Bending It

I think it's time that I "Out" Mommy. She likes to "Bend It Like Beckham" - what does she like to bend you might be asking - the space-time continuum.

She has completely gone to the darkside with the TV. Once she had the DVR she refused to watch live TV without bending it. She stops time, she rewinds time when Daddy misses something, and she fast forwards - she's out of control.

On the blog it started innocently enough, she pre-scheduled a post for a Thankful Thursday and hit publish while it was still Wednesday. She realized the error and went back to try to make it Thursday's post again, but it turned out with Thursday's date and still on Wednesday night.

She noticed the next morning many of my friends from other countries had been by to visit during the night, and so it began. First she justified that if she did it at 9pm our time, it was the next day in parts of the US. She cut it back to 8pm. Now she has bent it as early as 7pm!

Sure she has her excuses, she often visits with me during those hours, so if someone comes by based on my visit she thinks it's nice if they have something fresh to read. Of course if she just let time be - they would have something new to read too - it would be older, but fresh for them.

She recently noticed that the "Subscribe in an email" feature can get confused and deliver two posts at once (we only have two subscribers and one of them is Mommy). So I ask you friends - do I allow Mommy to continue to "Bend It" or make her play by the rules of the Universe? You know how I feel about rules...



Well Spring is finally official - although in the desert - Spring is an odd concept. You might remember that poor old Fall only lasts a week here, well Spring takes about a month. Most of it is spent fighting between Winter and Summer. Generally Winter or Summer win out but every once in awhile Spring wins out for a day. Go Spring!

Sunday we had Spring for about eight hours - Saturday was Summer and today Winter is expected back. Mommy and I decided to take advantage and spent some time on my porch and I discovered a few disturbing things:

  1. Some cat has been hanging out on MY PORCH! No it wasn't Mittens, who I have come to know through the windows. I think it's a mancat because it SPRAYED MY POT! This is not going to go smoothly for you Mr Mancat - this is not over!

  2. My other enemy, The Mockingbird, has taken up residence at MY HOUSE. He parks in MY TREES and mocks me!

  3. My Birdfeeder is empty - The Mocking Bird is too fat to get in it and I am hoping that with birdy reinforcements they will drive off The Mocking Menace.

  4. MY Fountain is dry - this also helps bring the wildlife and is used as a birdbath (Mockers are not welcome).

Yep things are needing attention out in MY YARD, and I will be very busy making sure things are put right. Look at these little fellas falling down on the job...

No, they're not real - we don't have squirrels, poor Mommy.


Floofy Friday

Fin are you ready for a close-up?
No wait - I have this little spot out of place.

Um, just need to take care of this - oh and this -

I'm ready now.

Floof doesn't lick itself you know.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Hi-Ho Silver Away

When I REALLY mean business I have a little move that's guaranteed to get attention, and I wanted to share it with you. I don't use it too often, so the impact remains high.

Picture if you will - I rear up on my back legs into a standing position, the air is then attacked with my front paws, (now the really killer move) two short hops on the back legs, and finally I tear down the hall like my tail is on fire (always towards the offending item like empty bowls or an unacceptable litter box situation). Feel free to ignore the laughter of your family.



Nest Watch II

Awhile back I spied this darling little nest in the tree in my front yard.

We were all so excited to see who would take up residence in it. I kept up my vigil, as did my parents, and I'm ready to report the answer. Before I reveal - Do you think it was this plump, er, sweet dove? She was our number one suspect.

Sadly, the answer is no, not her.

One day Mommy and I spied a tasty, er, little humming bird flying out of the nest with a twig in it's beak. We thought she had claimed it, and we were all so impressed by her moxie to take over such a big nest. It would have been a mansion for her and her family.

A few days later Daddy reported seeing a juicy, er, large finch pulling off a chunk of the nest and flying off. It sat partially dismantled for a number of weeks, as we waited. A big wind storm came in one night and the next morning the whole top half was gone. The nest is now only about a third of the size you see in the photo above.

:: Sighs Deeply:: I think it's officially abandoned. I don't know why they didn't just leave it as is and use it - maybe because a house full of people and a cat could watch them? At least it was recycled somewhere. Speaking of which Mommy wants to climb up there and use the nest that's left in a craft project - I sense danger.


