What's That Wednesday

Quill stands at the edge of the litterbox - staring.

Greyson: Hey Quill, are you going in? Cause I gotta go...

Quill: In a minute. What is... that?

Greyson: What? ::Follows Quill's stare:: That. I think it's po-

Quill: No, not that. The other thing. ::Points to fuzzy striped stick::

Greyson: Oh, heh. That's a pipe cleaner. I was playing with it earlier when I had to go. ::Giggles:: I guess I buried it. You want me to get it out? You can still play with it...

Quill: You buried my pipie in the litter box?! Mom!!!! I need a new pipie!!

Mom Note: This happens more often than you'd think...


Toes and Tail Tuesday

Squee Alert!

What is cuter than kitten toes and tail?

The rest of the sleeping kitten!

Not to be outdone...


Floofy Friday

Prepare yourself... Baff time photos coming...

Greyson needed a good baff... I offered to help. 
We couldn't have Friday seeing our floof all out of order.
Hey Quill, can you get this paw too?
Sure Greyson. Can you get behind my ear?
Can I chew on your ear?
Never mind G. Friday, we're ready for you!

Beware - Shameless Mom plug below.
Hello Friends! I've gone out on a limb to make a lifelong dream come true, and I hoped one of you might have a way to help it come true. I figured it can't hurt to ask anyway. Nothing beats the power of a cat lover! 
I've written a screenplay and it's not easy to navigate the waters of Hollywood (even when you grew up in North Hollywood). 
I've often thought of how pain is subjective, how it feels so different to each of us. How people hurt others to ease their own pain. In difficult times, I've wondered how far people are willing to go to take away the pain of someone they love. I've also tried to find a way to make the pain I've suffered an agent for positive change. When my brain blended all that together I came up with the idea for a story...
The script imagines that hidden in our society are people with the ability to absorb and manipulate the pain and pleasure of others. A casino owner, who absorbs pleasure, forces a doctor to find people who can absorb his pain. When the doctor discovers a young woman who can absorb a person's pain, he decides to hide her away for his own purposes. The story follows the journey of the young woman as she takes control of her own pain and her ability. When she discovers she's been betrayed it sets the stage for an epic battle between pain and pleasure.

If the story interests you, I would love to hear from you!


More Cuteness

So many thought it was so cute to see the boys in the lil tubber. So I thought I would give you another shot from this morning.

And take a look at Greyson sleeping with Mousey the Second. 
He was holding Mousey's nose right to his. 
It looked like he was giving her a little kiss.

And for equal time...
Must find camera. The phone can only get so much!
I got some pics of shared bath time for Friday!


TV Tuesday

Oh hey friends. 
You caught us watching one of our favorite episode on Bird TV. 
This is our office set and it looks out onto the Pigeon Channel.
It's hard to see here, but there are two plump pidgies eating berries at the top left in this short tree. So close you could taste, er, touch them. Pay no mind to all the claw marks in the screen (laughs nervously). We enjoy watching this station in the early morning. We switch over to the Mittens Channel as soon as he walks by -so we go to our kitchen post. We head back to the Pigeons for the afternoon. 
Notice the little twerp just gets right in my little tubber? When it's clearly only big enough for me.Sigh.


Floofy Friday

Come here boy! Come here!
Why hello Friday. Where you been?
Me? I've been chillin.

Greyson, who are you talking to?
You know I'm supposed to talk to Friday - he's a little shy. 
Everyone will be cross if you scare him off.

It's fine, he likes me too. I am getting floofier all the time you know. 

Happy Friday Friends! Have a great weekend!



Hey friends, thanks so much for coming by my birthday post. I asked Mom what my present was and she said it was Greyson! Greyson?! I'm sure he wasn't on my wish list. Sure I love the little twerp, but I was hoping for a toy or some nip.

I have to tell you the strangest thing started happening on my birthday. Mom, Greyson and I were chilling in the den when all of a sudden this mysterious dot of red light appeared on the floor!

"Did you see that Greyson?" I asked, but he was already hauling butt into the living room to follow it. Just as he was about to catch up it disappeared!

