Floofy Friday

Greyson: Friday, is that you? We are sure happy to see you this week!

Poor Quill was literally minutes from being hauled off to the V.E.T. yesterday. Mom was stalling and Quilbert had a normal trip to the litter box in the meantime so it was postponed. Mom was freaking out over the big guy when she realized I was off my game too. She had thought we had hairball issues, but since we were both off she thinks it might have been a bug or the new bag of food (she returned it and got a different flavor). We're both doing better today (both of us have been naughty!) so she's hopeful we are getting over it.

We are looking forward to feeling better and racing around like wild cats again. I think Mom and Dad both are too. Hope you all stay healthy and well, feeling sick is no fun!


Woobie War Wednesday

Greyson sprawls on the woobie blanket that lays alongside Mom in the big bed. Quill jumps on to the bed and sees Greyson has taken over most of his beloved woobie. Quill sighs deeply and starts down to the knee area.

Greyson, sensing his brother isn't feeling his best, gets up and settles instead on the nightstand. Quill stands stunned and confused. Greyson nods his head as Quill realizes he has the woobie all to himself.

Quill settles in next to Mom. He nudges Mom's hand and gets his late night pets.

Seems that even little brothers know that sometimes a kitty just needs his Mom... for tonight there is a truce in the Woobie War. 


Shed-Free - Ha!

Well as so many of you imagined, my dream for a shed-free weekend with these two boys was foolish. There are times when I remember why I always had only one cat in the past. Double the cat, and double the output issues.

End of last week, Greyson was the one. Pretty close to one am (for three nights in a row) there was a hairball incident. Naturally he left the offending item right in the path from the bed to the light. Why is it ALWAYS right in your path in the dark?

Just as things were settling down with Greyson, things heated up with Quill. Poor kitty is still not feeling his best. I think he's okay, just trying to work it out of his system.

Of course neither of them likes any of the hairball remedies. Sigh. Fin loved them, treated it like it was candy. I've tried all the flavors and different brands too. I tried a bit of mayo, pumpkin and coconut oil to no avail. Last night in desperation, I smeared a little on each of their paws. Greyson licked it right off (score!). Quill acted like I had smeared a vile substance and ran from me for almost fifteen minutes (during which time he rubbed it off). He didn't even come to bed until he was sure I was asleep.

Both of them are growing suspicious of my actions. On the plus side they both enjoy the extra grooming. Quill loves the ZoomGroom! He purrs and sprawls out like a champ. Thank Cod for that because that boy is furry! So if you could spare a couple small purrs we would all appreciate it.


Floofy Friday

 Greyson: Hey Quill, have you seen Friday?

Quill: No, and I'm getting kinda tired of showing my belly...

Greyson: Friday? Is that you? Yes! Thank Cod! You couldn't have come sooner for us. Shedding season is hitting pretty hard at Casa De Housecat. Mom is hoping for a shed-free weekend. Um have you seen Quill? Good luck with that.


Woobie War Wednesday

10 Months ago...

Greyson lays down for a nap on Quill's beloved woobie blanket.

Quill: What are you doing on MY woobie?

Greyson: Oh is this your woobie?

Quill: You KNOW it's mine. I sleep on it every night right next to MY Mom.

Greyson: Well it seems like it should be my area - I'm just a kitten after all. Babies should be close to THEIR Mom.

Dejected, Quill moves down the bed to the human knee area on the bed - woobie-less - except for a small corner.

1 Month ago...

Quill jumps on the bed and assumes his spot on the bed near the knees. Greyson looks at it longingly, Quill notices and sprawls comfortably.

Greyson: Hey Quill. You wanna come on the woobie and cuddle with me?

Quill: Nah I'm good here. It's so roomy here by the knees.

Greyson: Really? I thought you said the woobie by Mom was best....

Quill: Sure if you're a baby... But I'm a big mancat ...

Greyson: I'm not a baby anymore!! I'm a little MANcat! I need to sleep by the knees! Come on Quill switch with me!

Quill: Well, I really like the knees but if you're REALLY sure... okay.

Greyson swoops in and Quill takes his place on his Woobie - a happy smile on his face. Feeling tricked, the next night Greyson resumed his woobie position. The next night was reversed and so on.

Who do you think will win the woobie war?


Mom on Monday

Mom here. I couldn't resist sharing this - so I am taking over the blog. 

I recently purchased some eyeglass frames from a vendor on ebay. I noticed the shipping confirmation and I clicked on it expecting the standard fare and instead received this...

Thank you for your order with Optics To Go!

Your product has been painstakingly removed from our shelves, the dust wiped free, and carefully placed inside its packaging. It has gone through a number of checks and all with contamination free sterilized gloves.

A hush echoed through the 100 staff as the final tape locked down the packaging. We all linked arms and swayed in time (except for Luke who was swinging his hips in the opposite direction to everyone else) and sung the Optics To Go version of 'I'm leaving…. On a jet plane'. Real tears were shed by some of us, who are still coming to terms with the fact the product has left the building for good.

If the suspense is too much you can also track your order's location in transit.
If it's not showing right now don't panic, it'll just be that we've been so quick to let you know your bargain is on its way that the Post Office hasn't had a chance to update their system yet.

