Napping Event

Bob: Looks like Fin is trying to medal in Competitive Napping at the Nation of Huffle Mawson, Jim!


Jim: Hey Bob, let's keep it down, she's napping for gold. 

Bob::whispers:: Sorry Jim. Look at this form. A side sprawl, and with a paw hide.

Jim: Look at the back paw toe digging in for napping traction! She's bringing it home! Wait! She's pulling a full belly exposure move! What a pro!

Bob: I thought you said to keep it down Jim.

Jim: Oh sorry. I got a little excited. Our Finny deserves the rest. She has been hard at work and very busy hiding from the Pawparrazzi between events.

Bob: So Jim, are we ready to sign off here at the H.C?

Jim: Yes Bob this is the last even in the series. I understand we've been picked up for guest appearances though. I'm pretty excited about it Bob!

Finny: Hey can you keep it down? I hope all my friends have enjoyed this special Olympic Edition. I have been feeling really great lately and my parents couldn't be happier. I think I may even feel up to a new post this week.


Double Events

Bob: Well Jim it's been quite a week so far, but I understand our hostess has been "going nocturnal" to enter our first event of the day.

Jim: That's right Bob, Finny has pulled out all the stops to win in Mr Tuck's Late Night Human Wake Up Event. Fin's expertise in this event is really going to pay off.

Bob: Jim, let's get right to the video!

Jim: Um, Bob, we don't have any video... seems our host nation of Fin-Land didn't shell out for the Night Vision. We weren't "allowed in the room" for the live play by play, as it might have altered the outcome. Only the cat can be the waker-upper in order to medal in this classic event.

Bob: We're told by "The Mom" that the competitor began the event at 12:30am! Now that's taking it to the Mat-tress Jim!

Jim: The Mom fought back with a classic Ignoring You Fake Out, but Fin is a champion and she began an aria of meows that no human could ignore. The Mom struck back with a "Shut it Little Cat!" yell, but again Fin struck back.

Bob: I understand she brought out the big guns, and knocked over a glass of water on the nightstand right into the pillow!

Jim: That's right Bob, and it was OVER! Our champion was rewarded with a late night snack. Speaking of snacks let's get right into our second event, Competitive Eating.

Bob: She goes right in for the win! Look at that determination! That Chick-Hen doesn't stand a chance! She may need to change position to get those last bites.... NO!! She does it!!

Jim: Wait Bob! There seems there's a doping scandal! One of the other teams has photo evidence of performance enhancing additives!! What an upset!!

Bob: Oh My COD! I'm shocked! But wait, Fin looks truly shocked too!

Finny: I had no idea they were adding anything to my food! Mom says it's a phosphate binder so my kidney's stay well! What a shock! I never tasted anything!

Jim: Well the judges have decided to allow this Bob, citing health reasons. So there will be no disqualifications for the grannycat!


Ice Hockey

Bob: Well Jim what's in the action line-up today in Fin-Land?

Jim: We have an Ice Hockey event with none other than our Hostess Fin. She has agreed to come out of retirement for this event, believing that hockey is a young cat event. Joining her on the ice is Cory of Cory Cat the young cat in question!

Bob: It's true Jim, Cory has youth and speed on her side, and she trains in the off-season with asparagus. While Fin has years of experience and those snowshoe paws with toe fur! It promises to be quite a match, let's get right to the action Bob!


Bob: Look at that steely determination on the face of Finny. She's ready to play! But here's the competitor. She looks a little timid Jim, as she looks at the cube... cuteness is only going to go so far here.

Jim: Wait a minute Bob! It looks to me like that may be domestic ice...

 Bob: Cory's coaches are inspecting the ice, and it looks like they are clearing their player to go forward... but Jim look at Fin...

Jim: Our hostess seems very displeased with this turn of events. She likes the foreign ice from the market. Oh My COD Bob, it looks like she is refusing to play! She is laying down and refusing to participate!

Fin: What kind of sham is this?! Domestic Ice! I'm not a kitten! I came out of retirement for this! I'm Outta here!

