Floofy Friday

Friday: Hey Quill. Whatcha doing?

Quill: Is Greyson in here?

Quill: Whew no. I wish I could jump up on the top of this cabinet so I could scare him. 

Friday: Really? That seems kinda unsportsman-like...

Quill: Oh yeah, really! Maybe you forgot last week...

Friday: Nuff Said.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Why hello Friday. So nice to see you again! Mom has been looking around every corner for you this week. 

Friday: Um, maybe you should move off that shelf?

Quill: Why? He's right behind me isn't he?

Friday: Well, not exactly...

Quill: Typical...


The Cleaner

Late last night Mom came back to bed after visiting the bathroom and when she went to give me a pat I gave her a little lick. She tasted so yummy from the soap that I kept right on licking.

Even when she said I was taking off a layer or two of skin - I continued. Each time she tried to pull her hand away I followed like she was chicken-flavored Lickety Stick.

When Greyson tried to horn in on the bath time I'd have none of it - not even when he offered to clean my ears. No I was busy - I had a job to do - and nothing and no one was going to stop me.

Quillbert the Cleaner


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Oh Friday, where oh where are you?

Greyson: Friday? Oh it's just you Mom.

Mom: Well I'm almost as good as Friday right? Right?

Greyson: Sigh



Sometimes I get a little bored in the middle of the night... and nothing solves bored like a little "Naughtytainment".

Whacking at the mini blinds or draperies when I can't really be caught? Absolutely! Who wouldn't like that?

Perhaps a little knocking over of our toy box? It happens.

Jumping on your brofur till he squeals like a little mouse? Yes please. 

Can you guess who the master of midnight naughtytainment is?

It's me! Quillbert J Naughtycat! You thought it was gonna be Greyson didn't you? He prefers his naughtytainment in the bright light of day.


Floofy Friday

Friday: Hey-O! I'm here boys! Boys?

Friday: Um Greyson? Do you know you have a face plant in your Mom's shoe? Dude, are napping with your nose in a athletic shoe?

Greyson: Uh? Zzzzzzzz.

Greyson: Sleepy... makes a nice pillow.

Friday: Well whatever floats your boat I guess. Sleep tight little dude.