Floofy Friday

Quill: We are deep into the hots! 

What's a big floofy cat to do?

Go belly up of course!

You wanna rub this tummy Friday? 
Go ahead! I'm into it!

It's only dangerous when I act flirty. My parents call it the Quilly Fly Trap, cause I'll snap it shut suddenly with your hand as the fly!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: This is the best hidey spot ever! Quill, Friday, my parents.... who'll walk past and get the shock of their lives I wonder?

 Is that someone now?
 Ha! Quill is headed right for me!!

Gotta Go!! Pounce in 3,2,1...


Floofy Friday

Greyson: I sure hope Friday comes soon...

It's not possible for Friday to forget is it? Mom would freak out! She's been so anxious for Friday to get here this week! 
Nah. Of course Friday can't resist this level of floofy mancatliness. I should just take a nap, it's too much pressure.


Floofy Friday

 Lil G: Well Friday as you can see, Mom is fulling slacking on her blogging duties. She claims she's still on vacation! Yeech! It's been a week already! I mean I am a busy office cat, and this kind of loose work ethic doesn't fly with me. You know she's going to be good for nothing when she goes back Monday!

Quill: Never mind the kid Friday... how about a nice belly rub? Look how soft my furs are!