Jim: This is a complete debacle Bob! Wait, our guest competitor is still ready to play! What a scandal!


Cory: I just really wanted to show my skills. I'm so disappointed. I usually play hockey with vegetables or fruit from the garden, maybe Fin will come back out of retirement for Cherry Hockey?


An Upset at Cat-A-Lympics

Jim: Well Bob it's been an exciting week so far and it's only Wednesday! I wanted to mention the upset that happened here at the Host Nation of Fin-Land yesterday. Seems the "No Rules" rule of Cat-A-Lympics was breached by the judges, causing a mistaken disqualification of Finny in the Balance Beam.

Bob: I understand that our hostess has been award her medal. Let's listen in to her acceptance speech Jim.

Finny: Well a cat, especially a grannycat, should have any route she chooses to get on and off the apparatus. I totally stuck the landing, and the style points were off the charts... I had a dangling back paw for balance and a three paw landing. Plus there are no rules so anything should be allowed. I'm glad this wrong has been righted. We're cats, we rarely follow rules... that's how we stroll.

Bob: Now that's a class act! So Jim, I heard rumors that cats can add new events to the line-up at anytime, but Jim, that can't be right can it?

Jim: Yes Bob. As I've said before, there are no rules. Events are being created and posted at a breakneck pace. Cats can feel free to take the commemorative award shown on Monday's post for participation.

Bob: Wait Jim! I'm hearing from the booth that we have breaking new footage coming in from the field. 


What are we looking at here Jim? I think I'm confused... 

Jim: Bob, it seems our Hostess has a different take on the Boxing competition.That's a senior kitizen for you, they know how to work the competition to advantage. It's a tight fit too, but she has done it! Tomorrow she will be competing in an Ice Hockey match. It promises to be quite a competition! Play safe out there competitors!


Balance Beam

Jim: Well it's the first day of competition here at Fin-Land, and events don't get more exciting than the balance beam Bob.

Bob: That's right Jim. This event is going to take skill and agility. Let's take a look closer look at the course.

Jim: Let me walk our viewer's through the action we've come to expect here at the Balance Beam. The Cathlete is going to jump on the edge of the tub from the far right, it's critical she sticks the landing. Then she'll need to walk across the narrow ledge to the counter on the left, at that point there will be a quick but difficult jump from the narrow ledge to the counter. The prize will be a cool sip of water right from the tap.

Bob: What's that on the floor Jim? Is that some kind of... water feature?

Jim: Yes Bob, it's a bowl filled with water. It makes this course extremely challenging! Oh look Bob, here comes our competitor... ::a hush falls over the audience as the cathlete surveys the field::

Jim: Whispering:: Look at that tail switch Bob, she is focused! Looks like she's inspecting the apparatus up close and personal, getting a feel for the conditions. This is a slick course...


Bob: She seems very focused on the left side of the course. She.... Oh My COD!

Jim: What an upset Bob!! She caught the Pawparrazzi totally off guard! She completely bypasses the beam and goes straight for the left corner!

Bob: Is it over Jim?! Will this be a disqualification?

Jim: We'll have to wait for the call Bob. It's such a shame, because if you look at the style points, look at the dangling paw, she could be in the running for gold! She seems to be awaiting her award on the podium.


Bob: I hear from the judges that she has been disqualified for that maneuver! What an upset!

Jim: Looks like our cathlete is drowning her sorrows in a cool drink Bob. Maybe she'll do better in tomorrow's competition.


Cat-A-Lympics (Re)Opening Day

Hi Friends. As promised Cat-A-Lympics. This was a series Fin and I did during the last Olympics and honestly I had so much fun and I think my friends did too. We had lots of friends who played and created their own events.  I think Huffle Mawson's Mom still has the scars from the napping event, who knew that would be so popular?

Who are Jim and Bob? The imaginary commentators in my head of course. Without further ado...  

Jim: Well Bob it's finally arrived, Cat-A-Lympics. Can't you smell the excitement in the air Bob?

