Happy Mew Year!

Greyson: Seems this year's festivities are going out with a snort, snuffle and cough. Mom has caught a lousy cold and is tucked in her bed. Quill and I are hard at work trying to hold down the fort.

Quill: At least I'm trying to make her feel better (by applying liberal amounts of cat spit) and keeping her warm... and then there was the "Cat Hero Incident" last night... See Mom was snoring really loud when she rolled onto her back and all of a sudden things would get real quiet-

Greyson: Which I thought was nice for a change-

Quill: Then all of a sudden she would gasp and chortle. So I went over and pawed her till she woke up and rolled back on her side. She said she was dreaming of chocking so she was so grateful I woke her up - Hero Cat and all that.

Greyson: Whatever. Mom got all misty-eyed cause Angel Fin would do the same thing and it's her Birthday tomorrow, and Mom's too. Pretty sure there won't be any partying for a couple of days. But you may want to buy stock in Kleenex till then.

Mom: ::Cough, Cough, Sniffle:: Happy Mew Year to all our friends! We hope you all have a very Happy (and healthy) New Year!


Floofy Friday

Friday: Um, Greyson? Buddy?

Friday: Quill? It's me Friday...

Well I guess the boys are real tired from the holiday. I've been sitting around waiting to be noticed for awhile now. I hate to wake the boys, don't they look darling? Guess I'll just head out for now and be back next week. You all have a great week!!


Merry Christmas

Well I'd like to say the holiday was being fully celebrated at Casa De Housecat but I can't. Seems our parents think Quill and I aren't able to "Handle" a Christmas Tree yet. Something about two one spirited rowdy housecats tearing up the place....

They could not be more wrong! I have extensively examined these items on the blogs of our friends and I have a firm game plan on how I would "handle" a Christmas Tree.

First I would take a running leap to the mid-section (why start from the bottom?). Next I'd head for the inner core (to the chorus of "Greyson No!"). Once I'd reach the top I'd knock off whatever tree topper my parents put up (probably a "holiday neutral" snowflake or a reindeer) and perch in victory at the top, until I'd leap to the sofa. Rinse and repeat.

Quill would be all over the cord nibbling and the ornaments wouldn't stand a chance with those massive paws taking a whap at them. Garland? He's on it!

Christmas Tree "Handled."

Now where is the wrapping paper and those stockings hung by the fire?

Merry Christmas to all of our friends!!


Floofy Friday

::Sniff, Sniff::
Oh Friday I thought I smelled you! I was just checking the air for humidity levels - for my crop. 

It all seems like ideal growing conditions. 

What? Those errant blades on the table...

You think I need to be Groundskeeper Quill too Friday? Well it couldn't hurt I suppose...


My Vocation

Mom said that now I'm a full grown (she hopes) mancat I might need to think about what I want to do with my life - besides napping.

I wasn't sure what I'd want to be until this showed up one morning. Mom told me to take good care of it and then I knew...

I'm a farmer. 

Hey a little blade seems to be sticking out, ruining the line of the crop. 

No problem, I'll just eat that one.

It's a challenge keeping the crop safe from pest invasions...

 Hey Quill, what you doing? You talking to our friends about me?

Yes actually I was...


Floofy Friday

Hello Friday!
Missed you buddy!

::Whispers:: He's still behind me isn't he?
I knew it Friday!
Mom bought this silly foo dog and decided to put him on our shelf! Said she wanted to block me from jumping on top of her bookshelf. As if. So rude!
A total annoyance and a photo bomber to boot! Stupid foo.

 Think I'll dream of how to knock him off...


I Want In

Greyson stands in the hallway at 5am and paws at the bedroom door...

Mom: Greyson what are you doing?

Dad: ::Muffled from behind door:: Cough, cough

Greyson: Dad needs me in there!

Greyson digs more furiously at the door.

Mom: I think he's asleep....

Greyson: No! He coughed - that means he's awake and he needs me!

Mom: Well I think he shut the door to keep you out...

Greyson: No! He would never!

Mom: Well why don't you come into the office? I could cuddle you...

Greyson: ::Rolls eyes:: I'll wait here for him.

Mom: All right suit yourself then. Course I have treats in the office...

Greyson: Well... I suppose I can hear the door open from there...


Floofy Friday


Oh hey Friday! Me? Being naughty? No!
Mom doesn't mind me on top of the bookcase....

