Mom here.

All of a sudden I has a bad case of kitten fever. We almost had a new baby boy this morning, but when we called the shelter we found out that he was already adopted out to a nice home. It should have made me happy that he found a home, but instead I burst into tears.

All of a sudden I realized why I was feeling so kitten-obsessed and sad at the same time.

Finny and I shared a birthday which is on Tuesday, and I realized how much I was missing her. I guess I was trying frantically to outrun the sadness, but as these things do, it caught up with me. I was feeling very lonely and sad when in entered my Quill this morning.

I was washing my face when he jumped onto the bathroom counter. Something he never does but Finny always did. After a moment he came over and started to figure out how to drink from the faucet. I could hardly believe it. He has never done that either and my girl loved to drink from the faucet! I always had to dodge a cat head while I brushed and scrubbed.

I think Finny must have told him to do it. She must have known I needed a little sign from her that she is still here looking out for me. I never doubted it sweet baby girl.



Mom's Confession:

I know you're all dying to see pictures of my giant kitten playing with his X-Mas toys. You'll notice the post is picture free. Sure I could be blamed by Quill for my lack of quick wits in getting the shot. But to be far I really didn't have time to prepare...

Santa's Helper (A.K.A Caren and Cody) had a contest where we won a cool stocking full of loot. Stuffed with treats and reindeer mice. So cute!

Anyway I tucked it back in the packing box till X-Mas morning, and stuck it in the bookcase in my office. So when I heard Quill playing around in the corner I wasn't putting it together at all. By the time I turned around he had knocked the box on the floor, pulled out stocking, and was bunny-kicking the whole thing.

I tried to grab it back and he wrestled me for it. What with the claws and jaws - he won. You see our boy gets a bit aggressive on the nip. So I must dole out the hooch in minimal doses. So the rest of his toys are going to be a slow and steady passing out.

I will try to re-capture the joy of the moment in subsequent photo ops...

Quill's Confession:

All rumors of my nip, eh, problem are greatly exaggerated. Did I claw at my Mom? Yes, but I thought she was taking away my toys and all the Temptations. And yes, I did chew her a little after she cut off the reindeer mice tails... something about my chewing them off and eating them.

I did tip over the trash and get them back though. Sadly she caught me and removed them.

I gave my family a present on Christmas morning too. Right after breakfast, I expelled my first hairball. No it did not contain a reindeer mouse tail.


Santa, Is That You?

So there I was on Christmas Eve day so excited. Mom and I had put in a hard day at the office, and I was very excited to see Sandy Claws. As long as he didn't have a furbling with him.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. I thought Sandy Claws came down the chimney, but hey I have no issue if you wanna use the front entrance. Mom opened the door and in waltzed some dude.

No red suit, no sack full of toys, and he didn't look like Sandy Claws at all.

He was followed by his lady. She didn't appear to be Mrs. Claws either.

I made a run for it. I hid under the bed. Santa? I don't think so.

Turns out they are my grandparents. I finally decided the lady was okay and allowed her to give me a supervised scritch. Then the man tried to touch me and that was it - I was outta there.

So did Santa finally show up? Boy did he!


Story Interrupted

Mom: Hey Quill why don't you snuggle near me and I'll tell you a Christmas story -

Quill: Is it about the little boy who wants a Red Rider BB gun?

Mom: No, not that one. Why don't you make some paw biscuits while I tell you the story. 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house; Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse - 

Quill: What? Where's a mouse? 

Mom: It's a story, there's no real mouse. I'm going to keep going...  'The stockings were hung by the chimney with care'

Quill: Where are the stockings?

Mom: I didn't put them up this year. I thought you'd pull them down. 

Quill: Yeah, prolly. At least a pair of your socks are over there... Can you give me some chin scritches?

Mom: Sure. Anyway, where was I? Right. 'In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there'

Quill: Who's that?

Mom: It's Santa, er, Sandy Claws. He goes by lots of names. Quill, are you sleeping?

Quill: Purrrrrr. Huh? I'm sleepy. Can you speed it up Mom?

Mom: Sure 'Happy Christmas to all and to all a good-night'.  


It's Not Over

Well the day the world was supposed to end passed and we're still here!

