Did I?

Did I sit on the floor by the table begging for steak scraps? I did.

Did I receive and enjoy said steak scraps? I did.

Did I really enjoy my scrap? I did. I really did.

Did I distract my parents so they would leave the table and their plates of steak remnants unattended? I did not.

Did I take advantage of the distraction and jump on the table? I did.

Did I gnaw on the steak bone, lick the plate, and chase it all down with a sip from Mom's water cup. I did.

Wouldn't you?


Happy Blogoversary!

Well the 28th of May marks our 3rd Blogoversary. Mom and I never dreamed three years ago we would have enough to say to fill one year, let alone three (and beyond). I have a lot to say as it turns out.

Blogging has become so much more than we ever thought it could be. At first we were thrilled if even one person read our posts (actually we still are). You are the reason we continue, the idea that all over the world there are amazing people and pets who enjoy coming here and reading what we put out into the world.

We have been rewarded with great friends who are the kindest we could ever imagine. Many of you make us smile everyday with your comments and your blogs, and those of you who lurk in the background are equally important. We hope every post makes you smile.

So please kick up your paws, feet, claws, and hooves and have a piece of e-cake or some e-nip, and give yourself a big warm e-hug from Mom and a nice lap e-snuggle from me. Hope you'll continue to join us for years to come.

This is the very first picture of me that ever appeared on this blog.


Floofy Friday

I decided to combine my Crop Watch 2011 post with my favorite day of the week, Floofy Friday. Kind of a Floof in the Garden. Mom was finally successful in catching me tending to my garden.

Can you believe this is the small tomato box? 
Take a look at the bigger boxes.

All this powerful sniffing is hard work, but we are having such a good time with our tiny garden. 

We are hoping that all our friends are going to have a safe weekend. There is such scary weather out there, so be careful and take good care of each other. Guess what Saturday is? It's my third blogoversary! We hope you'll join us.



I was excited to see my Circus Cat post yesterday created so many requests for videos. Sadly no videos of my Circus Cat act exist and flash photography during the performance is strictly prohibited.

I'm lucky that Mom's hip extends to an ample rump and thigh, but I do aim for the dead center high point. For beginners I recommend starting with placing your front paws as your spot, before fully mounting the apparatus. And do be careful of the flailing arms and the potential harsh words. 

Mom seems to have developed a bit of bursitis in her hip... no one here knows how that happened. Her internet-surfing shoulder is also acting up. So I expect some slacking off in commenting.

Guess who went to the Doctor and got a sparkling bill of health? Me! Yep, my thyroid levels are just right, my weight is a healthy 9ish pounds, and my kidney levels have improved since my last visit. The Vet said to keep doing what I have been doing.

Do you think that means I should keep waking Mom for my 4:30am feeding, playing with my toys, napping, demanding snuggles on my own schedule, enjoying my porch time, and playing circus cat? I think it does.


Circus Cat

Anyone else like to play Circus Cat? Picture if you will...


Sound Cue of Circus Music (Rump, da, da, da, da, da, da, da... (You get the idea))

Light Cue of spot light on small darling cat.

Second Light Cue of spot light on night-gowned hip of side-sleeping Mom.

Small darling cat leaps onto hip, carefully balancing with all four paws. The audience claps wildly.

Sound Cue of Ta Da!

Mom begins to wiggle hip and flail arms about. The darling cat rides the wave to the claps of the audience. Darling cat sticks the dismount as she leaps to safety.

Sound Cue of Ta Da! The audience goes wild!


Floofy Friday

Admit it. You needed your floof fix didn't you?

It's perfectly understandable.

I bet this dive pose would get me a 10  in cat-a-lympics. Mom better get busy with my new book. In fact, I notice she works best with deadlines. I think my blogoversary is next week, a perfect kick-off for the first call for entries. So get ready kitties!

Until then have a great weekend friends! Let me close with a little song....

Sunshine to the left of me
Sunshine to the right
Stuck in the middle in shade


Crop Watch - Thursday in the Garden

::Three Paw Taps::

Crop Watch 2011
Wanna look under it's frilly green skirts?
Baby Yella Squashes.

See the baby Zucchinis below?
 Me neither. Somehow my crop assistant managed to take the photo from the only angle that shows none, when it's lousy with em. Sigh. On the topic of poor photos, check out the out of focus baby tomatoes!


Killer Kitty

La De Da...
Hey, did this towel just move?
 Better kill it, can't be too sure.


Naming Convention

I don't know about your people, but my people are very odd when it comes to names.

I am a ladycat, but I have a boyish sounding name, Fin. My parents never realized people would think I was a boy based on my name until this blog. You see I was named after the French word Fin which means finished, because once they found me their kitten hunt was finished.

My name is short but all my nicknames are longer... Finny, Finny De Floof, and Lady Floofington. Because we're friends, I'll tell you a little known secret - come closer - my family nickname is Toontzy or Toontz.

Mittens the Yardcat is a mancat. He was named Mittens because of his extra paw toes. His nickname has gone shorter and Mom is going with Mits or Mitzy (yes a girlie name).

