Floofy Friday

I know almost Saturday... And old pictures too? Bad Mom.

 Enjoy? Yes Dad, make it zoom!

Maybe I need riding goggles?

No more howling furball issues, and all systems are a go, so we are looking forward to a nice weekend. Exciting news, I hear Aunt Jenny is coming to visit next week at the H.C.


Furball Freakout

I am a pretty quiet in the meow department. I found most things can be said with a simple squeak - or better yet a little nip. I find nothing wraps a human around your paw like the silent squeak.

The only time I sing out is when I get frustrated - which is pretty frequently. It's hard to figure everything out when you're still a kitten. I want to get onto things and into things and I can't always - so I voice my displeasure - who wouldn't?

There I was, enjoying a nice nap on my office chair while snoopervising Mom's work effort earlier. Suddenly I felt this odd feeling. I felt like I might need to expel something.

I started to growl/howl really loud. Mom started to panic! I started to claw at my cheek with my paw. Then she really started to freak the fluff out! She thought I was choking on something and was trying to check my mouth. I just kept on howling.

Then I just stopped and was perfectly fine. I looked at her like she was a nut (she is) and had a nice bath.

Mom sent Dad immediately to get some hairball goop. I had already turned down the first kind they brought home to try. I guess Angel Fin loved it. Me? Not so much. So now Mom is spreading to on the my treats - she's calling it buttering the bread. Meh, I'll still eat them.

Mom's Note: Seriously I was freaked out!! I have never heard him sound like that and then he was perfectly fine a minute later. He started a furball cough a couple days before but nothing happened and then this.


Measuring Up

So the other day I was sprawled out on the bed napping, when I heard some metallic noises close by. Then I heard Dad say "Wow!". I woke up and saw he was trying to measure me! Again!!

Of course I was mortified. They are so obsessed with the size of me. They refer to me as the giant mutant kitten.

Naturally I ran under the wardrobe to prevent any additional measuring. I was feeling confident this had ended this session. Of course I had forgotten all about that shameless butt smoocher Mr Tail. While I was hiding - he was proudly sticking out and remaining still just so Dad could get his measurement too. Shameless.

So the numbers you ask -

Nose tip to tail tip - 31 inches.
Mr Tail - 12 inches.
Paw width - 1 1/2 inch wide.


Thanks for What?

So there I was, happy as I could be on Thanksgiving morning. I was racing around the house giving thanks by nipping at those tasty cankles.

Then I saw those evil rolling boxes that eat up my parents clothes, and I knew something was horribly wrong. That's right friends, abandonment!

They left me all by myself for three whole days! Sure they sent over that guy to check on me. He filled my food and water. but did he scoop my litter? No. Did he fill my bowl to the tippy top? No.

When Mom came thru the door I knew I should be cross, but I have been so happy she's home I have stayed glued at her side for the last 24 hours straight. Not letting her out of my sight for awhile.

She says I gained even more weight. I'm a nervous eater. She says I'm a 12 pound puss with a 10 pound butt.


Happy Thanksgiving

It's almost Thanksgiving! It's my first one and I'm pretty excited. I understand from reading my pals blogs that turkey may be involved.

I love turkey. I kissed my Mom on the mouth the other day when she had turkey breath.

I don't know what all this stuffing talk is all about - but I love to be stuffed!

I wonder if I'll like pumpkin pie?

The only bad part is Mom says she likes to watch the Dog Show. I'd prefer a Cat Show, but I'll work it out.

What do you love about Thanksgiving?



Mom: Quill?

Quill: What? Is it time for a snack?

Mom: No. Is that your floof on the floor?

Mom points to a largish tuft of white furs on the floor. Quill inspects with a sniff.

Quill: Nope.

Mom: It was really a rhetorical question... Who else's floof would it be?

Quill: Maybe Mittens?

Mom: Mittens is a black cat, one who visits our porch and has never been in the house...

Quill: Maybe I had guests...

Mom: Hm. Looks like it's time for brushing and petromalt...

Quill: Yum, petromalt is tasty, but you better not be thinking your gonna run a brush through this floof. I got it covered Mom.


Bugged - A Screenplay

 Mom (Off screen): EEEEEKKKKKK!

Fade In

Interior - Bathroom - Late Night

Mom (Mouth gaping in close up): QUILLLLLLLL!

Our hero Quill (Handsome and ample-sized kitten) runs bravely into the bathroom.

Quill: What Mom?

Mom points to the floor by the shower.

Close up of giant menacing BUG.

Mom: Bu.. Bu... BUG! Get it!

Quill scoots the bug along playfully. The bug makes a break for it and runs towards Mom's feets.

