Floofy Friday

Quill: Oh hey Friday! Really glad to see you this week! Mom has been saying all week that she couldn't wait for you. She's been so stressed I moved to this location on the desk. I haven't had the room to lounge here since I was a kitten!

It's so nice cause I'm able to closely snoopervise and I am within arm's reach for emergency cuddles. I haven't been getting as a good a rest, but I have to admit I like the extra cuddles. What's that? The pink thing next to me?

It's Mom's girly box of Swarovski crystal thingies. I don't mind it cause it makes a nice chin scritcher. ::whispers:: I know Friday! Mom's office is starting to look like she's a 17 year old girl, but she's really enjoying it, so I just let her do it.

Plus she's cleared off a whole shelf for us and given it extra headroom for yours truly. She did ruin my fun by covering up my computer cords chew toys. Greyson did find the treat stash though!



Two cats crowd over a ripped bag of treats horking them down when Mom enters.

Mom: Boys!! What have you got there?

Boys: Snuffle, Snuffle, Gulp.

Mom: Natural Balance Rabbit treats! Looks like Edward Scissor Paws ripped into this sack! Who did this?

Both cats look away, ignoring the question. Then Quill looks at Mom and gestures towards this cat...

Guilty party Greyson enjoys a nice nap with a belly full of bunny.

These treats were part of the BlogPaws booty and were a big hit with my little carnivores.


Two Toned

Maybe it is a little too dark in the laundry room... I noticed this major fashion faux pas after the trip to the movies and the grocery store.

I guess I have been a little distracted lately...


Floofy Friday

Mom, I wonder if I could get some lovin waiting for Friday?

Let's get to it Mom, this neck looks lonely. 
 Yes! That's the spot!!! Got my purr motor on high!

Do you think Friday will mind my furs being rumpled?

Mom Note: Look at that smile! Squee!



Mom: Ahhhhh!!!

Quill and Greyson race for the bathroom to see what's up.

Mom: Boys! I just had to kill a big ole beetle!

Greyson: You killed our beetle?

Mom: Your beetle? Well no cat was here to call "dibs" when it scurried out onto the floor.

Quill: I was observing the bug for research. I planned to interview him later. May we see the carcass?

Mom: No! I flushed it! Why do you want to see it?

Quill: Well it may not have been our beetle.

Greyson: You're right Quill, it may have been another beetle!

Mom: Wait, there's more than one?


Floofy Friday

Greyson and Quill: Zzzzzzzzz

 Friday: Squeee!!

Greyson: Huh?

Friday: Boys?

Quill: Friday, why does he always want to touch me while we nap? Maybe you'd like to cuddle with him Friday?


Spoiled? Not Anymore.

Well, it all started innocently enough... Quill and I were enjoying our morning snack in our "Spoiled" dishes.

Then some random dude felt it necessary to ring our doorbell and knock on our front door - aggressively. Some cat got very startled and leaped from the table, using their dish as a launch pad. Said dish flew from the table and crashed onto the floor and broke - all over.

By the time Dad shooed away the evil knocker, and entered the kitchen, no cats were present.

Dad saw the dish and freaked out that one of us might have eaten a piece. Honestly why he thought we would eat it I can't imagine. He painstakingly reassembled the dish and taped it together to make sure he had all the pieces. 

Well, it could be taped, but it couldn't be saved. We were all pretty broken up about it. Mom and Dad were sad cause they were Angel Fin's dishes. Quill and I were sad cause - you know - we eat out of it - and we like to eat.

Three pet stores, and internet searches later Mom and Dad had to admit the dish can't be replaced. So now we have new bowls - plastic ones. Don't worry we're still spoiled.


Floofy Friday

What's that July Cat? I can't hear you...
Are you waiting for Friday too?

Are you looking at something good?

The Lickety Stick in the Tide Pool? 
Well, it's Quill's favorite...

Maybe Friday and I could enjoy the whole bottle together... alone?



My New Trick

Hello Friends, Professor Quillbert J. Naughtycat here.

