Wowsa friends, things are pretty dicey at Casa De Housecat tonight. Mom cooked cauliflower and broccoli.  We may die from the fumes! It's still too darned hot at 7pm to open a window much less a door.

How I miss the air outside, with the sweet after smell of a nice fat tweet in the breeze. I love the smell of hummingbird in the morning. I haven't had a bug to chase in a week.

Dear Cod, please let me use the litter box to get rid of this horrifying stench. I may have to go twice.

I better get to work friends, I have my work cut out for myself.

Mousey Monday

Well friends, she caught me again.

I really thought Mom was fully distracted. She was yammering on with Aunt Jenny on the phone, and Dad was napping.

I saw my precious Mousey in the hall,  and I decided it was safe to move him closer to the den. I like to keep him in my sights, and I often carry him to rest just outside the room where I am hanging out. I do not allow my parents to see me with him. Ever. Although they do hear me with him, as I like to sing with him in my mouth.

I got a little carried away singing out my love song. He was nestled just right in my jaws, and I was able to really sing out. I was so distracted that I walked right into the den.

I looked up and that is when I saw Mom's shocked face and her mouth forming the perfect "O" and I knew I was busted. Of course I dropped Mousey right where I stood, but it was too late. She started whispering to Aunt Jenny and shoved her hand in her mouth to try to imitate my love song meows.

So embarrassing. Then I realized if I didn't come clean she would be over here blabbing about it, saying it's like seeing Big Foot or something. She's such a smug drama queen.

Just a lady spending some quality time with her Mouse. Jeez.


Finally Floofy Friday

Well Summer finally really kicked in here. It's been as high as 115 some days this week. It's made us all like slugs. I guess my pleasant letter to Mr Global Warming has not had the desired effect. I'm gonna have to think about how to approach this. 

It's been so hot that my parents scurry into the house and try to stay inside as much as possible. So my porch time has been cut down to the minimum. Just trying to stay cool by lots of drinking, um, water that is.

Overall we've been pretty luckily this Summer, as it's normally this hot for most of July and parts of August. This time of the year Mom begins to wonder why we live in the desert.

We can't wait for Autumn..

When a grannycat can lounge on her porch without worrying about burning her asterisks on the cement. Have a great weekend friends, and try to stay cool. If you live somewhere cold, please feel free to contact me for a sun swap.


Cat Beds

So my little bed in yesterday's post is sometimes my favorite place in the world, and other times I don't step one paw in it.

Not one paw.

Mom thinks it's based on the temperature. In the cool weather I do love to get all toasted up in there, and then I jump out to expose my belly and cool off. In the Summer, even with the A/C it's still pretty hot here in the desert, so I tend to spend my days belly up on the cool tile.

Yes, it is hard to sleep with all the delighted squealing of how cute I am, but I endure it.

The other reason I am currently refusing my bed... come closer... ::Whispers:: There's cat hair in it! Sure, sure, I know it's mine, but would it kill them to run that tape thingy over it?


What? on Wednesday

What is going on in the world today (Tuesday)? The news is filled with all kinds of sad and bizarre news. On days like today, I find it's best to just curl up in a ball and purr your way into tomorrow.

Anyone want to join me in a big floof pile?

It might be a tight fit...



Fin: You'll never guess what happened to me this weekend friends. I was abandoned for 10 days!

Mom: Fin what are you talking about. Your Dad and I were out of town for a day and a half tops.

Fin: Right, like I was saying, 10 whole long days.

Mom: Why do you keep saying that?

Fin: Mom, we've been over this before. Cats live seven years for each one of yours. So one day equals seven to me. Do the math. Oh and I was starved friends!

Mom: Your dishes were all left full!

Fin: But who wants to eat wet food after all the gravy is gone? And dry kibble? It's like cruel and unusual punishment.

Mom: Oh for Cod's sake. Come on over here and I'll shower you with scritches.

Fin: Now is not a good time for me. I'll see you at 1am.


