Floofy Friday

Oh hey Friday! You caught me! 

I am not supposed to be on Dad's desk. 
What? You think I look extra handsome up here? 
Well thanks, I thought so too.

Greyson, you're ruining my shot! 
Dad is gonna be mad to see both of us up here! I'm outta here!

Hi Friday! Well thanks! 
I do look good in profile - even if I am a bit out of focus. 
Darn pawparazzi!

Enjoy your weekend Friends!


The Name Game

Hi friends! Greyson here - or is it?

You see I have noticed something very odd here at the H.C. We rarely get called our official names. How is a kitten supposed to know his name when it's always changing?

Here are the variations I am expected to know equal me:
  • Bugs
  • Bug-A-Boo
  • Bug-A-Bro
  • The Little One
  • Lil G
  • Get Down! 
  • No! No! No!
  • Little Twerp
  • Mr Cuddles
Quill is not spared either. Here is his list:
  • Quillbert
  • The Big One
  • Sweetie
  • Momma's Boy
  • Big Boy
  • Baby Boy
Is it any wonder we don't know who she's talking about when she calls for Momma's Perfect Boy? Or Daddy asks who's a Good Boy?


Happy Blogoversary

I could hardly believe it when I realized May 28th is my 5th year Blogoversary. I can honestly say when I started this blog I had no idea I would still be at it five years later. I started the blog to promote the book Housecat Confidential that I wrote in the voice of my beloved grannycat Fin but I found so much more. I thought it would be so unique - obviously I hadn't gotten around the blogosphere much. Turned out there were lots of funny and amazing cats out there (with human staff). 

After a couple of months of lurking about we started to make some friends. I was delighted and shocked when new friends found our little blog and made themselves at home here. Me and my girl thought of so many things to say over the years. The blog brought us closer together and made me enjoy all the moments we shared together. 

When my beautiful girl got sick I worried I might never find the strength to continue. I even announced Fin's retirement and I think I would have let it all go then... but you all stayed. You offered love and comfort at a time I needed it most. I've said it before - I say it again - animal lovers are the best people. 

Now I have my gentle Quill and my bossy Greyson. My two sweet boys who we love so much. I hope you love them too... because we love your being here. You are the reason we still exist here on the H.C. and for that we are very grateful! Please accept my e-hugs and e-scritches as a symbol of our deep appreciation and affection. 

To my Finny - you were my muse, and you were my heart - and you found a way to give it back to me after you were gone. Thanks for sending the boys!


Floofy Friday

Hi Friday. What? Yes I do look a little young here. 
Seems Mom has still not found her camera, and she hasn't set up email on her new iPhone. So our current photos are iTrapped. I sure hope you aren't frightened off by staff incompetence. ::Rolls eyes::
Even Greyson looks too young! He's already looking like a kitty teenager - but somehow he still looks the same on the blog...

Tsk, tsk Mom! I know what you're doing this weekend. At least I know what you should be doing this weekend.


My Gotcha Day!

May 22nd is my first Gotcha Day anniversary! Let's party!

Who could resist this ad on Craig's List? Look at my giant paws!
Mom had been searching for a new kitty and having the worst luck. Lots of hoops to jump through, or she'd be drawn to a kitty online only to find it was already adopted. She purayed to Angel Fin and Cod to help her find the right kitten. A sweet girl kitten. 

The next morning she randomly clicked on Craig's List and the first listing was for Free Long-Haired Kittens. She clicked on the picture with her heart racing and saw the picture above. Her fingers flew to respond that if I was a girl she wanted me. She could hardly wait to go and meet me. 

My rescuer Kacie had promised to find me and my furblings the best families. She Googled Mom's email address and found Fin's blog and book. Kacie had been heart broken about giving me up but was so happy that she would be able to watch me grow up from a far. She knew I would be loved by so many people. She still reads the blog to look after me too! ::Waves hi and purrs:: 

The vet had told Kacie I was a girl, and that is just what my parents needed to hear... They also heard my squeak and it sealed the deal. By the time they realized I was a boy I had already won them over. I had a home and a family who couldn't love me more. A very happy ending to a story that began with three scared and hungry kittens living outside under a door. 

