Happy Mew Year!

Mom: Hey boys, time for your Mew Year photo shoot!

Oh Quill you moved! 

Greyson, be still!

What is wrong with you two, why can't you let me get some nice pics for the last post of 2015?

Greyson: Mom! Look at what's outside!

Mom: Is it Friday?

Quill: No! Look!

 Mom: Wow! Look at the size of that dove!

Quill: He's huge - like a ball with tail feathers!

Mom: Still I'm pretty excited about THIS Friday's visit. 

Quill: That's right it's a special day here at Casa De Housecat. It was Fin's Birthday and it's Mom's B-Day too!

Happy Mew Year to all of you!! Your friendship and continued support means so much to us!


Merry Floofy Friday

Mom: Boys.... Boys wake up. 

Greyson: Huh? Friday?

Mom: No it's me. I wanted to get your pictures for the blog.

Quill: Mom! We were napping! My fur is all mussed. My Cod what if Sandy Claws or Friday sees us with messy ruffs?

Mom: I have on authority that Friday and Sandy Claws both love kitties, even messy furred ones. 

Quill: Good. 

From all of us here at the H.C. we wish our friends a very happy holiday season. 

Purrs and Hugs

Meg and The Boys


Floofy Friday

Lil G: ZZZZzzzzzz
Quill: Greyson! Greyson wake up! Friday's coming!

Well I'm ready for it! Attentive and ready!

Uh Oh... what if Friday forgets to come?

Mom: ::Applies kisses of comfort to that sweet face:: Don't you worry Quilly-Bear Friday would never forget you boys!


Floofy Friday

Quill: ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday: Hey Quill? Buddy?

Quill: What? Uh? Oh Friday it's you!! Greyson was so afraid you wouldn't keep coming cause of last week's-

Greyson: Debacle!

Friday: Don't worry boys I come every week! So what's been happening?

Quill: Look at our awesome new boxes!

Greyson: There's two of em - side by side!

Quill: ::Whispers:: Of course mine is the only one that say's "Rockstar" on the side...


Holy Cod! What a Slacker!

Lil G here hiding out under this impossibly girly blanket from sheer embarrassment...

Wait... Why am I embarrassed? It was Mom who forgot it was FRIDAY! And then was too lazy to even post an apology to Friday when she remembered later that night!

I think she thought she was in the clear even, until one of our loyal readers (Hi Pat!) wrote to ask about our well-being. Boy did I lay on the guilt! I demanded a retraction, or a, what's the opposite of a retraction? An action? Whatevs. A post. Thanks Pat for calling this oversight to my attention. I will ensure she gets back on the important cat business.  


Full Friday

Greyson: Hey Quill! Mom left a TON of food in our dish!!

Quill: Really? Wow!

Greyson: Snarf, chomp! Hey Friday come on over there's plenty!

Friday: Thanks boys! Hey where is your Mom?

Greyson: She and Dad went out early this morning.

Friday: And the left a ton of food.... and is that extra water too?

Greyson; Yep! Enjoy!

Quill: Wait you don't think....

Friday: Did you think they went out of town?

Quill & Greyson: ::Gasp::

Quill: But Greyson already ate most of the food!! Look at him, he looks like a bowling ball!!

Friday: Gotta say you're looking a little extra floofy too...

Quill: I'm a nervous eater! Sure hope they are coming back soon... I never thought I'd say this, but I sure hop Aunt Jenny is coming by to check on us....

Mom Update: No kitties (or Friday) were starved for this post. Seriously though, I can't believe how much those cats ate in 24 hours! 


Floofy Friday

Friday: ::Whispers:: Hey Greyson, are you napping?

Greyson: What? Huh? No. I'm awake.

Friday: It's okay buddy, Now that you're a little older - well, it can be hard to stay up real late...

Greyson: But I'm only three!

Friday: That's how it starts! You've seen how your parents fall asleep whenever they sit still? It's only a matter of time buddy. Don't worry, a lot of good ideas come from naps... plus you know, you're a cat. It's kinda expected...


The Horror!

Greyson: Hey Mom, do you remember what happened last week on Wednesday?

Mom: It was a really stressful day at work... and I hadn't been sleeping much...

Greyson: Anything cat-related?

Mom: Um, no...

Greyson: Right! Absolutely nothing cat-related! Now, why do you think that would be a problem?

Mom: Uh...

Greyson: It was my third birthday!!

Mom: WHAT?! No!!

Greyson: Yes!

Mom: Oh my COD! I'm so sorry Greyson! How could such a thing happen!?

