And The Winner Is...

Drum Roll... The winner of my book giveaway is Cheyenne-Millie of Millie's House. Concats!

Naturally we are the true winners. Thanks so much for coming by and wishing us well. We've said it before, and we'll keep saying it, my readers are the very best.

I don't know about the rest of you but Mom and I have slight e-hangovers. 

I suspect it was the cheap e-wine and non-organic e-nip. 
I recommend humans taking two e-aspirins and everyone take a real long nap. Long naps cure nearly anything.

Happy Memorial Day to all of our U.S. friends! I hope your day involves lots of lap or porch time and scraps from the Bar-B-Q.


2nd Blogoversary

It's hard to imagine it has been two years and we just got the web address for at least two more so we are sticking around! Animal bloggers, and the ones who love them are the very best humans.

Please grab an e-beverage of meowgarita, niptini,or milk for the kittens. Don't forget the e-snacks of catnip, tuna, ham, and feel free to lick from the gravy bowls. Mom brought e-wine and e-cheese (feel free to eat that too, when she's not looking of course).  

We started the blog right after Mom went to a writers conference to promote my book. Yes, she wrote my book, the first time, two years ago. The conference was the first time she ever pitched a book to an agent, and she was sweating a puddle. The first agent stopped her after she said the word "Cat" which was about word three in her planned pitch.

"Do you have anything else?" he asked (other than a crushed ego, she wondered). She went on to explain her other book idea (all humans - no cats involved) and he said he loved that idea (more info on that soon).

Her next pitch was to a big time publisher who, mid-sentence again, whipped out her cell phone to show Mom her cat's picture on it. The publisher did read our book, and loved it, but said no agent, no deal.

What followed was a few readers who didn't understand the book at all. "Does the cat DO something?" they asked.

"She DOES a lot of things." Mom explained.

"Yeah, but is there anything SPECIAL about her life?"

"Well she didn't cure cancer or anything... she's a housecat. She doesn't get out much."

Enter the blog. Oddly, Mom thought she would be the only human writing about the not so ordinary life of a housecat. Imagine her surprise, when she finally did her research! We found the famous Max the Psycho Kitty first and it all blossomed from there. It was, and is, so much fun to meet new friends.

Re-enter the book. Mom spent the last two years blogging and searching for a way to get booky out there into the world (okay she also slacked a lot on booky too). She got a lot of advice, some she took and some she didn't. She tried to think of it as a learning experience and it sure has been.

There were times she would have given up, but all of your support here at the blog did the trick. You guys rock! We love you all.

Want to win a pawtograph/autograph copy? Here's how, just let us know in comments that you'd like a chance to win a copy, or you can email us too, before this Sunday 12pm Pacific Time. We will randomly select a winner and announce it on Monday. International and domestic friends are all welcome.

If you just want to buy a copy now, well there are lots of options for that too. You can buy an e-copy (including a PDF you can view on a PC) at Smashwords and on Kindle. The paperback is available on Amazon. For a limited time you can buy a pawtograph/autograph copy from us by using the links on my sidebar (through Paypal).

I have a little plan in the works on how you can still get something special from us, if you bought/buy from someone other than us. A postcard/bookmark with our pawtograph/autograph (more on that to follow).

Disclaimer: No actual paws will be used for pawtographing. It's an artist interpretation of my paw and signature. You didn't think I would allow that do you? Inked up paws, I think not. Do know that I will be personally rolling/sitting on each book and batting at the pen as Mom writes however.


Follow Me?

Tomorrow is our two year blogoversary, and it had us thinking about the experience of blogging. It is such a thrill to see you here each post. I have great friends who often take the time to leave a comment, you cats rock, and you have us laughing everyday. We love it when you leave us a comment!

But Mom and I love all of you! The Followers, the Email Subscribers, the Google-Bots (we have no idea what that is but it makes Mom snicker every time she sees it), the Kindlers, and the Lurkers. Your being being here makes it all worthwhile.

Sometimes the connection we share is obvious. I'm a cat, you're a cat, or a proud cat owner. Sometimes the blogs that follow me are not fully cat-centric, but once we look around - we find it - pussycat paydirt. A lovely and adored kitty looking back at us, or being written about.

Sometimes the connection is less obvious. Perhaps it's a shared love of writing, art. photography, or a sense of humor. Maybe my youngest readers, like Tyler, just love to see a pretty cat.

Whatever your reason for coming by, we're just happy you stay.

Tomorrow we will have a give-a-way of my book starting, and lots of e-snacks, so come back if you can.



So Mom is just getting ready to watch one of her favorite TV shows Glee. It's about high school kids in a Glee Club (Show Choir). There's lots of singing and dancing. It's like a mini-musical in each episode. As a family, we all enjoy this show. We curl up on the couch and watch it together.

