Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that it's Thursday, one day closer to Friday. 

Me and Isabella Mousington can't wait till Friday. 

I sure hope there will be some family fun. It's been a regular snooze fest here. Working, snoring, yada, yada, yada... whatever. Where are my scritches, my swing toy swinger? Can't wait for life to get back to normal.


Tattle Tale Tuesday

Did you see yesterday's post? Go ahead look back, I'll wait.

I'm sure you've noticed a certain black multi-paw-toed cat has staged a blog take over. First Mittens took over the front yard. I was understanding. I have been given so much, why not let Mittens have the front yard and all the leftovers I don't like.

Then he started moving in on my parents, my porch, and inviting friends over. I struggled with allowing this infraction and was trying to go with a "as long as I don't see it" policy. I'm not heartless.

But now this! My Nip, My Toys and My Blog! That cat has no boundaries, no manners! Don't let that slick, southern gentlecat routine fool you. He is a cad and a scoundrel.

In other news, Mom finally allowed herself to be lured into the Human Vet. We managed to bundle her up in the Prisoner Transport Unit with little fuss. Yes, she is STILL sick. So several "itises" later she is now on medication. Hopefully my Nurse Fin duties will be over soon. I'm spent. No wonder a certain black cat thinks he can take over the place.

Watch out bub. I'm coming back!


Mittens on Monday

Hey Y'all! Guess what the Lady of the House (LOTH) brought out on the porch for me to try?


Yessir! That's some good stuff Y'all. 

Oh and ya see what else she brought me? She brought out a toy for me too, cause you need a little toy when you're having your nip I'm told. I'm all for it friends. The chill from the littlest furry lady of the house is still in place but life is fine on the porch.


Floofy Friday

Probably should have named this post Finally Friday. It's been a long week and next two weeks promise to be long too. Mom is swamped at work - she claims.

Ho hum. Well at least I will have lots of long uninterrupted naps. Dad and I will be spending lots time snuggling. He's got some fine petting skills. Yep I'm gonna miss her.

Mom: Fin I'm not going anywhere, I'm just gonna be working late. I'll still be here to snuggle you.

Fin: Will you be here to feed me?

Mom: Well, I may not be home for your afternoon feeding, but all the others, yes.

Fin: What? That one is almost as critical as my first morning feeding! Will you tell Dad how I like my meal? I have very specific demands.

Mom: I know. Of course Sweetie, I'll write down the instructions. You're still not allowed on the table you know. Even if I'm not home.

Fin: What? Sorry I can't hear you...

We will be mixing some of our favorite classic Housecat Confidential Posts in with fresh posts for a couple weeks. I will be keeping up with your blogs, but probably won't be commenting at all. When we return to full form, I plan on having a new theme week. House Of Horrors Week - Appliances, Dad's hair in the morning, and various other household horrors. Hope you'll play with us. We can't wait to get back to business as usual.


Kleenex Cat

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes for Mom. I think you were right when you suggested she be packed up in her own carrier or PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) and carted off to the human vet. She avoids the human vet like I avoid - well, the actual vet. I can only imagine how she would thrash about if she was shoved into her carrier. I wonder how I would lure her into getting in the carrier... Maybe chocolate... How would you lure your human into a carrier?

To amuse you during this time of blog neglect here is a re-post that could have been any night this week.

So the other night I was napping on my cat bed while Mom slept, when suddenly I heard her talking to me.

"Hey sweetie, wanna snuggle? Come here, I'll give you scritches..."

I was just considering the offer, when I noticed she wasn't really speaking to me at all. She's been bringing a square tissue box to bed with her, cause of her cold, and I guess to a sleepy, nearly-blind human, a tissue box with the tissue tamped down in the middle resembles a cat body with ears.

"Finny come on!" She begged.

Kleenex Cat remained unimpressed, and refused to submit. I could hardly keep from snickering out loud as Mom went back to sleep, rebuffed. So last night, when it happened again, I couldn't help myself.

"Hey Finny, are you here for pets? Come here."

"Mew?" I said in my sweetest, you wanna touch my soft fur voice as I hid behind the pillow. "Mew (come and get it then)" I offered.

She reached out, way out, to try to pet Kleenex Cat. I was laughing so hard by now that she spotted me behind the pillow. You should have seen the double-take she did. We had a good laugh over the whole thing and I got my chin scritches after all.


