Mom here.

All of a sudden I has a bad case of kitten fever. We almost had a new baby boy this morning, but when we called the shelter we found out that he was already adopted out to a nice home. It should have made me happy that he found a home, but instead I burst into tears.

All of a sudden I realized why I was feeling so kitten-obsessed and sad at the same time.

Finny and I shared a birthday which is on Tuesday, and I realized how much I was missing her. I guess I was trying frantically to outrun the sadness, but as these things do, it caught up with me. I was feeling very lonely and sad when in entered my Quill this morning.

I was washing my face when he jumped onto the bathroom counter. Something he never does but Finny always did. After a moment he came over and started to figure out how to drink from the faucet. I could hardly believe it. He has never done that either and my girl loved to drink from the faucet! I always had to dodge a cat head while I brushed and scrubbed.

I think Finny must have told him to do it. She must have known I needed a little sign from her that she is still here looking out for me. I never doubted it sweet baby girl.



Mom's Confession:

I know you're all dying to see pictures of my giant kitten playing with his X-Mas toys. You'll notice the post is picture free. Sure I could be blamed by Quill for my lack of quick wits in getting the shot. But to be far I really didn't have time to prepare...

Santa's Helper (A.K.A Caren and Cody) had a contest where we won a cool stocking full of loot. Stuffed with treats and reindeer mice. So cute!

Anyway I tucked it back in the packing box till X-Mas morning, and stuck it in the bookcase in my office. So when I heard Quill playing around in the corner I wasn't putting it together at all. By the time I turned around he had knocked the box on the floor, pulled out stocking, and was bunny-kicking the whole thing.

I tried to grab it back and he wrestled me for it. What with the claws and jaws - he won. You see our boy gets a bit aggressive on the nip. So I must dole out the hooch in minimal doses. So the rest of his toys are going to be a slow and steady passing out.

I will try to re-capture the joy of the moment in subsequent photo ops...

Quill's Confession:

All rumors of my nip, eh, problem are greatly exaggerated. Did I claw at my Mom? Yes, but I thought she was taking away my toys and all the Temptations. And yes, I did chew her a little after she cut off the reindeer mice tails... something about my chewing them off and eating them.

I did tip over the trash and get them back though. Sadly she caught me and removed them.

I gave my family a present on Christmas morning too. Right after breakfast, I expelled my first hairball. No it did not contain a reindeer mouse tail.


Santa, Is That You?

So there I was on Christmas Eve day so excited. Mom and I had put in a hard day at the office, and I was very excited to see Sandy Claws. As long as he didn't have a furbling with him.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. I thought Sandy Claws came down the chimney, but hey I have no issue if you wanna use the front entrance. Mom opened the door and in waltzed some dude.

No red suit, no sack full of toys, and he didn't look like Sandy Claws at all.

He was followed by his lady. She didn't appear to be Mrs. Claws either.

I made a run for it. I hid under the bed. Santa? I don't think so.

Turns out they are my grandparents. I finally decided the lady was okay and allowed her to give me a supervised scritch. Then the man tried to touch me and that was it - I was outta there.

So did Santa finally show up? Boy did he!


Story Interrupted

Mom: Hey Quill why don't you snuggle near me and I'll tell you a Christmas story -

Quill: Is it about the little boy who wants a Red Rider BB gun?

Mom: No, not that one. Why don't you make some paw biscuits while I tell you the story. 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house; Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse - 

Quill: What? Where's a mouse? 

Mom: It's a story, there's no real mouse. I'm going to keep going...  'The stockings were hung by the chimney with care'

Quill: Where are the stockings?

Mom: I didn't put them up this year. I thought you'd pull them down. 

Quill: Yeah, prolly. At least a pair of your socks are over there... Can you give me some chin scritches?

Mom: Sure. Anyway, where was I? Right. 'In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there'

Quill: Who's that?

Mom: It's Santa, er, Sandy Claws. He goes by lots of names. Quill, are you sleeping?

Quill: Purrrrrr. Huh? I'm sleepy. Can you speed it up Mom?

Mom: Sure 'Happy Christmas to all and to all a good-night'.  


It's Not Over

Well the day the world was supposed to end passed and we're still here!

Mom was worried Hell-o Kitty had frozen over the other morning though.

She rolled over on her back in bed to stretch. I was cold, and her tummy looked warm.