Ha ha meow! As if! 

She was all "Greyson! No!" during her conference call this morning but I didn't listen at all. I know she'll forgive me - just look at my "Innocent Face" Friday...

Would you be able to hold a grudge? 
I thought not.


Welcome to Slackerville

Well the vacation is over here at Casa De Housecat and Mom is finally back at work! Both Quill and I were on the job today too - Mom requires a lot of snoopervision and cuddle therapy. I ran right into action and messed with checked out everything as soon as she opened the office door this morning.

Vacation was pretty good - although my parents went out and left us alone way too much for my taste. They even abandoned us for the holiday! Can you believe that? We had an okay time while they were gone - actually Quill let me cuddle with him which I loved. Mom was worried we'd tussle too much but we didn't - at least no marks were left on each other...

There was one glorious day when Mom spent the entire day switching off between eating, reading and napping. It was fabulous!

I think we should paw a petition to get our humans more vacation time. Who's with me?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends!

Hope you get stuffed with turkey and other yummy stuff!

We have so much to be thankful for, but most of all we are thankful for each other! We're also thankful we have all of you out there!

We're also thankful for treats and that our parents don't confer on if we've had any before they give us more. 

Mom and Dad are grateful they are celebrating their 27th dating anniversary on the 27th. They're grateful they have each other and two sweet furry boys to love.

We hope all of you have lots to be thankful for too!


Floofy Friday

Welcome Friday! 

You're just in time for the out of focus edition of Floofy Friday!

The real cause of Writer's Block - says Mom.  Really? Who needs keyboards or pens to write with?

Look at the suspicion Friday - with the Zoom Groom right in the foreground of the picture. Lucky for Quill he's smart enough not to fall for her gentle calls to "Come here Quilly-Bear!" 

Mom is taking vacation so we hoping for a nice week of snuggles and naps. It's excellent!


Be Forever Furless

A Tail
By Greyson

Once upon a time a gentle reader, Yesenia, was hired to work in a far away land at the Lilly Brush Company. Once Yesenia saw the company's product, The Be Forever Furless brush, she knew someone who really needed a brush to clean up the fur of two floofy boy cats.

So Yesenia told her new boss that a brush was needed post haste at Casa De Housecat. So they contacted the residents, and of course they were willing to deposit fur and try it out.

So they day came and the Be Forever Furless brush arrived to the delighted squeals of the human Mom.

"Look boys!" She exclaimed. "I'm gonna de-fur everything!"

"Did you read the directions?" Asked the sassy-mouthed wise Greyson.

"The directions? It's a brush, how hard can it be?" Mom replied as she proceeded to brush back and forth over the sofa. Low and behold - hair from the couch magically leaped to the brush.

"Victory!" She shouted, waving a clump of fur in her tight fist. "Hey... I wonder if I can brush you boys directly with this baby?"

With an evil gleam in her eye she walked with a forced casualness towards Quillbert who trembled.

"You're not touching him without reading the directions first!" Said the brave Greyson.

So she read the directions...

"Hey! You're supposed get it wet and shake it off first!" She said as she raced for the sink. She approached the bed under which Quillbert hid.

"Are you supposed to use it on your pet?" Quillbert asked as he inched away.

"Well... lemme read it again." She grumbled as she re-read the directions. "Well you can use it on clothes..."

"But directly on pets is not mentioned right?" Demanded Greyson.

"No." She replied begrudgingly, as she busied herself cleaning the bedspread.

And all was right in the land.

The End

The Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless brush usually $19.95 is currently available at Bed Bath and Beyond on sale for $14.99 - did I mention her tight fist?


Floofy Friday - 1200 Posts!

That's right Friday! 1200 posts here at the H.C.

It all started with sweet Angel Finny. Who ruled the blog for most of the 1200 posts. When she left Mom thought things would be over here. But then came this little kitten...

 He healed Mom's heart and convinced her to keep blogging.

Please Mom, may have some more? Posts that is. 

Then came this little kitten...

 Wait! What? No new kitten please Mom! 

Too bad Quill! Then this little kitten came...

Yeah! That's better!

Please Mom, more posts!

And the posts kept coming! Although not as fast and regular as some cats would like! 

We want to thank all our friends who have stuck with us through all the fun and the occasional sadness. We couldn't and wouldn't have made it this far without you! 