Mom was worried Hell-o Kitty had frozen over the other morning though.

She rolled over on her back in bed to stretch. I was cold, and her tummy looked warm.

So I decided - why not? If the world is ending then at least I'll be toasty. I squeaked my intentions and hunkered down on her for a nap. I was careful to stay just out of reach of those fur-hungry mitts of hers.

Of course she had to ruin it. After an hour long nap with my paw on her bladder she had to get up to do her business. I was a little miffed at the disruption, and I refused to return.

I may try it again - as long as the cold weather holds out. Hey it's the holidays - might as well make her happy so I win some extra points with Sandy Claws.


Miscommunication Part II

Dear Sandy Claws,

The dog bed and dog bowl were for me, something an ample-sized kitten can grow into.

It was in no way, repeat, NO WAY, and indication I am hoping for a baby sisfur who is a dawg. ::Shudders::

Unless a baby sisfur can be a mouse, or perhaps a hamster, I am not interested.

If, when you come right down Sandy Claws Lane, you find a kitten or baby dawg in your sack for me, just keep it for yourself. My gift to you and the missus buddy.

Hope that clears it up.


PS I have been kicking a lot of sand out of my litter box for you. I understand it helps the reindeers get traction.



Dear Sandy Claws,

My friends assured me that you are cool, and willing to look the other way when it comes to kitten transgressions. I was getting really excited about your impending visit till my parents mentioned that if I was a good boy maybe you'd bring me a baby sisfur for Christmas.

I don't know what kind of show you're running up there, but I do NOT, repeat, DO NOT want a baby sisfur for Christmas. If that is what being good gets an ample-sized kitten, then let the biting begin I say!

In case there is some miscommunication on my family's part, I have made an alternate list for you to fill.

  1. Very tall and sturdy scratching post.
  2. Very tall and sturdy cat tree.
  3. Ample-sized window perch.
  4. Dog bed.
  5. Dog bowl.
  6. Treats.
  7. Nip toys (even though Mom says I'm a mean drunk - whatever that means).
Thanks and I'll be awaiting your response.



Floofy Friday

Santa is that you?
I was so happy to read so many of your comments and hear Sandy Claws is very forgiving to ample-sized kittens. Whew!

Maybe if I confessed my transgressions he would be even more forgiven.

  • Frequently nibbled on tasty cankles and the hands that feed me.
  • Dug through the trash cans for loot. I might push them over first. 
  • Tipped over my toy box and littered my toys all over the den. Toys have gotta be played with - it's their mission in life. 
  • Clawed at the drapes. 
See not that naughty. I need to start making a list!!

Have a great weekend friends!


Sandy Claws!

Friends did you know there is a Sandy Claws who brings presents to nice (even mutant ample-sized) kittens?

Angel Fin told me about it in a dream, and boy am I excited! Seems my parents were trying to keep the whole X-mas thing on the down low. I wondered why Mom kept distracting me while reading friends blogs. My parents said they thought I was too reckless wreck-less young to be trusted with festive decor.

I can't believe it! I mean there's supposed to be a tree for climbing putting up cat toys ornaments. There's supposed to be stockings dangling playfully hanging with care by the fireplace.

My Mom even has a white feather theme every year. I am so in! Yet somehow I am so out!

Upon questioning Mom seems to think the whole present situation might be in jeopardy too. Something about biting the hand (and cankles) that feeds me being naughty... blah, blah, blah. Surely this can't be right?

Does Sandy Claws look the other way for ample-sized, mildly naughty kittens?



That Lady was here for four days! And four nights!

She kept trying to ignore me - naturally I couldn't just let that go.  I mean I am the house kitten. So I rubbed against her leg and lolled on the floor giving my cutest looks.

Eventually I won her over. The last day she could resist me no longer. She picked me up and rubbed my belly. Of course I flailed a bit - gotta keep em guessing.

I'm gonna miss her. I think my parents are missing her too... although I never saw her rub their bellies...


Still Here

Psst, hey friends. That lady, "Aunt Jenny" is STILL here!

She arrived on Tuesday night and of course she cooed about the cute giant kitten. I played aloof. I assumed I would have to look at her for maybe a couple of hours.