Greyson: I don't know! Luckily, I am very forgiving - I'll just need extra cuddles from everyone and LOTS of extra treats.

Mom: Of course! Anything Lil G!

Lookit how cute I was as a baby!


Floofy Friday


Hey, Friday - you wanna curl up under the covers with me?

Oh sure there's room... Mom's lap is pretty ample. 

Besides, she is super happy to see you!!



Keeping Warm

It's finally starting to get a little cool here in the desert. So my focus turns to keeping warm and toasty.

My most preferred methods:
  1. Spooning with Quill. Sadly I have to wait till his sleeping and then tuck against his floofy tum. It works great till he wakes up, then I have to act like it was a mistake.
  2. Cuddles with Dad. Delightful, but he's not around as much.
  3.  Drafting heat off Mom. At night I wait till she turns over and then tuck into the warm spot along her back - it's awesome.
  4. Cuddles under the cover with Mom. I can't stay under there for long but it's good for a quick warm up and it makes Mom so happy. 
  5. Running around the house like a crazy boy! Fun!!
What about you friends? What do you do to get warm?

Greyson (lil G)


Floofless Friday

Quill: Sorry Friday, I can't be photographed today...

Greyson: Me either!!

Quill: See it all happened when we developed a couple tiny little mats on our hunches... tiny ones, barely worth mentioning...

Greyson: Mine were tiny, yours were huge!

Quill: What? Yours were huge! It looked like a small mouse riding shotgun on your leg!

Greyson: Well you had a bunch!

Quill: Anyway, Mom is a knot hunter of the highest order. She finds a mat an offense, as Angel Fin used to say "An arrow of grooming humiliation." She can't help herself!

Greyson: Oh yes she could!

Quill: Every time we cuddle her hands race right for them to assess the size and removal viability. Usually she keeps tiny scissors and trims out just the mat but never likes to get close to the skin. And to tell the truth neither of us minded too much.

Greyson: Until now!! She was in a frenzy!!

Quill: She couldn't find the little scissors and Dad could only find the big shears... And well, there's a little... unevenness...

Greyson: Hack Job! We look like a lawn mower went over our back sides!

Friday: Come on now boys, how bad can it be? Come out, let's see... OH! Well, um, under the bed is nice too....


No Peace?

Our Mom has failed to blog for peace!

What will Peace think?

Will Peace be irritated, like me, that Mom failed to blog for it?

Mom assures me that Peace (by nature) is a forgiving sort... Sure hope she's right. I mean we're huge fans of it!

We observed the day by napping by Mom in her office ALL DAY! We didn't even wrastle!

Lil G


Floofy Friday

Friday: Hey Quill! Look at that tummy floof!

Quill: Thanks Friday! I'm growing my winter coat, which requires lots of naps, and belly rubs. Floof growing is hard work. 

Friday: Did your mom get her book of for the editor?

Quill: She sure did Friday! Now I just need to convince her to write our book next... Do you think this sweet face gets it done Friday?

Friday: How can she resist that?


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Where oh where is Friday?

Mom: Greyson, Look over here! 

Greyson:: Half Airplane Ear:: Friday!! You're here at last!!

Friday: So handsome!

Greyson: Thanks Friday! We sure are happy to see you around again! Mom has been whining all week about how MUCH she missed you!

Mom's book is almost ready to go to the editor!! Yippee!!


Floofy Friday

Look Friday! 
Greyson's Back!

Well... his backside anyway. 

And his actual side.

And the squinty top side....

See what I mean Friday? 
He's not easy to take a picture of - I swear!
He's always playing with something, and as soon as he sees the camera he squints.
So cute and so impossible - gotta love our Lil G.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Hey Friday! We sure are glad to see you this week!
What? Yes. I have taken over the blog for a coupe weeks now. It's nice. Oh sure Greyson is still here... he's always here. 

This face? I give this expression whenever mom tries to pull her hand away during a bath. She complains that I lick the exact same on her hand till it's raw. 

She'll be all "Quillbert, that's enough in that spot. Maybe you could move a hair to the left?" 

Then I give the look above which is my "Really? You don't think that's clean yet do you? Do you?" 
It works too, because she usually turns it back over to me to finish. 

What about you Friday? I could get those whites to sparkle.



Floofy Friday

Mom: Quill pose nice now...

Quill: Is this good?
What did you say Mr. Foo dog?

Friday's here!
Hey Friday! So nice to see you! We sure have missed you!

Friday: You wanna play chase?

You're it Friday!!



