Did I mention the most girly cat bed Mom placed on her desk?

Yes, it's pink roses. It is soft though.

Ah yes. This is nice. Not as good as the keyboard, but it'll work.


Finny Friday

Hi friends! Finny De Floof here to give you an update on life here at the H.C. I was supposed to be retired but my days are filled with Mom supervision.

Now that she is working at home I am needed all the time. I start the day with my usual meal request and then I get Mom settled into her office. The settling requires extensive sniffing and inspecting. You'd think I would be able to rest then but no - Dad needs to be sent on his way.

I barely manage to nap balled up in the hallway before Mom wanders out of her office. If she heads for anyplace other than the restroom I follow her. You never know when a trip past the kitchen might result in a snack.

I have to remind her it's lunch time. We snuggle for a bit and then right back to it - for her. A nice long nap is in order for me. After an extended nap I like to break up her afternoon with some desk time. If I see her too focused to take a break I flop on the keyboard to send her the message.

Do I sleep in the most girly cat bed ever that she has on the edge of the desk? Rarely because it's a good foot from the real action. Now if she put the bed on her laptop I would consider it.

As soon as Dad gets home I know it's dinner time and I mewl until she turns off the computer and ends her day. After such a trying day I need a long rest. I'm afraid my supervision of her blogging activities and writing have been spotty. What's a granny to do?

Of course it's not all bad. I have snacks and snuggles on demand so I can't complain much.


Hunt Week - Red Cup

From across the room I spot my prey. Like the red of the matador's cape the color of my prey mocks me and demands my attention. My prey is cunning, as it's heavily guarded by The Great White.

A full frontal assault will only get me banished to the other room. I must finesse this situation. I make sweet kitty face at The Great White. She falls for it and begs me to sit on her lap. I act casual-like, as if I am only mildly interested. She pleads - yes, I have her.

I leap onto her lap and allow her to pet me, lulling her into a state of false security. After a few minutes I stretch innocently and slowly make steps toward my prey. Oh no, she sees me, and moves my prey just out of reach. I settle in for more lap time and act as if I didn't notice the movement. A few minutes more of petting and purring, and I move with lightening speed. She didn't see it coming this time. I reach my prey and dive in.

Victory! Bonus, it's milk!

Note: I'm willing to share, but she says my cat spit ruins her drink. Whatever, more for me.


Hunt Week - Phane

Today's hunting ground might be called the dining table by some, but for me, it's the Cellophane Hunting Ground. Oh how I love my crunchy prey. It tickles my gums.

The Dining Table is Off-Limits for reasons I don't understand, but I love it up here for so many reasons. I rarely stay off, if I can help it. One of the many reasons I love it up here is that it's the drop off spot for fresh purchases. Have you ever noticed how often fresh purchases are wrapped in fresh cellophane kill?

As a kitten, I would nibble on regular plastic, but as I've grown into my grannyhood, I've realized it's best to hold out for the good stuff - true Cellophane. The very finest is beef jerky bags (with jerky inside) and the extra crunchy variety.

Sadly, my prey is whisked away quickly. I would be more upset about it, but if swallowed it can cause some gastric distress. For this very reason I suggest two things:
  1. Don't eat the aluminum foil, it tears easily and isn't very tasty.
  2. Make sure your human sees you crunching the Phane. They'll sprint to remove it from your jaws and that's half the fun. Cellophane covered in cat spit is a real turn off to the humans. Think of their disgust as a little bonus.


Hunt Week - Ham Safe

Mom stands at the doorway, viewing the bounty within. As soon as I hear her in the kitchen, I get very excited as I know she'll be opening the doorway to our hunting ground. Many of you know it as The Ham Safe.

I run from any corner of the house as I join her for the hunt. I can always tell it's her, and not him, by the tentative and joyously slow way she lingers, surveying her possible kill. The cold wind blows through my floof, as I rest my paws on the bottom edge. I catch the smells of all the possibilities.

"You hungry?" She asks.

"Mew! (Yep. How about a snark of ham?)" I reply.

"Nah. Too... meaty. What about cheese?"

"Mew! (Perfect! I prefer the string cheese.)"

She dives down deep into the meat drawer. Her mighty paws thrusting away the rejected options. She holds her prey up to the light. Victory. She places her foot under my belly and unceremoniously drags me gently back from a kill of my own. The door shuts, cutting off my own hunt.