It's the next viewing that troubles me. Mom watches it a second time, all the way through, without Dad, and sings along! She thinks she is rockin the house, but I am telling you she is rockin the bucket she is trying to carry those tunes in. Loud, proud and rarely in key.She swears she used to sing in plays... ones people actually saw. I question that.

If that weren't bad enough, she sometimes scoops me in her arms and does a little dance with me, while singing. The horror! I have learned to hide at a safe distance, during this second viewing. As soon as she starts calling out to me to start a "flash mob," I run for the closet.

Mom often wishes life was like a musical. In her world strangers would break out in song and dance at any given moment. Naturally everyone sings fabulously in this world. So I guess that rules her out. I'm just glad I don't have to go anywhere in her car cause I understand there is a cast album playing on the CD. Yikes!

What does your family do to embarrass you?


Naughty and Nice

How you doin?

Mom thinks shot captures the naughty kitty in me. I have no idea why. Sure, I look a little like I am plotting the next raid on her water cup, but that isn't that naughty right?

I have managed to find a way to jump onto the kitchen counter this weekend. I've drunk from the big sink, and I've knocked over the little cat statue and broke it. It's a place that I am "Not Allowed" to go. I laugh in the face of her rules. Does it look like I am laughing at her rules? Yes, I think it does.

This grannycat still has it.


Floofy Friday

Hi friends, I'm reporting from the yard today. 

 I'm a day late on my Thursday Garden Post... wonder who messed up Mom? So what do you have planned for the weekend? The weather is on a roller coaster and I think it will be perfect weather. My parents are almost healthy again (yes Dad got sick too!), so it should be a delightful weekend ahead.

Huh? What was that?

::Whispers:: Is that you Mr Lizard? 

Hellllllooooo? I sure hope it's not a road runner.

Nah, we're safe here. Where was I? Oh yeah, have a fantastic weekend friends! Next week is gonna be a big week at the HC. My two-year blogoversary is coming up and I'll have a give away too!


Wildlife Wednesday

I'm happy to report I had a bit of Porch Time yesterday evening. Living in the desert there isn't a lot of wildlife one can see in one's yard. In the mountains around our home I hear there are jack rabbits and bunnies and  ground squirrels which look like chipmunks. Mom has been known to squeal so loudly when she sees darling wildlife that she must clamp her hand over her mouth to prevent the crazy looks of strangers.

Not all wildlife is as fun. Dad has been run off the road swerving to avoid a coyote, and another was a near miss. Mom saw a pack running one morning and thought the were unattractive dawgs. Luckily none have ever come into our cul de sac.  I"m really glad this fella has never shown up on the porch. I might pee my cataloons.

Meep Meep

Mom had a road runner that came up to her thighs that lived in the parking lot of her last job. Yes, she even found him cute. I have a feeling she would be screaming for another reason if this little fella found his way into the house. 

Mr. Lizard thinks he can hide from me, but he can't. Don't worry I don't have a taste for lizards. I do love to watch the lizard family as they scoot across the wall though. 

PS. Copies of something that rhymes with My Look are expected at Casa De Housecat anyday. Yeah!


Mom Gets Steamed

Hi. Mom here. I have a story to tell about my sweet girl. She really is a good kitty. I'm still sick with an upper respiratory infection and I have found the dry desert air doesn't help much when your throat is raw from trying to dislodge a lung.

So I had this idea to steam myself.

Our bathroom has a door that shuts off the potty and the shower into one (claustrophobic) room. We rarely shut this door, since the room is so small. Fin prefers an open door policy too. She has a mild distrust of my going into the shower. She seems generally concerned about what goes on in there, behind the frosted doors. She always stands guard from the other room and watches the shower show (insert pithy cat commentary here and you'll know why I decided to write this in my human voice).

I realized I could take a shower with the door closed and get super steamy. Fin was having none of it. She  would hysterically paw at the door and meow in demanding tones to know I was all right. I finally had to leave the door open a crack and she would sit in the corner, damp and vigilant. Mewing frequently till I would open the shower door and answer back that I was well. 

I didn't feel like taking a shower 3-4 times a day. I realized I could just shut the door, sit on the potty and crank up the steam.

Enter concerned kitty who was shut out of the goings on. What was happening in there? Was her Mom in danger?

She would sit on the other side of the door and wail with concern. I would open the door a crack and she would race in and just as quickly race back out - shut the door and repeat, and repeat. I finally found the only way to keep the peace was to leave the door open just a crack and offer neck scritches through the opening.

::Fin winks::


Floofy Friday

Well all my hard work trying to heal Mom this week has paid off big time friends! I have been accepted into the Good Kitty Club by my great friend Inigo Flufflebum

See my badge of honor.

Don't I look angelic and downright -- good? See kittens, good deeds are rewarded.

Mom is coming along but she's still sick! I must say I am getting a little tired of the whole thing, so I hope she gets completely better soon. She has a lot to get to, Blog Visiting, Official Look Announcements, Feather Toy Purchases, and Porch Time Chaperoning to name a few.

