Floofy Friday

Hi Friends!

Hey Mister Bunny, you're kinda stealing my shot. 

How about we share huh?

That's better buddy. 
I'm gonna rub my cheek on you in a minute, don't you worry.

Well it's Friday and it couldn't come any sooner. This weekend we're finally getting the house painted boring beige, sorry, er, "Likable Sand" or the color of my underfloof with the color of my belly as the trim. It's gonna be lovely really. Although I am not very pleased about the idea of workmen crawling all around the house. Sigh. I think I take Mousey in the closet and just come out for snacks. 

What about you? Mom is pretty excited to watch the Royal Wedding. I look forward to the cuddle time. Hope your weekend is filled with bright skies and sun patches.


After the Credits - Remix

Fade In

Interior Bedroom mid-morning.

In the distance we hear the shower, and then the low drone of the Evil Alien Eye (EAE).

Mom and Fin enter from the hall. They are unaware of the danger that still lurks on the dresser.

EAE (evil-like and quiet... hoping to lull Mom back into its evil spell): Bbbbbbuuuuzzzz

Mom (confused): What? I thought I turned this thing off? Maybe your Dad turned it back on... maybe it's defective?

Mom reaches out and chokes it by the neck again. Slowly the light from its horrible orange eye fades. Mom grabs its tail which has attached itself to a hole in the wall. She tugs it hard, but the EAE isn't going down easy. Our heroine Fin sees that its tail has wrapped itself around Mom's cankle, trying to trip her up.

Fin (loudly in warning): MEW! Mom watch out! It's coming for you!

Mom (pulling its tail out of the wall): Take that!

Mom wraps its tail around its own neck. Fin races towards the box it came in, so Mom can see the evil box lurking on the floor. Mom grabs the EAE and carries it to the box. Mom wrestles the EAE, trying to force it back into its box lair.

Mom (angrily): I still have the receipt! [Mom shoves harder to little avail] You're going back to where you came from!

EAE (menicingly): SQUEAK!

EAE fights back by refusing to twist back into the box lair. Mom is ready to give up, when she sees the brave Fin holding the box lair with her paws (despite the danger). They must save the family from the EAE. With renewed determination, Mom shoves and Fin pushes and finally the EAE is forced into the box.

Mom (victorious): Yes! Thank Cod the heater is fixed. This thing was starting to creep me out. Now we can snuggle again sweetie!

Mom picks up sweet Fin and walks towards the door with the brave kitty in her arms. Mom turns quickly, and gives the box a little kick... just in case.

Fade Out


House Of Horrors - Remix

There were so many horrors at my place I decided to replay this post, and Mom has a migraine.

Here is the picture of the Evil Alien Eye the screenplay is based on, try not to be too frightened.

Evil Alien Eye - The Screen Play 

Fade In: Interior Bedroom: Early morning light comes through the drapes as we see two humans in a tall bed. The male and female are snoring loudly. Under the sound of the snore we begin to hear the drone of the Evil Alien Eye.

Evil Alien Eye (evil-like): Buuuuuuzzzzz

The Evil Alien Eye (EAE) shifts it's eye from left to right and back again as it searches for our heroine Fin. Fin sits nervously at the mouth of the bedroom door (just out of sight of the EAE). She looks at the light coming from the window and notices it is getting brighter. She paces nervously. She scoots quietly farther into the room and checks to make sure she is still not in EAE's vision.

Fin (timidly): Meow... [there is no response from the humans and she checks to make sure the EAE is not able to see her] MEOW!

Still no response from her human parents. We see our heroine crouch low to the ground and scuttle quickly by the EAE on it's dresser perch. She is still safe from it's evil glare.

EAE (louder as it senses the presence of our heroine): BBBBUUUUUUZZZZZ!

Fin: MEOW! MEEEE-OOOOOWWWWWW! [still the humans sleep on]

Fin sees the light is even brighter and rightfully senses it won't be long before the Evil Noisy Box on the bed stand will come to life and attack her sleeping Mother. She must make her move now. She moves quickly to the foot of the bed and leaps up onto the bed. She races down the side of her Mother, using her as a shield.

Fin (yelling and pushing her sweet paw on Mom's face): MEW, MEW!!

Mom (sitting up quickly): Huh? What? Finny? [Mom scoops Finny up in her arms, and turns towards the EAE. Fin begins to flail] See sweetie you don't need to be scared, it's just a heater. See how warm it is?

Fin breaks free of the hold and races back to the safety of the hall. Mom hits the Evil Noisy Box into submission, at least that danger has been adverted. She watches in horror as Mom gets up and walks closer to the EAE.