Hope you enjoy some e-cake and e-nip!


Working it Out

Fade In

The human Mom stands in her office, her limbs moving about in what barely passes as a "rhythm" as Greyson observes at a safe distance. Quill enters the room and inches past to sit beside Greyson.

Quill (whispering): What's she doing?

Greyson: Flailing.

Mom: I'm dancing!

Greyson: Really?

Mom: Yes! I'm trying to take my workout up a notch.

Quill: Whatever you're trying to work out doesn't seem to be willing to go. Do you need my help Mom?

Mom: No son. I've even joined a gym!

Greyson: You're not doing that in public are you? And please say you're not gonna take the Jingle Skirt of Terror out into the world!

Mom: No! Dancing is for home, the gym is for lifting weights... gotta keep up with you boy's growth spurts. Who wants to be my barbell? Quill?

Both boys scurry from the room to safety.... for now.

Fade Out


Happy Birthday Greyson!

Which handsome kitty turns two today? This cat!

Here I am enjoying a nice chin scritch from my able assistant.

And a nice sunpuddle....

Yes, it's a good day to be a Birthday Boy. 

Please enjoy the e-cake and e-nip and apply e-cuddles... but do I have to share my treats? Nah.


Floofy Friday

Greyson here at last! Had you noticed there have been a lack of my photos the last couple weeks Friday? I know I've noticed! Just to make it up to you I demanded a special photo shoot... Hope your swoon muscles are warmed up!

Feel better now Friday? I thought it would help.


Cock A Doodle Who?

Greyson here. For a few months Quill stopped spending his time in the office with Mom and I during our workday.

Mom was pretty sad about it because she requires a LOT of snoopervision and because she likes to see us of course.

Anyway the last two mornings Quill has returned for the morning meeting. At the same time each morning, during Mom's conference call, he breezes in. He's used to Mom acknowledging his presence (she always waves at him when he enters a room - I know! Crazy right?). Anyway she was busy and didn't notice him come in both times.

He climbed on top of the cabinet by the window and let out the loudest and longest squeak ever. Just one per morning, like a furry rooster.

Of course Mom thinks it's darling and rewards him with lovins.

I guess it must be working since he came back for the afternoon and camped out under her office chair like he used to. I'm glad he's back on the job, it's been hard to hold down the fort alone.


Floofy Friday

Quillbert reporting for duty!

I'm going as a porch cat for Halloween!

Is that you Friday?

Maybe you'd like to see me roll on the porch and get some outside dirts in my furs? 

Sorry Friday I was too excited and Mom was too slow to catch that. I'm not supposed to tell Greyson I got to go outside, but I have real live outside dirts in my furs. 

Do you think he'll be upset Friday?

Nah I don't think so either. We'll be hiding under the bed as soon as those vile trick or treaters come to the door demanding treats, Only we should get to demand treats!

I better get going Friday, beds don't protect themselves from marauding crumb grabbers.


This Just In!

Oh My Cod Friends! Look at this!

I'm outside! Showing off my floofy tocks!

It all started this morning when Mom put Greyson in the bedroom and opened the back door. I didn't hesitate, I ran out onto the porch, and then on to these stepping stones. 

Then it was time to inspect Fin's Fountain. This got Mom misty eyed, guess she was missing her girl. So I brushed past her leg to cheer her up. 

It's okay Mom! Wait is that a humming bird? Gotta go!

Quillbert J Outdoorcat reporting.


Floofy Friday

Why hello Friday.

It's been another rough week here at Casa De Housecat. 
Mom has been stressing about work again. 
Lots of long hours spent... doing whatever she does.

Luckily Greyson and I are focused on distracting her at regular intervals.

What Friday?

Did I act up and gnaw some rawhide from my swing toy?

Um... I think it's best I not reveal the answer to that...



Let me tell you a little story about Mom....

Tonight she decided to wash our sheets - without receiving proper approvals.

Thank Cod she didn't try to wash our Wobby Blanket cause Quill would make her get that signed in triplicate...

Quill: No! No one washes the Wobbie. The Wobbie is perfectly furred as is.

Okay... whatever. Where was I? Oh yeah, so she washed them and then when she was making up the bed she buried me under the sheets!

Who does such a thing to their cat? Traps them under the sheet and then ::whispers:: pats their hiney, and ruffles their furs? Who does that?