One positive thing came out of her house arrest. She noticed I felt a bit too thin and decided I need to be fattened up a bit. Two words I love to hear together in a sentence are "fattening" and "up." 

I only had to mew politely, in the general direction of my dish, and my dish was filled. Bliss. Pure Bliss. Sadly I am now appropriately plumped and my requests are going largely unmet again. Sigh.Well, there is always my dry, gravy-less kibble available.

Be good friends, or don't be - cause naughty is nice too, and have a great weekend either way.


Bedside Manners

I am happy to report that I've solved the lidded cup debacle, and my cat spit is slowly beginning to work its healing powers on Mom.

At first I was perplexed, how could I make it work. How do you help someone when they are clearly trying to stop you. Some of my friends suggested I just apply directly, and liberally, by licking her. To tell the truth I'm not much into that sort of thing.

I noticed that she was freely enjoying her cran-apple juice out in the open. Naturally I don't care for that juice, but I found that I could quickly lick the edge of the glass, and occasionally even lick the top of the ice cubes before she noticed.

The real power-move came to me early this morning. In her sleepy state, she did nothing but grumble when I pushed the cup to the floor. I was hoping to break it, but it was unbroken. However, in trying to get it open, I realized it was a real push over, and over. A few hardy nudges and it was tucked under the bed with the dust bunnies.

When Mom finally got up, I'd perfected my "What cup?" look. I have to work double time, but I am up to the task. We miss you all!

Nurse Cat Finny Again

Well Mom caught a flu bug. I've been hot on the case to heal her, but she seems almost determined to prevent it. You all know the healing powers of cat spit are undeniable. I try to keep her and Dad healthy on a regular basis by sharing any water glass I see about the house.

Despite the grouchy "Get your head outa there!" or the "No! Finny No!" I take it all in stride. I love my parents and their health is vital to me. I even risk catching their kooties.

All my hard work has come to a crashing halt. Mom found a new cup with a lid, a LID! I can't begin to say how wrong this is, on so many levels. It's like a plastic bullet of defiance. Even when I knock it over, repeatedly, it refuses to submit to my will. I will find a way.

In the meantime, I've had to resort to purring on her and using her as a heating pad. She is so toasty when she is feverish. It's tough with all the coughing and sneezing, but I will do it. Hopefully she will still recover quickly.


Floofy Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!!

It's been an exciting week here at Casa De Housecat. 

Mom and Dad celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary on Wednesday night. I'm happy to report I was given meat scraps from the fancy dinner they enjoyed. Yum! There was even some gravy. Oh gravy, how could I have gone so long without knowing you existed?

This weekend should be pleasant and I'm hoping for some quality time outdoors. I hear a trip to Petsmart is planned. I'm purring for Feather the Third to be found and brought home. Paws crossed!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! To all you Mothers out there, we wish you the happiest of days. A Mom is an amazing thing. Mom makes me crazy sometimes, but she's my girl. When I hear that garage door open at the end of the day it's her face I run to see, and it's always delighted to see me too. 

Happy Mother's Day!!


Wordless Wednesday

News: Okay not completely wordless... still not officially making any announcements but the thing that rhymes with... oh heck, my book is now available on Kindle! and Amazon.com! And some of you have ordered it already!!! We hope you all love it!

Mom has ordered copies to autograph/pawtograph and we will let you know when they arrive so you can order them directly from us (if you order other ways, don't worry we plan to have a way to get an autographed card too). We have a tab at the top of the blog with all the links now, and when we are official, there will be chances to win it too!

To my foreign friends, we agreed to everything to make it internationally available too. Still waiting to hear exactly how that will work.

You can also get e-formats (including a PDF version) at Smashwords.com and save any shipping costs.


Mittens Gets Lucky

I spent all day Saturday (between naps) standing vigil by the backdoor in hopes of family Porch Time. Suddenly my pleas were heard on Sunday, and we went out in the early morning hours for some quality time al fresco.

We were all settling in in at our usual spots when suddenly Mittens came bounding down the brick wall at the back of the yard. I imagine how we all must have looked to Mittens, all of our mouths in an "O" formation of surprise.

"Did you see that?" Dad asked as Mittens bounded into the yard next door.

"Do you mean Mittens, or the fact he had a birdy in his mouth?" Mom replied, still stunned.

"A Bird? Are you sure?"

"I saw sparrow tail feathers coming out of the side of his mouth!"

I saw it too. It was like Wild Kingdom - The Reality Show.

Mittens, the kitty who likes to hang out at my place, was getting himself some tweet action right in my yard. Now I am a lover and not a fighter, and I would never harm one of my tweets. Sure a grannycat can dream of the taste of Finch Fancy Feast, but I've never taken action in that direction.

If Mittens is going to go "Native" in my yard the least he can do is take out Mr. Mocking Bird or Lady Mockington. Even I would cheer that effort.

Mom quickly refilled Mittens dish with dry kibble. I think she feels a little guilty.