Floofy Friday

 What's worth all those sharp pointy rocks?

Really good sniffs. 

So it's Friday, how great. Mom is practically giddy for some reason. I am ready to kick up my paws, roll around in dirt and nap. Maybe some playtime with the Parents. Yep, sounds purrfect. 

How about you friends? What do you have planned? We hope it's something fun. Weekend, you may now begin!



Psst! Psst! Fin here. I'm lying in wait for my prey. I have the perfect vantage point in the L-shaped hallway. I hear Mom futzing about in the laundry room. It can only be a matter of time before she strolls by... and yes, I would be shocked if she was actually doing laundry.

It's giving me time to plan my attack. A little something I like to call a granny ambush. I run straight in front of her lumbering feet and race into the bedroom at full granny speed. If I can score with a direct hit on the shin or foot so much the better. I love the startled squeal I get.

I hope she chases me back. Playing chase with Mom gives new meaning to the cat game of "Thundering Herds of Elephants" if you catch my drift. MOL

Oh! I hear her coming, wish me luck!


Trifecta Tuesday

Tail, Toes and Tummy

Look at the toe floof!

You're welcome.

So how was your weekend? It was still pretty warm this weekend, but I demanded some porch time. It felt so great to roll and loll about. I was able to get cobwebs and leaves all up in my fur. I've been feeling so great the last few days! Mom says I am like her kitten again, chasing my toys and everything.

Some of you might remember I wasn't feeling my best a bit ago. Tummy upset and hairballs were the start. I heard a great universal purr and I started to feel better. Mom decide to mix up my food and feed me the special kidney diet food. You know what, I liked it. They went out and bought a case and I refused to eat it. Cod how I love doing that! Anywho I eventually gave in and starting it and I have to admit I feel great. 
My Sass-O-Meter is on tilt friends!


Floofy Friday

Are you ready for some Friday Floof?

This way?
 Or this way?
Ah, just right. 

Mom says that photo series was like a floofy mug shot. Apparently I'm being arrested for cuteness. The punishment for that crime you ask... corporal cuddling. 

Yes, shortly after these pics I was scooped and cuddled against my will. The fact that I enjoyed it for the first few minutes in no way makes up for the additional snuggles forced upon me. A darling grannycat's work is never done.

Hope you all have a great weekend planned.


Norwegian Dream

Thank Cod for my delightful friends! How awesome are my readers? Let me tell you! I got this email from one of my kindle-reading pals -

"I know this isn't what Fin is really referring to, but I got a laugh out of it. Saw this in Swedish store in Door County Wisconsin.

Shannon, Footsie, Moo, Stewie, Smokey & Cupcake"

We got a great laugh too!

It's like it was written just for me. Can you see the subtitle "Living the Norwegian Dream." I am a Norwegian Forest Cat, well probably, my lineage is a bit unclear. Of course I think I'm descended from royalty - it's not such a stretch, they did name an entire land after me, you know Fin-Land.

Thank you so much for thinking of me Shannon, Footsie, Moo, Stewie, Smokey & Cupcake! And Cod bless you too!


Bugging Mom

Mom: Finny!! Finny! Wake up! There's a bug in the kitchen.

Fin: Yeah, I know.

Mom: You didn't kill it?

Fin: Nope. It's below my minimum weight class, and my skill level. It was already half dead on its own, no sport in that.

Mom: But... who's gonna kill it?

Fin: Looks like you or Dad are gonna have to take this one. I have a nap to get back to.

Mom: Is this cause I forgot to post yesterday on International Meow Like A Pirate Day?

Fin: I don't know you scurvy wench, why don't you ask all my friends who could have shivered their timbers on my e-pirate ship?

Mom: I knew it! Come on, I'm sorry. Please kill the bug.

Fin: Fine, I'll finish him off, but you're gonna have to deal with the carcass.


Floofy Friday

Put your paws in the air!

Yippee! It's Friday Friends.

Time to kick up those paws and get on with the weekend!

And now for your belly viewing pleasure...

Weekend, you may now begin. 
Have a great one friends!


Who Cares Wednesday

So this weekend was the perfect weather after a long hot summer. I could hardly wait to get out on that porch. Mom stepped out first and left the door closed.