Floofy Friday

Hey-O Friday!

It's me with Mr Pumpkin.

Me? Grumpy looking? 

Well actually Friday I am a little grumpy. 
Did you see Mom didn't post anything else this week? 

I noticed too. She is having a rough time at "work" with lots of boring old conference calls and late days. Of course I'm putting in the overtime to snoopervise her. Quill and I take turns distracting her and keeping her stress levels low by offering our pelts for petting. 

It's not easy being an office cat, but we endure Friday. We endure. I can't wait till things get back to normal here.


Floofy Friday

Yes Mom, that's a good start.

Mom: Better like this Greyson?

 Yes! That's the spot!

Good job Mom!

 Friday, you wanna get in on this action?

Yes there are black spots on my paw. 
Just trying out my dalmatian costume for Halloween.

Quill is still a bit off. Something about me hogging Mom's attention all week. It all started when Dad was called out of town for a family emergency (don't worry Friday everything is fine now and Dad's almost home, thank Cod). 

Anyway I like my Dad cuddles and while he's gone I get a little demanding. Like these pictures - I had Mom's arm clasped to my chest for awhile - even when she swore she needed to type. 

So this morning Quill and I had a tiff while Mom was on a conference call (and unable to break things up). So things are a bit off with us, but I'm sure Dad will fix it all. Like always.


Silent Treatment

Mom: Quill? Quillbert? Don't you wanna cuddle?


Mom: Quill?


Mom: Hm. Greyson why is Quill ignoring me and my cuddle requests?

Greyson: He's upset at you about something.

Mom: What? Why?

Greyson: You know....

Mom: No, I really don't....

Greyson: Actually neither do I. I was hoping you might know.

Mom: Quill - was it the heavy brushing? Was it the cuddling with Greyson?

Quill: ::Gives back of disrespect::

Mom: Okay, but I am sorry for whatever it was....


Floofy Friday

Hope those swoon muscles are still limber...

What Friday?

You didn't pull anything did you? 
Cause there is one more...

Whew! Thank Cod we got through those. 

Greyson: Hey what are you two doing?

We were just going through the pictures from my photo shoot.

Where's my photo shoot pictures?

What? This is the best she could do?

Well you weren't cooperating. You wouldn't go into the light... source... and wouldn't look at the camera. She tried her best. 

Sigh. Whatever. She's been really slacking on her blogging duties too. 

She's been busy....

But she's gonna make it all up to us because we're going to see Summer at the cat show!!

Um. I think she's going to the cat show...

You mean we're not going? I love cats and most people.

Well Mom thinks it would be too much for us her to ever go out in public. Since some cats can be a handful ::Cough:: you ::Cough::

Well there better be toys or treats brought home!


Floofy Friday


Better limber up your swoon muscles Friday...

Hope you didn't hurt yourself!

What Friday? Can one cat be too handsome?


 I think I better save the other two photos for next week, just in case...



Mom looks over to notice a bug on the floor of the shower.

Mom: Boys! Boys! Come quickly!

Quill: What is it Mom?

Mom: Quill thank goodness you're here!! There's a bug in the shower can you get it?

Quill: A bug? Lemme look. Oh it has unusual markings! Let me grab my field journal!

Mom: Quill! Can't you just kill it? Oh Greyson! Thank Cod! There's a bug in the shower...

Greyson: Oh boy! ::Snarf, snarf, pounce, gobble:: Got em!

Quill: You ate him? I needed to document him! Did you use my Interview Form? What can you tell me about him?

Greyson: Um, he tasted like chicken....


Floofy Friday

Well hello Friday... 
Yes I do look dreamy here on the big bed.
Sure I'll cuddle with you!

Another little shot for you Friday!

It sure is nice to see you Friday! Mom has had a really busy couple of weeks, but Quill and I decided we liked vacation... ::Whispers:: Quill more than me...

Mom had that week off and did not set foot in the office, so we did not set our paws in there either. Then she went back to work and there was the incident when we were shunned into the hallway during a critical conference call. So we decided to take an extended vacation. 

Mom has been almost unsnoopervised all week. We just check on her at break time. We've been putting in our time in other locations. I've been on the window perch in the kitchen and Quill has been holding down the fort under the big bed. It's been nice. 

Mom says she misses us and hopes we go back to our regular workdays soon. We'll see... maybe she could lure us back with snacks?