Dead Mouse?

Well although she's calling it a blessing... I struggle to see it that way. Saturday Mom went to get on her laptop only to discover the mouse was frozen - I saw no mouse. Then her keyboard froze (seemed kinda hot to me).

After that there was nothing left to do - wouldn't start up cause she couldn't get anything to move. She called the tech people who made an appointment for Sunday morning - making no promises of safety. She went to a sleepless night with visions of lost pictures and data. And since it was software the warranty due to expire June 1st wasn't going to apply.

Divine intervention jumped in made it hardware related - covered under her warranty. So her laptop is in for repair for two weeks! So no surfing for us or posting. So during this forced blogcation Happy Birthday, Happy Gotcha Day, Happy Blogoversary (or Anniversary) - Welcome to new friends - Please don't get sick and if you're feeling unwell, please know we are sending our healing purrs and hugs your way.

Now gotta go cause this old laptop has no virus protection and without a working fan is buring a hole in Mom's leg.

Love to you!! See you soon we hope!!


Floofy Friday

Mom: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Quill: Mom? ::Pokes gently with paw:: Mom!

Mom: Huh? Wha?

Quill: It's time for Floofy Friday.

Friday: Hey-O!

Greyson: Um, Friday we're not prepared. Some one is "Tired" and tardy.

Mom: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Quill: Sorry Friday! Hope you'll stick around buddy cause we sure are happy to see you!

Friday: No worries boys, I come every week no matter what.

Greyson: Wait! Really?

Friday: Yep, I come either way.

Greyson: Whew! Well don't tel Mom or she might get ideas...



So this morning Quill and I were being served our breakfast when things went horribly wrong...

I was served first (which is only right) and was enjoying my meal.

Then Mom scooped some food for Quill and when she brought his dish to the table she tripped over those big ole gunboats she calls feet.

Next thing I knew I was SHOWERED in kibble and SHE DROPPED THE BOWL ON MY TAIL!

Naturally I startled and flew off the table taking my own bowl with me.

Quill got scared and he ran too. 

Soon kibble was EVERYWHERE!

It took almost FIVE MINUTES before either Quill or I could eat again.

What is she trying to put us on a diet?


Floofy Friday

A photo shoot  just for you Friday!

Squee Warning

Do I look humble Friday? 
This soulful look will get me some Mom Cuddles.

This is me trying to hide the fact I was a little bit irked after all the "Quill look over here! Quillbert, serve up some Gray Steel." chatter.

Am I too handsome Friday? 
No, I don't think so...


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Who's that?

Oh Friday - it's only you. 

Friday: You look a little freaked Greyson. What's up?

::Whispers:: I thought I saw Monday...

 I was gonna give Monday the Stink Eye. 

Well I don't know if Monday would be that scared off - you still look pretty darn cute with the Stink Eye - and Monday is pretty tenacious.


So Sensitive

Sometimes Quill is just too sensitive. Sure I chased him off the bed twice last night - but it was all in good fun. At least I had fun.

So he was bored and knocked over our toy box and got a hold of the good catnip toys. The ones Mom only lets us play with under snoopervision because Quill is a paranoid niphead.

He's all "Wow look at the pink elephant... What did you call me elephant?... Oh yeah? Bite me Mother Fluffer!..." and then he bites me, like he did this morning when he jumped on the bed for a third time.

Of course Mom STILL scolded ME. Said I started it, which I suppose I did, but still. Some cats are just too sensitive.

Greyson (The one who can handle his catnip)