Fin: MEEEEWW! Run Mom! Run!

Mom grabs the EAE by it's throat and chokes it until it's eye stops glowing. Mom and Fin walk into the kitchen for a celebratory meal, leaving Dad and EAE alone. The light begins to glow again...

EAE (quietly yet with menace): Buzzzz

Fade Out


House of Horrors - Part 5

Well it's been a pretty scary week friends, but I saved the scariest thing for last.

There would be a picture of the horror right here, the Evil Furminator, but somehow it's missing... Yes friends in the House of Horrors the Furminator has gone M.I.A. 

I know! What a horrible shame. Tee Hee. No one knows what happened to it. No one. Right, no one. 

Guess I'll be keeping all this glorious floof right where it belongs. 

Hard to tell where all the key parts are in this basket full of floof isn't it? Yeah, just the way I like it. 

Knotty? Who me?

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the horrors here at Casa De Housecat. I'll tell you what friends, I could have gone another week easy. It's not easy being me... but the perks are solid. 

Hope you all have a great weekend with no bad dreams friends.


House of Horrors Week - Part 4

This evil beast sucks in innocent air, and scrubs it before it shoots out the other side.

Do you notice the red line in the middle? It's the evil eye of the beast. Looks like a cylon. It's usually blue, a sign it's asleep, but whenever I get close to it - it begins to glow red and tries to suck me in.

What's wrong with a little floof and dander? Why you gotta try to take it out?

Dander is dandy!


House of Horrors Week - Part 3

These may seem like nothing too scary... but you're wrong.

See how they look back at you in a mocking tone.

These horrifying demons are so loud when clanged together that a certain cat spent days in the closet, with my mouse, till I knew things were safe.
As soon as Dad gets anywhere near this cabinet, I run for the hills. For reasons unknown to me, he's often drawn to this cabinet when I am settling in for my meal which is beside the cabinet. I can get a lot of indigestion. I dread being this close to this much evil.

Luckily Mom tells him to give me some peace and quiet while I eat, or I might starve.


House of Horrors Week - Part 2

Sometime around our birthday this horrifying menace showed up.

It looks innocent here, but don't let it fool you. Mom and this vile beast go toe to toe. I often run for the hills, but one time I did stay, to protect Mom, but then I saw she could fend for herself.

Mom ripped its head off, and then she shoved things into it... I think she was trying to appease it with fruit and ice... and Margarita Mix. 

For some reason I'll never understand, she then provoked it by jabbing her fingers at it. It got so angry, that it churned up her offering, showing it's dominance.

Mom couldn't seem to allow that... so she grabbed it by the neck and shook it. It got even angrier and gnawed on the offerings till they were unrecognizable. 

Mom then wrestled its head off and drank the offering from a glass... with a small garnish, and a salted rim.


House of Horrors Week - Part 1

Thanks for being brave enough to join me for House of Horrors week. For the first horror, you'll need to follow me down the hallway. Walk quietly, and be careful as we approach it's evil lair...

 Wait, this is all wrong! Mom you're ruining the suspense!

That's better. We're lucky, we're able to approach it's lair with the door shut. When it's open I have to race to my litter box. Wait, I hear the door creaking open, look away kittens.

It's the Evil Dyson. It appears to be sleeping... It's only truly dangerous when it's tail is unraveled and it attaches itself to the wall. Let's go in for a closer look while it sleeps...

 I think it's satisfied. I can see it's had a full meal of my fur. The last time I was this close, Mom was holding it back as it seemed to chase me across the floor. It's so evil, it was able to mimic the sound of my own parents laughter as I ran for my life. ::Shudders::

I'm outta here! You can't be too careful friends.

 If you're playing this week at your place, make sure you let me know in the comments. Stop by tomorrow to see the next Horror.


Floofy Friday

Whew it's Friday! And here is some floof!

And a little more floof, out of focus...

What are you doing this weekend friends?

I have big plans. Dictate my House Of Horrors Week posts for next week. You didn't forget that was coming did you? Monday through Friday I will have posts the show you the dark side of Casa De Housecat. Oh don't worry, there won't be anything kittens can't read and learn from. If you want to play along at your place we'd love it.

I'm going to snoopervise the planting of my garden! Yep I'm told it's arrived, and I can't wait! I do love Spring, don't you? Have a great weekend friends!


Likeable Toes on Tuesday

Yep, my toes are pretty darn darling. Mom and Dad go wild for my toe floofs. I allow front paw holding while I cuddle, but never the back paws.

