Floofy Friday

Sun Bathing Edition

Mom: Can you see the pink tongue? Too Cute!

Finny: Mom you're embarrassing me!

Happy Pre-Weekend friends! We are all so very happy it's rolled around again. Nothing big planned here. Still too hot to do much of anything.

Mom's finally hitting her stride on her writing project. Still a long way to go, but she is pretty excited. Yawn, I understand there won't be any cats in it.


Ruling Class

What Mom? I'm not supposed to be on the table?
No I wasn't aware of that... 

I think if you look up Rule 22, Sub-Paragraph 5 and 6 of the Cats Don't Follow Rules Rulebook you'll see that the "No Cats on the Dining Table" rule you speak of is actually null and void. Feel free to review that Mom. I'll  be right here when you're done.


Too Far

I'll admit it friends, sometimes I go too far. Last night was just such an occasion.

Mom stayed up late (that was totally on her, I have no blame there). Mom's late arrival to bed disturbed Dad's schedule. He got up around midnight. He was nice enough to provide a midnight snack at my request.

I became rather thirsty around 2:30. Naturally a fresh drink is much better than a stale one, so I woke Mom to let her know my dish was in need of a refill. She was a bit crabby, but she caved by 2:45.

Can I help that her bladder is well-trained to wake at 3:30? She was already up, so I requested some snuggles, loudly.

Was I really hungry at 4:30am, my usual breakfast time? No not really, but it was 4:30. If I don't wake her at 4:30 one day she gets totally spoiled.

She was really crabby then... what a drama queen. I could tell she was pretty sleepy too. If I let her fall fully asleep, it was going to be impossible for her to wake up at 5:30, right? I felt a mew every five minutes would do the trick.

Maybe I should have "Shut It!" by 4:50, or "Knocked that out" by 5:15. Really the line is thin... how are you to know you've crossed it until it's too late? So my pre-departure snuggles this morning were a bit... tense, but by this afternoon we are solid again.

So the question is, do I lay off till 4:30 tonight? Maybe 4:15...


Dance of the Seven Tails

I'll admit it, I'm very pleased with my training of Mom when it comes to my early morning feeding. I like to show my appreciation for her efforts every morning.

I do the Dance of the Seven Tails.

Tail One: The Attention Grabber - A light flick in the face of a sleeping human almost always works.

Tail Two: The Balancer - Held straight out for balance as I get my sink sips from the faucet as she does her morning business.

Tail Three: The Zoomie Tail - Used down the hallway as I race ahead to my dish. (Zoomie tail is like an upside down J and is the typical tail placement for any running activity)

Tail Four: The Waiting Tail - Swished from side to side while waiting, forever, for her to open the can of food, add my flavor enhancers and make up my Fin pocket. I need a meal after the hours pass with all this prep.

Tail Five: The Ring Tail - A close walk around the outside of the legs of Mom with the tail held out for extra contact. This can be coupled with a head butts to the calves.

Tail Six: The InFINity Tail - The most intricate of all the tail maneuvers and should only done by a professional. As she walks to the final dish location I do a figure eight around her legs. It can lead to a paw being stepped on, so do be careful. She tends to yell something out too, but at this point I hear only the sound of my rumbly tummy.

Tail Seven: The Happy Nom, Nom Tail - Curled around my body as I get down to nom, nom, nom eatin business.

I think it's important to show your gratitude. Don't you agree?


Floofy Friday

Sunpatch Edition

Hope you enjoy your weekend in the sun too.

I plan a relaxing weekend of napping, snacking, and sleeping (no, it's not the same as napping). It's still super hot here so my parents plan more laying around like slugs (it's what they're known for). Anybody have something fun planned?


What's Up Wednesday

With so many things going on at the H.C. I thought I would do a little wrap-up.

  • You can still have a chance to win a copy of my book by registering to win at my friend (and fellow kitty author) Sparkles' place. I'm pretty excited because I'm going to get a chance to give away a copy of her new book soon!
  • I started eating my Fin Pockets again. I got tired of Mom blowing in my face because, yes she does enjoy garlic, and no she did not take the time to enjoy a mint before. You know what friends... I think there may be a pill in those Fin Pockets...
  • I'm still enjoying Dining table time, but no leap has been made to the counter. I'm biding my time.
We finally have the postcards for me to pawtograph (and Mom will sign it too, yawn) if you bought a copy of My Book from Amazon or elsewhere. So if you want a pawtographed bookmark/postcard just drop us an email with your address (and how you'd like it addressed) and we will happily send it on it's way.  You're support for the book has been so awesome and we want to thank you personally. You can find our email address on our profile.


