Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends!

Hope you get stuffed with turkey and other yummy stuff!

We have so much to be thankful for, but most of all we are thankful for each other! We're also thankful we have all of you out there!

We're also thankful for treats and that our parents don't confer on if we've had any before they give us more. 

Mom and Dad are grateful they are celebrating their 27th dating anniversary on the 27th. They're grateful they have each other and two sweet furry boys to love.

We hope all of you have lots to be thankful for too!


Floofy Friday

Welcome Friday! 

You're just in time for the out of focus edition of Floofy Friday!

The real cause of Writer's Block - says Mom.  Really? Who needs keyboards or pens to write with?

Look at the suspicion Friday - with the Zoom Groom right in the foreground of the picture. Lucky for Quill he's smart enough not to fall for her gentle calls to "Come here Quilly-Bear!" 

Mom is taking vacation so we hoping for a nice week of snuggles and naps. It's excellent!


Be Forever Furless

A Tail
By Greyson

Once upon a time a gentle reader, Yesenia, was hired to work in a far away land at the Lilly Brush Company. Once Yesenia saw the company's product, The Be Forever Furless brush, she knew someone who really needed a brush to clean up the fur of two floofy boy cats.

So Yesenia told her new boss that a brush was needed post haste at Casa De Housecat. So they contacted the residents, and of course they were willing to deposit fur and try it out.

So they day came and the Be Forever Furless brush arrived to the delighted squeals of the human Mom.

"Look boys!" She exclaimed. "I'm gonna de-fur everything!"

"Did you read the directions?" Asked the sassy-mouthed wise Greyson.

"The directions? It's a brush, how hard can it be?" Mom replied as she proceeded to brush back and forth over the sofa. Low and behold - hair from the couch magically leaped to the brush.

"Victory!" She shouted, waving a clump of fur in her tight fist. "Hey... I wonder if I can brush you boys directly with this baby?"

With an evil gleam in her eye she walked with a forced casualness towards Quillbert who trembled.

"You're not touching him without reading the directions first!" Said the brave Greyson.

So she read the directions...

"Hey! You're supposed get it wet and shake it off first!" She said as she raced for the sink. She approached the bed under which Quillbert hid.

"Are you supposed to use it on your pet?" Quillbert asked as he inched away.

"Well... lemme read it again." She grumbled as she re-read the directions. "Well you can use it on clothes..."

"But directly on pets is not mentioned right?" Demanded Greyson.

"No." She replied begrudgingly, as she busied herself cleaning the bedspread.

And all was right in the land.

The End

The Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless brush usually $19.95 is currently available at Bed Bath and Beyond on sale for $14.99 - did I mention her tight fist?


Floofy Friday - 1200 Posts!

That's right Friday! 1200 posts here at the H.C.

It all started with sweet Angel Finny. Who ruled the blog for most of the 1200 posts. When she left Mom thought things would be over here. But then came this little kitten...

 He healed Mom's heart and convinced her to keep blogging.

Please Mom, may have some more? Posts that is. 

Then came this little kitten...

 Wait! What? No new kitten please Mom! 

Too bad Quill! Then this little kitten came...

Yeah! That's better!

Please Mom, more posts!

And the posts kept coming! Although not as fast and regular as some cats would like! 

We want to thank all our friends who have stuck with us through all the fun and the occasional sadness. We couldn't and wouldn't have made it this far without you! 

Hope you enjoy some e-cake and e-nip!


Working it Out

Fade In

The human Mom stands in her office, her limbs moving about in what barely passes as a "rhythm" as Greyson observes at a safe distance. Quill enters the room and inches past to sit beside Greyson.

Quill (whispering): What's she doing?

Greyson: Flailing.

Mom: I'm dancing!

Greyson: Really?

Mom: Yes! I'm trying to take my workout up a notch.

Quill: Whatever you're trying to work out doesn't seem to be willing to go. Do you need my help Mom?

Mom: No son. I've even joined a gym!

Greyson: You're not doing that in public are you? And please say you're not gonna take the Jingle Skirt of Terror out into the world!

Mom: No! Dancing is for home, the gym is for lifting weights... gotta keep up with you boy's growth spurts. Who wants to be my barbell? Quill?

Both boys scurry from the room to safety.... for now.

Fade Out


Happy Birthday Greyson!

Which handsome kitty turns two today? This cat!

Here I am enjoying a nice chin scritch from my able assistant.

And a nice sunpuddle....

Yes, it's a good day to be a Birthday Boy. 

Please enjoy the e-cake and e-nip and apply e-cuddles... but do I have to share my treats? Nah.


Floofy Friday

Greyson here at last! Had you noticed there have been a lack of my photos the last couple weeks Friday? I know I've noticed! Just to make it up to you I demanded a special photo shoot... Hope your swoon muscles are warmed up!

Feel better now Friday? I thought it would help.


Cock A Doodle Who?

Greyson here. For a few months Quill stopped spending his time in the office with Mom and I during our workday.

Mom was pretty sad about it because she requires a LOT of snoopervision and because she likes to see us of course.

Anyway the last two mornings Quill has returned for the morning meeting. At the same time each morning, during Mom's conference call, he breezes in. He's used to Mom acknowledging his presence (she always waves at him when he enters a room - I know! Crazy right?). Anyway she was busy and didn't notice him come in both times.

He climbed on top of the cabinet by the window and let out the loudest and longest squeak ever. Just one per morning, like a furry rooster.

Of course Mom thinks it's darling and rewards him with lovins.

I guess it must be working since he came back for the afternoon and camped out under her office chair like he used to. I'm glad he's back on the job, it's been hard to hold down the fort alone.