Kitty Fight Club

My friends Misha and Cosmo have come up with a new contest, it's called Kitty Fight Club. Oh don't worry I wont be harmed in any way. Here's how it will work - two kitten photos enter the virtual ring, and in a cutie smack-down one kitty will come out the winner - and so on.

There are some rules about Kitty Fight Club:

The first rule is, you do talk about Kitty Fight Club.
Second Rule of Kitty Fight Club - you DO talk about Kitty Fight Club.
Third Rule - Only two kittens to a fight.
Fourth Rule - No scratching, hissing or spitting. You may only fight with your cuteness.
Fifth Rule - Fights will last for 48 hours with reasonable allowance for nap time, snuggles and Fancy Feast breaks.
Sixth Rule - You must be aged less than 1 year in the photo.
Seventh Rule - No artificial enhancements (e.g. cute outfits)



I'll let you know when my round comes up - for voting reinforcements.



Bubblin and Grand

Cliff and Olivia have given me the Bubblin’ Over Award.

It is awarded to those who seem to have a little bit of magic around them and I am to pass this on to three magical friends. How nice of them.

Some of my Magical Friends have this one I think... but I will go with Island Cats, Forever Foster , and Castle Diva.

I also received this nice award from Eric and Flynn and I have to tell you Mommy almost lost track of the little fella in the last couple of weeks worth of excitement. Sorry Guys I really do love it.

The Life Is Grand Award has the following rules, tell 5 reasons why you think life is grand and then pass it on to 5 more blogs.

Life is Grand for so many reasons, but here we go:

  • The moments when everyone is healthy and happy
  • I have my home and all the great stuff in it
  • I am loved and would be showered with affection every minute - if I allowed it - but I prefer to be admired from a distance most of the time (I feel it makes them appreciate my company more - when they are graced with it)
  • My back porch - I love it out there!
  • The goodness that is stinky

I pass it on to: Cliff and Olivia, Parker, Alasandra & The Cats & Now a Dog Too, Zoolatry and Huffle.

Did anyone notice I actually followed ALL the rules. I don't think this has ever happened! I like to mix things up sometimes, it keeps the humans guessing.



Look Finny, I got you a new feather toy, as promised. The feathers are small and it doesn't molt either. It even has a little jingle bell at the top.
Hey, aren't you gonna even look at it?
Humph, I told you I wanted Pink - must everything match me?

Well, they didn't have pink, and it's so pretty. Aren't you gonna play with it?

Um, I'll think about it.

::whispers:: I really do like it and it's so pretty. Actually, I totally love it. I'm gonna snuggle with it when Mommy isn't looking. Can any cat guess why we both love it so much?


Couch Conversation

Mom I'd like us to play with my feather toy now.

Um, err, what feather toy?

You know the floofy brown one!

Err, um, how about you go play with a mouse, or THE BALL instead?

No Mommy, I want to play with YOU and my feather toy.

I have some sad news - it - it doesn't live here anymore.

I know you loved it, but you remember how it used to shed? It turned into basically a string with feather patches on it.

I know, but it was because I loved it so. I didn't mind.

Well you remember how there were brown feathers all over the floor, and how you used to try to eat the feathers too. I used to have to pull them out of your mouth.
I wasn't really going to eat them. I only did it when you were watching so we could wrestle and I could spit the wet feathers out in your hand. It was fun. Where did it go?

Huh? Um, er, we - took it out to the feather toy farm so it could be chased by farm cats.

Well as long as you didn't throw it out. What will we play with now? I hope it will be pink....

To be continued...


Floofy Friday - Strut

I noticed my great friend Chase had a post about Mancat Prowling. Chase mentioned how impressive mancats are with their strutting about, and how the ground even trembles under their mighty mancat paws.
While I agree a mancat on the prowl is very impressive, I felt I needed to submit the following.
The eyes are watchful, the paws are placed lightly in stealth-mode, and at all times the floof is fashionably in place.
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. the Grannycat - We don't move that fast, but then we don't need to either.



Sometimes it's hard for me to understand why my parents take such - offense - to something I consider my life's work. I have many duties as Housecat, but I take my job as quality control inspector very seriously. Yet I am denied access to the very tools I need to perform said duties. Just this week for example I was denied access to the following:
  • Mommy's Water Cup

  • Mommy's Milk Cup

  • Oven Roasted Chicken

Well I can't let my job performance fall short due to these issues - so I took matters in my own paws and jaws last night.