A special cheer to all my human friends who help in big ways and small to rescue kitties like me and give them a happy life filled with love!!

Please enjoy the Gotchaversary e-snacks - but eat them quick or Greyson will eat your share... just meowin.


My Adventure

Greyson here. You'll never guess what happened to me the other night!

It all started when Mom and Dad left the house for days (okay it was a couple of hours - but it felt like days) and did not return till it was dark out. As soon as Mom walked through the door I made a break for the garage. I wanted to know where they had been. She spotted me and scooped me up for snuggles.

My snuggles ended too fast as she and Dad started to go about their business. Mom went out the front door to pick up a package and Dad took out the trash through the garage door.

Quill caught a bug on his own without my interference help and ate from his own dish uninterrupted. So he was the first to realize something was off.

I was not in the house! I had escaped through one of the doors and was outside!! There were so many bugs to kill - it was awesome!

As Mom was going through the mail Quill was desperately trying to get her attention. He even yowled! She picked him up and followed him around trying to figure out what was wrong - but she didn't figure it out.

About 15 minutes into my adventure I started to miss being inside with my family. I mean I like bugs but maybe Quill was inside getting kitten biscuits or snuggles... I had to know.

I started meowing at the top of my voice (I am only an honorary member of the Diminutive Meower's Club) at the front door. Luckily Dad was checking something online and heard "Some cat meowing..."

Suddenly Mom realized why Quill was acting strange and why things seemed so off. She ran to the door and there I was - loud and proud. I was snuggled by both parents and given a serious tongue bath by Quill. All in all it was an exciting adventure - I was told I should never try again. 


Floofy Friday

Greyson: ZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Quill: Greyson are you sleeping? You're supposed to be waiting to greet Friday! What if Friday feels unwelcome?

G: Huh? I wasn't really sleeping - I was just trying to lure Friday with the cute kitten on a shelf move. 

Q: Oh good thinking. I invented that move. Scoot over...

G: Is this okay?

Q: I'm gonna need the whole shelf....

Q: Much better! Friday we are ready for you!!


In Training

Greyson here. I can't talk for too long cause I am in training. I plan on winning Cat-O-Lympic gold in the bug hunting event.

I am already the best bug hunter at Casa De Housecat. Well at least I'm the fastest. Quill often sees the bug first but I swoop in and kill em with my Paws of Doom. I eat em too!

I need to get in a lot of training everyday and there just aren't that many bugs in the house. Darn it! So I've devised and ingenious way to get in my speed drills.

I knock a small piece of kibble out of my dish. I quickly bat it around between my paws. It skeeters and so do I. Finally I pounce on it and eat it super fast. I enjoy eating my kibble this way - gets in a workout while I carbo-load.

I do this drill for about an hour at a time. I usually wait till Quill is enjoying a nap. I don't want him to see all my moves. Besides I already have Mom and Dad to cheer me on.


The Diminutive Meower's Club

Quill here - I'd like to extend an invitation to join my new club. The Diminutive Meower's Club (DMC) is open to all kitties who prefer to speak softly - carrying a big paw is purely optional.

Who needs to make a lot of meows to be heard?

Do you prefer to issue a merr, squeak, or trill to get your point across? Maybe you prefer the silent meow accompanied by The Look? The DMC needs you.

Our meetings will be very short - as no one will have much to say aloud.

Greyson was a real meower when he arrived but he has taken my lead and now communicates with a series of hums and brrrrs. Excellent work buddy!

The password is squeak. Who's in?


Floofy Friday

Hey Friday - better limber up your squee muscles. 
We wouldn't want you hurting yourself.

Behold two kitties snuggling...