Bob: Oh, I, uh, thought that was tuna Jim. Either way the excitement has been building here at the Host Nation of Fin-Land for weeks now.We have some exciting events planned here at the H.C. Ice Hockey, Balance Beam, Eating, and course Fin will be taking part in Napping events, and maybe even showing off some Bunny-Kicking in a exhibition sport.

Jim: Before we discuss the events Bob, I think we need to clear up any questions about the games. First the name Cat-A-Lympics is a bit of a misnomer, as any species can play.

Bob: What Jim? Any species? Dogs and Cats competing together? It's a world gone mad.

Jim: Yes Bob, it's a unique feature of these games, but you know cats are fierce competitors and they welcome all comers. Another difference in these games is that any participant can take away one of these medals designed by none other than Glogirly.


Bob: That's some award Jim! But that's not all, I understand that some cats are organizing their own events and competitors can even win other awards, is that right?

Jim: That's right. Hopeful competitors should contact these cats or check out their blogs if they want to participate in these exciting events. 

Bob: I've heard that competitors can even make up their own events on the fly and just link the event here as they think of things, but surely that's a rumor Jim!

Jim: No Bob, that's totally true. We are hoping the staff of our host nation has figured out how to Mr Linky and that it continues to show up each day... or they can just come back to this post each day they compete.  In fact they don't even have to link here... there are no rules! That's right! No Rules! 

Bob: You mean they can even use old posts and just slap a Cat-A-Lympic spin on the thing and that counts?

Jim: Yes Bob! Like I said no rules! Just a celebration of the Cathlete. Let the games begin Bob!


Floofy Friday

Behold the floof, just snapped this morning.
Hard to see where the kitty begins and ends isn't it.

So it's been 30 days since we announced Fin's retirement and as you can see we're both still here and if you're reading this then I guess you're still here too. I'm not sure what all that means just yet in the long run, but in the short run I think I will replay more of my favorites (can anyone say Acatemy Awards and Cat-O-Lympics?).

You need a little more floof first though right? Let's get the weekend started!

No, even with all that belly staring me right in the face I was not invited in for a snorgle or a rub. Have a great weekend friends!


Sassy Cat Update

The other morning I had put down breakfast for my sweet kitty and I had settled into my chair when I received a complaint. Fin jumped onto my lap and walked straight up to my face to discuss the current status of her food dish.

Seems the ratio of healthy food to gravy-laden food was off in her opinion. She had already eaten all the gravy food while leaving the healthy chunks behind like the tips of small icebergs. I was not going to budge on her needing to eat some of the healthy food, and assured her of just such a fact.

She headed off to the kitchen and I thought the matter was settled. I was mildly surprised to have settled it so quickly, but I assumed she would eat the left-overs. I was wrong. I suddenly heard a rather loud plop. I looked over and my girl had gotten onto the dining table and then jumped over to the kitchen counter. Pretty impressive for a grannycat I had to say.

She proceeded to head right over to the cat food can I had yet to put away and she began licking right out of the tiny can. I was so impressed (and truth be told tickled) that I let her have at it. Eventually I had to clean up the kitchen floor after she knocked the can over, but it was worth it to see my old girl with that much sass and determination to eat something. Never underestimate the power of gravy.

Pre-enactment from about a year ago.


Floofy Flashback Friday

Hi friends! Luckily I remembered it was Friday - well almost Friday. I have a little confession, it's really still Thursday here. I like to bend the space-time continuum.

I loved this photo shoot with my girl. She was eyeing the treat I held out of range. Sure it was the dining table but the lighting was so good. Sometimes you have to allow naughtiness to get the shot. She is doing well, lots of lovin and unlimited treats when she wants them.

I've had a weird week, I started out taking a little tumble, but I am fine now, and so grateful that I didn't really hurt myself. Today I had to take my car into the shop because the stability tracking is broken. Funny that in the same week both me and my car lost our footing.

Normally I love Friday the 13th but this week I am just hoping to make it through to Saturday.