But she's STILL here! Every time I turn around - there she is. It wouldn't be so bad but she sounds just like Mom and she even looks a lot like Mom. A few times I've almost been confused.

Then she started using my move, playing hard to get. So infuriating! I was rubbing up on her calves and she ignored my peace offering entirely.

If she's STILL here tomorrow, I may offer her my belly for rubbin.


Pogo Kitten

I thought you might enjoy these action shots from my last photo session.

You may call me Air Quill.


Floofy Friday

I know almost Saturday... And old pictures too? Bad Mom.

 Enjoy? Yes Dad, make it zoom!

Maybe I need riding goggles?

No more howling furball issues, and all systems are a go, so we are looking forward to a nice weekend. Exciting news, I hear Aunt Jenny is coming to visit next week at the H.C.


Furball Freakout

I am a pretty quiet in the meow department. I found most things can be said with a simple squeak - or better yet a little nip. I find nothing wraps a human around your paw like the silent squeak.

The only time I sing out is when I get frustrated - which is pretty frequently. It's hard to figure everything out when you're still a kitten. I want to get onto things and into things and I can't always - so I voice my displeasure - who wouldn't?

There I was, enjoying a nice nap on my office chair while snoopervising Mom's work effort earlier. Suddenly I felt this odd feeling. I felt like I might need to expel something.

I started to growl/howl really loud. Mom started to panic! I started to claw at my cheek with my paw. Then she really started to freak the fluff out! She thought I was choking on something and was trying to check my mouth. I just kept on howling.

Then I just stopped and was perfectly fine. I looked at her like she was a nut (she is) and had a nice bath.

Mom sent Dad immediately to get some hairball goop. I had already turned down the first kind they brought home to try. I guess Angel Fin loved it. Me? Not so much. So now Mom is spreading to on the my treats - she's calling it buttering the bread. Meh, I'll still eat them.

Mom's Note: Seriously I was freaked out!! I have never heard him sound like that and then he was perfectly fine a minute later. He started a furball cough a couple days before but nothing happened and then this.


Measuring Up

So the other day I was sprawled out on the bed napping, when I heard some metallic noises close by. Then I heard Dad say "Wow!". I woke up and saw he was trying to measure me! Again!!

Of course I was mortified. They are so obsessed with the size of me. They refer to me as the giant mutant kitten.

Naturally I ran under the wardrobe to prevent any additional measuring. I was feeling confident this had ended this session. Of course I had forgotten all about that shameless butt smoocher Mr Tail. While I was hiding - he was proudly sticking out and remaining still just so Dad could get his measurement too. Shameless.

So the numbers you ask -

Nose tip to tail tip - 31 inches.
Mr Tail - 12 inches.
Paw width - 1 1/2 inch wide.


Thanks for What?

So there I was, happy as I could be on Thanksgiving morning. I was racing around the house giving thanks by nipping at those tasty cankles.

Then I saw those evil rolling boxes that eat up my parents clothes, and I knew something was horribly wrong. That's right friends, abandonment!

They left me all by myself for three whole days! Sure they sent over that guy to check on me. He filled my food and water. but did he scoop my litter? No. Did he fill my bowl to the tippy top? No.

When Mom came thru the door I knew I should be cross, but I have been so happy she's home I have stayed glued at her side for the last 24 hours straight. Not letting her out of my sight for awhile.

She says I gained even more weight. I'm a nervous eater. She says I'm a 12 pound puss with a 10 pound butt.


Happy Thanksgiving

It's almost Thanksgiving! It's my first one and I'm pretty excited. I understand from reading my pals blogs that turkey may be involved.

I love turkey. I kissed my Mom on the mouth the other day when she had turkey breath.

I don't know what all this stuffing talk is all about - but I love to be stuffed!

I wonder if I'll like pumpkin pie?

The only bad part is Mom says she likes to watch the Dog Show. I'd prefer a Cat Show, but I'll work it out.

What do you love about Thanksgiving?



Mom: Quill?

Quill: What? Is it time for a snack?

Mom: No. Is that your floof on the floor?

Mom points to a largish tuft of white furs on the floor. Quill inspects with a sniff.

Quill: Nope.

Mom: It was really a rhetorical question... Who else's floof would it be?

Quill: Maybe Mittens?