Greyson and Quill sit at the end of the bed staring anxiously at their human Mom. Waiting. It's past breakfast time on a Sunday morning.

Greyson: When is she gonna get up, I'm starving!

Quill: Me too! Let me see what I can do.

Moving to mid-bed, Quill issues an urgent squeak. Mom's hand automatically comes up for a pet. Quill rubs her hand to begin an impromptu petting session before returning to Greyson.

Greyson: What was that?

Quill: A little cuddle time. Oh right I was supposed to get her up... but she seems really sleepy.

Greyson: Ridiculous! I'm going in! Should I walk across her shoulder, hip or head? ::Tummy Growls:: Right! Pace across all three!

Jumping on at mid-thigh, Greyson stumps across Mom. She wiggles and groans until he falls off.

Greyson: That's it! I'm bringing out the big guns!

Quill: Not the litter box?

Greyson: Yes.

Quill holds Greyson back with paw to whisper: Don't bury.

Greyson looks at Quill with newfound respect: Now that's the kind of evil genius thinking I'd like to see more of around here brother!


Floofy Friday

Quill: Oh yes, that's the spot. So glad you moved that silly old keyboard off the desk Mom. I mean look at all the room I have to spread out and get some cuddles. 

Mom: I am going to need to work here soon....

Quill: Oh. Hey Friday! Just getting another neck rubbin. I do love them. Doesn't everyone?

Friday: Sorry, I'm distracted by the size of those massive paws!

Quill: Oh these? That's Mom's average lady hand as a comparison....

Friday: Wow! You know what they say about big paws...

Quill: Big hearts? That's what Mom always says. That I'm a sweet, sweet boy. 

Friday: Um, I don't think that's what they say... ::Whispers::

Quill: What? Who'd say that? Whatever. Let's go play Friday! Time for some house zoomies. Greyson can't resist a good game of chase!



I was hanging out in the den when Mom got up and rooted around in the kitchen for a little snack. Now, 9 out of 10 times she gets nothing good. We're not huge fans of human food for the most part.

I noticed she brought back a little sack, and I have to say that peaked my interest. Treats always come in plastic sacks - so of course I needed to inspect.

When she opened up the package the most heady aroma came wafting across the distance. Beef Jerky - how you vex me. Naturally I had to request a bite - and be pretty firm about it. 

Dad was all "Greyson! Get off your Mom's head!" But who can have manners when there is jerked beef right at your paws and jaws?

Tonight, when everyone is asleep, I'm coming for you friend. No cabinet doors can keep me and Quill out...


Floofy Friday

Quill: Friday? Is that you buddy?
Friday: I'm here pal!

Quill: Thank Cod! Mom has been super excited to see you! She's been busy, but luckily she still has time for a nice neck massage. Yes Mom, a deep tissue massage, a little to the left. Friday, you want in on this neck rub action?

Mom: If you'll stick around Friday, I'm in!



Greyson: Mom?

Mom: What? Huh?

Greyson: Have you noticed how much you've abandoned the blog recently? I mean really - Floofless Friday?

Mom: Well, I have been kinda busy... new book almost finished, blah, blah, new job, stressful, blah, Aunt Jenny moving here, and blah, blah, blah.

Greyson: Whatevs. I'd like to see some action here at the H.C. on a more regular basis. I mean Quill and I are darling 24/7 - so there shouldn't be any reason why you're lacking in the material department. Cod knows there's plenty of cat-deprecating humor to go around - just look at yourself.

Mom: What do you mean?

Greyson: Just your tabby striped hair should be enough for a post... And don't even get me started on where our new book should be in the line-up! Let's get back to work lady!


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Noooooooooooooooo!

It's not okay Mom came home smelling of our Cousin Cat Klaus. And she had ginger cat furs on her lap!! That's OUR Mom Friday!

Friday: Look Lil' G you need to show her what she's missing. 

Greyson: Great idea! Look at this tummy!

Friday: Oh yes Lil' G, that'll keep her home at your beck and call!


Floofy Friday

Do you ever stop to smell the roses Friday?

If you ever have trouble finding some, I can help you fish some out of mom's closet. Course they're not the best smelling since they're silk... 

Hope you all have a great weekend!



They're Here!

Well Aunt Jenny (and her pets) are now residents of NV. No one mentioned that meant OUR Mom would be going over there all the time to "help" get her settled.

Also failed to mention that OUR Mom would be snuggling with said pets. Somecat named Klaus has marked her legs with his fur, and her LAP!

It's so wrong! Those are MY LEGS!!



Floofy Friday

Greyson: Friday?

