Floofy Friday

:: Music Implied::

I'm walking in sunshine

Hey hey

And don't feel good

Yeah, all right now

And don't it feel good!

Have a great weekend friends!


Thankful Thursday

Seems like all you hear about on the news is that everything is going wrong. It's a bit of a bummer, and I hardly pay any attention to the news. Seems to me they might be paying too much attention to what's wrong and no time on what's right.

The news says one out of ten people don't have a job, but doesn't that mean nine out of ten people do?

I thought I would take this moment to be thankful for all the things that are going right. I have my family, my home, more toys than I can play with, great friends and warm nap spots.

What's got you looking up friends?


Widebody Wednesday

Dear Pawparrazzi,

This is a BAD angle.

This is much better, see how the head balances the composition.

If you're going to stalk me, the least you can do is make me look good. This isn't The National Inquirer.


Finny Da Floof


Super Tuesday

My new friends Misha and Cosmo are running a campaign to find a Cat President. Initially I was unsure about throwing my paw in the ring. I like my naps, and I already have a lot of responsibility here (Moms don't wake themselves you know). I was going to aim for Chief of Staff (as I like to be the chief of my staff), but perhaps I am needed in a more official capacity.

I'm a politicat and naturally I have my opinions. You can read more about my political affiliation in a post called I Declare but I thought I would share some of my views here:
  • Am I a Democat or a Republicat, a Liberal or a Conservative? After much consideration I realized I'm both Liberal and Conservative. I'm quite liberal when it comes to my parents distributing my treats to me, but I would be very conservative about sharing my treats with others. I am a cat, so I would say I am Independent.
  • I hate faxes (I shred anything that comes from the fax machine's evil mouth), so I will fax less... "What's that Mommy? ...Oh Taxes! Oh, well, never mind then."
  • I believe in a feline’s right to choose – say between crunchy treats or Fancy Feast. "What's that Mommy? Oh, well, never mind that either then."
  • I believe in a felines right to bite arms. "Hmm Mommy? Oh, well I believe in bare arms too."

If I am called upon to be Cat President I will serve the office, but I will be changing the term limits to perhaps six months. It should be enough time to implement my plan for World Domination.

Click to visit the polling booth.

Click on photo to see the canidates. Now get out there and vote!


Mouse Monday

Me and the Little Nipper

Yes it is a little cat spit on the little fella.

I still say that it was the nip that allowed us to be photographed together - I'm don't usually allow the Pawparrazzi to take pictures of me at mouse play. I like to hold him with my paws and snuzzle him, and a little bitey never hurt anyone - not much anyway.


Floof Alert Friday

Floof Alert! This is not a drill!
Beware - This may be too much for some to take in!

Go ahead - enjoy yourself! I think the grannycat still has it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Don't worry, I haven't actually lost my head.


Nest Watch

About a month ago I spied this large-ish nest in the short tree in the front yard. We don't have any really tall trees actually. This is the same tree that had a tiny nest right at Mommy height awhile back - Humming Bird or Finch we thought.
Mommy thought this nest was abandoned but I had faith someone would use it again. Well about a week ago someone started feathering the nest - with actual feathers. I wonder who's gonna live there? I will keep my vigil and try to spot the new residents. Mommy is betting on the morning dove family that already lives in the yard. I'm hoping it is not another mocking bird (as it actually mocks me!) but we'll see.
P.S. - Sorry my winter cat friends but it does feel like spring is almost here.



::Music Implied::
Sunshine to the left of me,
Sunshine to the right,
Here I am,
Stuck in the middle in shade...
Mommy wondered why I sat in the only shady spot outside yesterday - till I reminded her that I usually come outside when it's hot and these stones get hot enough to burn my spot 13. A grannycat can never be to careful.


Dear Mr. President

Today a new President is being sworn into office here in the United States. It seems a bit rude to swear on TV - especially when you're starting your new job, but everyone around here seems pretty excited about it. Politics seems to make people swear.

As you know I like to be helpful wherever I can, so I thought I would put together a few tips for the new guy:
  • Take naps whenever you can - you need your rest and if it's really critical someone will wake you. I get some of my best ideas during a nap.
  • Play nice (it's okay if you nibble a bit)
  • When someone isn't playing nice, it's okay for you not to be too nice anymore either.
  • When things get really serious (and they deserve it) go ahead and bite (throw in some bunnykicks too - nothing gets attention like a good bunnykick).
  • I hear a lot about your family getting a dog? Sure go ahead and get the dog, but you also need to get yourself a cat.

So ends the lesson for today. We wish you and your family the best. Now get to work!


Mouse Monday

I thought to it might be a nice feature on the blog to show a little love - to the ones I love. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I Love My Mice! Don't too excited, cause it's unlikely that there will be photos of me playing with my mice as I try very hard to make sure we are not caught on film.

Now let me say that my love for other mice in no way compromises the deep and special love I have for My Mousey. Mousey is in a category all by himself and cannot be compared to other mice.

