500 Posts!

Unbelievable! 500 Posts. When Mom started blogging she had never even read many blogs. We thought we would be the only cat blog! She did it to gain readers for my book and that was about all she hoped for.

We started with one post a week, then two, then three, then for a short while seven days a week. Mom was sure she'd run out of things to say, some days she worries she still might. 

We've had so many nice things happen from this experience. We've met the nicest friends. We've laughed a lot (and hope you have too), and cried with many of you too. We've been given your purrs and prayers when we've asked for them, and even when we haven't needed to ask.

We think we're biased, but we think we have the very best readers in the world. We hope you continue to come by and enjoy.

Much Love to You All,

Finny Da Floof & Meg the Mom

PS We decided it was time to give some things away. So if you'd like a chance to win a copy of our book just let us know in comments or email by Wednesday.

PPS We discovered our book is available on the UK version of Amazon in paperback and Kindle. We wrote it in English just for you.


Scafflaw - Floofy Friday

 No Cats On The Table? Ha!

Being naughty has been so much fun this week, as it is every week. I feel like I could have made a whole month of it. We hope you had fun too. I may be hiding out this weekend. I feel the long arm of the law could come looking for me, and my weekend could turn out like this...

Don't worry I'll have my laser eyes to help me escape. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Scafflaw - Random Naughtiness

I had to cram in a few rule breaks today... have to get it all in. Mom thinks I may need to extend the week, whatever.

  • Don't Wake Your Human Up In The Middle Of The Night - Silly. I barely acknowledge this as a rule to break. I'm nocturnal-ish so naturally I'm going to want attention.
  • Don't Nibble The Plants In The Yard - I've never!! Really, I just enjoy a hardy sniff.
  •  Don't Eat Off Your Parents Plate. Clearly there is a whipped cream exception.
  •  Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You
 Um... who's to say it's me? It's a blurry picture.


Scafflaw - Counter Point

No Cats on the Kitchen Counter?

This is a silly rule. As a young cat I broke this rule pretty frequently. I didn't hang out on here for long back then, as the fridge and cabinet tops beckoned. Now that I'm a grannycat I need a little luck and timing to break this rule.

The counter's too high for a full frontal assault so I have to wait for my parents to leave a chair pulled out, or the TV stand to be placed just so. As soon as I see an opening, I am all over it.

On a side note Mom appears to be breaking the rules of spelling... it's actually Scofflaw but at some point she got it in her head (and on my badge) as Scafflaw. So we're rolling with it.


Scafflaw Week - Desk Set

No Cats on the Desk? What kind of a rule is that?

Look how comfy and cute I look up here. Sure I may mess up some paperwork with my lounging, but again I point to the fact of how cute I look. 

Sure I might get floof in the printer, but I'm only up here to defend you two. I will defend you to the death from the Evil Fax Machine. I'll shred anything that comes out of it's Evil Jaws.

I'm kinda spent I think I need a nap.... 

Could you turn out the light?.... 

Nice... Zzzzzzz.... 


Scafflaw Week - Thirsty?

I would hardly call "Don't Drink Out of Your Mom's Water Glass" a rule. I freely flout this rule on a daily basis.I find this rule to be counter productive in fact.

Firstly, if you don't want me to drink from it, why buy cups and glasses the fit a cat's head so nicely?

Secondly it's widely known that cat spit has healing powers, so really I'm just trying to keep you healthy Mom... but since you're squeamish, I'll try to do it when you're not looking. 

Let the naughty behavior begin continue!

If you are playing along this week, please link your post information below.


Floofy Friday

Are you ready to break the rules? I laugh in the face of rules. 

August 23-27 will be a celebration of rule breaking all across the land, Finland. Nothing too serious, no one gets hurt or jailed but let's celebrate breaking some of those silly ole rules. Won't you join me in anarchy?

Any species can play and post links to their exploits on Monday's post here at the H.C. You can just write about your feats or pictures are always great. No rules on how to play along, that would defeat the point. 

Now on to the floof!

Happy Weekend Friends!!