Mom: Mittens is a black cat, one who visits our porch and has never been in the house...

Quill: Maybe I had guests...

Mom: Hm. Looks like it's time for brushing and petromalt...

Quill: Yum, petromalt is tasty, but you better not be thinking your gonna run a brush through this floof. I got it covered Mom.


Bugged - A Screenplay

 Mom (Off screen): EEEEEKKKKKK!

Fade In

Interior - Bathroom - Late Night

Mom (Mouth gaping in close up): QUILLLLLLLL!

Our hero Quill (Handsome and ample-sized kitten) runs bravely into the bathroom.

Quill: What Mom?

Mom points to the floor by the shower.

Close up of giant menacing BUG.

Mom: Bu.. Bu... BUG! Get it!

Quill scoots the bug along playfully. The bug makes a break for it and runs towards Mom's feets.

Mom: Holy COD!!! Get it!!

Quill grabs the Bug in his mouth. Mom clamps her hand over her mouth to stiffle the scream. Quill drops the Bug.

Quill: What?

The Bug makes a break for Mom's feets again.

Mom: Get it!!!!!

Quill grabs the Bug in his mouth.

Mom: Oh my Cod, don't eat it!

Quill (Mouth full): Woo said to git it. Got it! ::Chews Bug::

Mom: I meant kill it with your paw of doom and leave the carcass for your Dad.

Quill: You know I'm more of a biter than a whapper... besides now we're carcass-free. 

Quill winds his way lovingly around Mom's tasty cankles. Mom pats Quill and showers him with lovin.
Quill purrs away knowing he saved his Mom from the evil Bug.

Fade Out


Flooflet Friday - 900 Posts!

It's Friday!

And it's our 900th post here at the H.C.

900 posts makes us happy and it makes Mom just a little sad. It makes her miss sweet Angel Fin since so many of those posts were theirs. It makes her happy because being blog assistant for her felines is fun and it has brought her so many kind friends over the years. 

It makes me happy because I had so many friends ready to embrace me when Angel Fin guided me to my parents. You all made me feel so welcome. 

So we're going to embrace all the happy things - because they so far outweigh the sad parts. 900 posts and I feel like I'm just getting started. 

Purrs and nibbles friends!



I don't know if you've ever noticed, but my face appears quite narrow. 

I call this look - Gray Steel.
I credit the white stripe that shows right where the smooches should go. Plus I have dark whisker holes drawing the eye inward.

Mom says the M on my forehead stands for Momma's boy. I haven't noticed the wrinkles on Mom's forehead spelling out anything yet.



Well Mom was right - shocker I know.

It got cold this weekend, and I was cold too. It's the first time in my young life that it's really turned cold here at Casa De Housecat. I was born in April and it was already pretty warm here.

It was too cold to hang out at my window post for too long. I found it was best to snoopervise my parents from a sunpatch.

Eventually Mom's lap started to look good to me - real good. So I took the plunge and jumped up on the lounger between Mom's knees. It was perfect - just out of reach from those hands, and still toasty warm. Plus I could prop myself up on those knobby knees for a really quality bath.

Yes Fall is looking good to me at last. I've had lots of naps too - gotta grow some extra floof. 


Flooflet Friday

Weekend - I've got my eyes on you!

I'm ready for you!

Really. I'm ready. Mom and Dad are too. 

It's supposed to finally get a little bit cold here. Mom has been saying I will find her irresistible when it gets cold out - I guess we'll see. 
All of you please keep safe and toasty! 



I have a little secret. I wonder if I might have some "vegetarian" tendencies. So far the only meaty food I've shown a love of is poultry. I loves me some chicken and turkey is also acceptable.

I have been offered steak, and beef jerky. No interest. Ham? Meh. Cheese? No thanks.

I did sniff wildly at some pork on Mom's breath one night. I demanded a little taste, and I did like it.

So what do I like to request samples of? Avocado. It smelled so good. I've also dabbled with spinach (I wanted the stem), banana (Excellent for bunny-kicking), and tried to take a blackberries for a roll.

Mom is quite stingy with the veg - something about not knowing if something would make me sick. If you know of any veggies or fruits that are ample-sized kitten safe let me know.

