Floofy Friday

 Friday? That you buddy?

So glad to see you Friday! 
We missed you all week. We're happy to see you and we noticed you brought your friend Stormy Skies with you. Sounds like a great excuse to cuddle on the big bed.


Which Kitty?

Which kitty cleared the bedroom last night by dropping a deuce in the litter box at midnight?

Who created a record-shattering poop that required immediate removal and window opening?

This cat! Greyson! I just put my pungency scale on stun and used the litter box. I was feeling proud when Mom first yelled out "Who's responsible for that smell?"

You'd have thought I broke some law there was so much commotion over the whole thing. Moms can be such drama queens.


Take One Tuesday

Greyson here. As you can imagine it isn't always easy to be the kitties at the H.C. Pawparazzi can be relentless in the pursuit of a suitable blog post. Of course Quill and I look darling and handsome at all times. We have to make sure our furs look their best all the time.

You can't have a bad fur day here... or it will be splashed all over the blogosphere. Despite our best efforts we have to put up with a photographer that is less than professional.

Example one

You can see I'm rocking the "I'm not going to look at you" while still allowing a full face. Yet I am still in shadow, with a backlight and out of focus. Sigh. Look at Quill...

Example Two 

He is giving "Gray Grey Steel" and working it. Look at how he works his angles... still out of focus. Such a shame.


Floofy Friday

Fancy Focus Edition

Greyson: Is that you Friday? I've been looking out for you buddy.

Quill: You're right Greyson! It is Friday! We are so excited to see you! Mom was so confused by the holiday Monday that she thought Thursday was YOU. So silly. What? You think we look extra handsome in fancy focus? Mom thinks so too.



Quill here. As senior mancat, many of the household snoopervision duties fall to me. It's not always easy - like today.

You see my parents often go into the master bathroom and "shower" to clean themselves. I always want to see what they are doing in there.

I mean it can't be easy, Mom has a lot of surface area in comparison to a small tongue.

I am typically forced to try observing her actions through the frosted glass. Today I realized I just needed to force my way into the stall a little earlier. As soon as Mom turned on the water, I headed in to take my place. I found a safe spot, right before the spray. When Mom told me I needed to get or get wet - or choose to risk it all.

I saw the whole thing - the slathering, the buffing - all of it. I don't recommend it friends. Turns out I was right when I give her a bath - you can't be too sure.


Tail and Tummy Tuesday

Time for a little tail... Take it away Greyson

G: Please disregard the chewed edges of my S Curve, and my dirty heels.

Now for the tummy - take it away Quillbert.

Q: Zzzzz. Huh? Oh. Hope you enjoyed yourself Tuesday.


Floofy Friday

Pusses in Profile Edition


Friday is that you by the window?

Yep it's you! We sure did miss you around here!

What Friday? You're glad we warned you with the SQUEE ALERT. You're welcome Friday. We didn't want you to hurt anything if you hadn't limbered up your squee muscles buddy.

You wanna join us on the big bed for a cuddle Friday? You can just squeeze right in.


Our Big Adventure Part II

Greyson here. Remember a few weeks ago when Mom left for her walk and Quill and I escaped? It happened again!

Mom decided to go for a walk this afternoon. Quill and I were waiting by the door for her return, when Dad left the house to run an errand. I'll admit I don't like it when my people leave, so I was flinging myself at the door and meowing really loud.

Suddenly the door popped right open! Quill couldn't even believe it - and I couldn't either! I sprinted out onto the front porch - freedom at last!

Except that Dad and Mom pulled up to the front of the house right after I darted out. I was caught in the act. I don't think I should be the only one in trouble. I mean sure, I got the door open and ran outside - but Quill would have come out too!

Quill and I often tag team at the door and take turns scooting out when Mom comes home. It's a really fun game. I don't know why we need to be scolded for any of it. We're kitties, we like adventure.


Tuesday Tutorial

Greyson here. Today Dad and I will give you a petting tutorial.

I prefer to begin with a rough chin and neck rub. Yes, that's nice.

Oh and those ears need a good stretch.

Don't forget the neck rub!

A nice hard pat on the tail base is heaven!

Dad! I am not amused! 
This is not part of the tutorial!


Floofy Friday

Or should we say Fuzzy Friday or No Focus Friday...

As you can see Friday, I did my part by looking adorable. So did Quill...

Wait... is he in focus? Mom!

Oh well Friday, it's so hard to find competent help. On a happy note plans are well underway here at the H.C. to hold a Toy Week! We have so many beloved toys we may even make it a double! We'll let you know when it's coming so you can play over at your place too.


Quintessential Quill

Mom here. I don't need to tell you how much I adore my boys. I was so taken by this photo of my Quillbert...

Sigh, so handsome. But more than that, this is a common expression for my big boy. Quill is probably the smartest kitty to own me. You present Mister Quill with a problem and he'll sit for awhile making this very face; after a time he has figured it out. He even creates puzzles for himself to solve when he's bored.

When I took this picture he was trying to figure out how to look out the window, which is covered by a pleated shade. After much secretive naughtiness, he managed to pry up an edge for his viewing pleasure. It was not satisfying for him though, so he started to loudly pat at the shade with his massive paws. Quill generally keeps his naughtiness on the down low so I was surprised at the loudness of this approach. It even drew some cross words from his Dad. 

It wasn't long before he would be at it again - pat, pat, pat. Another thing about Quill is his tenacity - if he wants something nothing distracts him for long. Cut to 3:00 am. From my bed I hear the now familiar patting of the shades. In frustration I got up and opened the shade so I could get some sleep. See smart boy.



Quill here - Over the years we've been nominated for many blog awards but since many of our readers can't following links we don't usually post them. We love that you think of us - of course Greyson wants to hog all the awards as his own.

I had to give a little shout out to sweet Kitshka over at Texas, a cat in New York. She gave ME the "Because You’re Fantabulous Award" which has no conditions so Mom was just thrilled too.

I suspect Kitshka just wanted to know a few things about ME and gave me the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award" cause I have to answer the following questions:
  • Your favorite color … Brown
    Your favorite animal … Tweets (and of course cats and humans)
    Your favorite non-alcoholic drink … Water
    Facebook or Twitter … Facebook - we have our page which no one updates (Glares at Mom)
    Your favorite pattern … Paisley
    Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Getting unless - Does the Bitey count as a present?
    Your favorite number … Two
    Your favorite day of the week … Friday.
    Your favorite flower … Anything silk I can whap
    What is your passion? … Napping, eating and playing

She also gave me the "Blog of the Year 2013 Award" and I wanted to give the award right back!

Funny story I told Mom I had a little kitten crush on Kitshka. So when she asked if I wanted to play with a cute white and brown tabby - of course I said yes!

I hoped Kitshka was coming but instead Mom brought home Greyson. I love Greyson! But he's no Kitshka! Swoon!


Floofy Friday

Friday is that you already? 

 Seems like the week just got started and you're already here. You think I look very handsome? Well thanks Friday, Mom thinks so too.

Hey there Friday! I sure missed you! I'm just chilling behind the couch cushions. I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I nibbled your hair if you sat down... maybe a little cuddle?


Thankful Thursday

Quill here. Mom is finally going back to work. There has been so much loafing - you would've thought she was a cat. So it will be nice to get things back to normal - go back to sleeping in the office chair to snoopervise. Although I will miss sleeping in with Mom - though it will be nice to get our breakfast on time.

Sadly there was no catnip cake for Mom's birthday. Just a gluten free cupcake. Bleh.

Is it wrong that I am still excited for Friday and the week has barely begun?