Cat-O-Lympics - Cat Tree Gymnastics 1

Bob: Well here we are for the Cat Tree Gymnastics event! This is a exciting event for the nimble catletes. First up we have Katie from GloGirly.
Jim: As you can see Katie is a true swinger! Heh, heh..

Bob: So I see actual trees are also allowed Jim?

Jim: Of course Bob. In fact, let's take a look at Dylan and Domino of Wendy's 3-D Cats.
Bob: Looks like Dylan might be trying for a double entry in the wrestling competition here! Bring that tree down Dylan!
Jim: Looks like he's ready for a quick dismount! Because Domino is right on his tail!!


Bob: Look at the steely determination in her face!

Jim: Looks like this nimble catlete is ready to stick the landing!!

Bob: And she does it!!

Jim: That she does Bob! Next up we have a team showing!


Bob: It's a threepete! Markey is scratching, Iza is reaching for a whap, and Ayla is admiring the scratching! This trifecta of feline wonder is from Mark's Mews.

Jim: Looks like we have one last entry for today Bob. It's Spunky Doodle on a cat tree making the jump to the mantle apparatus.

Jim: Oh it's a brave move Bob! Mantels are frequently called out of bounds... by humans!

Bob: Well today was exciting, and tomorrow's continued competition should be great fun!!


Cat-O-Lympics - Hiding Part 2

Bob: Glad we were able to take a break... who knew this event would be so popular. And we'd barely scratched the surface with the Under category and the always inventive freestyle.

Jim: Well Bob, hiding is a natural catlete behavior. I'm just glad we're not hosting any of the napping events.

Bob: That's for sure Jim! Now let’s get to the action with our first catlete Chilli of Cat with a Garden with the rug apparatus.
Jim: Well Bob, the judges should be very impressed with this strong performance. This could have almost been a disqualification, but the show of the tail and the obvious interest from sister Siena saved Chilli. Wait Bob, I’m getting word from the judges that a visible lump would also have been acceptable.

Bob: Wait? Just a visible lump is acceptable? How would they even know it was a cat?

Jim: Well Bob, apparently the lump does have to be cat-sized or cat-shaped. As demonstrated by the next competitor Katie from GloGirly.

Bob: Very impressive performance. I'm glad we were able to see the under the cover angle. I understand another competitor has taken the arena, let’s get right to the action with another under the sheet catlete Tim from Random Felines.

Jim: The classic toes and tail manuever! A smart choice in the blankie division. Here's Joey on the blankie division.

Bob: It's a bold Tail and Tock showing! Now for the opposite end of the catlete we have Cedar.
Jim: Look how how Cedar presses into the carpet to hide from Mr. Mouse.

Bob: Cedar is determined! Looks like Ernie is ready to answer this call to action.
Jim: Well Bob, this entry should get high marks for intention. Ernie of The Island Cats looks very determined here. Look at the degree of difficulty. He’s using the smallest rug in the competition!

Bob: I understand this is winning extra favor with the judges because we can see clearly that he’s preparing for a pounce. I think we know who Ernie is after…
Jim: It’s sister Zoey! A very impressive entry in the tunnel category! And look how she boldly goes with a two-third visible entry! But Ernie isn’t going to take that lying down!
Jim: I take it back Bob! Looks like he is going to take it lying down! Look at the cheek in this shot! I’d say it’s almost a full three-quarter cat showing here

Bob: A very bold choice with the full bed to hide under available to him.

Jim: Indeed Bob! And you’ll see his eyes show the clear surprise at being caught.Looks like Mario of Mario  Da Cat is not going to let that move go unchallenged.
Bob: It's another Toes and Tail, and this time the kitty is almost visible through the lace. Looks like little Chilli has him on the ropes with this next move!
Jim: Holy Cod Bob! Look at the extra-cute style points here! Full toe exposure! And look at that little nose! But wait, she’s not even done!
Bob: Chilli’s really pushing this event to the limit! It’s a true “In Your Face” maneuver!

