Full Friday

Greyson: Hey Quill! Mom left a TON of food in our dish!!

Quill: Really? Wow!

Greyson: Snarf, chomp! Hey Friday come on over there's plenty!

Friday: Thanks boys! Hey where is your Mom?

Greyson: She and Dad went out early this morning.

Friday: And the left a ton of food.... and is that extra water too?

Greyson; Yep! Enjoy!

Quill: Wait you don't think....

Friday: Did you think they went out of town?

Quill & Greyson: ::Gasp::

Quill: But Greyson already ate most of the food!! Look at him, he looks like a bowling ball!!

Friday: Gotta say you're looking a little extra floofy too...

Quill: I'm a nervous eater! Sure hope they are coming back soon... I never thought I'd say this, but I sure hop Aunt Jenny is coming by to check on us....

Mom Update: No kitties (or Friday) were starved for this post. Seriously though, I can't believe how much those cats ate in 24 hours! 


Floofy Friday

Friday: ::Whispers:: Hey Greyson, are you napping?

Greyson: What? Huh? No. I'm awake.

Friday: It's okay buddy, Now that you're a little older - well, it can be hard to stay up real late...

Greyson: But I'm only three!

Friday: That's how it starts! You've seen how your parents fall asleep whenever they sit still? It's only a matter of time buddy. Don't worry, a lot of good ideas come from naps... plus you know, you're a cat. It's kinda expected...


The Horror!

Greyson: Hey Mom, do you remember what happened last week on Wednesday?

Mom: It was a really stressful day at work... and I hadn't been sleeping much...

Greyson: Anything cat-related?

Mom: Um, no...

Greyson: Right! Absolutely nothing cat-related! Now, why do you think that would be a problem?

Mom: Uh...

Greyson: It was my third birthday!!

Mom: WHAT?! No!!

Greyson: Yes!

Mom: Oh my COD! I'm so sorry Greyson! How could such a thing happen!?

Greyson: I don't know! Luckily, I am very forgiving - I'll just need extra cuddles from everyone and LOTS of extra treats.

Mom: Of course! Anything Lil G!

Lookit how cute I was as a baby!


Floofy Friday


Hey, Friday - you wanna curl up under the covers with me?

Oh sure there's room... Mom's lap is pretty ample. 

Besides, she is super happy to see you!!



Keeping Warm

It's finally starting to get a little cool here in the desert. So my focus turns to keeping warm and toasty.

My most preferred methods:
  1. Spooning with Quill. Sadly I have to wait till his sleeping and then tuck against his floofy tum. It works great till he wakes up, then I have to act like it was a mistake.
  2. Cuddles with Dad. Delightful, but he's not around as much.
  3.  Drafting heat off Mom. At night I wait till she turns over and then tuck into the warm spot along her back - it's awesome.
  4. Cuddles under the cover with Mom. I can't stay under there for long but it's good for a quick warm up and it makes Mom so happy. 
  5. Running around the house like a crazy boy! Fun!!
What about you friends? What do you do to get warm?

Greyson (lil G)


Floofless Friday

Quill: Sorry Friday, I can't be photographed today...

Greyson: Me either!!

Quill: See it all happened when we developed a couple tiny little mats on our hunches... tiny ones, barely worth mentioning...

Greyson: Mine were tiny, yours were huge!

Quill: What? Yours were huge! It looked like a small mouse riding shotgun on your leg!

Greyson: Well you had a bunch!

Quill: Anyway, Mom is a knot hunter of the highest order. She finds a mat an offense, as Angel Fin used to say "An arrow of grooming humiliation." She can't help herself!

Greyson: Oh yes she could!

Quill: Every time we cuddle her hands race right for them to assess the size and removal viability. Usually she keeps tiny scissors and trims out just the mat but never likes to get close to the skin. And to tell the truth neither of us minded too much.

Greyson: Until now!! She was in a frenzy!!

Quill: She couldn't find the little scissors and Dad could only find the big shears... And well, there's a little... unevenness...

Greyson: Hack Job! We look like a lawn mower went over our back sides!

Friday: Come on now boys, how bad can it be? Come out, let's see... OH! Well, um, under the bed is nice too....


No Peace?

Our Mom has failed to blog for peace!

What will Peace think?

Will Peace be irritated, like me, that Mom failed to blog for it?

Mom assures me that Peace (by nature) is a forgiving sort... Sure hope she's right. I mean we're huge fans of it!

We observed the day by napping by Mom in her office ALL DAY! We didn't even wrastle!

Lil G