Floofy Friday

Do you ever stop to smell the roses Friday?

If you ever have trouble finding some, I can help you fish some out of mom's closet. Course they're not the best smelling since they're silk... 

Hope you all have a great weekend!



They're Here!

Well Aunt Jenny (and her pets) are now residents of NV. No one mentioned that meant OUR Mom would be going over there all the time to "help" get her settled.

Also failed to mention that OUR Mom would be snuggling with said pets. Somecat named Klaus has marked her legs with his fur, and her LAP!

It's so wrong! Those are MY LEGS!!



Floofy Friday

Greyson: Friday?

Quill: Smells like Mom...
Tastes like Mom too!

Greyson: Mom? Ugh! I'm out!

Quill: I'm staying, she gives a good belly rub.

Happy Weekend Friends!!

Please send good thoughts to help our Aunt Jenny move here to Las Vegas with her pets this weekend safe and sound.



Greyson here - Lots of new stuff happening here at Casa De Housecat - well at least for our mom.

She's in her second week of her new job. She's enjoying it and claims she's learning a lot of new things. Meanwhile, have to admit her "new" job looks exactly like her "old" job - lots of typing, talking on the phone and staring at her monitor. Meh.

Still Quill and I are putting in the long hours to ensure she is snoopervised properly. Her hours changed a little so we've had to adjust our nap schedules, but we endure.

The other big change coming is our Aunt Jenny (an excellent petter) is moving to town to be our Pet Sitter! Sure, she's coming for other reasons too, but we're really more focused on the potential for extra treats and cuddles.

It's a long trip and she has two kitties and a little dawg that are coming with her, so if you can spare a purr that they all get her safe and sound this Friday into Saturday we'd appreciate it!

Finally, mom thinks she's close(r) to finishing her non-cat related book. Yawn. So hopefully she'll get back to focusing on the cats soon enough.


Floofless Friday

Greyson: Reporting from under the bed. Looking for Friday under here. Friday?

Friday: ::scoots under the bed:: What are you doing under here? Is it the thunder outside?

Greyson: No! I'm not scared of the thunder at all.

Friday: Nothing to be ashamed of buddy, all of us get a little scared sometimes. ::Whispers:: I'm a little scared of Monday truth be told.

Greyson: Monday is a little scary-

Thunder: Bam, Bam Boom!!!!

Quill: ::Slides under the bed:: Hey guys! I was looking for you everywhere!

Friday: Are you scared too?

Quill: What? No! I was just checking on Greyson.

Thunder: Crack, Bam!!!!!!

Mom: ::Peeks head under bead:: Oh this is where everyone is...

Greyson: I think there's room under here for you too Mom....


Floofy Friday

You're not gonna believe this friends!

The other day a big ole thunderstorm rolled in and Mom realized if she let us both out on the porch we wouldn't run off it cause it was, ya know pouring rain. 

 So here we are two brofurs on the porch, at the same time!! Enjoying a good sniff together.

Outdoors smells good!!

 ::Thunder Roars:: Greyson runs into the house scared. 

Greyson: I was not scared!! I thought I heard Friday in the house, and I was right! It was just conveniently timed with the thunder. Right Quill?

Quill: ::Rolls in leaves:: Huh? Oh right Friday, he's here!!