Mom thought it was a fluke, but I was sound asleep and Greyson plopped down next to me. I decided to use his haunch as a chin rest. 
Surely a position change, and an ear bath would ruin it.. Nope. 
Friday you can go ahead and get started. Promise we'll be with you as soon as our nap is over...


Window Wednesday

Quill: Mom, it's just barely still Wednesday...
Mom: I know, but you looked so handsome in the window...

Quill: I think I am a little out of focus...

Mom: Let's call it dreamy... Hey what are you doing?
Quill: Gotta try to get the blind string...

Mom: Looks like the photo shoot is over.

Quill: You know what's missing in this post? Greyson!
Quill: Oh there he is. I was fine with him missing...

Mom: I know but how sweet is it that he was cleaning your ears? Squeeee!


Reporting From

Hello Friends!

It's me, Finny! I'm reporting from the other side at the Rainbow Bridge. I can't believe I moved in here on May 7th last year. Mom had a sappy tribute post all planned, but I hate seeing her sad and well, there's no need for all that anyway.

Things are great for me over here. I wish so many of my friends from the Cat Blogosphere didn't join me, but we all have a nice time together... napping, playing and plotting.

I'm able to run things over here as I see fit, and by guiding the boys, I can still have a paw in running things down at Casa De Housecat too. I can even send Mom messages in dreams too.

Of course I miss her and Dad terribly, but I feel their love for me everyday. I miss being able to have direct impact on things there, but my training of the boys is coming along nicely.

Quill is a bit of a goody four-paws, but who doesn't love the big lug! I knew he would be just the kitty to help my parents overcome missing me so much. They thought they wanted a girl like me, but instead I sent them a boy like him. Heh, heh. Always keep em guessing I say.

When I saw how lenient Quill was with Mom I knew I needed to send him a partner in crime. I mean Mom was sleeping in till almost eight on a Sunday! Humans don't wake themselves and books/scripts don't write themselves either. I knew I needed somecat with a firm paw.

I sent Mom the vision of two big kitties curled up in bed in a dream and waited for it to take hold. One was Quill and the other looked just like Greyson. At first they looked for a girl kitty, but luckily Mom recognized Greyson as soon as she saw the lousy picture of the top of his head on Petfinder. I was so proud of her for figuring it out. 

The little one has some real cattitude and I have high hopes for him. He's already pestering me for the email addresses of the elements.

A year later and everything is different, but Casa De Housecat is still filled with love and purrs. I am still adored and cherished and running things. I even feel like I have more power and influence now.

Yes, afterlife is good.

Take care friends!

Finny De Floof


Uneasy Sunday

6:30 am and two kitties stare at the human lumps in the bed. Well one human lump in particular - the morning feeder.

G: What is she doing?

Q: Nothing. I think she's still asleep.

G: Asleep? But it's 6:30! And our dishes are empty!!

Q: I've rarely seen this. I think the last time was when she said she had a cold but was really hot. But she's not hot now.

G: What do we do? We've already played Thundering herds of elephants and... nothing.

Q: I think we need to bring out the big guns... ::Clears throat:: Squeak!!

G: What was that?

Q: What do you mean? It's my "Meow of Distress."  Squeaaak!!

G: Dear Cod I think it's working! She moved!

Q: No, she just rollled over. You try it!

G: Meep! MEEP, chirp!! It isn't working?

Angel Fin: Seriously boys! For the love of Cod! Meow like you mean it you gotta put some muscle into those meows. And if that doesn't work tip her water cup into the bed!


Floofy Friday

G: Hey Quill, Whatcha doing there?
Q: Just playing with this cellophane till Friday comes. 

G: Can I play with it too?

Q: No Greyson. It's my toy. My paw is on it, see?

G: Oh my Cod Quill, look over there!
Q: What? What is it?

G: I think it's Monday! You better go chase it away!
Q: Oh no! Not that Monday!! I got this!
G: Heh, heh. Hey Friday! 
Me and MY cellophane are waiting for you buddy!!