She went to scurry back inside and shut the door on my outdoor activities, and I'd had it. I was not going to be denied. I breezed by and strolled out on the porch. Mom started acting all weird (no that is not uncommon) and when I looked to my left I saw the issue - Mittens the yard cat was right on My Porch mere feet from me.

I considered issuing a warning growl as I typically do, but the day was so perfect, and I didn't want to risk being shoved back indoors. So I ignored him. I acted like he was not even there. Who cares?

I flopped right onto the cement and rolled for a good five minutes getting dirts deep down into my floof. Mom and Mittens looked on, both oddly frozen to their spots. It wouldn't be in my nature not to "Push It" so I got up and strolled over to about a foot from Mittens and hissed right in his face.

I give him credit, he stood stock still and took it in stride - I think he was more interested in the thought of a little breakfast kibble action. Mom on the other hand had to ruin the whole moment and usher me back inside. She took some food outside for the interloper. I stood vigil at the screen till he left and then demanded a return to My Porch.

Sometimes you gotta show you're a lady cat and sometimes you gotta show you're not taking any guff from anyone.


700 Posts!

Okay, technically, it's 701. My "crackerjack" staff writer didn't even notice it till today. So many posts, and still so much to say and see.

I had some excellent Porch Time this weekend, and of course the Pawparazzi was relentless in following me. Luckily, I always look good, which is more than I can say about the Pawparazzi. 700 701 posts and some things never change.

No, I won't look, I'm busy here.

A tweet made a fly by.

We can honestly say that without all of you out there reading this, we wouldn't have made it to 100 posts, let alone 700 701. Our readers really mean the world to us.

I have a couple of writing projects I have Mom working on, and we hope to have announcements on them soon. In the meantime, business as usual, and onwards to 800!


Floofy Friday

Ah, Porch Time. Sun so bright, I look like a pawless hovercat.

That's better. Darling paws all present and accounted for. 

So some yahoo declared September 9th as "No Cats on the Internet Day". Seriously? Can you even imagine? No cats? Many of my pals are celebrating instead "Mo Cats on the Internet Day" take that yahoo. 

What do you all have planned this weekend? We hope it's something fun. The weather is supposed to break finally and I have big plans for my porch. I couldn't help but notice that leaves are all over the place... and my little garden, well, let's say it's a situation. 

A Grannycat's work is never done. Have a great weekend friends!


Look Who's Coming to Dinner

Fin (Circling legs of parents as they eat at dining table): Mew!

Dad: Fin! Knock it off!

Fin: Mom! Psst! Throw some scraps down!

Mom: No Finny. You know you're tummy has been upset, so no steak bites.

Fin (Leaping onto the chair left pulled out in error): Hey Oh! Steak!?

Mom (Trying not to giggle): What are you doing at the table?

Fin (Sniffing): Is that Medium Well? Steak is a well known tummy tamer!

Dad: Get down.

Dad: Take that paw down... Wait! Oh no you don't!

Fin (Blurred by the shear speed of my granny ninja moves): Mew!

Sadly, despite my mad poaching skills, I was denied my beefy prize.


No Labor Day

It's Labor Day in the United States today and we plan on celebrating by performing no labor whatsoever. Just a long leisurely nap, followed by a snuggle, a meal, and back to a nap. Sounds just about perfect to me.  

Okay maybe just a little labor as I'd like to see Dad fire up the new barbeque and provide some table scraps! I'll take some Chick-Hen if you please.

I think your purrs and kind words are helping me feel better. I was eating a lot better today. Mom says I have extra spunk and sass, and that is just the way she likes me - words I'll cling to when she complains about being awakened at 4am tomorrow morning. Thanks, you all mean the world to us.

Hope your day is filled with just the right amount of labor to be perfect.


Floofy Friday

Yes, these rocks are sharp on the paws. Gotta walk carefully. 

Plus I have to try not to laugh too hard when Mom is shouting norty words walking on them, trying to get the shot. HaHa ::Snorts:: Mew

Better move fast Mom! Lot's of things to check out.

 Those humming birds are gonna need to be on alert.

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend friends.

P.S. Saturday is Dad's B-day so we may not be around visiting much this weekend.

P.P.S. Mom thinks I'm feeling a bit under the weather, although I'm still spunky. Shedding season is rough this year, so if you could send me a few purrs, I'm sure they'll do the trick.