What The?

Saturday I decided I wasn't in any mood for my Fin Pocket treats. The crunchy center seemed a bit too crunchy for my taste. A grannycat has a right to choose to eat a yummy treat or leave it behind. Well you'd have thought I had refused to eat at all based on my parents reaction.

My parents were stressed when I repeatedly left my morning treat behind, and completely freaked when I repeatedly left my second treat of the day behind.

Next thing I knew they were plotting away in the kitchen, talking under their breaths, looking over at me, and then quickly looking away again. Very suspicious. Next thing that I knew I was belly-up in Mom's arms. I was prepared to flail at the first sign of scissors, as this is the typical de-knotting position, but instead Dad and Mom snuggled me between them. Dad gave some excellent neck scritches, and then things took a turn.

I mewed my delight to Dad to say thanks for the pets. I would swear he threw something down my throat when I mewed, and then Mom blew on my face. I was so shocked I gulped whatever it was down in surprise.

What the Hell-o-kitty was that about?!?

Mom placed me on the floor and I couldn't help but notice how pleased they looked with themselves. I think I need to be vigilant friends.

::Mom distracts kitty readers with catnip mouse:: Fin's Pockets are really Pill Pockets and the center is her hyperthyroid pill. She has started to randomly refuse her treat after a year and it's freaking us out. We finally had to take matters into our hands. We were shocked at how easy it went down, but I think she's suspicious now. Please send good thoughts she goes back to the treats.


Floofy Friday

Another buried treasure, or two.

It's just too hot. It's going to be literally 113 degrees the next couple of days. The family and I are going to lay about like slugs. Even with the air it's just too darn hot. Seriously. Stay frosty friends, and have a great weekend.


Buried Treasure

Last year my arty and talented friend Seth Apter of  The Altered Page had a challenge to post your favorite post of the prior year. I met some delightful friends and of course I wanted to do it again. Last year I re-posted my favorite of that year, called And The Moon about a human variety of the celestial body (otherwise known as Mom's lily-white tush).

This year was hard too because I had so much fun with so many posts. I was going to do one of my posts from Cat-O-Lympics from February, but I decided that was too soon, and dug farther back. So I chose a post from Hunt Week called The Ham Safe. Please enjoy.

As soon as I hear her in the kitchen, I get very excited as I know she'll be opening the doorway to our hunting ground. Many of you know it as The Ham Safe.

Mom stands at the doorway, viewing the bounty within.

I run from any corner of the house as I join her for the hunt. I can always tell it's her, and not him, by the tentative and joyously slow way she lingers, surveying her possible kill. The cold wind blows through my floof, as I rest my paws on the bottom edge. I catch the smells of all the possibilities.

"You hungry?" She asks.

"Mew! (Yep. How about a snark of ham?)" I reply.

"Nah. Too... meaty. What about cheese?"

"Mew! (Perfect! I prefer the string cheese.)"

She dives down deep into the meat drawer. Her mighty paws thrusting away the rejected options. She holds her prey up to the light. Victory. She places her foot under my belly and unceremoniously drags me gently back from a kill of my own. The door shuts, cutting off my own hunt.

I lament the cruel injustice of it all, as I watch her try to rip into the plastic wrapper like a bear with a picnic basket. Wait, there's still a chance of victory for the small floofy huntress... will she make a drop? Which do you think I want more? The cheese or the wrapper?


What's in a Name?

Many of you might have noticed that my name ::whispers:: sounds like a boy cat name. My friends know I am a female feline in my grannycat years, but my name doesn't quite reveal that. Mom had no idea that my name sounded boyish till I started blogging. I know many of you suffer similar fates, boys with girlie name and girls with boyish names.

So how did I get my name?

Those of you who have read my book are all yelling out the answer now I'm sure. Fin is from the French word Fini which Mom claims means finished. She was so happy the search to find the perfect kitten (me) was finished she said C'est Fini and that became my name.

I have lots of names. Seems humans everywhere have a hard time naming their pets and keeping consistent. You can understand the variations on your name, Finny and Finny Da Floof are mine. It's the ones that are a complete departure that have me stumped.

Speed Bump - Sure I like to sit in the hallway refusing to move, but really.

Toontz or Toontzy - ??

Junior - I am not sure who is my Senior, but it makes me feel part of the family.

What do you call your humans?


Training Tuesday

Jim: Well Bob, we're back, after an extended hiatus after Cat-O-Lympics.

