Floofy Friday

Quill: Hey Greyson - come here You got a little dirt on your head...

Greyson: Please fix it!

Quill: Got it! Hey I don't have anything on my head do I? I wanna look nice for Friday.

Greyson: Yep - lemme get it!

Friday: Hello Boys!

Boys: Hey Friday! We sure are glad to see you! The Kitten Bowl is this weekend! We can't wait to play.


Witch Hunt Wednesday

Mom: Greyson! 
Look at the side of the sofa!!

Greyson: Um. What had happened was....

Mom: No Sir! Somecat is getting a pawdicure tonight!


Floofy Friday

Mom: ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Greyson: Mom! Mom! You need to do our blog post for Floofy Friday!

Mom: Huh? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Quill: Mom? I think Friday is on the way...

Greyson: ::Pawing Mom:: Hello!

Quill: I don't think she's gonna get up...

Friday: Hello! Hey, wait, where's the Floof?

Quill: Well it's here, we have lots of Floof to spare. It's just not - you know photographed.

Friday: Huh. Is your pawparazzi napping?

Quill: She's had a rough week...

Greyson: She claims.

Friday: Well the people like to see floof... what about a recycle?

Friday: Whew, that's better. I sure hope she wakes up in time to fill your bowls!


The Bugaboo Show

Fade In

MOM, DAD and QUILL sit on the couch watching TV. The vibe is extremely relaxed.

GREYSON (Off Screen)
Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Meep!

Oh boy... here we go. It's time for the Bugaboo Show.

Greyson zooms through the room at full speed. He hits the tile floor and his back legs spin without any traction.


Greyson's legs manage some control and he skids to a stop at his dish. Greyson knocks kibbles out of his dish and chases them wildly across the floor. He stops and looks up at his audience. 


Greyson tears out of the room and returns seconds later at top speed. Greyson jumps on the chair and only half makes it, he falls back to the ground and zooms out of frame. Off screen the sound of a cat scratching the heck out of the sofa fills the room.


Knock it off SpazzyModo!

Greyson strolls casually into the room and takes his place on the sofa. Moments later Greyson is napping quietly, another purrformance in the books. 

Fade out


Floofy Friday

Lickety Lick...

Greyson: ::whispering:: Nip bird I love you.

Huh? Oh hey Friday. Just chatting with Nippy...

What? Of course I'm gonna bunny-kick him. He loves that! And a little nibble on the beak is a must. Nippy doesn't mind Friday. Maybe you should play a little rougher with Monday?


Our Big Adventure!

Quill: It all started innocently enough this morning. Mom went out for her walk, but today she was wearing her new hoodie and was all distracted when she shut the door.

Greyson: I was right there and I can confirm she shut the door - sorta! A hard gust of wind a few minutes after she left and the door popped open!

Quill: Of course, being the good boy, I told Greyson not to run outside... but he was laready on his way out.

Greyson: In my defense, there was real live fresh air out there!

Quill: And of course I had to follow - you know to keep my eyes on the little one.

Greyson: So we both scooted back through the side yard to the back porch. And Mittens was there!

Quill: Mittens usually hisses and growls at me through the screen door, but not today. We all hung out on the porch till suddenly Greyson took off for the front of the house.

Greyson: I thought I heard Mom, and I was right! I scurried inside but she saw me and freaked out - as per usual. She scooped me up like she was rescuing me - after I was already inside the house. Like I needed rescuing. Then she kept asking where Quill was - but I didn't want to rat out my brother. Next thing you know I was locked up in the bedroom so I couldn't "get out" while she searched for Quill.

Quill: Was I still rolling around on the porch? Yes. It was so much fun to get those dirts up in my floof. Did I come to Mom when she found me? Well, I didn't run. I did get a few extra rolls in before she escorted me inside. It was all pretty exciting friends!


Floofy Friday

Well hello Friday! It's me, Quillbert. You caught me just as the pawparazzi was trying to catch my mancatly handsomeness.

Oh, um, Mom I look a little out of focus. Let's try it again...

Hm. Still a little fuzzy... 

Um, seriously? I'm barely moving!

Good work Mom!


Busy Body

Well it's been good to get back to work after a week or more of slacking. Mom is still coughing and sneezing at inappropriate and startling intervals, but at least she has rousted herself from the bed.

Mom says all the time that I am a busy boy. It's true. I like to keep myself busy and I take on all activities with gusto. Whether it's playing, chasing Quill, killing bugs, snoopervising my parents, and even napping I am 100% in.

Quill is far more laid back than I am. He is more of an observer than a doer.

I like to have a job to do, so I am happy to be back at work. There's always something that needs to be done at the office - things don't fall off the desk on their own you know.

So friends are you the busy body type or the laid back type?


Floofy Friday

Quill: Hello Friday!

 We're still on sick watch but we look good doing it! We've been cuddled up to her for days now. I know she appreciates our dedication to the task.

Greyson: I even burrowed under the covers to keep her warm. I sure will be happy when she's back to playing with us! Though we are getting some great naps in!

Mom: Thanks so much for the B-Day wishes here and on Facebook! For some reason Facebook is not behaving for me to respond? I will also be really happy when this cold/flu/whatever is over! Hope you all have a great weekend!