If you want to read about some of the more infamous, and funny, falls I've taken you can read about it on my blog here or for Kindlers you can search for Hart Stories by Meg S Hart (or just search Meg S Hart).


You Might Be...

I think cats, and humans, have many aspects to their personalities. Back when we first started blogging I posted this little game and asked our new friends to play a game and finish this sentence “You might be an alley cat if…”

Thinking of it as the feline equivalent of a “You might be a redneck if…” joke. No offense to our alley cat friends of course, as Fin's own feline mother was an alley cat too. Here is an example of ours:

“You might be an alley cat if you think of the whole kitchen floor as your food dish.” or "You might be an alley cat if you only know of Pedigree as a dog food."

I thought about a way to poke fun at our purebred counterparts too. I thought it might be fun to think of that side of our kitties as the feline equivalent of a blond joke, or to indicate how spoiled your kitties might be. Again no offense to our purebred friends, as I think Fin is descended from feline royalty, and honestly who hasn't had a purebred moment. Here is my example:

“How many purebreds does it take to find a patch of sun?”

Answer:  “None, they just require their "people" to buy them a sun lamp.”

Go on, give it a try and leave your versions in the comments section


Flashback Floof

Whew, you thought I forgot didn't you? Just made it in under the wire.

Ah, better already isn't it?

You can see how my floofy girl has trimmed down in these picstaken about three years apart. She is usually a big floof pile by this time of year, but I think she's conserving her energy and her floof remains in more of a late Fall state of mind. She is still doing really well with lots of lovin and snuggles on demand - as it should be. 

Weekend you may now begin!


Best of Blog - Lap Rules

These rules are all still very much in effect. 

I thought this might be a good time to lay down some rules on lap etiquette that I'd like obeyed.
  1. When I mewl at your feet, there's no need for you to ask "What do you want?" I want your lap of course. No I'm not going to jump right up there, I have things to take into consideration first. I only want to be scooped and placed on the lap if it's Dad.
  2. Entering the lap is not as easy as you seem to think Mom, there are shifty parts and lumpy parts and I often have to negotiate space with your laptop. If I claw some tender parts in the process, well I'm sorry, no need to scream about it, you big drama queen.
  3. When something startles me I will leap off, possibly taking small bits of your flesh with me, again I'm sorry.
  4. Don't squeeze the kitty, even though you enjoy the small noises I make when you do.
  5. I have to be in the mood for you to hold my front paws (never the back paws), don't assume I'm in that mood when you are.
  6. The scratches and pets are great, but once I decide those are over, and I'm moving on to the business portion, I no longer want the distraction. If you persist I'll have to nibble you.
  7. The business portion can include napping or bathing, and yes you do make a nice bath tub (all those soft angles that I can use to prop myself up on make bathing quite enjoyable).
  8. When you're "In the mood for a cat" don't assume I'm "In the mood" to be said cat. All your pleading will not make your lap more appealing. In fact I'm a cat - if I came when I was called - I'd be a dog. So if I was on the fence about the snuggle, your begging has ruined it.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Finny De Floof


Happy New Year!

They say it's my birthday! It's Mom's Birthday too!

I'm happy to be here with you friends! 
In past years I've shown you my baby pictures, cause I am a New Year's Baby, and I see no reason to break that tradition now. Think of it as an early present for you. Behold the kitteny goodness.

This one makes Mom's heart go all mushy!

Couldn't you just squeal yourself hoarse?

I'm still kickin it over here at the H.C. friends! My parents are spoiling me at rate not yet heard of, and I'm enjoying my retirement. I'm really tired these days and I've turned into a total lapper. I just love some lap time. I sometimes follow them around until one of them sits and then I take my rightful place. When I sleep on Mom's lap, I sleep between her knees - just outta reach of those hot mitts of hers. So funny.

Mom says having me here is the best present in the world, so Dad got off cheap I guess. I say having such kind and thoughtful friends, and comfy laps of humans you love is the best present. Hope you have a very Happy New Year friends with lots of love and happiness.