So friends, are any of you closet vegetarians?


Tummy Rubbins Tuesday

I feel so conflicted. I'm finding I sorta like tummy rubbins. 

Course I can't admit I like them. So I give some half-hearted bunny kicks to show protest... 
But I think you can see I don't do too much to escape. 

You're not done are you Dad?

Don't. Stop. No. No. Don't stop...


The Horror Continued

Well after my post yesterday Mom decided things had "Slowed Down" enough to let me out of quarantine. There I was waiting for the treats when I heard rustling at the front door.

Naturally, as house protector, I ran to the door to investigate. I heard high-pitched squeals and suddenly Dad was coming towards the door.

"Don't open it Dad! They're still out there!" I squeaked.

Dad opened the door anyway! There they were - a horde of sticky little ghouls. I could see Dad was overcome, so I retreated to the den door to protect Mom.

Me and Mr Tail made with the Halloween Cat Stance (now I know why they call it that!) to ward off the horrors. Mom was cackling behind us - I have no idea what was happening there!

Rinse and repeat - four more times - before the siege ended.

Thank Cod it's over. I have to admit I am a little worried about Thanksgiving (sounds like a possible misnomer) now - I mean what's next?

Have a happy and safe weekend friends!


Not Happy

Quill: Sniff, sniff. ::wrinkles nose:: Mom, what's that smell? Is it you?

Mom: No! It's pumpkin guts.

Quill: Yuck.

Doorbell sound effect.

Quill: ::Running to doorbell ringer in hallway:: What's that!?

Dad: ::Skipping (In a manly way):: It's trick or treaters!!

Screaming Horde:: Trick or Treat!!

Quill: Holy Cod! Make it stop!!

Mom: I think I'll put you in quarantine.

Quill: I don't care for Halloween...


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

It's my first one! 
I have no idea what it all means, but Dad is super excited so I am too!

I decided to go as Mittens. Maybe he'll like me better if I look like him - 

Did I mention I hear there are treats? I LOVE treats! 
This is gonna be great! A quiet holiday with my parents and TREATS!


Mr Tail Tuesday

Well Hello.

I finally talked our Mom into giving me own post. Of course I wanted my own Twitter feed, but a weekly post is a nice start. 

You can see Quill is trying to photo bomb my shot. I don't know what his issue is with me. Since we were little he has chased me. I have to admit I kinda enjoy teasing him. Sometimes I flick unexpectedly and startle him, then I just stay just outta reach and eventually he tires out.

I know our Mom loves me, she pets me too.


Flooflet Friday

Why hello.

I've had another official photo shoot. That Lady from the Katnip Lounge came over with her flashy box. It's nice to work with a real purrfessional.

She was trying to get a Tock Shot and you know who had to horn in...

Mr. Tail Photo Bomb.

That Lady was shocked at the size of Mr Tail. Imagine if I hadn't started trying to keep him line at such a young age! I heard him telling Mom he needed his own Twitter feed. Luckily Mom decided hashtag Mr Tail might get the wrong kind of followers.

Happy Tocktober!


Pulled Over

Quill: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Quill runs full speed into Mom legs rounding the corner, and continues on at full speed.

Mom: Quill!

Quill: What?

Mom: I'm going have to pull you over sir. License and registration...

Quill: What? I don't need a license...

Mom: Never mind. Insurance?

Quill: What? I need Zoomie Insurance?

Mom: Yeah, you're gonna need collision. I'm gonna be putting in a claim. You clipped me back there...



After a couple of weeks at my new post by the window, I decided I needed to change things up today.  I felt things on the porch were pretty well under control.

Hey! Little hummingbird! Come closer so I can eat you...
You! Blackbird! Please come closer and eat Mittens left-overs!!

I realized today that Mom was not being properly snoopervised. Who knows how much work she has accomplished without me?

I could tell she really missed me too. She spent the whole day yelling out my name - it was nice. Truth be told I was missing her too, but don't tell her that. I mean what fun is it to be naughty when no one is there to irritate appreciate it?


Flooflet Friday

Thank Cod It's Friday!

Mom, I look out of focus.

You were sitting still Quill, so I think you're in focus. I think your hind furs just look out of focus on film.