So I decided - why not? If the world is ending then at least I'll be toasty. I squeaked my intentions and hunkered down on her for a nap. I was careful to stay just out of reach of those fur-hungry mitts of hers.

Of course she had to ruin it. After an hour long nap with my paw on her bladder she had to get up to do her business. I was a little miffed at the disruption, and I refused to return.

I may try it again - as long as the cold weather holds out. Hey it's the holidays - might as well make her happy so I win some extra points with Sandy Claws.


Miscommunication Part II

Dear Sandy Claws,

The dog bed and dog bowl were for me, something an ample-sized kitten can grow into.

It was in no way, repeat, NO WAY, and indication I am hoping for a baby sisfur who is a dawg. ::Shudders::

Unless a baby sisfur can be a mouse, or perhaps a hamster, I am not interested.

If, when you come right down Sandy Claws Lane, you find a kitten or baby dawg in your sack for me, just keep it for yourself. My gift to you and the missus buddy.

Hope that clears it up.


PS I have been kicking a lot of sand out of my litter box for you. I understand it helps the reindeers get traction.



Dear Sandy Claws,

My friends assured me that you are cool, and willing to look the other way when it comes to kitten transgressions. I was getting really excited about your impending visit till my parents mentioned that if I was a good boy maybe you'd bring me a baby sisfur for Christmas.

I don't know what kind of show you're running up there, but I do NOT, repeat, DO NOT want a baby sisfur for Christmas. If that is what being good gets an ample-sized kitten, then let the biting begin I say!

In case there is some miscommunication on my family's part, I have made an alternate list for you to fill.

  1. Very tall and sturdy scratching post.
  2. Very tall and sturdy cat tree.
  3. Ample-sized window perch.
  4. Dog bed.
  5. Dog bowl.
  6. Treats.
  7. Nip toys (even though Mom says I'm a mean drunk - whatever that means).
Thanks and I'll be awaiting your response.



Floofy Friday

Santa is that you?
I was so happy to read so many of your comments and hear Sandy Claws is very forgiving to ample-sized kittens. Whew!

Maybe if I confessed my transgressions he would be even more forgiven.

  • Frequently nibbled on tasty cankles and the hands that feed me.
  • Dug through the trash cans for loot. I might push them over first. 
  • Tipped over my toy box and littered my toys all over the den. Toys have gotta be played with - it's their mission in life. 
  • Clawed at the drapes. 
See not that naughty. I need to start making a list!!

Have a great weekend friends!


Sandy Claws!

Friends did you know there is a Sandy Claws who brings presents to nice (even mutant ample-sized) kittens?

Angel Fin told me about it in a dream, and boy am I excited! Seems my parents were trying to keep the whole X-mas thing on the down low. I wondered why Mom kept distracting me while reading friends blogs. My parents said they thought I was too reckless wreck-less young to be trusted with festive decor.

I can't believe it! I mean there's supposed to be a tree for climbing putting up cat toys ornaments. There's supposed to be stockings dangling playfully hanging with care by the fireplace.

My Mom even has a white feather theme every year. I am so in! Yet somehow I am so out!

Upon questioning Mom seems to think the whole present situation might be in jeopardy too. Something about biting the hand (and cankles) that feeds me being naughty... blah, blah, blah. Surely this can't be right?

Does Sandy Claws look the other way for ample-sized, mildly naughty kittens?



That Lady was here for four days! And four nights!

She kept trying to ignore me - naturally I couldn't just let that go.  I mean I am the house kitten. So I rubbed against her leg and lolled on the floor giving my cutest looks.

Eventually I won her over. The last day she could resist me no longer. She picked me up and rubbed my belly. Of course I flailed a bit - gotta keep em guessing.

I'm gonna miss her. I think my parents are missing her too... although I never saw her rub their bellies...


Still Here

Psst, hey friends. That lady, "Aunt Jenny" is STILL here!

She arrived on Tuesday night and of course she cooed about the cute giant kitten. I played aloof. I assumed I would have to look at her for maybe a couple of hours.

But she's STILL here! Every time I turn around - there she is. It wouldn't be so bad but she sounds just like Mom and she even looks a lot like Mom. A few times I've almost been confused.

Then she started using my move, playing hard to get. So infuriating! I was rubbing up on her calves and she ignored my peace offering entirely.

If she's STILL here tomorrow, I may offer her my belly for rubbin.


Pogo Kitten

I thought you might enjoy these action shots from my last photo session.

You may call me Air Quill.