Mom: Holy COD!!! Get it!!

Quill grabs the Bug in his mouth. Mom clamps her hand over her mouth to stiffle the scream. Quill drops the Bug.

Quill: What?

The Bug makes a break for Mom's feets again.

Mom: Get it!!!!!

Quill grabs the Bug in his mouth.

Mom: Oh my Cod, don't eat it!

Quill (Mouth full): Woo said to git it. Got it! ::Chews Bug::

Mom: I meant kill it with your paw of doom and leave the carcass for your Dad.

Quill: You know I'm more of a biter than a whapper... besides now we're carcass-free. 

Quill winds his way lovingly around Mom's tasty cankles. Mom pats Quill and showers him with lovin.
Quill purrs away knowing he saved his Mom from the evil Bug.

Fade Out


Flooflet Friday - 900 Posts!

It's Friday!

And it's our 900th post here at the H.C.

900 posts makes us happy and it makes Mom just a little sad. It makes her miss sweet Angel Fin since so many of those posts were theirs. It makes her happy because being blog assistant for her felines is fun and it has brought her so many kind friends over the years. 

It makes me happy because I had so many friends ready to embrace me when Angel Fin guided me to my parents. You all made me feel so welcome. 

So we're going to embrace all the happy things - because they so far outweigh the sad parts. 900 posts and I feel like I'm just getting started. 

Purrs and nibbles friends!



I don't know if you've ever noticed, but my face appears quite narrow. 

I call this look - Gray Steel.
I credit the white stripe that shows right where the smooches should go. Plus I have dark whisker holes drawing the eye inward.

Mom says the M on my forehead stands for Momma's boy. I haven't noticed the wrinkles on Mom's forehead spelling out anything yet.



Well Mom was right - shocker I know.

It got cold this weekend, and I was cold too. It's the first time in my young life that it's really turned cold here at Casa De Housecat. I was born in April and it was already pretty warm here.

It was too cold to hang out at my window post for too long. I found it was best to snoopervise my parents from a sunpatch.

Eventually Mom's lap started to look good to me - real good. So I took the plunge and jumped up on the lounger between Mom's knees. It was perfect - just out of reach from those hands, and still toasty warm. Plus I could prop myself up on those knobby knees for a really quality bath.

Yes Fall is looking good to me at last. I've had lots of naps too - gotta grow some extra floof. 


Flooflet Friday

Weekend - I've got my eyes on you!

I'm ready for you!

Really. I'm ready. Mom and Dad are too. 

It's supposed to finally get a little bit cold here. Mom has been saying I will find her irresistible when it gets cold out - I guess we'll see. 
All of you please keep safe and toasty! 



I have a little secret. I wonder if I might have some "vegetarian" tendencies. So far the only meaty food I've shown a love of is poultry. I loves me some chicken and turkey is also acceptable.

I have been offered steak, and beef jerky. No interest. Ham? Meh. Cheese? No thanks.

I did sniff wildly at some pork on Mom's breath one night. I demanded a little taste, and I did like it.

So what do I like to request samples of? Avocado. It smelled so good. I've also dabbled with spinach (I wanted the stem), banana (Excellent for bunny-kicking), and tried to take a blackberries for a roll.

Mom is quite stingy with the veg - something about not knowing if something would make me sick. If you know of any veggies or fruits that are ample-sized kitten safe let me know.

So friends, are any of you closet vegetarians?


Tummy Rubbins Tuesday

I feel so conflicted. I'm finding I sorta like tummy rubbins. 

Course I can't admit I like them. So I give some half-hearted bunny kicks to show protest... 
But I think you can see I don't do too much to escape. 

You're not done are you Dad?

Don't. Stop. No. No. Don't stop...


The Horror Continued

Well after my post yesterday Mom decided things had "Slowed Down" enough to let me out of quarantine. There I was waiting for the treats when I heard rustling at the front door.

Naturally, as house protector, I ran to the door to investigate. I heard high-pitched squeals and suddenly Dad was coming towards the door.

"Don't open it Dad! They're still out there!" I squeaked.

Dad opened the door anyway! There they were - a horde of sticky little ghouls. I could see Dad was overcome, so I retreated to the den door to protect Mom.

Me and Mr Tail made with the Halloween Cat Stance (now I know why they call it that!) to ward off the horrors. Mom was cackling behind us - I have no idea what was happening there!

Rinse and repeat - four more times - before the siege ended.

Thank Cod it's over. I have to admit I am a little worried about Thanksgiving (sounds like a possible misnomer) now - I mean what's next?

Have a happy and safe weekend friends!