We trust you have enjoyed your shopping experience and know that your package will be with you very soon. Please leave feedback for us and we will feedback for you. We'll start working on Luke's rhythm, while we wait to see you again soon.

Thank you so much for your purchase. We really appreciate your business!!
I was delighted so I replied - 

I can honestly say you made my night with this. You (and Luke) clearly follow your own rhythm and I appreciate it greatly. A lady could almost her enjoy her astigmatisms. You had me at “contamination free sterilized gloves”...


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Quill: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... snort... Zzzzzzzz

Mom: Friday? Oh hi!! The boys are a little tired today from the Gotcha Day celebrations. They sure will be happy to see you when they wake up! I know I am! What Friday? You're a little tired too? Sure you can nap with the boys. They won't mind - they'll even give you a little bath when they wake up.


Happy Gotcha Day Greyson

Mom here. I can't believe it's been a year since Greyson joined our family. I was so nervous about finding a second cat. I'd always been a single kitty person, but something about Quill called out for a playmate. We had been combing shelters for months looking for the right kitty to pair up with our boy with no luck. Kittens were scarce and none had felt right for our boy.

I had this dream one night of two boy kitties lying next to me in bed - one was Quill and the other one was mostly white with wide tabby patches. I woke up with a sense of calm that told me everything was going to be okay.

A few days later I looked at the local shelter and they had seven kittens listed! I could hardly believe it - kittens had been scarce for months - and now there were seven. I clicked to see the kitties and the picture of Greyson was only showing the top of his head and a little neck. It was just enough to see he was white and tabby-patched.

I was so excited that I practically flew there after work. I couldn't even wait for Hubby to get home. As soon as I saw him I knew two things - he looked like my dream kitty and he was really sick with a cold.

Reenactment - Imagine crusty kitty from nose to tail tip.
I was so nervous as they opened his cage. He looked so sick and his sneeze and heavy breathing confirmed he was. I picked him up and cuddled him for a few minutes and he burrowed right into my arms. When I put him back in the cage he placed his paws on my chest and made some biscuits and that was that for us.

I was kinda relieved when the shelter said they were going to put him in quarantine for two weeks to get better. I didn't want Quill sick and I couldn't imagine keeping them apart for two weeks.

Hubby and I raced down to the shelter on March 11 to pick him up. He stared up at me with those lovely green eyes (I couldn't even tell what color his eyes were when we met) and I knew it was right. He jumped into Hubby's arms and tucked his head into chest and purred. Hubby had the big moony eyes when I asked if he was "The One" and held him possessively tight.

Greyson played pipe cleaners with Quill under the door for a day. As soon as he saw Quill, it was love at first sight. Greyson rubbed against Quill and then flopped down to wrestle. Quill was taken aback and didn't know what to make of Greyson. Greyson was determined to win him over.

By day two Quill was giving him a bath and I knew we were going to be a happy family. I smile every time I wake up with them both sleeping next to me in bed.

Happy Gotcha Day Greyson we love you our sweet boy!


Oh My Cod!

Greyson: Guess what Quill!?!

Quill: What?

Greyson: We've been nominated for Nose to Nose Awards at BlogPaws for the Best Humor blog! Look there's even a badge!

BlogPaws 2014 Nose-to-Nose Awards Finalist badge

Quill: It sure is pretty! Some of our best pals are up for awards too!  We feel so honored. 

Greyson: I know Angel Fin is happy. Wait does that mean Mom is LEAVING to go to the BlogPaws Conference?

Quill: She is going, but luckily it's right here in Las Vegas.

Greyson: Whew. Wait maybe she could take me too! I could get a development deal with a cat toy company... or maybe become a spokescat for a treat line! You could come too Quill!

Quill: No way! That means we would have to leave the H.C. I love it here, I think we should just send Mom and have her bring back the loot.

Greyson: Now you're thinking!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Sigh. Where's Friday already?
Quill: Maybe Friday will come a little faster if I show my tummy...

Greyson: I think it might be Friday coming!

Greyson: Keep it up Quill! It's working!! That means it's getting even closer to my Gotcha Day on the 11th! The most exciting day of the Spring!!

Quill: Hey my second birthday is in April... 

Greyson: Okay - one of two of the best days in the Spring!


Blush Worthy

Mom: Hey Greyson sweetie!

Greyson: Hi Mom!

Mom: Greyson, what's on your face?
Greyson: Nothing...

Mom: Did you get into my blush by the sink?

Greyson: It had a furry little brush, who could resist?


Spa Day

Greyson: ::Whispering:: What's she doing Quill?

Quill: She said something about a spa day...

Greyson: What's that smelly goop she's stirring up?

Quill: No clue. Maybe you should go check.

Greyson jumps on the counter and cautiously approaches the bowl of smelly orange goop.

Mom: Greyson no! You may get dye on your furs...

Greyson: (Horrified) You're gonna die!?

Mom: No dye! See how my roots are showing - I'm going to dye it all the same.

Quill: (Joining the fray) But I like your roots - they look like tabby stripes! What color is it gonna be? The nice mouse color I hope...

Mom: Boys get down! It's gonna look reddish brown - more like a squirrel than a mouse okay? When I am done we can ALL have a nice mani pedi with a claw clip...

Mom stands alone as the boys scatter.

Mom: Works everytime!