Happy Mew Year!

Greyson: Seems this year's festivities are going out with a snort, snuffle and cough. Mom has caught a lousy cold and is tucked in her bed. Quill and I are hard at work trying to hold down the fort.

Quill: At least I'm trying to make her feel better (by applying liberal amounts of cat spit) and keeping her warm... and then there was the "Cat Hero Incident" last night... See Mom was snoring really loud when she rolled onto her back and all of a sudden things would get real quiet-

Greyson: Which I thought was nice for a change-

Quill: Then all of a sudden she would gasp and chortle. So I went over and pawed her till she woke up and rolled back on her side. She said she was dreaming of chocking so she was so grateful I woke her up - Hero Cat and all that.

Greyson: Whatever. Mom got all misty-eyed cause Angel Fin would do the same thing and it's her Birthday tomorrow, and Mom's too. Pretty sure there won't be any partying for a couple of days. But you may want to buy stock in Kleenex till then.

Mom: ::Cough, Cough, Sniffle:: Happy Mew Year to all our friends! We hope you all have a very Happy (and healthy) New Year!


Floofy Friday

Friday: Um, Greyson? Buddy?

Friday: Quill? It's me Friday...

Well I guess the boys are real tired from the holiday. I've been sitting around waiting to be noticed for awhile now. I hate to wake the boys, don't they look darling? Guess I'll just head out for now and be back next week. You all have a great week!!


Merry Christmas

Well I'd like to say the holiday was being fully celebrated at Casa De Housecat but I can't. Seems our parents think Quill and I aren't able to "Handle" a Christmas Tree yet. Something about two one spirited rowdy housecats tearing up the place....

They could not be more wrong! I have extensively examined these items on the blogs of our friends and I have a firm game plan on how I would "handle" a Christmas Tree.

First I would take a running leap to the mid-section (why start from the bottom?). Next I'd head for the inner core (to the chorus of "Greyson No!"). Once I'd reach the top I'd knock off whatever tree topper my parents put up (probably a "holiday neutral" snowflake or a reindeer) and perch in victory at the top, until I'd leap to the sofa. Rinse and repeat.

Quill would be all over the cord nibbling and the ornaments wouldn't stand a chance with those massive paws taking a whap at them. Garland? He's on it!

Christmas Tree "Handled."

Now where is the wrapping paper and those stockings hung by the fire?

Merry Christmas to all of our friends!!


Floofy Friday

::Sniff, Sniff::
Oh Friday I thought I smelled you! I was just checking the air for humidity levels - for my crop. 

It all seems like ideal growing conditions. 

What? Those errant blades on the table...

You think I need to be Groundskeeper Quill too Friday? Well it couldn't hurt I suppose...


My Vocation

Mom said that now I'm a full grown (she hopes) mancat I might need to think about what I want to do with my life - besides napping.

I wasn't sure what I'd want to be until this showed up one morning. Mom told me to take good care of it and then I knew...

I'm a farmer. 

Hey a little blade seems to be sticking out, ruining the line of the crop. 

No problem, I'll just eat that one.

It's a challenge keeping the crop safe from pest invasions...

 Hey Quill, what you doing? You talking to our friends about me?

Yes actually I was...


Floofy Friday

Hello Friday!
Missed you buddy!

::Whispers:: He's still behind me isn't he?
I knew it Friday!
Mom bought this silly foo dog and decided to put him on our shelf! Said she wanted to block me from jumping on top of her bookshelf. As if. So rude!
A total annoyance and a photo bomber to boot! Stupid foo.

 Think I'll dream of how to knock him off...


I Want In

Greyson stands in the hallway at 5am and paws at the bedroom door...

Mom: Greyson what are you doing?

Dad: ::Muffled from behind door:: Cough, cough

Greyson: Dad needs me in there!

Greyson digs more furiously at the door.

Mom: I think he's asleep....

Greyson: No! He coughed - that means he's awake and he needs me!

Mom: Well I think he shut the door to keep you out...

Greyson: No! He would never!

Mom: Well why don't you come into the office? I could cuddle you...

Greyson: ::Rolls eyes:: I'll wait here for him.

Mom: All right suit yourself then. Course I have treats in the office...

Greyson: Well... I suppose I can hear the door open from there...


Floofy Friday


Oh hey Friday! Me? Being naughty? No!
Mom doesn't mind me on top of the bookcase....

Ha ha meow! As if! 

She was all "Greyson! No!" during her conference call this morning but I didn't listen at all. I know she'll forgive me - just look at my "Innocent Face" Friday...

Would you be able to hold a grudge? 
I thought not.


Welcome to Slackerville

Well the vacation is over here at Casa De Housecat and Mom is finally back at work! Both Quill and I were on the job today too - Mom requires a lot of snoopervision and cuddle therapy. I ran right into action and messed with checked out everything as soon as she opened the office door this morning.

Vacation was pretty good - although my parents went out and left us alone way too much for my taste. They even abandoned us for the holiday! Can you believe that? We had an okay time while they were gone - actually Quill let me cuddle with him which I loved. Mom was worried we'd tussle too much but we didn't - at least no marks were left on each other...

There was one glorious day when Mom spent the entire day switching off between eating, reading and napping. It was fabulous!

I think we should paw a petition to get our humans more vacation time. Who's with me?