On the house front, a color has been choosen ::Cue the angel's song:: Ahhhhhhhh

"Likeable Sand"

Sounds like "Boring Biege" you say. Yes. You are correct. Three years and they picked bland beige with white trim.

It does look nice with my fur though... not that my fur is boring or bland. They do like to check that everything they buy "goes with" me. I am a color palate they both can agree on.

Psst... please don't ask what color of white they are going with or the whole thing could start again. When the painter asks, I'm just going to expose my belly as a color swatch.


Shabby Chic Day

My dear friends Milo & Alphie have declared today as Shabby Chic Day. 

I knew I had to join in, you see my home has been looking a little more Shabby than Chic lately. My parents have been wanting to get the outside of the house painted for about the last three years. Why has it taken so long to get one little ole house painted you ask?

The color of course. Currently the house is painted beige, with a reddish cast to it. Mom wanted to go with the same color, Dad wanted to go darker. They finally came to a decision with a color in the middle (they are avid negotiators).

They bought the paint sample, slapped some on the back of the house and both called it good. We were all pretty excited, a decision was made. They decided to wait till the Spring and, well, here we are. Dad called out painters to get bids, and they decided on a painter, and...

Here's where the trouble started, again. Dad decided to slap up a sample on the sunny side of the house, and decided he hated the color, and the lighter and darker version too. Back to square one. They fanned out the beige color chips on the table again, like they were getting ready to play poker.

I decided to take matters into my own paws. I jumped on the table and looked over the choices. I laid my paw on the color I felt best suited our home.

"That's the one you like Finny?" Mom asked. "It's kinda dark..."

"It's not really the color itself that attracted me..." I replied.

The color is called "Nuthatch"...


Finally Floofy Friday

I'm at the edge of my threshold. Just try crossing it. 

I'm putting my paw down this weekend, and I am demanding some quality time. I have fun ideas for this blog that are languishing. Good help is so hard to come by. I think House of Horrors Week will be the week after next, Mom says she needs to "Get Ready". So get your tales of horror ready. I'm sure you have a long list of horrors at your place too. I could write a book on the horrors here, oh that's right I did! I need to get Mom moving on my next book too. So much to do, and so little help to get it done with.

I am hoping for good weather this weekend, as I have a long list of pre-garden chores to snoopervise. I also need to catch up on hours of sunbathing, and plenty to oversee inside too.

What about you friends, what do you have going on? I hope it involves lots of relaxing and a lot of petting.


Waiting on Wednesday

Mom has been "working" so much overtime the last two weeks, that if I didn't know any better I'd think she had another cat over there. I don't care for it.

Everyday I wait by the back door at the appointed time and, nothing. "Where are you?" I meow at the top of my lungs. "Mom!"

Finally I give up and Dad tells me to shut it. So I nap in my bed till she finally arrives home. Thank Cod she still fawns over me like the kitty rockstar I am when she arrives.

She says the crunch time is almost over, and I can't wait. I hate when my well thought out (and carefully controlled) schedule is messed with. It's like they pay her or something.


Outrageous Behavoir

Well friends, this is going to come as quite a shock to some of you, perhaps you need to sit down. Sunday morning, Mom slept in till nearly 8:45am.I know!

She got up and prepared my breakfast at the regular hour of 4:30am, thank Cod. When it was time to roust her out of the bed at 5:30am, do you know what she did? Nothing. She turned on her side and continued to sleep. I was so shocked I decided to give her a little break. I mean she has been sick and "busy".

By 6:15am, my grace period was over. It's a Sunday. The day was wasting away. I meowed in her face a number of times and do you know what she did? She curled me into her chest and scritched my neck till I fell asleep. I didn't mind that too much actually. I allow these types of distractions.

When I awoke at 7:30am I was completely shocked. Was it already Monday? It might as well have been. I moved into hyper-drive, jumping from the nightstand onto her hip bone, and running across her prone body like it was a kitten super highway.

Somehow she managed to resist me till 8:45am when she finally got up to start the day. By then I was exhausted, and settled in for my second nap. A cat's work is never done.


Floofy Friday

Thank Cod It's Friday!

Mom, Dad, I'd like my fountain filled.

And what about some grass... instead of these sharp rocks?

I'm waiting with my paws tapping for my garden box to arrive. I'm gonna be a true Garden Cat! I hope there will be some fun coming our way this weekend. I'm gonna demand my snuggles. Work, meh, petting one's cat, yes!

What about you friends, what are you doing this weekend? Hope you have a great one!