Floofy Friday

WOW! Floof Alert - this is not a drill!

This has been such a fun week, thanks to everyone who stopped by and everyone who continues to come by or follow. Have a great weekend everyone.



One year and I'm still hungry for more!

Mom loves this photo. It may even be my header for awhile.

This has been a great year and I have all my friends to thank for it. Please come over and enjoy some Meowgaritas and Niptinis (there's milk for the young ones too). I have some tuna, beef jerky and some greens for anyone who'd like them. Mom is going to crack open some wine for the humans.

I thought it might be fun to tell you some of my favorite posts like The Hunger Strike (you'll see how well that went), The Moon, or Lap Rules or my Acatemy award screen plays in February, but then I realized it might be fun to see what all of you like to read or see instead.

Last but not least Her Cheapness (AKA Mommy) is gonna make a donation to my friends The Creek Cats charity Beaufort Community Cat Project in honor of my blogoversary. She was going to have a comment-a-thon but was afraid it might bust the budget, so we'd love your comments, as we always do, but we're donating either way.

Cheers to another year and thanks for all your support!


Word Wednesday - IT

A Couple of Months Ago

Hey Mom, where's my book?

Huh? What book?

MY book, you know the one we wrote together, before we even started to blog - a year ago.

Oh... um... You know that stack of papers on the couch that you like to nap on...


Um, that's IT.

What? I'm napping on IT! Shouldn't you be doing something with IT?

Well I should be trying to get IT published... but (yada, yada, yada - boring human excuses) need to make some changes to IT...

Well then get IT done! I'll even let you slack a bit on commenting if you get IT together. I'm putting my paw down!

Present Day

Okay the deadline is here Mom... is IT done?


Excellent! So what's next?

Well, this is my first time, but editing, maybe an agent, getting IT accepted at a publisher, then more changes and making IT pretty with photos (yada, yada, yada more boring human talk) and then voila!

Okay I'm not letting you slack again.

You know not everyone's book gets published Fin.

I know. I'll be happy and proud if you just try Mom. I'm sure our friends will be too.


Don't Be Ashamed

I don't think I need to tell all of you how embarrassing humans can be. We only have so much control over our human family/staff.

So here's a little game you can play over at your place, if you'd like to join in. If you'd like to point out some of your human's goofy behavior you can post this little badge with honor or shame (or make your own badge of shame).

Here are the things I'd like to report on over here:

  • Mom sings goofy little songs like "Put your paws in the air, Me Me Me-Me-ow" with an accompanying hand gestures above her head, and a little hip action thrown in. I guess this is meant to imitate me politely requesting my meal, as if.
  • Both of them pretending to bat at my cat toy to make me jealous and want to play too.
  • Calling me goofy names like Tinkerfluff, Move It, and Moocharella.
No friends, there won't be any winners in this contest, we wouldn't want to encourage them.

All I can say is that they're lucky I can't take pictures.


Hugs and Memories

Apparently it was Hug weekend, and true to form Mom was all over it. She took every opportunity to hug me at every turn. I took every opportunity to fuss and flail. Gosh I hope that only comes once a year.

This week starts the first day of our Blogoversary week. Yep the 28th will be one year of blogging. It sure has been fun and meeting all of you has made it that way. We have a couple of fun little things planned this week, including the announcement of what IT is. You might remember back in April we started to cut back on our commenting so Mommy could finish IT.

Lastly we'd like to thank the ones who have protected and continue to protect us on this Memorial Day.


I Mean Business

This is exactly how I look to Mom at 4:30am without her glasses.

Can any one resist this look? This is the look of determination - I mean business!

Someone recently asked me how I was able to get Mom to pony up the chow at 4:30am. Well kitties it took a couple of weeks to get Mommy's bladder to a 4:30am start time. Then while she is taking care of her business, I get busy softening her up with lots of pitiful meows to take care of my business. All in a day's work my friends.


Tuxie Tuesday

Although someone once suggested I was kinda a tabby tuxie this post is not about me. I don't know what it is a about all the Tuxie Mancats that makes my paws all sweaty. Maybe it's that they're always dressed in formal wear?