You're blaming this on my furs? I think this botched Tock-Tober shot shows the real culprit...

Quill, it was a perfect shot - till you moved.

Maybe we need to have the Katnip Lounge back for another photo shoot. Good pawparrazzi is so hard to find. 

Have a great weekend friends!



Quill: Zzzzzzz

Angel Fin: Psst. Hey, kit.

Quill: Huh? What? Oh hey Fin.

Angel Fin: You've been doing a great job kit. You have Mom and Dad wrapped around your paw.

Quill: I've been reading your posts and book for advice. Plus I get a lot of help from our friends.

Angel Fin: Good boy. I notice your meow is missing the M and the Ow. I like the singing you've started, but you're never gonna really rule the night until you can put some muscle in that meow.

Quill: squeak...

Angel Fin: Kay, keep working on it. Now that you're six months, you may start to notice some... new thoughts...

Quill: (Whispers) Do you mean puberty?

Angel Fin: No kit, I mean sarcasm.

Quill: Huh.

Angel Fin: When you feel it coming up, just go with it.


Happy Halfer

Mom here. I realized the 15th of October is Quill's half-year Birthday. Well as near as I can guess. He came to us when he was such a little kitty. The first night we met, he sat in my hand and tucked his head under my chin. I was smitten. He had me at squeak.

You may remember we had thought Quill was a girl at the start. We were pretty open to who our new kitten would be, but we were sure we wanted a girl.

I wanted a lap kitty, maybe on the smallish side, and well mannered.

Instead we got a boy (figured that out three weeks later when the Vet surprised us) who's independent, huge, and is wee bit naughty in the best possible ways.

He is nothing we thought we wanted, but everything we needed. Quill is such a joy for us. He has helped to heal our hearts and fill them with a totally new kitty energy.

This morning I got a wave of the sads, missing my sweet Finny. A moment later Quill sauntered in with his rat toy proudly in his mouth. He's not shy about his love for a rodent like my girl was, but he's every bit as loved.

Happy Halfer Baby Boy. 


Flooflet Friday

Mom: Quill?
Quill: Yes?

Mom: I see you've knocked down the curtain...

Quill: Yeah. It was kinda in the way, this is much better now... Mom?

Mom: Yes son?

Quill: Do you think you can close the window now? I'm pretty tired, and I really can't leave my post with the window open...

Mom: Sure, you've put in a hard shift. Maybe you could spend the afternoon snoopervising me in our office. I've missed you.

Quill: Kay Mom. Zzzzzzz


My New Post

I made Mom read all your comments about how an ample-sized kitten needs to have free window access.

It worked! I have a new post. 

 Don't worry I am not in jail.

Mom set up an arrangement for my comfort by moving a chair over to an open window in the kitchen. I LOVE my new post... although a soft cushion would be a nice touch.

Is that my treat jar opening? It is! I even get special guard-kitten snacks delivered... I need to keep up my strength.

I better get back to work, I think a butterfly is getting out of line.


Trouble Tuesday

I have to admit I am in a little bit of trouble friends. I noticed something the other day...

There's another world behind the window treatments!

I can see Mittens, birds, bugs, lizards and all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately those pesky shades, blinds and curtains are right in my way, so I gently push them aside to have a look.

Okay I might not be that gentle, but the shades are old... can anyone really prove I am responsible for damaging them? Sure I've been heard in the general area of the windows, and maybe they see some movement while I am around them... but surely an attorney at claw could dismiss this evidence.

Sure there was the photograph of me scaling the screen door, but it was clearly entrapment. Why else was Mom right there with the camera?


Flooflet Friday

Still refusing to look right into the camera, but I thought you'd enjoy this shot.

Wanna a little more floof?

Yes, I am very long, and not quite six months yet either!

Have a great weekend Friends.


Mitten Monday

Long time readers of this blog will remember Mittens.

Mittens is a neighborhood cat Mom and Dad have fed over the years. They are quite fond of him.

Mittens showed nothing but respect for Angel Fin, I'm told. Never a hiss or a swat. So I figured we'd be chums. The first time I met Mittens (through the screen door) I squeaked out a joyful hello.

And Mittens hissed at me. I was a little shocked, but I figured I'd just surprised him. I'm sure he was expecting his friend Fin.

