Floofy Friday


Is that you?

No Greyson he's over here!
Hi Friday! We sure did miss you!

What? You want a double portrait?
Anything for you Friday!

Mom and Dad are staycating next week so we have a heavy schedule of family naps planned. Sounds perfect!


Wednesday Workday

Whew it was a hard day of snoopervision!

Got one eye Mom at all times. One sleepy, barely open eye, but enough to see she's working pretty hard. Even when it's pretty difficult to focus with all this cuteness at eye level. 

My officemate is a little more trusting of Mom's work. 

Yep he is one happy mancat. He even snore purrs (snurrs) while he naps with a smile on his face.


Stormy Weather

Hi Friends! Quill here.

Seems Mr Sun has finally taken a little breather. Unfortunately his "Friend" Stormy Weather is hanging out. She is pretty loud too. Mom says we are lucky we live on this side of town because The Floods are over on the other side of town. Sure hope they don't come this way - they sound kinda scary.

Stormy was here all weekend and plans on making a week of it. Greyson and I talked it over and decided we were safe here at the H.C. so we're back to the regular workday. We had been neglecting Mom's snoopervision so we put in the full eight today. We're pretty spent, but we'll be back at it tomorrow. Mom has promised to get pictures (You wouldn't think it would be too hard to catch two mancats snoozing).

In other news my Aunt Jenny is in the running for a contest for Martha Stewart. I don't know who that is but she and Mom seems super excited about it all. Aunt Jenny makes really beautiful and unique things for weddings and home.

Anyway if you would be willing to vote for her (up to six times a day) maybe she could win! You can see her work and vote here (http://www.marthastewart.com/americanmade/nominee/82885).


Floofy Friday


Is that you Friday?

I think it's you...
Friday? I don't see you that way?

Yes! It is you! What? You think I look handsome in profile? Why thanks, Mom always says so too...
You think I look handsome too? Well gee thanks. Sorry my paws are a little dirty. I was pretty busy playing and napping this morning.
We sure have missed you buddy! We hear there may be storms this weekend, but don't worry you can hide guard under the bed with us. 


Acting Out

Greyson here. Guess what friends seems I'm not the only cat who acts out when Dad goes away for a couple of days.

I mean sure, I lamed Mom's treating thumb but I was just trying to get my pipe cleaner back. Luckily she totally bought my remorseful face. I mean of course I meant it.

First he climbed the screen door every time  Mom tried to get some fresh air. I mean imagine this move but add about 15 lbs of pussycat....

He can still make it to the top of the screen!

Next Mom was trying to answer the phone and nothing. No sounds. No rings. No nothing. Mr Quillbert McNaughtymon had chewed another phone cord! He repeatedly chewed Mom's Apple phone cord last time and no it was the cordless.

When questioned he agreed it was not as tasty as an Apple. But that did not stop Mr Quillbert McNaughtymon. I really can't get enough of that nickname! Usually he is such a goody-four-paws and a total Momma's Boy.

Of course Mom forgave him and all the scolding he got was the nickname. Sheesh.

Little does Mom know he is anxiously awaiting the iPhone cord replacement's arrival....


My Bloody Valentine

Greyson here. Seems I'm in a little trouble friends.

That's the bluds from Mom's thumb - oddly shaped in a heart.

I suppose you could say I was responsible for Mom's bluds leaving her thumb and ending up on this tissue. But honestly she took away my pipe cleaner just when I was gonna play with it. So I swapped it with my paws of fury and Mom's thumb was just in the way. No one separates this kitten from his pipe cleaner.

I offered to lick it for her, but she seemed to think soap and water was preferable. I told her cat spit has healing powers too. Of course goody-four-paws Quill was right there to rub against her leg and make sure she was fine. Meanwhile I decided to perfect my remorseful face....

Sorry Mom. Wanna cuddle?


Floofy Friday


Quill at six months.

Greyson at seven months. 

Greyson: Hi Friday! Seems some Mom failed to capture two darling pictures of handsome kitties this week. ::Rolls eyes:: I sure hope that doesn't keep you from coming over Friday! 

Trish from the Katnip Lounge came to visit us this week and she thinks I'm deli-cat or small boned. I may be smaller than Quill but I have a big personality to make up for my size. 

Quill: Greyson are you talking to Friday without me?

Greyson: Um, well I was just telling Friday -

Quill: Oh my Cod! Is that a blanket?

Greyson: Huh? Where? ::Runs under bed::

Quill: Tee hee. Glad you're here Friday! We sure missed you all week. I even saved a few treats for you.


Skittish Reveal

Well after a lot of convincing (and some detective work on Mom's part) I will reveal the terrifying incident that caused me to totally freak out get a little scared last week.

