Floofy Friday

 Hey Friday! We are so happy to see you buddy! 

Mom's pining away for you for days!!

Quill and I have been putting in the long hours snoopervising her activities... she claims she's "busy" but again her job looks just like talking n the phone and typing. Yawnsville! She claims she's almost done with her book too... we'll see about that.

It isn't easy being the head office cat but I make it work. 

What about you Friday, friends, what do you have going on this weekend?


Floofy Friday

Tummy Alert

Seriously Cute Tummy exposure in 





Sorry Friday... did I not mention the toe floof?

Or the sweet sleepy face?

Sorry Friday!!

Big kitties can't help the cute sometimes.


Floofy Friday

Quill: Hey Friday! Turns out I'm super good at puzzling!
Quill: Aunt Jenny I think that's an edge piece...

Quill: This one looks good!

Friday: This one?

Quill: No this one!

Friday: You're right Quill, that was the one!

Quill: I told you I was an awesome puzzler.


Floofy Friday

Quill: What Aunt Jenny? Spillover?

I just came up here to help puzzle with you and Mom, while we wait for Friday. Sure it's a snug fit, but I wouldn't call my buns "spillover" for cod's sake. 

I hope no one mentions the "D" word Friday!

Friday: Don't you worry Quill, they just need to get a bigger puzzle. 


Naughty List?

Now that Sandy Claws is gone till next year - I figure I can sneak in a little naughtiness. Sometimes a big kitty needs to mix it up and kick up his paws. Show his little Brofur who's boss.

Who knocked over the toy basket?

Me! Quillbert J Naughtycat!

Who's gonna remember this a year from now?

Plus the basket makes an awesome window perch!