Bob: I was relaxing on the beach... Do you know why we're here Jim?

Jim: Seems our hostess Fin of Finland has called us out to take a look at some new moves she's working on.

Bob: Wow Jim, how exciting! Do you know what she's been working on Jim?

Jim: No Bob she's kept it tightly under wraps. Grannycats keep these things tight to the fur you know. It's the  mark of a true professional. Oh Bob, we're being asked to keep it down. Fin looks serious.

Bob: I don't understand Jim, we've seen these moves before. Beside the fountain, looking in and looking out from inside it, all classics. Can there really be something new here Jim?

Jim: Oh. Well Bob this seems new. Excellent form using the tail for balance and stability. HOLY COD Bob look at that!

Bob: She is going for a balance beam routine Jim! Look at that form! Surely she can't maintain that kind of effort for long...

Jim: Mother Fluff Bob! She appears to be going for a "Ring-Around-The-Rosie" maneuver! And look Bob there's scummy water in the bowl! One misstep and our granny could be in the pool!

Bob: She's halfway around the base Jim! She looks like she can take it ALL THE WAY! OH NO!!!

Jim: What an upset Bob. It appears she had a mid-point dismount. She looks shaken Bob. It's a good thing it's just training. Best of luck Finny, we know you will pull it off by the next games.


Floofy Friday

What's that friends? You think I'm on the dining table here?

You know what, I think you're right... it is the dining table.

Did you have something to say Mom? No? Cat got your tongue?

Boo-Ya Kitties! I'm back in the high-life again. Can the counter be far behind? I think not. Can you believe it's Friday already? 

Guess what? I've been working on some granny moves and I'm calling Jim and Bob (of Cat-O-Lympics fame) out for training day commentary next week.


Lil Me

How cute was I? Check out the ear floof. It's a wonder I made it out of my kittenhood with my hearing intact, after all the squealing I heard. For a while I thought my name would be "AWWWWW!"

Here I am in my mid-kitten year. 
Lots of cattitude, some things never change.

Please ignore the Indian headdress pillow Mom made in the background, she was so proud of it. Of course it's ruining my model shot. The pawparazzi, is so unreliable. Can't live with em and can't blog without em.


New Food

Well the food war continues here at Casa De Housecat. Mom was so determined to have me try the new kidney-health food that I gave in. Well it was only a few hours later that I realized there was a reason I don't like to eat food with rice.

::Whispers:: It upsets my tummy.

So there I was, feeling gastric distress, and I let out the meow you save for times when things are really not right in your world. You know the one. Guaranteed to jolt a human Mom out of a dead sleep at any hour of the night. They come running.

I gave her a look of sadness and a hint of "I told you so" mixed in. She felt bad. She decided to back to my regular food till the upset wore off, but now I don't really want to eat that either. It's a free for all. Anyone know of a good kidney food with ample gravy and no rice?

Book Alert: You can win a free copy of my book by entering a comment on my great friend, and fellow cat author, Sparkle's blog post here. You just have to leave a comment saying you want to win before the 21st of July. Sparkle will be coming out with her second book soon and I think I will get to give a copy of her book to one of you. Cool huh?


Tattle Tail Tuesday

Well my parent's vacation is over at last. It was nice to have them around in greater supply, but I will say it's going to be nice to get this place back into a regular routine again.

They started out keeping fairly close to the daily routine. My breakfast at 4:30 and my dinner at 4:30 but soon everything else went to heck. After my breakfast was served, Mom went back to bed and sometimes slept in as late as 8am! I know, it's shocking.

They came and went as they saw fit. Movies in the middle of the day, and trips to drive around the city at 10pm. Soon they were taking naps in the late afternoon. I had no time quiet time for Mousey.

I found getting them up to care for my needs was becoming difficult. Dad asleep in the guest room after a hard game of WWI Airplanes and Mom snoring in the big bed. I was forced to camp in the middle of the hallway and call out until someone came to my rescue.

"MEW?" Hellooooo, who will feed me my dinner?

"MEOW!" Elder grannycat starving in the hallway! I might faint soon.

Yes it's going to be good to have order restored. You can't have your parents running around like carefree kittens.


Red, White and True

As promised here's Mom's post, hope you enjoy it. Happy Independence Day America!

I don’t remember the first time that I participated in my Mom’s Fourth of July Parade. There is a picture though… I'm young, perhaps two or three years old, and I'm perched on top of a pony with my mother by my side. A small crowd is gathered around us and we all smile and wave for the camera, taken on a rural road outside my grandparent’s home.