Of course my dear Whicky is a tuxie but since his apes have been plagued with computer and Internet problems... well I know he won't mind if I look.

A lady cat can never have too many admirers or ones she admires. Now I won't call any cat out - you Tuxies know who you are. Just know I think you're very cute. Now there isn't Apricot Mancat Day but if there was, well... They sure are cute too.

As for Mommy she goes crazy for the tabby boys (especially if they have white mixed in). Hey, that color combo sounds familiar. Mommy also likes the grays and the black cats too. Yep we love them all over here.


Cold Shoulder

I'm feeling a little standoffish these days. I get this way about this same time every year. During the winter I can't get enough of Mom's lap, she's so toasty. The lap time begins to taper in the spring as things heat up here in the desert.

This last two weeks has felt like Summer already, so the days of Mom snuggles is pretty much over till Fall. The other reason I abandon the lap is because it's shed season and any snuggle time turns into a hair pulling session. Mommy's obsession with alphalpha hairs is legendary.

Oh yeah, my parents are taking off for a night for a Staycation or kitty abandonment. Who will feed me at 4:30am? Cans don't open themselves.


NFC Vogue

My sweet Sisfur MoMo realized Sunday is National Day in Norway, and has a great post planned on the history of the day of our ancestral homeland. Last year she planned a great trip for us to visit Norway and we swung by the land named after me too (Fin-Land). It was great fun!

Of course I was born with uncertain feline lineage but a vet once suggested I might be NFC, and Mom ran with it because she loves them so. My fellow Norwegian girls embraced me and we joined together as Sisters In Floof (SIF). So in honor of the National Day of Norway, I present the Norwegian Forest Cat Vogue.

"Ladies with an attitude
Fellows that were in the mood
Don't just stand there, let's get to it
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it

"Vogue, vogue"

"Oooh, you've got to
Let your body move to the musi

"Oooh, you've got to just
Let your body go with the flow

"Oooh, you've got to just - Vogue"

"Beauty's where you find it - Move to the Music"

Starring my SIFs (Sisters In Floof) Miss Kitty, Siena, MoMo, Fin, and now a BIF (Brother In Floof) Theodor. Thanks Madonna!


Floofy Friday

Were you missing my floofy belly? I thought you might be.

Thanks for your words of encouragement on the Mockingtons. To my bloodthirsty friends, the whole family invites you to teleport over for a nice meal. Mom is exhausted which is cutting into blog time.

The Paw of Doom is available for hire or lessons. I think the large floofy nature of the paw does give some additional doom qualities for those wondering - but it's really all in the placement of the paw.

As for questions regarding my fountain, it gets filled from time to time, and the fish have been kept inside. Daddy said they made a mess. I am discouraged from drinking out of it, naturally.

It's already too hot here. Too hot for me little bed, too hot for me favorite lap. Really, Mom is hot, and not in a good way (except in Winter). Daddy calls her hands thermo-paws. Snuggle time has to be cut way back.

Have a great weekend! Oh I will be having a special NFC edition post on Sunday.


Mocking Menace II

Dear Mr Mocking Bird or perhaps Lady Mocker,

Your parents must be so proud. The fact that you have mastered an impersonation of a car alarm is a real testament of your skills. However when you show off your fowl linguistics at 2am outside our bedroom window, you're cutting into ME time.

You see I need my rest, as I have critical cat business that starts around 4am. Also when you wake my Mother at 2am she is very crabby when I wake her again at 4:30.

This is not acceptable, please cease and desist immediately. If you continue down this path I will be forced to engage an Attorney At Claw.

Not That Respectfully Yours,

Finny Da Floof



Well I need to apologize to my readers for the slacking of my staff. I got some awards awhile back and Mommy has failed to post them. Tsk, tsk.

I received this little award from my friend Millie of Millie's House. It came with these "guidelines." There is nothing you need do except pass it on to 5 other blogs. If you would like it you may take it... "The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken -- excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens to read their inspiring words."

Wow I love chicken, I don't think I've had a zombie one, but I do love the oven-roasted variety. As always Mommy has slacked and some of you already have this fine award. So if you are commenting here, well I want to pass it on to any cat who loves Chicken and wants to take this one on.