Quill: Smells like Mom...
Tastes like Mom too!

Greyson: Mom? Ugh! I'm out!

Quill: I'm staying, she gives a good belly rub.

Happy Weekend Friends!!

Please send good thoughts to help our Aunt Jenny move here to Las Vegas with her pets this weekend safe and sound.



Greyson here - Lots of new stuff happening here at Casa De Housecat - well at least for our mom.

She's in her second week of her new job. She's enjoying it and claims she's learning a lot of new things. Meanwhile, have to admit her "new" job looks exactly like her "old" job - lots of typing, talking on the phone and staring at her monitor. Meh.

Still Quill and I are putting in the long hours to ensure she is snoopervised properly. Her hours changed a little so we've had to adjust our nap schedules, but we endure.

The other big change coming is our Aunt Jenny (an excellent petter) is moving to town to be our Pet Sitter! Sure, she's coming for other reasons too, but we're really more focused on the potential for extra treats and cuddles.

It's a long trip and she has two kitties and a little dawg that are coming with her, so if you can spare a purr that they all get her safe and sound this Friday into Saturday we'd appreciate it!

Finally, mom thinks she's close(r) to finishing her non-cat related book. Yawn. So hopefully she'll get back to focusing on the cats soon enough.


Floofless Friday

Greyson: Reporting from under the bed. Looking for Friday under here. Friday?

Friday: ::scoots under the bed:: What are you doing under here? Is it the thunder outside?

Greyson: No! I'm not scared of the thunder at all.

Friday: Nothing to be ashamed of buddy, all of us get a little scared sometimes. ::Whispers:: I'm a little scared of Monday truth be told.

Greyson: Monday is a little scary-

Thunder: Bam, Bam Boom!!!!

Quill: ::Slides under the bed:: Hey guys! I was looking for you everywhere!

Friday: Are you scared too?

Quill: What? No! I was just checking on Greyson.

Thunder: Crack, Bam!!!!!!

Mom: ::Peeks head under bead:: Oh this is where everyone is...

Greyson: I think there's room under here for you too Mom....


Floofy Friday

You're not gonna believe this friends!

The other day a big ole thunderstorm rolled in and Mom realized if she let us both out on the porch we wouldn't run off it cause it was, ya know pouring rain. 

 So here we are two brofurs on the porch, at the same time!! Enjoying a good sniff together.

Outdoors smells good!!

 ::Thunder Roars:: Greyson runs into the house scared. 

Greyson: I was not scared!! I thought I heard Friday in the house, and I was right! It was just conveniently timed with the thunder. Right Quill?

Quill: ::Rolls in leaves:: Huh? Oh right Friday, he's here!!


Floofy Friday

Are you here yet Friday? Friday?

It's been a long week and we're ready for you buddy! 

Mom's on the final countdown for her current job, and she swears time is slowing down until she starts her new one on the 10th. Luckily she'll still work from home for the same company. I can't imagine what she'd do all day without Greyson and I to snoopervise her!
She'll probably still talk away on the phone and type stuff all day, so I don't know why she'd be nervous about it, she does all that now. I mean I wouldn't pay to listen to her all day - but different strokes for different folks. 
I'm sure she'll stress about this for awhile. As long as it doesn't disrupt the snack schedule, I'll be there for her. A solid pet settles her right down. It's not easy Friday to keep her in line, but I manage.


The Other Cat

Quill: Psst, friends I have to tell you something disturbing... I've noticed there's another cat in our house.

The other day I jumped on the bathroom counter and there he was! Looking right at, just as startled as I felt. He looked a lot like me too! I know Mom loves a tabby so I guess that's no surprise.

Anyway, I went right over to him, and he came right at me too! Mother Fluffer! There he was staring me down, and when I rose up to paw him he did too. I pawed at the glass he hid behind - coward!

Then last night I noticed him again behind the mirrored closet doors in the closet. I pawed furiously at the door for long minutes while Mom called out encouragement like "Quill!! Knock it off!!" Then oddly she kept asking if I knew what time it was... yes - 2am. Seriously, her timing was off - I had another cat to chase off.

I'm ready for him tonight. I slept in late so I can stay up all night if needed.


Floofy Friday

Greyson: Ahhhhhhhh! Look how big I can open my mouth Quill. I can prolly fit this whole grass flat in my jaws.

Quill: Greyson, get serious. Friday's gonna be here any minute and isn't gonna wanna eat grass you pre-licked.

Greyson: Oh is that Friday now?

Quill: No. You know it's just Dad.

Greyson: Heh, heh.