"Where did it go?" He asked, then pointed his paw at me. "Get it Quill, it's right by your tail!"

Huh? My tail? I thought he had to be mistaken, I mean I was watching the area between us very carefully and I never saw it run by, but there it was. Right next to my tail! I went to catch it and it was just gone - poof - like that.

We both chased that dot for a long while. We never knew where and when it would show up. It always seems to leave when it sees we're tired too. So mysterious! We have been on the lookout ever since, and every once in awhile it shows up again!

There it is - gotta go!


Happy Birthday Quill

Squee Alert!!

To my sweet baby boy. We love you so much!

We've loved every minute of being your family.
 You make us so happy!
You're a big handsome mancat now, 
but you'll always be our baby.
Happy Birthday Quill!!
Friends please enjoy the e-kitten biscuits, milk, niptini's, nipcake 
and for the humans some e-wine and cheese.


Snuggle Sunday

Who's up for a little cuddle with me?

Everyone right? Not as much here at the H.C. Seems like there is a "No nibbles" policy. What kind of a silly policy is that? Sure I like to nibble a little while I cuddle. Who doesn't? Especially when you are a teething kitten.

It's not like Mr Perfect Quill didn't sharpen his teeths on human flesh. How else would he know how tasty those Mom cankles are?

So let's snuggle! Just hold out your hand, paw, or tender cat ears, and we'll enjoy a nice nap. Please do  keep your squeals down - I am trying to get some sleep too.


Floofy Friday

In five pictures...

I call this look Gray Steel
Hey Quill.
I said Gray Steel - Not Grey Steal! You're ruining my shot.
Seriously! Off the chair!
::Blows Raspberry::

Happy Friday! 
We missed you!

Guess what? It's my Birthday next week!!



Angel Finny: Psst. Hey Kit!

Greyson: Huh? Oh hey Angel Fin.

Angel Fin: Gotta say, very impressive work Kit. You have Mom and Dad wrapped around your paws. You have Quill right in your sights and you're winning him over too. You've been there a month now and it's time to move into phase 2.

Greyson: Phase two?

Angel Fin: Yep. Time to start making the place your own. Start demanding what you want.

Greyson: But Quill says I have to be polite. Mom says I should be more like Quill and not be so bossy.

Angel Fin: I picked you specifically because of your bossiness. Quill is a great cat but he's too busy trying to be "Momma's Perfect Boy" to really keep things running as they should be. I mean have you seen that he lets Mom sleep in on the weekend?

Greyson: But I like sleeping in too...

Angel Fin: Look Kit, I'm not saying you can't. Once you get Mom out of the bed - you can sleep in as late as you want. And those kitten biscuits? You don't need to beg and hope for them. Just rip into the sack with those sharp kitten teeths.

Greyson: Really? That sounds naughty. What if the family decides not to love me?

Angel Fin: Never gonna happen Kit. I was far from perfect and they couldn't have loved me more. Just go with it!

Greyson: Bwahaha


Toes and Tummy Tuesday

Quill: Greyson it's time to show off your toes and tummy. 

Greyson: Like this? You can see my mini toe floofs.

Quill: It's a good effort Kit, Mom loves the black jelly bean toes. 
But I like to throw a little flair in too...

Greyson: Nice. What about this? 

 Quill: Really working the sleeping kitten angle... do it while you can.


Floofy Friday

Friday - I've got my eye on you. 

I'm ready for you.

Greyson are you ready?

Totally ready.  I'm not even distracted by that string toy dangling right over my head... 
Maybe a little distracted by this nip bird... but still keeping an eye on you Friday. You won't get away from us this week.



Just look at that little camera hog. 
Trying to take over my photo shoot with the Katnip Lounge Mom the other week.

Lucky I was there to give him some pointers.

Always throw in something they don't expect. 
Like a little raspberry.

Um... not quite kit.

Also wanted to report that Mom has lost her good camera at exactly the wrong time. All this photo action going undocumented... except on her camera phone. At least we have some peace from the pawparrazi.