A Journal of Suspicion - Part 1

Thursday 12:30pm: Mom and Dad leave the house. I suspect lunch.

Thursday 1:20pm: Mom returns alone. I suspect Dad is still in the garage.

Thursday 4:39pm: After an extended nap I searched the house for Dad - and he is still missing. Surely he'll be in soon.

Thursday 6:12pm: Mom eats dinner alone - still no Dad. Quillbert seems totally clueless. Said maybe Dad was just "Out" but I think something is up.

Thursday 9:22pm: Mom is tucked in for the night and Dad is still not here! I will sleep on his pillow so I don't miss his return. Certainly he can't miss our late night cuddle time?

Friday 4:35am: Dad never came home! I woke Quill to question him again. He too is finally starting to worry - He said this has happened twice before but both times both of our parents disappeared! Who would steal a kitten's parents away for days at a time? Quillbert said the other times something evil arrived before hand... I have added the transcript below

Quill: Last time the evil suitcases came down. ::Points to upper shelf of closet:: Those! But they're still here!

Me: They look like fun boxes?

Quill: That's why they are so evil. At first they seem totally fun and have cool smells but then you're parents disappear. 

Me: Our parents get in those tiny boxes?

Quill: No! They put their things in them and wheel them away. ::Shudders:: Then strangers come to feed you!!

Friday 7:05 am: Mom enters the garage.

Friday 7:23am: Mom That Lady reenters the house - with frothy coffee drink. I feel certain she is keeping Dad in the garage. I make a break for the door! She catches me by the hind quarters and the door shuts on the empty garage... Daddy!!!! I will find you!!!


Floofy Friday - 1000 Posts!

We can hardly believe it! 1000 posts!

The first pic to ever appear on the blog. Hi Finny!
Way back at post 1 I never dreamed I had 999 more in me. My Finny never left me at a loss for words. Now I have my two big boys and they still have plenty to say. Between naps...

Yes Greyson is using Quill's paw as a pillow!
I tried to think of something really fun for post 1000... a commentathon? As a cheapster that worried me. So I thought about a penny for my thoughts and $10 seemed too little. Then I thought about you all so kindly throwing in your two cents on each post .02 x 1000 and settled on $20 for kitty charity. It felt like a budget-friendly way to celebrate and honor all the great thoughts you've added to ours over the years.

If it weren't for all of you - I wouldn't still be at it. So thank you for coming by!!

Friday you can now begin!!


Dear Mr Sun

Dear Mr Sun,

Angel Fin left me your email address and I thought it was time I introduce myself. I am the Kitten-In-Charge at the H.C.

First of all let me say I am a big fan of your work. I love your patches on a chilly afternoon. I have to say I think you're working a little too hard lately. You're up at the crack of dawn - I mean that's all you - and staying up late. I gotta ask if maybe Lady Moon isn't pulling her weight at the office?

I don't like to see you pulling down such long hours... and really putting in the hard work while you're there. I mean it's supposed to be over 115 for the next week or so. I think you could dial it back by 10 and everyone would still be really impressed.

Take it from me, no one loves a showboater for long. Why don't you do what I do at the office - make sure your presence is know (I like to knock over a few things on the desk and walk on the keyboard) then get in some long extended naps.

So to recap - chill out. If you need any tips you feel free to contact me. I will email you back between naps.




My Bro

I just love my big brother.

I like to give his ears a little lick bath to show how much I love him. 
Nothing's better than watching an episode of Pidgy TV in our little tub. 

Um, Mom, we may need a little bigger tub...


My New Place

I love my parents and Greyson but sometimes I need to get away from the stresses of the day. So I did what every young mancat does. I started looking for my own place.

I would never want to leave the house, so I had to look inside. Finding a spot where an ample-sized cat can hide is no easy trick. Greyson is like a bloodhound and Mom is just as determined to find me. Greyson already took over my last hide-out under the bed.

I found the perfect spot in the back of the master bedroom closet. It's behind the... maybe I better keep that part quiet. So far only my parents have spotted me.

I've gathered a few old sheets from the hamper to make myself a nice bed. Mom calls it my Nest. Dad calls it my Studio Apartment. I call it comfy.

I sprawl out in the cool darkness and dig in for an extended nap. Yes friends life is good when you have your own place.


Floofy Friday

Better warm up your squee muscles friends. 

It's the Fancy Focus Edition!


We sure are glad to see you Friday!

It's been a long week and we sure are ready for the weekend here. We have big plans for napping and playing. Next week we'll hit a big milestone here at the H.C. Maybe Greyson is dreaming up something fun to celebrate it?