Floofy Friday

Maybe this should be titled Foliage Friday?
Ah, this looks better.

So there I was, enjoying a nice sniff at this plant, when I was assaulted! A sassy little humming bird flew right up in my face. I was shocked and appalled. Mom started laughing (yes she has wildly inappropriate responses).

Yep, it was all fun and games till the humming bird flew right into Mom's face too! She was so startled that she stepped back in dismay.

Humming Bird 2 - Mom and Fin 0

Can you imagine the nerve? I must say I almost admire that level of sass - just not in a tweet. When I napped today, I dreamed of humming bird covered in gravy - it's small, but eats like a meal.

I can see that my work is cut out for me when the weather improves. The tweets are running amok. Sigh. So what is everyone up to this weekend? We hope you have a great time friends!


Whipped Wednesday

Mom here. I know some of you must think that Fin has me pretty well wrapped around her paw, at first I was going to deny it, but I have to admit you're pretty much right.

When it comes to the multi-meals, I have noticed that when I put out a big full portion of food with her hyperthyroid medicine tucked into a pill pocket, she eats around it. She is a unrepentant gravy-licker. So she gets a small first meal to make sure she eats the pill, and then she gets the remaining portion of her meal. 

I was also going to say that she wasn't always this spoiled, and she wasn't, at least not to the same degree. She has always woke me up at the crack of dawn like the day depended on it. As a younger cat I felt fully justified in telling her to go eat her dry food however (I can hear the cries of injustice throughout the land).

As my girl has grown older, I have to admit that I feel like she deserves some extra spoiling. Extra treats help keep her a bit plumper, and extra food helps keep meat on those granny bones. I give her the really stinky food which she loves instead of the other kind.

When I think about refusing her my time, I remember that my time with her is no longer limitless. Every opportunity I have to give her snuggles and love is a moment I will cherish when she leaves us someday.

Don't we all wanted to be treated that way in our golden years by the ones we love?


Mom on Monday

Sunday morning I went to wake Mom at 4am. She fussed more than usual about feeding me, but despite all the complaining she did manage to scoop me out a small portion of food.

At around 5am I noticed again that I was hungry. Sure it was a bit early for second breakfast, but I was hungry. Suddenly she complained about waking up by saying something like "Blah, blah, blah... something about being kept up for three mornings in a row, and making a point" I don't know, I mostly tuned out most of it, cause my tummy was growling, well, sort of.

Had I been a little... aggressive about getting her up the last few mornings? I guess, from her perspective, I might have been, but really there's lots to get done and the day doesn't start on it's own. So yes, there may have been lots of meowing and pawing to get her out of the bed.

She started flailing about and said something like "absolutely not... blah, blah, eat your dry food" then buried herself in covers. After about an hour of meowing, I decided to let her sleep in.

At 7:30am (I know! Can you believe it? It might has well been Monday.) she finally rousted herself out of bed. When she complained about being really stiff - I blew a silent raspberry in her directions.


Finally Floofy Friday

Oh. My. Cod! Mom posted a Wednesday post on Friday! She didn't even realize her error until lunch time today! Does she not realize that many of you depend on my floof to get your weekend off on the right paw?

All I can say is that I am sorry for the shortcomings of my staff writer. Sigh. If it weren't for all the lovins, I'd have requested a replacement already.

And now without further ado... Your Floofy Friday Cat Fix

What's that I smell?
Is it Saturday?
No, still Friday... just in time. 

You may now proceed with your regularly scheduled weekend. We hope you have something fun planned friends.


What? on Wednesday

Yeah I know Wednesday is almost over, but I had to report this odd occurrence...

Mom: Mmm ::Chomps on snack::

Fin: ::Lifts head to sniff the air:: Whatcha eatin Mom? Something I'd like?

Mom: I doubt it sweetie. :Crunch, crunch::

Fin: Smells kinda good. ::Attempts to stick head in snack sack::

Mom: Hey get your head out of there. It's Kale Chips.

Fin: ::Pulls head from sack:: Kale? The stuff you push off your plate cause it's the garnish?