Jim: This little catlete is a real competitor! And here's another strong little catlete answering the challenge,
Bob: But I think Ayla of Mark's Mews is not going to let that call to action go unanswered.
Jim: And Ayla puts in a strong final performance! I think we see the reason clearly here! I was wrong, looks like there is another purrformance.
Bob: Jim, I'm confused here... is this a two-tailed catlete?

Jim: No Bob! I'm getting word there is a rarely seen, double-hide using the Cabinet apparatus from Truffle and Brulee of Sweet Purrfections.

Jim:Whew Bob! This has been a real claw-biter! I'm glad all the participants are getting gold!!


Cat-O-Lympics - Hiding Part 1

Bob: Well Jim looks like we’re here for the ::rustles papers:: Hiding Event! Wait, Hiding Event Jim? What’s this going to look like? Black cat at midnight? White cat in a snow storm? Heh, Heh.

Jim: No Bob. To avoid just that, and lots of random cat-free photos, the rules of the Hiding event are simple:
The Catlete’s intent must be to hide, and some portion of the catlete must be visible to the judges, so they can see the competitive entry. And to be clear - the catlete has every opportunity to change up the the apparatus at anytime, and any species is welcome.

Bob: Let's get right to the hiding then! First up we have the bush apparatus and Derry from Fuzzy Tails.

Jim: Look at the sheer will of that hide Bob! What an impressive showing! Looks like Derry isn't the only bush hider in this family Bob. Let's take a look at Nicki.
Bob: Jim these are some bold hiders in this family! It's an impressive use of the bush apparatus for both mancats. It's a "I dare you to see me" double hide!

Jim: Now we have Devon from Four Crazy Cats in the bushes.

Bob: Are you sure this is the right photo Jim? I'm not sure I see the catlete here..
Jim: Yes Bob. ::Whispers:: Black cat in the middle of the frame. Now let's take a look at our next bush hider. It's the veteran Ginger Jasper!
Bob: WOW! It's like these catletes just challenge you to see them! Look at the dare in that eye, er, eyes! Looks like Dante of All About Lacocoon Dante is rising to the challenge.

Bob: Looks like this catlete is trying to hide from the pawparrazzi here Jim! I bet this happens all the time.
Jim: ::Shuffles paper:: Wait Bob I'm getting news that we have some, er, dogletes in this competition.

Bob: Dogletes? Let's take a look at Robo the Ninja Dog from Raising Rama in the bush apparatus.
Jim: So impressive Bob! Lasers on stun, and "I dare you to notice me" hide! And now the, er, other end of the doglete spectrum we have Roo from Roos Doin.

Bob: It sure is an impressive hide Jim! It's a "I don't see you" hide. Doglete? What doglete? Now on to our next catlete, Spunky Doodle from Right Where We Belong.

Jim: Well Bob look at the spunk of Spunky Doodle! This may be a 1/4 hide, but look at that catitude! I understand Spunky Doodle is not the only hider in this family.

Bob: No Jim, we also have Manny in an Under The Dresser 2/3 hide.

Jim: Look at the steely determination in that eye! I'm sure glad everyone is getting gold in this highly competitive event! Looks like we have Meow Me from Whisppy.

Bob: Looks like she is completely hidden from Felix. Sibling hiding is a very popular training technique for this event. Now we have Teddy from Huffle Mawson - Explorer Cat.

Bob: It's an impressive showing Jim. I don't know that a black cat, such as fellow housemate Huffle, could have pulled off this impressive hide.

Jim: I see your point Bob, but I'm sure Huffle needs to use her hiding powers from Teddy. Heh, heh. Now, let's see who's next in the line up... ::Covers mic:: I think this event needs to be a two-parter Bob.

Producer: Alright gentlemen, let's continue this event tomorrow.


Cat-O-Lympics - Human Sport

Jim: Well Friends, Cat-O-Lympics is officially underway here at the H.C.

Bob: Really Jim? Because it seems pretty quiet for opening day.

Jim: Oh no Bob, that couldn't be further from the truth. What you're seeing is the Human Procrastination event.

Bob: I hear this behind the games event is hotly contested! Let's get right to the, er, action Jim.

Jim: It looks like the human Mom is working on... this very post Bob! This effort may get her disqualified...