So there you have it. My parents have a naming convention all their own. If it's short they go long, if it's long they go short, and whenever possible go to the opposite sex.

It's one of the many reasons I don't pay any attention when they call me. Well I guess the only other reason is that I'm a cat, and frankly I don't have to.


Floofy Friday

Finally blogger is back up. My fans must be demanding their floof fix.

There now, I'm sure you're feeling better. I know I am. This is taken in one of my favorite places, Mom's lap.

So what do you have planned for the weekend friends? I have nothing planned, and often that is just the way I like it. Maybe some naps (okay, for sure some naps), sniffs in the garden, and lots of lap time. Yep, life is just about ideal. 

Hope you're having a great time this weekend too.


Thursday in the Garden

 ::Three Paw Taps::

Crop Watch 2011

Look what a week gets you... 

Last Thursday

This week.

If you lift the frilly green skirts you'd see there are young zucchini, yella squash, and tomatoes already. These other box is about two weeks behind the other but they are also doing nicely. 

Yes, you may call me Farmer Finny. I know they would not be doing as well without my sniffs. Are there pictures of me performing said sniffs? Oddly no, better luck next week Mom. 

I think I'll be an honorary Garden Master in Jonesie's club in no time.



Hmm, this lounger smells like interloper. 

Yep. Definitely. 
Perhaps a deaded birdy leaving interloper?


Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day here in the US, the day where we give thanks to the Mothers we love. I of course gave the most thoughtful gift, myself. I allowed Mom to loll about in the bed till almost seven am (naturally she'd already gotten up to feed me at five am - it's a special day, but I gotta have a full tank).

I then graced her with a leisurely lap snuggle, with paw holding. When I got up, and she wasn't looking, I took a few licks out of her water cup, gotta keep her healthy and she gets squeamish about the healing powers of cat spit. Odd, I know.

I played killer kitty with my swing toy. Mom loves that. Then we went out on the porch to check the crop (mini squashes and tomatoes are growing already!).

And then we saw it.

Someone seems to have left a dead, yet un-mauled birdy on My Porch... It wasn't my doing. Seems like somecat was trying to outshine my gifts. Luckily Mom is a pacifist.

Happy Mother's Day!


Thursday in the Garden

 Secret Code
::Three Paw Taps::

Well it's been forever since I've wanted to be a true feline gardener in my friend Jonsie's society. Sure I have a sparse garden of shrubs, cactus and trees, but Mom and I have always longed for a true veggie garden after seeing Jonsie's amazing garden. Our first effort didn't end well - turns out putting a glass over a tomato sprout in the desert sun isn't a good idea.

For at least a year now Her Cheapness has lusted after the Garden Patch Grow Box. They are small and have this water well at the bottom so she can't over or under water. She had her finger on the buy button last year when Dad mentioned there could be bugs. My dreams were dashed, even when I promised to kill any bugs. This year I demanded she click the button. Two boxes arrived and Mom raced out to buy some plants.

This was after a week, and below is today, about 10 days later.

Freaky right?

Through some computer glitch, two more boxes arrived, and they let Mom keep them for free! (Yes she was really THAT excited about it!). She raced out and started a few more plants. Here is how they look now.

Can't wait to see what they look like soon. I had planned to add catnip to the crop but since I am already running some kind of kitty flophouse on My Porch, I don't want to encourage anycat... Casa De Yardcat indeed.

My parents will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary this weekend and are going to be kicking up their heels. So posting and/or commenting will be spotty this weekend.


Wordless Wednesday

Normally a cute picture of yours truly would be inserted here, but instead I thought I would tell you a little story about how burdensome it can sometimes be to be without human words.

That's right friends, as well as I'm able to communicate with Mom for the purposes of this blog, she is sometimes completely useless. Well, she almost always is good for a petting/can opening situation, but I digress.

You see the other morning I had just moved my beloved Mousey to the mouth of the bedroom when Daddy lumbered through the door and sent Mousey flying to the other side of the room. To my horror, before I was able to safely and discreetly move him to another location, Mom dropped a pile of laundry on him.

As soon as I was able to assess the situation, I realized I was unable to root him out from under the pile. I did the only thing I could think of, I sat on the pile and proceeded to Meow at full tilt. Nothing.

At some point I laid down in a cat loaf position and meowed whenever one of my parents cruised by. Mom finally realized something had my attention, but she thought it was my swing toy and liberated it for play time. Okay I did get distracted for a bit while I played with the toy, but then right back to position. Okay, maybe a couple of naps too...

Eventually Mom searched through the laundry pile and saw the issue. It would be so much easier if I just could have a Mom who got "Mousey" out of "Meow" on the first try.


Mittens on Monday

Hey y'all, Mittens the Yard Cat here!

Big excitement been going on at Casa De Housecat Yardcat. Seems the family up and decided to get the place painted. I don't believe I was consulted. Naturally I'd have preferred Big Paw Black as the color. I've been inspecting the work, from a distance of course. 

As soon as the worker fellas take off, I make sure to mark things up again, in case anycat gets any ideas about moving in on my part time turf. 

 I do like to roll around in this dirt. 

Well, I think that'll do it. See ya soon ya'll!