here's a bonus secret, I don't like singling out anyone, cause I don't want to make you feel like I don't want to know about you. So if you want to meme with me, please tag yourself, and let me know in the comments.


Floofy Friday

Mom, I notice you're a bit late tonight. Why were you tardy?

Um, I had to stop at the store and pick something up...

I can't help but notice that there is a small scratch on your hand. It looks like it was given by a small furry animal, but that can't be right. Can it?

(In a guilty rush) Well we had to go to Petsmart to get your food, and your Dad and I noticed there was a cat that looked so much like you. She could have been a younger sister. She was really cute but very hissy, oh and this darling little tabby kitten was there too-

You played with kittens again! Well I'm glad it scratched you then.

Sorry Finny, I didn't bring any home...

You have to keep a firm paw friends. Hope you all have an awesome weekend. I really have no idea what the weather will do, but I'm hoping for some bird watching on the patio.


Calendar Cat

I cannot wait for a cool down, and maybe it's why I've been dreaming of winter.

I've entered myself in the Nude Cat Calendar contest to be Miss January. To enter they asked that you give a donation to the kitty charity of your choice if you can. So I need to go decide, there are some great ones out there.

P.S. Mom is getting MY book back from the editor and she is going to be working on the edits next. We are really excited and hoping it won't look like the page is bleeding with red ink. I have to be firm with her time till she gets her part done. So we will be visiting and posting but trying not to comment. Tough Love Mom, tough love and a firm paw.

P.P.S Yes the book is all about Me-ow, Mom has been working on it so long I forget that not all of you might know about it. More info to follow as we get ready for publishing, and we hope you'll all enjoy following our progress.


Queen of the Porch

Boy this weekend was great. It was cold here by desert standards and was only in the 90s. Cool enough to hit the porch for some solid outdoor R & R. I have to admit I was a bit reserved and only wandered out when my parents were outside with me.

I noticed a lot of new sniffs, so I can tell some other cats have been on my porch. I'm okay with it though, as long as they know who is boss.

It was overcast most of the weekend and I enjoyed watching the clouds. At one point the sun made a peak through, so I waved my paw and the clouds did my bidding and covered up Mr Sun. Yes friends it's good to be Queen of the Porch!


Me Time

Dear Daddy,

I'd like to bring something to your attention that has been bothering me. You know I love and respect you with all my heart, but your recent change in schedule has caused some issues.

Mom's arrival at the house after she has been "Working" all day is Our Special Time. I'm sure you've missed her too but I'd really like all of her attention on me when she arrives. When you distract her with your presence she forgets some of the key points of our routine. The routine should go something like this:

  • I roll on the floor looking my cutest
  • She squeals with delight at the site of the kitty
  • She asks "Who is my precious girl?" - naturally we know the answer, but I always say "ME-ow" in case she forgets
  • She lifts the kitty for a short cuddle - I flail and pretends to hate this cuddle
  • She asks "How was your day?"
  • She scritches my neck as I give my full report
  • Continue conversation as Mom changes and I follow her to the bathroom.
  • She feeds hungry kitty (this is critical - and she should NEVER be distracted at this point)
It's five minutes tops, but I look forward to it all day. It's hours of prep time on my part. I make sure my floof is perfectly groomed, I stretch so that I am limbered up for my rolling on the floor, and I ensure that I've eaten all of my food so my dish is ready for more.

Once our time is over then Mom is free to focus her attention on you and you on her.

Thanks for your understanding, respectfully,

Finny Da Floof


Floofy Friday

Mom's love of a slightly blurred pic is still high! I have to admit that I like this one too.

I am glad the weekend is almost here. My plans? I'm hoping for the standard weekend stuff really, family naps, family playtime, extra snacks and scritches. I am really pulling for a little yard time, boy I sure miss it on the outside.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Naughty Tip

That's right friends, I was on the dining table yesterday!

Here I'm pretending I don't hear Mom saying "Get down!"

I look my best when I'm disobeying, don't you think?

You'll be able to see a few shots from this naughty escapade over the next few posts. You might remember my tip to look extra cute or glamorous when being naughty so you can keep doing it. it totally works - especially when the lighting is good. Good lighting is like catnip for the Pawparrazzi.