The summer when I was six, our family moved to our new home in Studio City, California. By the Fourth of July my sister and I had only had time to make one new friend, Darren, a boy who lived four houses down from us. We had already bored of the summertime activities.

We begged my mom to think of something to entertain us. She suggested we have a Fourth of July Parade, like she the one she started back home. Often she told us the story of how she started the parade, how each year the number of participants grew, and how fun it could be if we started the tradition in our new neighborhood.

Naturally we fought the idea initially as there were only three of us (Mom suggested we take the dog too). Eventually we dressed up in red, white and blue outfits, we found flags, we decorated our dog in crepe paper streamers, and we carried pots and wooden spoons to create marching music.

Mom cheered from the front lawn as we marched down the sidewalk from the front of our home down to Darren’s. We waved our flags proudly and tried to bang out “The Star-Spangled Banner” on pots, although it frightened the heck out of the dog (and any other hearing being).

It was not long before we began to gain the attention of the other neighbors (I don’t wonder why) who stoically watched our determined route back and forth. Passing cars honked appreciatively. We grew tired of parading pretty quickly and we were sure the new neighbors thought we were nuts.

The following year in June my Mom again suggested the parade. I complained bitterly that I didn’t want to do it because we looked foolish (a parade of three), I didn’t like the cars honking at us, and the pot banging simply had to go. I felt certain, at age seven, this reasoning would get me out of it. Instead she conceded to gathering additional resources to join us, changing the parade route to the quieter side street, and following in a car with the radio blaring marching music.

The parade was on. I was doubtful, but true to her word she invited all the families we knew and lured them with the promise of free lemonade and spaghetti dinner at the end of the parade.

We started about six blocks from our house with about ten to fifteen people. We picked up anyone willing to join us along the way and ended with about twenty people at my house, with the free lemonade and spaghetti promised for participation.

Each year the participants swelled. Mom’s parade discouraged no one from participation. This is no formal affair as you can see… if you want to lead the parade, you just move to the front… if you want to be in the drum line, you bring your pot and spoon…. if you want to ride in a float, you make your own.

As we grew older, my sister and I began to spend the summer away with my dad. My Mom continued the tradition without us for a time, but eventually it became too much for her to manage. She decided she could not host the parade. Luckily the new guard of neighborhood mothers took up the cause and the tradition continued (without the free spaghetti).

About five years ago my Mom decided to sell her home, and follow her heart to the Napa Valley. Before she moved, we decided to go back and see the parade one last time. We watched with amazement at all the people gathered. Someone in the crowd recognized my mother and pulled her into the gorgeous red convertible that was leading the parade. Her face was flushed with joy as she looked at the “little” parade she started so long ago.

Does the parade still continue? I really hope so, because when I think of the “Spirit of America”, I think of that parade… of kids on their bikes and pulled in red wagons waving the flag, of dogs decorated in crepe paper steamers, but most of all… I think of my Mom, who always encouraged us to take the single step from the curb into the street and not just watch the parade go by, but to risk looking like a fool and make one of our own.


Floofy Friday

Hey Friends! It's Friday and time for the floof!

Can you handle more?

It's been a scorcher this week here. We're supposed to have cold snap and get down to a chilly 104. Brr. Can you feel the chill? Thank Cod for air conditioning. 

Mom and Dad are both off this weekend and we are enjoying family time. Course they went to the movies, in the middle of the day, and I wasn't invited. Not that I wanted to go, but it would have been nice to be asked. At least there are in-house Netflix marathons planned too.

I decided to throw Mom a bone and let her post her Fourth of July Story again this year so drop by on Sunday for a special Mom post. 

I will be spending the day under the bed as always. Darn Fireworks. Why do you have to be so noisy on your birthday America?

What are you up to this weekend friends? Whatever it is I hope you have a great one!



Mom: Here Finny, here's your new food from the Vet. Looks yummy doesn't it?

Fin: Nope.

Mom: Aren't you even going to give it a little taste?

Fin: Nope. I'd like my old food please.

Mom: I mixed your old food in with the new food, so it's practically like your old food...

Fin: Nope.

Mom (firmly): Well that's your meal, so you need to eat it. It's your only option.

Fin: I don't think so. We'll see.

Mom: Yes we will.

Cue cat mewing for hours on end till the wee hours of the night.

Mom (crabby and desperate): Fine!! Here's your mother lovin old food. Are you happy now?!

Fin: Yep