You may recall that Mom reported she heard odd noises from the hallway while she was at work. Then she heard even more odd noises that were a lot louder. When she came into the hall both Quill and I were "freaked" out and I ran under the bed to hide.

Here's what really happened.

I was playing in the hallway and decided to climb the walls and doors as I often do (Who doesn't?). Anyway I was flinging myself at Dad's office door (I was sure he was in there!) when - score - it opened. It only opened a crack though, so I had to really fling myself at the door.

Turns out what was keeping the door partially shut was the comforter on the guest bed that was sticking off the end in a bunch. Seems someone (::Glares at Mom::) had not made the bed and had just dumped the comforter at the end. When I was pushing it open the door caught the comforter and caused it to fall on the head of the innocent kitty.

Suddenly I was trapped in a cloud of cotton with no escape in sight! Naturally I scrambled frantically to escape. By the time I escaped with my life I was in the hall. When I saw the flowing fabric of Mom's skirt I thought it was coming for me too!! Naturally the only safe place was under the bed.

The line of treats I required to be lured out? Well I was hungry.

Now I am a little unsure of burrowing under the blankets for cuddles with Mom. You never know when you might be trapped. Maybe if she lured me with treats...


Heavy Lifting

Well it finally happened. Mom picked up somecat and hurted her upper back and shoulder. We were all a little worried because (horrors) it's her scooping arm (food and litter!!). Who was the cat?

I bet you're thinking it's Quillbert. You're right. You do have to be careful when lifting 20 lbs of puss it turns out. Today her back was feeling better and she lifted Quill to let him stare up at the a/c return vent (he can't get enough of that?) and she torkled herself.

Did you catch that, her back was feeling better. So we have to trace a little further back - to when she lifted me up and I started to flail like a trout on the line. I do like making them work for it. Of course I didn't mean to bob when Mom weaved and cause her to tweak herself out of shape.

She swears she'll be just fine (That's not all she swears - if you catch my drift). Until then we have to take our cuddles at knee level.


Floofy Friday



Psst Friday. Over here. 

Mom here. The boys are a little tired today, hope you don't mind if I don't wake them. It all started this morning. The boys had been chasing and playing and I was busy working when "The Incident" happened. 

I heard a weird series of thud, boom, scratches and a loud... something. Maybe a small cat throwing himself up the door frame? I was scared by the frantic racket and I yelled to knock it of as I sprang into action (okay maybe "sprang" is an overstatement).

Quill was in the hallway freaked out. Greyson was coming out of hubby's office more freaked out. Greyson ran under the bed and refused to come out. It took Quill and I whispering sweet nothings and a line of five treats before he came out. Greyson has been really skittish all day and runs under the bed at the slightest hint of trouble. 

So not sure what happened and no cat is talking. I guess being freaked out is tiring work. I hope you come over anyway Friday. I promise you can hide behind my skirt if you get scared, and I have treats to make a line if you go under the bed.


Stretch Styles

Do you have your own stretch style? Cause we do.

Quill Style - I prefer a standing stretch. I like to really stretch out my long back legs. So I have a little lunge move where I move my front out and really lengthen my body. I go sway back for a few minutes, then I kick back each back leg and really streeetch it back. I take my time too. A good stretch can't be rushed.

Greyson Style - I like a standing and lying stretch. I am also a big yawner - gotta get those jaw muscles limber for snack time.

Lying stretch - I go on my side (either side) and really stretch out the tummy but trying to reach back with the front and back halves.

Standing stretch - I am a firm believer in tradition here - I go with the classic Halloween Cat. Where I throw in a little twist is the tail. I either go with an S or C curve.

Friends what is your stretch style?



Well my parents didn't sell the garage this weekend, thank Cod. I tried to make a break for it to check up on things every time Dad opened the door. Unfortunately I was nabbed each time.

Mom said we couldn't have people trying to buy me.

Well there was a nice bonus that came with all that door opening - bugs!

Quill and I managed to hunt them all. Mom called our attention to the last one in the bathroom. She was kinda distracting with all the screaming of "Get it!!" and "Just kill it already!!"

You see we like to take our time. Quill likes to interview the bug first. Then I jump in with a few warm up whaps. I batted it to Quill, in case he wanted to whap it too. He didn't.

So after more Mom screams, I popped him in my mouth. He was a big one so I was able to make a real meal of him.

Yep, good times. Unless you're the bug....


Floofy Friday

Friday is that you?
Yep! We are so happy to see you buddy!

We've missed you like crazy!

Friday I'm a little worried. Mom and Dad said that we might be having a Garage Sale tomorrow. The couple of times I sneaked out there I thought it was pretty fun. I'd hate to see it go. Although I could probably get right to the front of the house if it was gone and I made a break for it. I hope they get a good price for it, and they use it to buy us some toys, or maybe a nice cat tree. Just saying.