Mom: Yeah, but this is dried, organic, raw, and ranch flavored... hey where are you going Finny?

Fin: ::Walks from room:: I'm taking a nap. Call me when you start hitting the beef jerky.


Not Exactly

I had the perfect plan for World Cat Day. I really thought I was on track when Dad woke up unexpectedly early and provided first breakfast without prompting (okay minimal prompting). Mom woke up and provided second breakfast and I was thrilled.

Then communications broke down. 

Dad went to work and then Mom too. Mom did apply a liberal helping or two of neck scritches before she left. I had lots of nap and play time with Mousey.

Dad came home early and provided dinner on time. Mom came home at the appointed hour and showered me with guilt ridden lovin. She went on about how I was the best cat ever. I spent the evening between laps.

All in all it was a great World Cat Day. As is everyday. Purrs.


World Cat Day

August 8th is World Cat Day (I guess we moved it, or maybe we called it twice. We're allowed, we're cats).

Here is my plan for the perfect World Cat Day: 
  • Mom rises at 4am and fixes my meal without my needing to bug her
  • Mom rises at 5:30am and serves second breakfast
  • Mom puts fresh water in my bowls at 5:40am
  • Dad rises at 6am and provides a sparkly clean litter box for my first deposit
  • Dad scoops first deposit and readies litter box for later deposit
  • Parents call out sick at "work"
  • Family nap
  • Family rises at 8am and parents provide ham scraps from breakfast
  • Parents leave home for two hours so Mousey and I can enjoy the day in private
  • Parents return home for snuggle session
  • Family nap
  • Mom rises at 4pm and fixes my meal without prodding
  • Extended snuggles while visiting chums blogs
  • Private nap (I need some solid sleep time, no one telling me how cute I am)
  • Final meal of the day
  • Crawl into bed for final snuggles and bed time


Floofy Friday

Mom has been a complete waste of space this week, something about working, blah blah. So instead of a fresh picture of a darling floofy grannycat you'll have to start your weekend off with some of our favorites.

Luckily I'm darling, so I'm sure she'll be forgiven. We should have named this post Phoning it in Friday. I think it's all the hot weather is draining out our will to think big thoughts. Little thoughts like, feed me, pet me and fill my kibble bowl are really all I care to muster.

What about you friends? Are your brain cells melting? Hey wasn't Mr Global Warming supposed to lay off? Instead he has been a big fat show off. Sigh. I guess my next letter is going to have to be more firm.

Have a great weekend and stay cool, or warm depending where you are.


Thoughtless Thursday

I really don't have many thoughts today. 

Mom? You got anything?

So sad.

Since neither one of us had anything too critical to post, I assumed I would be given full lap access. No. There was the laptop in my spot. Then Mom had the nerve to be put out when I demanded my snuggles. She did not close the laptop lid quickly enough, and as a result my back paw turned off her cursor in some misguided keyboard combination. 

Discouraged by her inability to figure it out, the lid was closed and satisfactory snuggles commenced. By the fact she is typing this, I am happy to report she managed to figure out the cursor issue.


What? on Wednesday

Mom: Finny, I need to have a conversation with you. I'd like to discuss.... blah, blah, blah...

Is that a bug over there? ::Pats carpet with paw:: No, just a ball of floof.

Mom: And your Dad agrees with me... wah, wah, wah...

Is that dirt on my white cuff? ::Licks at paw::

Mom: Fin? Are you paying attention?

Fin: Yes Mom! Of course.

Mom: Okay. Well as I was saying...

I wonder what the inside of my eyelids look like right now. Maybe just a quick look.



Earlier today I decided I needed a little lap time with Mom. I started my usual survey of the territory, trying to tamp down the offending lumps. I was just beginning to settle on a spot when Mom said

"You smell..."

I never expected the sentence to end with

"like a waterfall in a meadow! Did you sleep on a fabric softening sheet?"

I shall never tell. I normally smell like sunshine and rainbows.