Seriously? Again!

I can hardly believe I have to report this again, once again Mom is sick. I know. Wasn't she just sick like three times in a row I hear you asking. Yes she was.

She stumbled home on Friday complaining of working late but I noticed she had wine on her breath (she had whine on her breath too). Saturday morning it was like she was one of the walking dead. All the moaning and snuffling. I could barely get to sleep this weekend.

I would just settle in for a healing nap on her lap and her coughing would totally startle me. Just about the time I would settle back in to some healing purring, there the cough came again. Yikes.

This morning she carted herself off to work, all wrapped up like a mummy with a box of Kleenex. Dear Cod. She claims things are going to be really crazy for the next few weeks. I think we may need to re-post some Housecat Classics from the archives. 


Floofy Friday

Yes. This is an older picture of me, but some humans ::Rolls eyes at Mom:: are claiming they are "too busy" at "work" to take pictures of a certain darling cat. I saw her "work from home" once and ya know what she did?

Talk on the phone and type stuff on her laptop.

She does that here at home, even when she is not "working" so how busy could she be? Does she talk faster, cause she talks pretty fast most of the time anyway. And if she can type faster, well, she should be doing that here too. She even claims she might need to work this weekend. Yawn.

Me, I plan on getting in some extra naps. I'm creating a nice hairball, now that's some real work. Try yaking up a nice hairball Mom and then we'll see. I'd like to put one of those cameras around her neck and get some real intel. Do you ever wonder what your people really do all day? Nah, it's probably boring.

Hope you have a great weekend friends!


Dot's Back!

Last week I was so sad that Dot, one of my favorite friends, had passed from this world. Her bright red light passed into darkness as Mom tried to resuscitate her with hardy whacks on the side of her house.

Mom said her battery died, and then she was gone. Mom carelessly tossed her onto the couch. I watched as Dot slipped between the sofa cushions, where so many good toys have gone to die. I tried so hard to dig her out, with my hindquarters raised high in the air, as I didn't want her to slip from our memories too. Luckily I managed to save her from her tight fabric prison.

This weekend Mom came back from her errands with a renewed sense of hope.

"Look Finny, I got Dot some new batteries!" Mom said as she rooted around the couch looking for Dot. Lucky I had saved her or Cod only knows how long it would have taken Mom to find her.

Next thing I knew Mom had ripped the door off of Dot's home and was scooping out her guts like a surgeon. She slapped in the new guts and put the door back on and... nothing.

"Darn Dot! What the heck? Lemme try this again..." Mom said as she opened Dot's door again and dug in for a second time. "CLEAR!" She yelled out as she she shut Dot's door. A couple more whacks and...

Dot Lives!

Her red spot was once again sassy and bright. It was a small miracle which I then chased around the den. I'm so glad you're back my old elusive friend.


On the Fence

Our family has been so sad over all the events in Japan the last few days. At times it's felt like the sadness would pull us down like an emotional tsunami. I usually try to keep things light and fun here at the H.C. and Mom and I were trying to decide between posting about being sad or trying to help everyone feel a little better by making you laugh (or at least trying to, as we do each time we post).

I didn't feel my best on Sunday, but I'm fine now. Dad is having some facial pain, but he is doing okay too. So we decided that we would focus on the good things in our world, and not on all the things that are so sad, to embrace life, love and laughter.

Today we send out our love and purrs and hopes that things are going to get better very soon. 

Tomorrow, back to business as usual.


Floofy Friday

::Sniff:: ::Sniff::

It's apparent that a certain cat or cats have been on My Lounge. 

This weekend I'm on patrol. No Chubby Tabby is taking over My Porch. 

Many of you thought there might be hope for Dot, and I hope that's true. Maybe it's like when Feather Toy the First retired at the Feather Toy Farm so farm cats could play with her...

What do you have planned? Hope you have a great weekend! Let's stay safe, happy and healthy out there friends.

Oh and a big Birthday shout out to Aunt Jenny!


Dot's Gone

I'm very broken up today. One of my favorite toys, Dot, has passed. I think she may be a friend of yours too. How I will miss the sassy red spot of light that was my Dot.

Dot has been my friend for years. She is very mysterious. She appears out of nowhere, often when I least expect to see her... always when my parents are home (It's like she's drawn to their energy). I think she must visit other cats too, cause I've seen pictures of other cats playing with her.