Today I decided I would give a little shout out to a Mouse in another house that I admit I am a smitten kitten over...

Here's my great friend Huffle Mawson - and gulp - the Huffle Mouse - wistful sigh - let's take a closer look.

This plump little fella makes my mouth water.


The Law Won

I fought The Law - and The Law won!
Yep friends - I've been found out. During the holidays my Grandparents were over, and in the re-arranging of the table and chairs, one chair was left pushed out. So it was one jump onto the chair and then another jump onto the table. I think it was the last few jumps to the kitchen counter that may have pushed The Law into figuring out my new method. If you don't cross the line how are you gonna find it, I ask you? Don't worry my kitz I'm not really in jail, it's just the chair - wonder if I could push it back myself with my laser eyes?


The Counter Beyond

Whew I'm needing a little nap up here on my reclaimed table turf. Now I remember why I used to break the law before - from this vantage point it's just a short jump to both kitchen counters and the snacks beyond. Yep, white-pawed grannycats can jump.


Cool Show

Mommy and I were enjoying a special on the National Geographic Channel called "Cats in the Womb." We really enjoyed it. There were cool animations and videos (and I'll be honest a couple of kinda gross ones too, Mommy and I are a bit squeamish). It had all kinds of fascinating little cat and big cat facts (which were sometimes hard to hear over the squealing about the babies):
  • Cheetahs can cover almost 20 feet with each stride while running!
  • Cats can purr but not roar, while lions are the opposite. This is due to a hardening of a bone somewhere in our head.
  • Purring releases endorphins and makes us happy and feel better (seems to help our humans too).
Sadly I was hoping it would provide proof that I should receive Fancy Feast on demand, but alas, it wasn't mentioned. I think I'll go purr, hope you purr some today too.

P.S. - In case you are thinking we watch educational things only, we are also going to watch The Bachelor... Mommy's a hopeless romantic while I like the cat fights, naturally.


Floofy Friday - SIF Style

My SIFs (Sisters In Floof) MoMo and Miss Kitty decided we all needed to teleport over to hang out in the snow with Siena. You know, give these snow-shoe paws a test run.

Long time readers may remember that the blogosphere Norwegian Forest Cats took a trip to our homeland, and my own land (course that's Fin Land) back in Mid-November. I don't think the new flag has became permanent but I think it looks good.


Go Daisy!

Well I don't know why this picture is so small when I said I wanted it BIG? (or why my text is all scrunched when I wanted line breaks?)
Anyway, my great friend Daisy (and her brother Harley) are in the running for a 2008 Weblog Award for the Best Pet Blog. You can click on the picture above to place your vote for Daisy once a day (and yes they can tell if you already voted today - I've been testing it). I laugh in the face of a rule!
Here's a little tip from my new friends at Forever Foster: If you have more than one computer in the house, you get more than one vote a day... we tested it ;) So mum AND dad can vote for Daisy!



I am so glad the holiday's are over! I was tired of being good. It's time to get back to business as usual. Yep that's me - breaking the law and marking my old turf! The "No Cats on the Dining Table Law" which is a law meant to be broken. I am Fin - Scofflaw (meaning I scoff at laws).

I've not been able to jump up here for awhile now (this happens as you become a grannycat), and my parents have yet to figure out my new method, and for now I'm not telling. No one has seen anything... right big fella?


Laws? No!

Can you guess where I am?

I'll give you a hint, I'm not supposed to be here. I think, if I turn my head, no one will notice me and my cute toesies breaking the law. I'm Fin - in stealth mode. Uh oh was that the pawparrazzi?


Floofy Friday

Boy this birthday has been fun! Thanks to everyone who dropped by and to everyone who is dropping by now. This holiday season has been great fun but frankly I'm pooped. I'll be napping the weekend away and then back to business next week.

The pawparrazzi tried to catch me napping, but I managed to thwart those efforts. Mommy mentioned that I look more grannycatish in this photo, but I just woke up (you should see what she looks like when she gets up!). She also mentioned something about my being long in the tooth. I guess she would know about my tooth length as I enjoy nibbling her.


They Say It's My Birthday

Happy New Year Babies!
What's that my friends? Sorry I can't hear you over the delighted Mommy squealing over here!

Well it's my Guesstimate Birthday today! We think I'm turning twelve today(ish) which officially makes me a grannycat/senior kitizen. Please enjoy the bowls of tuna and ham, the niptinis, and all the catnip you can roll around in. If the house gets trashed a bit, well it's a party right?

In honor of showing my New Year Baby Side, I thought I would also show you what my post might have looked like twelve years ago:

Love Mommy, Love Daddy.
Zoom Zoom Zoom!
Rules? What are those? Nope no need for those!
Get Down?
Love Daddy, Chase Mommy, Kill Mommy.
Nom, Nom Nom, Nom
Zoom Zoom Zoom.
Love Mommy.
If anyone is playing with me this weekend and showing your baby side, please let me know so I can come by and see all of you! I hope we all have a healthy and happy year together.