This morning Mom opened the door to give Mittens some food (my food by the way) and I figured it was time to introduce myself again.

Hey buddy!

Mittens: Hissssss.

Seriously? You don't want to be pals?

Mittens: Hisssssss.

So there we are. I was nothing but a gentleboy to him and he is still all hiss. How do you think I can be his pal?


Flooflet Friday

There I was minding my own business... 
When I saw him out of the corner of my eye.

You again Mr Tail? 
::Whispers:: He keeps getting bigger! Longer AND floofier! ::Shudders::
I hope you all have a great weekend - I have a tail to keep under surveillance. 


Spidey Cat

Spidey Cat, Spidey Cat!

Does whatever a Spidey can. Watch out! 
Here comes the Spidey Cat!

Impressive right? For reasons I don't understand, my parents have refused to open the door, or windows the whole week.


Abandoned Update

Mom was too busy to read your many suggestions of revenge before I had to make a plan of action. I have chosen to attach myself (sometimes literally) to Mom's leg at all times.

I am now tall enough that I can nip at the tender fleshy thigh as she lumbers about. She does not appreciate this development - and has expressed this in no uncertain terms - but I am a kitten, I forget. Some things.

I have allowed her to go to the human litter room alone once - but when it was taking her longer than I thought was necessary - I came to hurry her along. 

I am not sure how long this snoopervision will last, I have to say a nice poop on the pillow seems easier...

Gotta go friends - I think the Great White is on the move!



You will never believe what happened to me this weekend friends. It all started Thursday night when a stranger came over to the house. I thought all the talk about hoping I'd "Come Out" for the stranger, and my parents showing him where my food was odd.

I did get some extra treats out of the episode, so I was fine with it.

Then Friday morning, out came these fun zippered boxes with wheels. They had new smells, and I had a great time playing in them. Dad noticed how much fun I was having, and started adding his clothes in it. It was fun.

I was pretty tired by the time Dad wheeled them away. Then Mom and Dad snuggled me close and told me they were just gonna visit Dad's parents because they were celebrating 50 years of marriage, or something like that. They said I would hardly notice they were gone, because they would be back real soon.

You know what friends? It was a total lie. I absolutely knew they were gone! Two whole days, and nights!! And the stranger? He showed up to "Check on Me" and feed me.

Who does that? Who abandons their ample-sized kitten for two days and nights? Trusting a stranger to care for their furchild... sure Dad says he is his best pal, but he isn't mine.

Now I'm torn - do I love up on my parents so they never leave again, or do I nibble like I've never nibbled before? No one better be leaving this house again.


Flooflet Friday

It has been such a sad week for so many of my friends. 

We wanted to send pawsitive vibrations to everyone.

Quill and I are hopeful things are going to be looking up soon.

Until then please accept our e-purrs and e-hugs.


Windowless Wednesday

I guess I'm in a little bit of trouble friends. I guess this could have been another day during Consequence Week...

Every morning when I go to work in our office, Mom opens the window to let me look outside, and get some outdoor whiffs. I love it. Mom loved it too - says it gets me out of her hair (which I'm rarely in by the way).

Yesterday I saw a bug on the top part of the screen. Course I gotta kill it, right? Right. Sure it was on the outside, but I didn't know that for sure. I had to investigate, right? Right.

So I climbed up the screen to the tippy top. I figured out the bug was outside, and I was gonna jump right down while Mom was still on her conference call - cause she hadn't noticed me yet. Then I noticed how nice the view was, and I clung on. Then I jumped down, and I did it again.

I guess I was pushing it. Apparently ample-sized kitten claws - make ample-sized holes in window screens. Who knew? Oops. I was put in time-out, but nothing too serious.

Then this morning, there was a total lockout! No open window, no screen, and no whiffs. Sigh. Indefinitely!


Trashy Tuesday

Mom: Quill?

Quill: Huh? What? 
Mom: Do you think you could get out of the trash can? I need to use it, you know, for trash.
Quill: But Mom, it's a lot nicer without all that trash in here. It's a perfect hidey hole for an ample-sized kitten.


