Floofy Friday

Quill: Hey Friday, can you have a talk with Mr. Sun? This 115 degrees is really too much. How can a cat get a nice nap by the window?

Friday: I know buddy, he's getting more talk than me lately.

Quill: Hmmm... I wish Lady Moon would put in those kind of hours...


Floofy Friday

Quill: Friday? Is that you?

Friday: It's me buddy! What's with the sun patch... it's like a 1000 degrees outside. 

Quill: No one here understands it either, but each day I lay in this patch for as long as it's here. I like the sunshine on my furs and my white belly. It's a cat thing.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Hey do you have kibble breath?

Greyson: Come closer Quill, let me hug you...

Quill: Are those claws?

Greyson: Maybe... wanna wrestle?

::checks to see who's watching and chomps::

Friday: Are those teeth?

Quill: Um, just a love nibble....


Floofy Friday

Friday: Hello? I'm here and no one even greeted me yet?

Greyson: I know!! Mom FORGOT you were coming!

Friday: Really? I was mentally skipped? Thursday says that happens to her all the time! Even Wednesday, but it's rare that someone ignores me. 

Greyson: I'm telling you Friday - Mom is slipping. But luckily we are still here to keep her on track. Although, mostly it's me. Quill just looks up up at her with love eyes no matter what. 

Friday: It's okay - you know I'll come either way. I would like to see some floof though. You got any?

Greyson: We have some outtakes...

Greyson: Sigh....