Less Wordy Winner

Looks like I get to post on Wednesday's too! Of course I can't promise anything on the less wordy part - my ghostwriter doesn't seem to understand that sometimes a simple "Meow" will do. Mommy had to point out that some kitty bloggers have "Wordless Wednesdays" and just go with a darling photo and wouldn't that be nice. I pointed out that the pawparrazi wars of 2008 which began in June, are still on.

So last night was night three of trying to watch a Harry Potter movie from Netflix. I believe the second time the word “Potter” is mentioned in that English accent, Mommy is out cold, snoring hard. Daddy lasts about 20 minutes and I usually last about 30 minutes (when in Rome).

Last night when they were passed out by 8pm from the “Potter Narcolepsy” I took matters into my own paws and used the remote control. I just kept stepping on buttons until I finally managed to wake Mommy and get her to change over to Wipeout. I just love to see the people bounce off of those big red balls. It so amuses me - he, he, he.


Hard Times & Gas Prices

Call me a softy but I’ve been quite touched by the world this week. First there was the run in with Mittens last week which left me feeling charitable and yes, a little sad. We heard on the news that many animals are in need of a new family because people are losing their homes. I’m not sure how you would go about losing a home, as they’re quite large, but I guess anything is possible where humans are concerned. I know when Daddy loses his house keys he becomes a raving nut, I can’t even imagine how upset he would be if he lost the whole house. So I’m enlisting Mittens help to wave my parents in if they look lost or confused.

My parents even discussed adopting another dog or cat, to which I say “No!!” I did feel like I needed to step in and show them other ways they could help. Max has a link on his page to an online game to help feed homeless kitties and puppies and I decided to add the info here so you can play too. Hopefully that will tide them over for a little while.

Even I can’t ignore the constant stream of bad news on television (and I barely even listen to the news). My parents talk about the high prices of everything, including gas which confuses me for two reasons:

  1. Why are they buying gas when it seems they already have plenty? I mean why would anyone want to buy gas? I find it all rather distasteful.
  2. I’ve been paying a high price for their gas for some time and it certainly hasn’t made the news until now.

All this talk of hard times and cutting back can really bring a cat down. Until I took another look around and saw the world is filled with good too. People who offer to lend a hand when they could turn away or kitties helping other kitties, and my spirits were lifted. I hope in these hard times you find the bright spots to raise your spirits too.


Less Wordy Wednesdays?

After much campaigning (or is that complaining?) on my part Mommy has agreed to consider adding Wednesday posts to my blog. Something short - call them “Less Wordy Wednesdays” perhaps.

Mommy has to get agreement on everything I think, so she said she would put up a poll to see if anyone is interested in reading the Wednesday blog (honestly, as if!). The poll will be open for the week, so vote often. I like to get my way, as you can imagine.


Close Encounter

Daddy had to go to work late one night this week, and before he left, he told me to keep Mommy safe. I take my assigned duties very seriously so I was up late, keeping watch. When I heard a car approach, I looked out the front window to verify it was Daddy returning. I was very relieved to see his car - until the headlights revealed an intruder. Right there, in my own front yard, was the illuminated outline of a feline prowler. I was instantly ready to fight.

“Hey! Hey You!" I yelled out in cat as I whapped the glass with my paw. "Out of my yard!”

Suddenly I saw the outline of a paw being raised in a gesture I didn't recognize. “What the Fluff!?! Same to you Mother Fluffer!” (Sorry for the potty mouth but I was very upset).

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more heated, Daddy came out of the garage with my old food bowl, and laid it out for the intruder (with my own bowl Daddy, how could you!). The cat came into the light and I saw it was a little black female with an extra set of paw toes. Apparently, what I thought was an inappropriate gesture was actually just the extra paw toes raised in a wave. I felt a little guilty at my previous outburst.

After I calmed down, my parents sat me down to explain the situation (I guess my outburst woke Mommy up). Apparently "Mittens" (Mommy’s name for the intruder – yes, she gave her a name!) is a neighborhood stray who sometimes hangs out in our front yard, for years. When she cries for food my parents give her some of my kibble.

I was very upset, until Mommy reminded me that my own tabby mother was once homeless. I felt ashamed then, if not for the good fortune of my family, it could be me out in the yard. Mommy was right - I was being harsh. So I'm allowing Mittens to stay in the front yard, as long as she stays out of my backyard. I will even share my food, as long as my treats are not involved.



Well America, unless there is some overnight aberration, the votes of the poll are leaning 71% towards my plan. Looks like next year you’ll be celebrating your birthday with milk, tuna, naps and catnip toys! I’m so happy to see you made the right choice. We're going to need a lot of catnip toys so you better get started.

I was so pleased to see how the kitties banded together to make it happen. Some households have multiple cats, like the Furry Bambinos who came by, and their vote should really count extra. To the humans that voted I respect your votes, but we'll have to agree to disagree – I’m sure you’ll learn to love catnip eventually. I’m even willing to throw in hot dogs or barbeque as long as I can have a taste. Oh and to the anonymous vegan who refused to vote, your welcome to celebrate with me. You can even keep your tofu dogs all to yourself, no need to share.

Some of my readers have asked how to leave comments, so let me tell you, as I love a nice comment. At the bottom of my post there is a link to comments called, oddly enough, “Comments” click on that, enter your comment in the box, type in the word verification, choose to go anonymous, enter a name, or if you have a Goggle account go ahead and use that, submit it, and it'll come to me for review. By the way, I'm trying to answer my fan mail now so you can always check back later and see my comments. Oh by the way Mommy didn’t realize how my answers would show when she helped me – so yes we know “Fin Says Said” sounds stupid but I think we have it together now.

Some of you have asked about the results of the hungrier strike that I began back in May. Well, I’ve lost a bit of weight and Mommy said she can even tell I have bones under all this fur. She told Daddy I was looking anorexcat, and has began to bring home the high quality treats, so the strike is off for now. Besides she has been fussing a bit with my book and has refused to send it out until she tweaks a few things. I can’t continue to forgo quality treats just to make a statement, especially when a much stronger statement, such as “I love beef jerky!” can be made instead. Have a great week.


America's Birthday

Yesterday was America’s Birthday and I must say that I’m not so fond of the way you celebrate America. You’re a little too rowdy for my taste.

First of all, where was the birthday cake America? We always have cake on our family's birthdays. I don’t eat the cake of course, but when my parents enjoy a slice with a glass of milk Mommy is always happy to share with me. Once she sees I’ve stuck my face in the glass and had a few licks, she lets me have the whole rest of the glass, all to myself (even if it’s not my birthday).

Well America, I guess the birth-day portion passed pleasantly enough. It was too hot for outdoor activities so my parents watched scary movies and held me close when they were frightened. I allowed the forced cuddling because I was a bit frightened too, and I was able to cover my eyes during the really scary parts. We even had a family nap in the middle of the day.

It wasn’t till the sun went down that all hell broke loose. My parents began roaming the house at dusk, looking out the windows, and waiting in anticipation for something. They were, almost, dare I say, giddy. All of a sudden there were lots of scary noises outside and unpleasant smells of sulfur and smoke in the air. I had to grab my love, my mousey, and hide in the closet for hours, and no one even came to try to lure me out.

Here is what I suggest for your celebration next year America - On my own birthday I awake whenever I like, I’m given snuggles on demand, regardless of the time of night (most days this isn’t met with much enthusiasm), I’m left to nap in silence throughout the day, when I awake from my naps I’m offered treats like tuna and perhaps even a new catnip filled toy. This is a proper birthday America! So if you can’t offer all your guests tuna and catnip toys, at least try to keep it down next year.