Thoughtful Thursday

Today I am sending healing purrs into the world. 
I hope they make your day brighter and healthier and filled with love and light.

Purrs and Nose Taps



New Cat Smell

Today when Mom came home I noticed her sniffing the air.

"It smells kinda... catty in here..." She said.

Imagine how pleased I was that she had taken a moment to acknowledge all my efforts here at the H.C. I'm a single cat as you know, so I have to put in the overtime to get the place smelling just right.

I mean there is floof to leave... everywhere, stinky wet-food to leave behind in my dish (and you know there are times when I'd like to lick my dish clean, but I forgo), and frequent trips to the litter box. Yes I work tirelessly to make the place as catty and homey as possible, only the best for my family.

I'm a professional.

You can only imagine my disgust when she started opening windows, spraying air freshener and lighting candles. I mean who wants their home smelling like Lilac Blossoms? Or Clean Cotton? It's all too humany for me.

Does no one here appreciate all I do for them?


Ho Hum

Well the hots are back with a vengeance this week. It's 110 today and the rest of the week doesn't promise to be much of an improvement. We are all like slugs here.

On weeks like this it's hard to muster any excitement at all, but there are a lot of cool things about living in the desert so I thought I'd tell you about some of those.

  • I've NEVER had a flea. We don't have them here and since I'm a native Las Vegan cat (and no one here is a native) I have no idea what it would be like to have them.
  • It gets pretty cold here in the winter, in my life it's snowed at my house about 4 times. A couple of years ago it snowed 8 inches here and shut the city DOWN.
  • My parents keep the A/C on at all times in the summer, so I'm always comfy. You can feel the heat baking in the windows. It gets windy too, and it feels like a hair dryer.
  • We have no Squirrels, Chipmunks, or Deer (Mom is pretty sad about this fact - She LOVES squirrels and would like some sent straight away for a backyard population explosion).
  • Mom and Dad like that it's a quiet little town that has lots of big city stuff to do, if they are in the mood for it.
  • You can gamble EVERYWHERE including the grocery store and the gas station. My parents almost never gamble, and not surprisingly they never win money either.
What cool things do you like about your town?


Floofy Friday

Go ahead, drink it all in...

Hard to imagine there could be a knot in all of this floof isn't it?

If you've ever wondered what it's like to pet me, I'm told my floof is very soft and mink-like. The floof along my back is very slick and lays very flat in contrast to my downy-soft sides. I do allow the front paws to be held during snuggle time, but never the back.

If there is the first sign of a fur pull... well I'm out, and I may take a nip of hand as I leave. I enjoy a cheek scritch best, and as hard as you can rub against the base of my ear is the purfect. 

Looks like everyone was down for Scafflaw Week. Fun! So to answer a few questions
  • Any species can flout a rule (but of course nothing that would cause any harm to anyone!! Just Fun Flouting)
  • I'll have Mom make up a badge next week that you can display at your place, if you like
  • We'll put a Mr Linky on our first post of the week and you can add your link there
  • If you don't have a blog of your own, but you still want to play, you could email us your info and we could do a round-up post, we'll play that by ear. 
  • It's going to be August 23-27th
Enjoy your weekend friends. Stay cool, it promises to be a hot one here.


Let's Make it a Week

Last week I mentioned that it's been awhile since we hosted a themed week, and it's time we fixed that. I wish I could give Mom credit for thinking of it but it was our friend Michelle that came up with the idea.

As you know I like to break a rule guideline as often as possible, so why not make a week of it? So I proudly announce...

Scafflaw Week! (Fun badge pending) I'm thinking August 23-27th.

What's a Scafflaw you might be wondering? Well I had Mom look it up to make sure she had it right. A Scafflaw is a person pet who flouts the law, by failing to comply with a law that is difficult to enforce effectively. Yep that sounds perfect, I mean who doesn't like to flout?

The rules to participate as always are pretty easy. Any species can play and any rules you Scafflaws flout is allowed. You can tell stories about your exploits, or post pictures or whatever you can think of.

Come on, Let's Flout!



Meowing Out Loud friends, MOL. Sometimes, I slay myself!