When she comes by, she races around the house as I follow closely behind her. Just when I think I have her... I'm left with nothing.

She used to race all over the furniture, but she's aged right along with me, and I noticed she was slowing down recently... just raced on the floor, and she seemed less bright. I almost caught her a few times.

I noticed yesterday that Mom was whacking her house (a small red metal cylinder) and looking inside to see if she was in. Suddenly Dot appeared right on Mom's face (boy was Mom surprised when I pawed her cheek). Dot seemed to keep going back in the house, and Mom had to keep knocking it to have Dot come out.

"I think Dot's battery is dying Finny..." Mom said in gentle tones, and then Dot was gone.

Please join me in a moment of silence. I hope she is playing with cat's over the bridge.


(Chubby) Tabby Tuesday

Saturday Morning 6:25AM

Mom and I cruised out the backdoor to enjoy some quality Porch Time.

Spotted - One Chubby Tabby racing across the backyard, and leaping up onto the wall. The Tabby was chubby enough that it appeared to struggle jumping onto the wall. The Chubby Tabby's fur was mussed too, like it had been enjoying a long and leisurely nap in a sun puddle.

The Chubby Tabby ran from the spot on the porch where my parents have their his and hers chairs. Based on the exit trajectory, and the mussed fur, Mom and I assumed the Chubby Tabby had been naping on one of the chairs.

We walked further on the porch and GUESS who was sniffing the chairs, all concerned and innocent like?

Mittens! He was all "Wow! I just arrived and I chased that Chubby Tabby off! At least I think it was a Tabby, coulda been any cat, cause I JUST arrived!"

Um, no.

Mittens and the Chubby Tabby's fur is ALL OVER those two chairs. MY CHAIRS on MY PORCH!

Now he's inviting guests over to My Porch? Oh no!


Monday. It's Back.

Well here we are on Monday eve. Meh. I must say I'm not happy to see you Monday. This weekend was the most lovely weather. The doors and windows were all open and I was able to get in some porch time. The laps were plentiful.

Yes it was a great weekend. I wish it wouldn't end.

Dad started trimming up some of the bushes, with my input of course. I can't wait for my yard to catch up to Spring. Our weather has been so back and forth for weeks now, I know my plants are as confused as I am. Summer one day, Winter the next afternoon, and then Fall thrown in the next day for good measure. Who can keep up?

In other news, Mom went to the Katnip Lounge! She sat on their Catio and snuggled with some of my blogging friends (the cats of the lounge, not the Mom or the Mom from Random Felines who was also there). Did she take pictures? No. At least she remembered to bring treats and spread em around. It's no wonder she was very popular with the lounge cats. She's very popular around here for the same reason.

On my own porch, there was a spotting of a certain Chubby Tabby (of course I don't mean me). I'll have to report on that tomorrow. I need to nap up after such an eventful weekend. We hope your had a great one too!


Floofy Friday

Ah yard time in the warm Winter sun. Just what this grannycat needed. 
So what do you have on tap this weekend friends? Me? I'm hoping to catch up on some sleep and maybe get some extended porch time. I noticed my yard is not looking up to my exacting standards, so perhaps I can Dad working on it this weekend. Mom may have to "work" this weekend... blah, blah, blah... something about being busy and some kind of upgrade. Seems like there's been a downgrade in quality lap time. 

Hope you'll all have an amazing weekend. Stay safe and healthy out there!



Mom is on-call this week at "work" and due to some wackiness she getting paged at all hours of the night. You know who that is interrupting? Me. I'm exhausted.

Thank Cod I can get in some of my naps while she's out during the day, otherwise I'd be really crabby.

Only Words Wednesday

Dear Pawparrazzi,

I can't help but notice that my blog has been rather - picture free as of late. What gives? You know it's not my doing. I'm still darling. You could catch me doing picture worthy stuff all the time.

  • Napping in my cat bed - Several hours everyday
  • Laying belly up (with and without toes curled) - Check and check
  • Giving looks to show attitude (twenty pounds of attitude in a ten pound cat in fact) - Most of the time when not doing the two items listed above
  • Naughty behavior - Well this is rare, but not completely impossible to see
I'm not saying I mind the lack of flashbulbs in my face, this isn't Hollywood, but my fans like to see some floof too. Have your people call my people and let's set up some photo ops.


Finny De Floof