Tuesday Tail

Friends, Quill here. I have to tell you I'm a little worried. Mr Tail seems to be, er, thinning at the tip. Even as a kitten, Mr Tail has been a problem.

From the start he liked to photo bomb.
He was getting so full and lush, I really thought he was going to demand his own blog. He was even in cahoots with Mom to try to get his own Twitter feed.

In fuller days...
Lately I've noticed he has been far less sassy. I think he might be ::Whispers:: balding.

Hey Greyson? Does Mr Tail look a little thin to you?

Um, er, no. Lemme look.


You know, this picture may explain a lot...


Floofy Friday - Gone Wild

Well hello there...

Hey Quill, watcha doing?

Greyson get down! I was trying to lure Friday over.

I'm bored... Wanna wrassle?
No Greyson! I don't want Friday to feel unwelcome..
I'm gonna play with your paw!


I'm gonna get it!

Oh you're gonna get it alright!
If you scared away Friday with your shenanigans Mom is gonna be mad!

Disclaimer: No felines were injured during the making of this post. It looks wild but they are both really gentle with each other.



My squinty eye is getting better.
I even decided to let my parents put drops in it. 

I find taking lots of naps really helps.

See. You can't even tell which one is squinty. It's the left one. 
Mom says she can still see a little swelling...

But she applies liberal kisses.

Quill gives me lots of licks but we still wrassle too. 
Till Mom tells us to knock it off...



Greyson (Fleeing the Prisoner Transport Unit (PTU)): Quillbert!! I'm home, thank Cod!

Quill (Sniffing suspiciously): Who are you little cat?

Greyson: Bro! It's me - Greyson!

Quill: You don't smell like Greyson... You smell like... the place that shall not be named.

Greyson: The Vets?

Quill: Shhh! Yes, you're not supposed to name it.

Greyson: That's were our parents took me!! The tricked me into the PTU and carted me off. Didn't you realize we were gone?

Quill: It was really quiet... Was it the eye? I told you to stop squinting in front of them. What did they do to you?

Greyson: They put gunk in my eye and shined bright lights at me. Now I have to get gunk in my eye two times a day - if they can catch me.

Quill: Come here, lemme give you bath.

Mom here: Greyson's eyelid is swollen but no scratches on his eye. Yea! So drops for a week to take the swelling out and make it hurty less. Hopefully he forgives us soon. I knew he was feeling poorly when he welcomed Quill cleaning his face last night (yes it was super cute!). Thanks for your purrs and well wishes for our little man. The Vet confirmed Greyson is also a big boy. He weighed in just under 9 lbs at 7 months. Maybe buying that Miracle Grow kitten food was a mistake...


Good Vibrations

Hi Friends. We've not had the easiest weekend here for the following reasons:

1. It's smokin hot here - even with the cold blowy air - the family has been like slugs.

2. Saturday the cable repair guy came and while I was hiding inside Mom's lounger - Greyson yaked up his first furball. Right in front of the cable guy. I could tell he was just doing it to protect me and send the guy packing. He's a good little bro like that.

3. Greyson has the squints in one eye today and a little bit of gunk in the corner. He is still running around like a crazy kitten and no one sees anything in his eye. Mom is worried he might have gotten a paw to the face during some wrestling or something. So if you could spare a few little purrs that everything is okay before they haul him off to the VET tomorrow it would sure be nice.

Thanks Friends! Hope everything is well at your place!!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Ho Hum Thursday... Where's your pal Friday?
Quill: I think I see Friday!! Friday is coming Greyson!!
Greyson: Mom says Friday and Saturday are bringing Hot Weather.  I hear Hot Weather is no fun at all, although I understand his cousin Bad is even worse. I may need to brush up on my penmanship.

Have a great weekend Friends!


Trim Tuesday

Why hello Friends! As you can see I am a trim 15 lbs. 
Reports of needing to cut back on treats is highly exaggerated.

What? You wanna check out my lush belly?
Just more of me to love ladies...
More of me to love.
I am large boned you know!

Squeak! Greyson! Outta my shot! 
Camera Hog!


Weighing In

Well, it happened. Our parents decided to weigh us both this morning.

The verdict (exclamation points implied):

  • Quill - 15 lbs at 13 months
  • Me - 8 lbs at 7 months
Good thing Quill is gentle during our wrestling matches. He could squash me like a bug if he tried. I'm small but I'm fearless and scrappy! I take him down as often as he takes me down.

Mom suspects Quill might be a wee bit heftier than he should be. Though I guess he gets a wide latitude - to match his load - heh heh - cause of his suspected Maine Coon roots.

So anyway, more playtime is on the menu! Sounds good to me! More snacks for me too - I have a lot of catching up to do! I hope I have Maine Coon roots!