I'm happy to report that the whipped cream on Daddy's pie was without defect, but for some reason he didn't want it anymore - even when I told him it was good.

P.S. Daddy Has turned a corner and is doing really well the last couple of days!! We are afraid to exhale, but we thank everyone for your purrs and support. You are great friends!



Seriously Amused (Castle Diva's Woman) and Eric and Flynn (hope I have the right address) BOTH gave me this cool award, it's pretty huh.

So here are the rules! List six things that make you happy. Pass the award on to six bloggers for Kreativ. Link to the blogger who gave you this award. Link to the blogs receiving the award. Notify the recipients.

Okay here it goes:

1. Mousey - Grey faux fur and pink felt ears with a jingle bell ::swoons::

2. My parents in good health! I love them so much.

3. Mommy's lap - when I am in the mood to be there.

4. Oven Roasted Chicken or Tuna - I can sniff it out from anywhere in the house.

5. Spending time in the backyard with my parents - Sunshine and tweets

6. Eating!

7. Napping

Okay I hate the idea of leaving anyone out (and I know some of you already have it), but I pass it on to both Kattini Boys, Scooby, Scout and Shaggy of Little Cat Feet, and Mr Tuck. Hope you don't already have it. Whew I almost followed all the rules, but if I did, well I wouldn't be me.


Today's post is all about changes.
No I haven't changed color, just some Zoolatry magic.
  • The best change is that Daddy is doing a bit better this weekend. We're so grateful to all of you for your purrs and well wishes. It means so much to us. If you could still spare some, we could still use them.
  • My Grandparents have gone home. We miss them, they made all of us feel better.
  • Mommy cut off about five inches of hair which I liked to nibble on while she slept, ah well.
  • We made a few changes to the blog, including (we hope) the ability to subscribe to the H.C. in a reader or by email (or maybe not - we're still waiting for this post to come to our email? - Got it!).
  • It's the stupid time change this weekend - how I hate it. Now I'm going to have to wake Mommy up on the hour, just to make sure she doesn't oversleep or miss my breakfast - I better take a nap right now.


Finally Friday

I wanted to thank all of you for your kind words about Daddy. He's doing a bit better, but he's still in a great deal of pain. Of course I knew you would understand and be supportive, that's what friends are for. We've managed to do a little bit of visiting when we could and we really miss all of you. We miss posting too - for so many reasons I hope things get back to normal soon.

I also wanted to report on "The Help" that came this week. Daddy's parents came to help us out, because your parents always make you feel better, and we needed some help. Mommy and Daddy were so happy to have them here and I must say I was too - at first. Things started to break down when I realized neither of them spoke cat properly. I guess I forget that not all humans are so adept at our language.

I thought my meows explaining that the den chair is mine were crystal clear. Look, I'm either in it myself or I'm in Mommy's lap when she sits in it. Who doesn't understand an agitated mew when you want your box stirred, even if it's right after it's been cleaned?

Well I have to credit and say they gave it a try today and started meowing back at me, but I can't repeat the translation here. I forgave them though cause we love them.

Miss you all, have a great weekend with lots of snuggles and keep purring for us when you can.


Sorta Breaking

My friends I need to report something more serious today - things at the H.C. are a little rough for us right now. Some of you may remember some posts back in September/October when we explained Daddy has a very painful condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. TN causes the nerves on the left side of his face to misfire and cause pain like an electrical charge. He went to get Gamma Knife (non-invasive brain surgery) back in October and it seemed to be working until a few weeks ago when the pain returned. The surgery does work slowly, so hopefully it's continuing to work on the nerve.

Mommy and I have been very busy trying to make him comfortable. He has good days and some really bad days. Mommy and I have been trying to keep up with our blogging but on some days it's been too much. We've said nothing over the last few weeks because we like to be light-hearted here and hopefully bring a smile to your face, but to be honest, we could use some purrs from our friends.

We thought about taking a complete break, but we enjoy blogging and visiting. We considered posting with no visiting, but we love our friends. We enjoy sharing your lives and laughing with you. We thought about visiting with no posting, but we enjoy posting too, being creative is good medicine too.

So we are going with a little of everything for awhile, we may need short breaks, we may not be able to visit some days at all, maybe there will be days of lurking only, and definitely posting whenever we can. We are going to go with the flow, and take care of each other - please take good care of yourselves.