Bob: Oh no Jim! She's a veteran at this sport! Looks like she switched to reading her pals blogs!

Jim: That was close Bob! But it looks like she's reached the end of her blog list. ::Whispers:: Will she get back to writing this post?

Jim: NO! She makes a quick adjustment in the internet browser, and it's the classic Ebay distractor!

Bob: This cat mom is taking it to the mat! I see she's dismounted the lounger and she's on her feet. Looks like it's a kitten snuggle and - is that a snack?

Jim: Yes Bob!! For herself and one for the little one! Wait, she's remounting the lounger, and she's placing the laptop on her lap. I think this round may be over!

Bob: No Jim!! She's fighting back! She's picked up the Kindle!!

Jim: Oh Bob it looks like this procrastinator has met her match, the battery on the Kindle is dead!

Bob: That was a real claw biter Jim! Looks like the first Cat-O-Lympic post is going out!!


Flooflet Friday

Let's dance friends! 
It's Friday and it's almost Cat-O-Lympics time!

Of course Mr Tail has to photo bomb my dance number. Sigh. 

Anyway Mom is clearing the fur from her writing voice and channeling Jim and Bob commentary for Cat-O-Lympic fun. In true lawlessness, Mom said all participants in the games at the host country of Fin-Land will be winning gold. I suspect it may be related to procrastination...
She may also be adding events on the fly, because that's how she procrastinates rolls. I appreciate her throwing rules out the window... so why is she so intent on making them for me?
It'll back to all about me when the games are over. Don't worry I'll be making appearances at the games too! The Katnip Lounge Mom came over for another photo shoot last night. So lots of great pictures to come. Everyone says I'm getting so big. 
Have a great weekend friends! The next couple of weeks are gonna be fun!


Window Wednesday

Can you believe Mom took away my blind cord toy right after this photo op?

See my curly neck fur? It makes Mom squeal.

Kitten? What kitten?


Mealtime Mystery

Mom here. I wanted to tell you all about a mysterious little habit Quill has.

He has two food dishes, one in the kitchen and one in our master bath. He eats out of both and they are identical bowls. They were both Fin's originally.

In the master bath he eats all the food, but in the kitchen he only eats half. Not just any half either... He eats the food off the side of the dish facing out, but he won't eat the food that collects on the opposite side of the dish.

At first I thought it was too far for him to reach, although he has plenty of room to eat from both sides, and it isn't a problem with the identical dish. I always pile in the middle, so he has to nose it over to the far edge.

I tried pushing the food back into the middle - he pushed it to the far edge and left it. I mixed it in with new food - and half of it (I suspect the correct half) was all pushed back to the far edge. I threw it all out and started over - half of it was pushed aside. I thought I was really smart, and I just turned the plate around - he ate the food on the far side and left the close side that had been the farther side.

One day I asked out loud "What's with the food on the other side Quill?" I'm not gonna say he talks, but I had this sudden mental connection form - Fin is on the other side too. I had this sweet thought that he was leaving food for her on the other side.

It suddenly made this odd quirk the sweetest thing. When I saw it, I imagined my girl waiting in the same spot for her meal. Of course she would have refused dry kibble and demanded gravy, but I was suddenly happy each time I saw it.

Anyway, a few days after I had this thought, I went out to the kitchen and found this arrangement...

I know it seems crazy, but seeing that little smiley face in kibble... well, I just think as crazy as it seems - there are bigger forces at work here.


Flooflet Friday

Mom: Quill! You knocked my inbox trays off my shelf!

Quill: I know! There's so much room up here now! I think it looks much better up here. Don't you?

Mom: You sure do look proud of yourself.

Quill: I am. I think I have a real flair for decorating.

Mom: You know when you pushed my inbox off with your snout, it fell and turned off the power strip for my entire desk?

Quill: Sorry about that, but look at what I can do up here now!

Quill: See! Totally worth it Mom! I got big decorating plans for the weekend friends! How about you?



Mom: Quill!

Quill: Marph, marh, marh

Mom: Quill!!

Quill: Sorry my mouth was full...

Mom: Yes I know, it was full of my hand. What's with all the gnawing lately?