Wild & Woolly Wednesday

I guess the woolly is obvious...
but can you guess why I'm wild?

I'm "not supposed to be here" - but I laugh at your rules.


So Close...

So close, and yet so far from my little bed... it won't be long before I can warm my cockles in your toasty embrace. I miss you little buddy.

I also miss long naps on Mom's lap. She is just too hot for summer comfort. Her hands are so hot Dad and I call them "Thermo Paws" which I can not get enough of in the winter.

Her de-freckling went fine by the way, thanks for the purrs. She can still pet, open a cat food can, and type (at least ass well as she usually can anyway).


Floofy Friday

Another black and white flashback, please enjoy.

I'd like to announce that my sack from the recent Sack it to Me post has been ::Sobs:: thrown out. I'd also like to announce that the freckle on the back of Mom's hand seen in yesterday's post will be removed tomorrow in a frecklectomy (don't worry she'll be fine - it's just a bit darker than her other freckles). I'm a bit sad about it though as I like using it as a bullseye for my fangs during a bitey attack. Luckily it's not her petting hand so no disruption of services on that front.

Have a great weekend friends, stay well and happy, and snuggle the ones you love.



No Mom - I've no plans to bite the hand that feeds me.

Just sniffin - you smell real nice.

I'm just pulling you closer - for a better angle, err, sniff.

Yum! A spontaneous nibble is so satisfying. She falls for this every time.


Silence Is Golden

The other morning I was getting ready for my serenade, when Mom awoke right on schedule at 4:30am (without a single meow on my part - I was so proud). I watched her from across the room as she sat up in bed with a confused look. I could see her scanning the dark room for my whites.

She spotted me right away, and I got a good stretch in. She made her way to the bathroom, and kept looking around the door for me to follow her in. Usually I would be herding her along with mews, but she was doing so well I hung back enjoying my last bit of rest. She emerged for the bathroom and again looked confused.

"Finny? Are you okay?" She asked in hushed and concerned tones, as she administered some quality chin scritches. "How come you're not meowing? Are you hungry sweetie?"

In response, I got up and headed down the hallway with her close in tow. I took my position by my dish and waited for my meal in silence.

"Finny how come you won't say anything? You're not feeling sick are you?"

I responded with an enthusiastic rub of her shins as my breakfast prep continued. When she laid down my dish, I heartily dug in. I could tell she was worried for some odd reason, so I threw in a mew to show her I was far from speechless.

I just figured that since she was doing so well on her own there was no need to make a big fuss. Sometimes silence is golden.


Floofy Friday

Flash Back Style

Mom has been working on photos and she thought this one was cool in black and white. We decided it deserved another shot in blogland.

So tomorrow is Cat Day! I'm super excited! I wonder what I'll get as a present? Mom said not to expect anything, as she says everyday is cat day... something about me putting the ME in MEow. Whatever. I'll just be happy with laptime and playtime.

What are you doing to celebrate Cat Day? Whatever it is I hope you have a great weekend and it's filled with fun and yummy food.




So Mom has been a bit out of it lately... something about being worn out. I've even been a bit short changed on the kitty lovin. Well the other day she was reading our friends posts in our Google Reader when she came to the end of the reader, and in her stupor she clicked on the link that said "The End of the Internet" which took her to this page.

"The End of the Internet

Congratulations! This is the last page.

Thank you for visiting the End of the Internet. There are no more links.

You must now turn off your computer and go do something productive.

Go read a book, for pete's sake. "

This made us laugh and laugh, until we both realized that maybe she should be doing something productive. Like petting me more, taking a walk, or getting the photos ready for my book. Yep I think I need to focus her a bit. We might need to cut back on our commenting for awhile, unless we can't resist which is pretty often. We will be lurking, just less commenting.


Cat Hours

MEW! Feed me! Mommy I'm starving!

I haven't eaten in DAYS!

Days Fin? Come on, it's been a few hours, maybe.

But I'm a cat. I live seven years for each human year which means I live seven hours for each one of yours. So when I haven't eaten in four of your hours, I've gone a day without food.

That can't be right... can it?

I believe it is. Do the math... while you crack open a can of feast.

PS. Happy Birthday to Mom's Sweet Niece and my human cousin.