Consequence Week - Wrap Up

I have to say I am not fully convinced I liked Consequence Week. Along with the other consequences you already saw, here are the other ones Mom was happy to share with me:

  • The consequence of climbing all the way to the top of the screen door spidey-cat style, was the back door was closed. Although my parents were impressed, I still think this consequence stinks.
  • I was scolded as a consequence from the following actions:
    • Nibbling on Mom. 
    • Nibbling on Dad.
    • Whapping the light cord - by Dad, I do it so often, Mom barely notices.
  •  Mom laughing really hard during a conference call as I marched across the desk with Ratty, and my swing toy in my mouth. I loved this consequence cause I also got playtime with Mom after her call.
For those of you wondering - I still haven't enjoyed the consequence of Mom finding my baby tooth. The Kitten Tooth Fairy has still not come. My friend Wendy sent over this avatar of me and the consequence the Kitten Tooth Fairy might face if she doesn't pay up soon.

Looks just like me!
We can't have the consequence of the weekend not starting properly because of a lack of floof can we? Not on my watch friends!

By the way, the consequence of me giving one of these looks - snuggle-fest.


Consequence Week - Mystery

Mom said this is a consequence, but to me it is a total mystery.

During the Olympics I figured out I could jump onto the TV stand. It was so much fun friends! All the athletes were so fun to whap at with my Paw Of Doom!

My parents loved it too. They loved to see my kitten-head in the screen. They would yell out with such excitement! Then one of them would get up and put me down on the floor so I could practice jumping up there again.

It was the funnest game!

Then one day I was whapping at some runners, and the TV got angry and started getting really loud!

I got a little scared and jumped off. It must have made the TV feel better, cause it got quieter again. After that day, every time I jumped up on the stand, the TV got loud.

So I stopped jumping up there. So I guess the consequence of making the TV angry is it yells at you.


Consequence Week - Treats!

Mom: Take a look at this cool trick. Behold the little kitten treat - all by it's lonesome, with no kitten in sight.

 Whatever will become of the poor lonely kitten treat? I take my training clicker, and...

Quill! I haven't even be able to click it yet. You're ruining the photo shoot!

Quill: Sworry, chomp, chomp, Mom, chomp, and gulp. I just really love my treats! Here I'll pretend I don't notice the clicker again... see?

Mom: No, that isn't going to work, I don't have another kitten treat.

Quill: So how about the consequence of my coming over to soon is another treat? I know where they are! I even know the sound of the lid coming off, you really don't even need the clicker Mom!

Mom: I know. You are so smart! Now that I have you coming anytime I click, I don't really know what to do next to train you.Although you seem to have me very well trained. Here's another kitten treat, cause you're such a smart boy.

Quill: I love Consequence Week!


Consequence Week - Mom Edition

Quill: Mom I'm so excited to start Consequence Week!!

Mom: Me too! But there is going to have to be a small delay.

Quill: What? Why?

Mom: Well when some kittens carry off camera cords to secret locations, some Moms can't upload cute kitten pictures.

Quill: Oh, so that is a consequence?

Mom: Yep. A consequence is the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier. 

Quill: My friends told me to be careful about Consequence Week, but maybe I don't mind consequences so much. Since the flashy beast is out of commission, can I chew on you instead?

Mom: No! How about you help me find the cord instead?


Flooflet Friday

It's Friday! You know what that means, a little flooflet!

Aside from being adorable, you might notice how huge I am. My body now stretches across the entire chair. Mr. Tail doesn't even fit anymore! 

I'm not even six months yet! I'm gonna be huge!

Remember next week is Consequence Week! I am super excited about it. I still don't know what a consequence is, but Mom is really excited to show me. 

I sure hope the Kitten Tooth Fairy shows up this weekend! Have a great weekend Friends!


Re-Decorating II

I wasn't done with my decorating project yet. I'm not one to slack. You'll see these flowers look much better off the shelf.

I look really cute next to them, but you can see they take up a lot of desk space, desk space I like to lounge on. So they have to move. 

I would be happy to have them dangle off the edge, but I just couldn't make it work. I had to let them go...

Yes! After a quick sniff, and a couple of whaps it is now in the perfect location! Victory!

What? I took an extended nap, and found Mom had put it all back the wrong way! Honestly, an office kitten's work is never done!