Then I also got this fun award from my friends the Rose Jugglers. I don't think there were even any rules. I love been lawless! Thanks! If anyone wants this cute little fella, please do.


Paw of Doom III

Sunday I was unceremoniously lifted from my sink bed, mid-nap, in order to be put to work.

"Finny there's a big bug in the kitchen. You need to kill it."

"But I was napping Mommy."

"Just get it!" She said as I was plunked down on the hard tile floor. She squealed as she pointed out the large crawler under the dining table.

Hm, I guess I missed one the other day after all. I sauntered over to have a little look. It seemed hardly sporting, but then he headed towards my bowl, so I gave him a good skittering whack. Sure he headed right for Mommy, but I wasn't aiming or anything.

"Mommy I can't concentrate with all that screaming! I have to focus, and it takes time." I circled my prey, and then whap with a single blow, I killed him with the Paw of Doom. "Happy Mother's Day. Clean that up will you, I'm spent. I'm available for snuggles when you're through here."


Floofy Friday - POD II

POD II? Oh yeah, Paw Of Doom Part II

Mommy loves this dreamy action shot.

I don't want you to think I can be easily bought, but I really love my Cat Quest. I cry to play with it. I've even been caught trying to get on the dining table to play with it on my own. Mommy says I can't though, not unsnoopervised. I pointed out the package said it was safe for ages 8 and up, and I'm well over 8. Whatever, come on Mom, swing it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Paw of Doom I

It's arrived! My toy to test! It's called a Crazy Cat Cat Quest (available at fine pet retailers).

Mom, my paw was on the name of toy!

Mommy finally opened the package and naturally I played it cool and ignored it - for a solid minute - but when it's little battery-operated wings started fluttering, well I'm a cat after all. There was a short break in the action as Mommy assembled the toy (30 seconds) and tried to see if she could make a video (5 minutes). She even enlisted Daddy's help to no avail.

I'm so not interested in you little dragonfly
::I felt I needed to catch him off guard::

Whap with the paw of doom,

and he's out of here! Oh no he's coming back for more!

You think you can take me?

You haven't seen the last of the double paws of doom!


Waiting on Wednesday

I think my toy has arrived! There's a package on the dining table. I'm so excited!

Guess what else was on the table? Turns out Daddy did bring me something for their anniversary. Baby's Breath - the flower not the breath of an actual baby. Yum! Naturally I was shooed away but I will be right on top of that situation as soon as they fall asleep.

::Mom Update:: crazykittykat1 says baby's breath is dangerous for cats so it will be whisked right outta here (she really wouldn't have been able to get to it, but why chance it - as grannycats can be very clever). Sorry Fin and thanks crazykittykat1 for the info.


Slacking on Sunday... Monday... Tuesday

Well Mommy was a pretty big blog slacker this weekend, she even took a rare mid-day nap on Sunday (actually I enjoyed that part). Seems she was feeling a bit worn out, and the next couple of days promise to be no better. Tuesday is Mommy and Daddy's wedding anniversary and they are going to go out. I can't imagine why they wouldn't rather stay home and celebrate with the WHOLE family.

Well as long as treats are brought home, I guess it's okay. I prefer the chicken, if anyone is asking. Oh maybe there will be milk and something with whipped cream?


200th Post

Friends, do you ever get a little low on inspiration?

Maybe a little stage-fright if you will.

It's suddenly how we felt about this post. 200 is a huge milestone and it should be something extra special, right? Some of you said you couldn't wait to see what we would do.

A big contest maybe, or be able to announce IT (Mommy swears she's still working very hard on IT), but instead we felt a bit lost.

Mom and I have tried hard to make each of the last 200 posts enjoyable. I can't say there haven't been a couple of lackluster offerings - my staff is only human you know - but by and large we do try.

What has made each of these posts worth the effort is knowing you are out there reading and enjoying them. Each of you mean a great deal to us. It makes us happy to read your comments, but even if you don't, we love knowing you're there. Blogging is an interesting experience and our lives are enriched because of it. We didn't expect to build relationships or to find a community that means so much to us.

Cheers to you my dearest readers!

PS: There will be contests and announcements this month too - of course. May 28th will be our blogoversary.