I lament the cruel injustice of it all, as I watch her try to rip into the plastic wrapper like a bear with a picnic basket. Wait, there's still a chance of victory for the small floofy huntress... will she make a drop? Which do you think I want more? The cheese or the wrapper?


Hunt Week - Great White

I thought you might enjoy a replay of Hunt Week. My girl is still an excellent huntress!

Any housecat can tell that it can be challenging to find things to stalk and hunt on "The Inside." Movement is critical for a truly satisfying kill, so I hunt the only acceptable big game in the house - Let's call her The Great White.

The Great White is delightful prey. Sure a tasty bite is always enjoyable, whether it's during a petting session or an occasional nibble on the calf if she takes too long to prepare my meal, but it's the hunt that's the most fun.

I sit poised in the darkened hallway bathroom, waiting to hear the lumbering steps of my prey. I spot my kill as she walk by, tasty white cankles. I run in front of The Great White, startling her and causing her to yelp in surprise. As she continues to walk past me, I throw my front paws around the cankles and hold on tight to try to slow down her progress. A hard bite isn't likely to bring her down, and it's been known to end the game right where it begins, so I resist the urge.

Will she be able to break the hold of my paws of doom? Yes - she breaks free and scurries to the bedroom doorway. The Great White turns to face her furry opponent. I reach up to my full height on my back paws as I hug the doorframe with my front paws. I slide, menacingly, down the doorframe to a pounce position.

"You think you can take me, little cat?" The Great White asks in a mocking tone.

"Mew!" I answer with confidence.

"Let's do this." She says as she darts and weaves toward me her hands waving about.

I make an unexpected break for it, and run through Dad's office. I hear her chuckle as she thinks I've run in defeat, but she has forgotten that the office feeds into the living room and then back to the same hallway which now lays behind her. She is still taunting me, as she waits for a frontal attack, when I leap onto the calf from behind. I flip onto the floor and twist to give some light bunny kicks to the leg.

"You got me!" The Great White squeals in horror. She reaches down and defends herself the only way she can now, a hearty neck scritch. All is forgiven in the happy hunting ground.

If you wanna play just post about hunting anything you like at your place this week. Happy Hunting Friends!


Call for Entries

Okay friends time to stretch those hammy strings and compete. If you want to win a gold in this event you're gonna have to enter Cat-A-Lympics.

The first event to be accepting competitors is Cat Tree Gymnastics. If you want to be considered for the finals (and inclusion in the new book) you're gonna have to compete with the talented Zoey of the country of Island Cats.Look at the talent of this catlete!



I can hardly wait to hear what Jim and Bob are going to have to say about this!

So if you think you have what it takes to go against Zoey please send your pics to our email at megstories at cox dot net, or post them on your blog and let us know to take a look. It would be best if there were a series of pictures to tell a story (they don't have to have taken place at the same time), and tandem entries are also welcome. 

Good luck out there! And make sure you're limber!


Floofy Friday

Ah yes a little up close and personal floof on a Friday.
It's a bit of a weird angle.

It's been so very windy here in town, it could sweep a small grannycat away. But there are high hopes for some porch time this weekend for me and my Finny. I think my girl will enjoy it. I think she is enjoying her new pet-on-demand program.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned!


Wordless Wednesday

I have another one too, but Blogger is not cooperating.
Maybe there will be Floof on Friday!

I guess this was pretty wordy for a Wordless Wednesday.


Moving Forward Monday

Hey Friends! Finny here. I wanted to give you a little update on things here at the H.C.

I am doing pretty well. I gave my parents a little scare about a week ago when I decided not to eat or drink again. Luckily they knew what to do this time (IV fluids and another round of steroids) and I have rallied. Mom still worries about how thin I am, but I'm holding my own.

Mom has some cute recent photos of me that she will post later this week. I may be a granny, but I still have it.

Mom's new job is taking a lot of her time and she still feels mildly to moderately incompetent. I spend a great deal of time purring encouragement in her ear. It really helps. Today I made the big sacrifice of making biscuits on her arm while she tried to type some boring drivel. I took a little nibble of her hand when I felt she had gone on long enough. It's tiring to be an editor.

I realized that she is never going to be able to get anything done if I don't actively encourage her. I told her she needs to keep moving forward. She needs get going on the next book we had planned before I got sick.

She is starting to write Cat-A-Lympics and I've given her some deadlines I plan on enforcing. We will be asking for entries in certain events and we hope you'll all want to play along.