For some time now I've been on a mission to inspect cabinets here at the H.C. As a kitten I was getting very good and the paw pry and head butt method.

Some of the flimsy cabinet doors in the bathroom were quick work. The hall cabinets were tricky and often caused a loud banging which alerted my parents. Dad ruined my good time by adding "baby-proofing" to the doors.

The cabinets in the kitchen proved elusive, until recently. These cabinets are potentially dangerous as Mom tends to use the "shove method" of storage. So being under the cabinets with a prying nose can be a concern.

I'd let them go, but some of these cabinets contain treats!!

So I've spent many hours looking at thing to figure it out. What I needed was leverage - but with a safe distance. Then one day I was trying to take a peak on the counter and I rested my front paws on the top of the cabinets doors while I peaked over the edge... yes I'm that tall.

I started to lose my balance and I dug my paws in and resettled my back paws and that's when it happened... The door opened a crack!!!

So I kept right on stepping back one paw at a time and the door opened all the way!! I could hardly believe it - the "Back It Up, Back It Up" method was born.

Now I can open the cabinets at will and search for the elusive treat cabinet. I can't wait till I figure out where they are!

Mom here: I only saw him do it once, but it was so funny! Now I just see a kitchen full of open doors when he's hungry. Somehow he has not managed to open the one treat cabinet - maybe it's at a bad angle. But I'm sure my big smart bear will figure it out in his thoughtful methodical way in time.


Girly Stuff

Greyson here. Mom's got this recent bee in her bonnet about upgrading her office to make her feel happy while she works. She cleaned some stuff off the second shelf on the other side of her desk. Opposite and higher than our cat shelf. As you can see I look very handsome and cute at this height. 

These girly flowers are a little distracting and they're not that comfy to rest your head on, and...  who's that on my new shelf?

Heh, it's just my shadow. 
And what is this annoying thing under my paws? 
::Shove, Push, Push::

Girly stuff coming down!! Watch out below! What was that?

Ha! Looks like Mom's lost her "Faith!" Oh I slay myself!

You won't believe how much girly stuff she added - and how much I'm gonna have to knock down! Here it is with mood lighting...

She's even organized all her crap into girly little boxes...

Now these we like! Mom's calling them our tide pools because both Quill and I like to dig through them and look for treats or toys.


Forgetful Floofy Friday

Greyson: Quill, where's Mom?

Quill: I don't know, she and Dad were talking about "independence" and "dinner with friends" and then they were just gone...

Greyson: But it's past 9pm, which is Mommy Bedtime, and she hasn't posted anything for Floofy Friday yet! You should have stopped them! This happened on your watch...

Quill: My watch? It was your turn to watch them. Wait a minute you don't think Mom meant she was taking her independence from blogging do you?

Greyson: That can't happen, Friday depends on us.

Friday: Don't worry boys I come whether or not she documents it. We've all seen how unreliable she can be...

Quill: ::Whispers:: Did you see Friday come in?

Greyson: ::Whispers:: No... You think he was just hanging around watching us nap?

Friday: Come on, let's just find some old cute photos and get this done boys! Tomorrow is the Fourth of July! It's a big day for me and I'd like to get this party for America started!

Friday: See kitten pictures fix everything boys! Happy 4th of July!!



Greyson here... as you can see I'm hard at work helping Mom write. She's started on the new project. It's a new screenplay featuring a diamond-encrusted female gunslinger in post-apocalyptic Vegas.  Did I mention the tiger side-kick? Our idea. Mom figured why couldn't a tiger trainer from the strip survive the apocalypse? And of course Mom would scoop up any gems - she's like a raccoon with sparkly things. 

Quill and I take turns being supportive. When she reads things aloud we either remain napping or wake up if things sound interesting - so far we're catching a lot of Zzzzs - but it's the first draft - barely.

Course Quill gives encouraging leg rubs, but I demand to see results before I move to within petting distance. I'm a stern taskmaster - like Finny was.