So Mom was preparing my post for tonight when I decided I needed a little petting time. Naturally I had to lay on the keyboard... where else was I to go? Of course I'm shedding, and Mom is on high knot alert, and she rightfully sensed a flank knot. She went in for the kill, and I felt the need to bite her, who wouldn't? Fur-Puller!

In the resulting tussle I managed to turn the orientation of her laptop screen 90 degrees! Holy Cod! She thought a shut down (which took some time just to get the mouse over to the Start button) would do the trick. Nope.

She had to search for the screen properties, and navigate a cascading menu with a mouse that was not even opposite of what she's used too.

Honestly it was a complete hoot! After the irritation wore off, she even managed to laugh pretty hard at her inability to make her brain work differently with her hands. Sometimes kitties gotta lighten the mood, and show others that they really can't take themselves too seriously.

Life's short, go ahead and laugh at yourself, or at least at your humans.


World Cat Day 2010

It's World Cat Day today on August 8th. 

Mom here. I thought on this day of cat celebration that I should celebrate and honor my girl. I adore her so much. When she wakes me up, repeatedly, in the middle of the night I know I would be so sad without her, that I hardly mind. 

My girl is starting to show her age, but she's still healthy and strong, thank Cod. I know she won't be around forever, so I enjoy ever moment I have with her. I spoil her because she has given me so much more in return. Cheers to you my perfect, precious girl, and Happy Cat Day to all the kitties around the world. 

My deepest wish is that all kitties would have a nice human slave to love and dote on them too!


Floofy Friday

Fin: Um, Mom you know today isn't Friday, right? Even with the way you bend the space/time continuum and post the night before, it isn't really close to Friday. You know that right?

Mom: Yes I know it's not Friday, believe me. I have to go to a conference for work for the rest of the week though so I can only get in one more post and I decided I didn't want to miss a Floofy Friday.

Fin: A conference? You aren't going away are you? ::Runs to look for suitcases::

Mom: No sweetie, it's here in lovely Las Vegas. I think it'll be really fun though it's put on by.... ::blah, blah, blah... more boring non-cat related Mom chatter...:: So I'll still be coming home every night.

Fin: Okay, well, have fun then, sounds boring to me. Don't be home too late for my dinner.


Have a happy Pre-Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend. I think we need another specialty week hosted by the H.C. I think we have an idea that I'll get Mom working on soon. Purrs


Three SIFs in a Fountain

You know I have been lamenting about how hot it is here and a 105 cold snap is hardly snappy enough. I've also been missing my Sisters In Floof (SIFs) MoMo and Siena.
 The Loveliest Miss Siena Snowfox

The Gorgeous MoMo

When MoMo reported that her Human "SS" was deserting her to go on vacation, we all realized it was a perfect time for a visit. We've had a few meetings over the years, including a big trip to our Norwegian homeland (and a side trip to Fin-land of course). I love my SIFs.

So I jumped on MoMo's Magic Carpet and headed over to Australia, while Siena winged in from Germany. The weather was cool and perfect for our toasty fur. We enjoyed snacks and Milk. MoMo mentioned her fountain was broken, and I tried to fix it, as I am a fountain cat. No luck, on the fountain fix, I needed tools.

Siena noticed a sassy tabby intruder and we all chased him off. Too soon it was time to head back to Hot Town. It was a lovely day.


I've Been Played

Yes friends I've been played. Not in the way that my parents have gotten one over on me, cause really what are the chances of that?

No, played like an instrument.

When I am enjoying my sip from the bathroom faucet I've come to enjoy some petting action from Mom. Some of it is delightful and I sing out my mews of joy "Yes, Yes!" while some of the action is forbidden and I sing out my displeasure "No, No!" and of course there is also the "Not There!"

At first I thought the combination of pets and scritches was random... then I noticed it took on a certain... melodic quality. After a day or two I began to notice a definite pattern. She was playing me... to the tune of Heart and Soul I think.

No, No, No,
Not There, Not There,  No, No
Yes, Yes, Yes
That's the spot Mommy,
Yeeesss, Yes,
Don't touch my tocks, No, No!