Quill: You taste good.

Mom: I appreciate the compliment but I am not a fan. So no more bites!

Quill: Yes Mom. It's just that... marph, marh...

Mom: Quill!! I said no biting!

Quill: That? That wasn't a bite. It was a snubble.

Mom: What's a snubble?

Quill: It's a snuggle nibble. It's not a bite... it's more like a cubble... a cuddle nibble.

Mom: Whatever you call it, I don't want my parts between your teeth please.

Quill: So does that mean Cankle Chase is over too?


Son Day

Quill: Mom?

Mom: Yes Son...

Quill: I noticed it's really hot in here. I prefer it cooler...

Mom: I know sweetie, the A/C has died.

Quill: You mean the cold blowy thing?

Mom: Yes. Why don't you sprawl on the granite hearth in front of the loud, not-that-cold blowy thing till the repairman calls back.

Quill: I think I may need to go belly-up, and expose my tummy floof.

Mom: Go ahead Son, do what you need to. Your Dad and I may need to do the same. If I weren't such a puddle, I'd find the camera and take your photo, cause you look so cute. I think you may actually be sitting still today... Nah, I'm a puddle.


Flooflet Friday

It's Finally Friday Friends!

Mom, this picture is three weeks old now. 
I've grown so much since then.

I know Quill, but look how cute you are!
A little floofy tum tum. I could squeal myself hoarse.

It has been so hot here friends. It's even slowed me down. Well, okay maybe not, but I have napped more. Don't forget if you want to join in any of the Cat-A-Lympics Events (Wrestling, Hiding, and Cat Tree Gymnastics) let us know by sending us an email with your pics to megstories at cox dot net. I hear some dogs have even sneaked in. So what are you doing this weekend?


Mr Tail Tuesday

You all know that my relationship with Mr Tail has been rocky at best, but this morning he really took it over the line.

There I was at 4 am, playing Circus Cat on Mom's hip bone when Mr Tail started in. He implied how much Mom liked him, and how she was just as much his Mom as My Mom. I called him a liar, but he went on about how when Mom pets me, she often continues her strokes all the way to the tip of Mr Tail. Of course I'd noticed - he is attached, but he was just trying to make me mad.

With that he laid himself across Mom's arm like he owned her. Can you believe it! It was on after that!

Mother Fluffer! I yelled.

You bite your Momma with that mouth? He implied as he wrapped himself around Mom's hand.

We thrashed around the bed for awhile and then suddenly Mom kicked us both off the bed. What?!

I tried to tell her I was just defending her honor, but I guess she can be a little cross at 4am. She has no idea how annoying a rogue body part can be.

Just you wait Mr Tail, we're gonna rumble in the shower stall later!


My Powers

I thought I was really on to something friends. I heard from Angel Fin that I needed to drink out of Mom's water cup whenever I could. I'm still just a kitten though and I didn't really understand why.

I tried licking the condensation off the side of the glass and I really liked it. It seemed like a good compromise, until Mom started feeling ill yesterday. That's when I remembered about my powers. Cat spit has healing powers for humans. Spit shared without the human's knowledge is even better.

I thought I had it covered just licking Mom. Okay I'll admit it, I like to nibble too, because I'm a giver. I thought she had plenty going on to keep her well. I hate to make her cross by knocking over her cups, since she is already a bit cross over the teething.

Then I saw the perfect way to make everything better... just gnaw on the toothbrush when no one is looking! I think it's working too cause Mom is already looking better.


Flooflet Friday

Prepare yourself! Flooflet Glamor shot ahead!

 Come on Weekend! What are you waiting for? 
Let's get it started already!

Look! Mr. Tail photo bombs me! Pesky tail!

Well friends I didn't care for America's Birthday celebrations once the sun went down. I was enjoying the day of movies and napping and then all of a sudden things got rowdy, and not in a good way. Even a calming stream of kitten biscuits couldn't make up for all the noise.

Dad's birthday is coming up in a couple of months and I hope nobody starts up with the boomies. Although a handful of kitten biscuits wouldn't be rejected. Have a great weekend friends!